fu-ck and run episode 7

fu-ck and run episode 7
The policeman sat next to me while his p@rtner drove the car. I wondered if she was p@rt of the cast and crew of this surreal movie. The policeman kept on staring at me. I refrained myself from saying a word, I just faced the windscreen and waited for us to reach the station.
The thought of Tiffany’s death kept on ringing in my mind; I even blamed myself for it. Sadness engulfed my soul as I remembered the little moment we had together, it only lasted for a while to never happen again . To make matters worse I was being accused for her death. Again the pictures of me on t©p of the fence were clear evidence to the public. If they had eyes they would realize I was fleeing from someone. But the public would re-ad anything the press gives, I wondered what sort of names people would call me then, I also wondered what the headlines would be: “Monstrous ra-pist responsible for Tiffany Johnson’s death turned himself in.”
The thought of Tiffany’s dead b©dy lying in my arms c@m£ to mind again, my eyes bec@m£ watery. I just couldn’t come to terms with her death; I realized I fell in love with her that day.
The car slowed down and then st©pped, I wondered if we were alre-ady at the station. The surrounding suggested that we were not there yet. I looked around and saw an eatery; the female police officer was headed that way.
The policeman turned to me now. “Well Charles this is our opportunity, I’m detective Mike and I’m here to see that you don’t get arrested.” He said.
“Oh well Mike, I want to spend the rest of my life in jail, mission impossible.” I said with a sm-irk.
Mike just had to chuckle. He took out a key and freed me from the hand cuff. “Charles you are escaping weather you like it or not.” On saying that he brou-ght out his gun and aimed at me; I looked at him and laughed. “You don’t want to rewrite the script now do you?”
He immediately lowered the gun when he saw his p@rtner approaching. quic-kly he re handcuffed me, only this time he ti-ght£ñed the handcuff so much I could hear my bones crush in agony.
The female officer arrived shortly and looked at her p@rtner suspiciously. Detective Mike brou-ght out his phone and started texting someone; the female officer tried to glimpse at what he was doing. He s£nt his message and after a few seconds a reply c@m£ in.
I peeped and saw the message clearly “Kill your p@rtner and f0rç£ Charles to do it!”
I tried to warn the female officer but Mike had alre-ady pu-ll-ed out his gun and sh0t at her. She slumped over her starring and the car began honking un-controllably.
Mike opened my side of the car and kicked me out; he jumped down afterwards and flung his p@rtner out of the drivers sit. I was still sitting on the floor when he approached me and dragged me to the back of the car, opened the booth, threw me in and shut the door.
I was too dazed to say anything. I waited patiently as the engine roared to life and the car was put to motion. Where I was being taken to, I had no idea.
It felt like hours inside that car booth, the heat was unbearable. I bec@m£ nauseated and coughed most of the times. The car slowed down and then st©pped, my hope was lifted as I thought I was about to be relived from that inferno.
I waited patiently for minutes but the booth never opened.
Minutes later the engine vibr@ted and I was in motion again. I wondered were the detective had made that st©p and why. I l@yinside the booth for another long period wondering why this guy wouldn’t just step on it and reach his destination fast. Sleep started finding its way into me; I just had to give in.
I felt things all around me, the odor emanating from my surrounding was convulsing. I opened my eyes and saw only darkness. I immediately stood up and dusted myself. The night had gone so dark; I felt my feet on debris and realized that I had no shoes; my suit too was gone along with everything in it. I only had my p@n-ts and shi-t on. That stupid detective must have r!pp£dme off my belongings, only my atm was left in my pocket. I staggered out of where I was and looked around me; I saw a tiny light from far away, music too was coming from that end.
I followed the light and sound, staggering and falling every now and then. My stomach yearned for food. I kept on, moving at a sluggish pace.
I could see the light nearer, I increa-sed my pace but still felt sluggish. The music was louder now, a worldly song about ra-ping a girl who later begged to have S-x.
I saw people; mostly ladies on skimpy dresses, some were negotiating with men and others just stood there waiting. When they sp©tted me they just hissed and turned away, but one kept on looking at me so I approached her.
“Hey I’m Jack.” I lied.
“Sissy” she said nervously.
“Nice to make your acquaintance Sissy, but I nee-d a favour” I walked close to her, I was almost about to coll@pse.
“One thousand five hundred naira for a night mister” She said coyly.
“I would love you to retire for the night, how much will that cost?”
“You look famished Jack, you don’t want an all-night. Trust me”
I had to laugh. “Feeding me will be one of the services you will be providing” I placed my hand on her shoulder “Shall we retire to your room my lady?” I said wryly.
She nervously led the way and I followed suit. I guessed she must be a new comer.
The other night workers kept on starring at us. We approached a room which Sissy opened and we both walked in. I gr@bb£d Sissy by the hand and quic-kly explained to her my ordeal, carefully eliminating the r@p£ and murder p@rts. I beseeched her to un-derstand my predic@m£nt, and that I didn’t come to have S-x but was only looking for a place to rest my head and till the next morning. She seemed to un-derstand me as she too told me of how she was stranded in this cruel world and had to become a S-x worker to survive. She explained that this was her first night and that if she saw a better alternative she would quit immediately.
I as-sured her that I was going to pay her for the accommodation; she prepared me a meal, I ate and sle-pt off.
The next morning Sissy woke me up with smiles on her face, she was beautiful the night before and more beautiful this morning. I smiled back at her.
She served me breakfast which I happily enjoyed; I told her the remaining p@rt of my story and as-sured her of my innocence. I gave her my atm card and told her my pin, urged her to withdraw a certain amount of money, get me new clothes and a handset with a registered sim.
When she c@m£ back with those things, I changed to the new clothes and took the remaining cash from her.
“Where are you going from here and what do you intend to do?” she asked me, I saw worry in her eyes.
“First to carry out my own investigation, second; exert revenge on the people that did me this way.”
She handed me my atm, I folded it back in her arms. “Sissy…” I started “You are like the nicest person in this world, you deserve the best, you have my pin, withdraw the remaining money in that account and keep it to yourself.” I finished.
Sissy hvgged me and k!$$£d myl-ips, tears rolling down her cheek. I pu-ll-ed out fast and left the brothel with a plan to make my antagonists face the wrath of what they are scheming.