fu-ck and run episode 3

fu-ck and run episode 3
I stood in front of my stabekk mirror admiring my gorgeous appearance; inside my ‘wool mohair signoria’ suit anyone who sees me will definitely steal a second glance. Who says a geek couldn’t look good? Gucci really has a good s-en-se of fashion. I pursed myl-ips and win-ked at my own reflection, my dot com lifestyle had really paid off.
I glanced down at my Gucci ‘Bouts’ loafers, matching outfit.
This visit to Mike Adewale’s house was a spectacular one, we had both quit our jobs at TMN and now I was about to head over to his place to meet with investors and sign some papers.
I exited my flat and entered my Toyota Camry, inser-ted my key into the ignition then turned. The engines roared to life, I typed in the GPS coordinate Mike had given me, I reversed out of my miniature compound following the red marker I ban-ged towards Akin Olugbade Street; Heading for a mas-sive building, Mike Adewale villa.
I arrived in front of the MA villa at “twelve thirty pm” and honked for three seconds; a slightly built man approached my car from within the compound, his uniform revealed that he was the security man. He c@m£ real close and scrutinized me, asked who I was. I told him my name and that I was there to see Mike.
“Oh come on in, Mr. Mike is alre-ady waiting for you” he entered and then opened the gates for me. I drove in carefully observing the surrounding, Mr. Mike lives a luxurious life, hvge building.
I drove towards the parking lot and saw only one car.
Is this guy selling his cars to start a new company? I mussed.
I found a good sp©t to park, killed my engine and exited the car.
The security man I met at the gate approached me and ushered me into the main building where I saw Mike sitting on an Italian couch watching TV.
Where is everyb©dy? No investors.
He noticed my pres£nce and stood up smiling at me he extended his hand for a hand shake; I took his hand in mine and shook him ha-rd smiling back at him. He looked good in his maroon p@n-ts, fish hook belt and perfect sweater.
“Welcome to my humble Abode Charles. Have a sit and make yourself comfortable” he said with arms spre-ad wi-de like an eagle.
“Humble abode? St©p the flattery Sir” I said looking around.
“What, this place is not humble?” Mike was going over to his bar now.
“This is quite mas-sive, anything but humble. You should check out you where I live, now that’s down to earth” I said and accepted the glas-s of martini he was offering.
Mike sat on the chair opposite me. “To you and the media this hole is mas-sive, but I feel I deserve something better”
“If you want something better you can go ahead and acquire it. I mean a man of your caliber can acquire the whole of VI if he wanted to” I started sipping the martini.
“Who’s flattering who now, eh Charles?” he said with a grin. I had to smile back at the man who was catching fun, glad I could make him smile. A long silence followed.
“Where are the people I was supposed to meet?” I asked.
“You mean the investors?”
I nodded.
“Look Charles you just don’t set up a first meeting with investors and expect them to honor it”
I stared in misbelieve not knowing what to say.
Mike cleared his throat finally breaking the awkward silence. “Charles” he paused “time to get to the other reason why you are here”
I nodded.
He reached into his pocket and retrieved a brown envelope, took a glance at the contents then tossed it over to me. I caught the envelope and slid it open, emptying the contents on the table before me. I picked everything up and started going throu-gh them, my face brightened. What the hell?!
I raised my face to see Mike smoking cigar.
“Unbelievable!” I said almost standing up from my position “how can you expect me to wire five hundred thousand dollars into your account…”
“Seems like you have forgotten who I am” Mike raised a brow “I nee-d prove that you are worth what you claim to worth” He blew out smoke from his nostrils.
“That my friend is advanced payment guarantee”
Is this guy high on weed ‘obviously’
“Come next tomorrow” he paused; taking a long drag at his cigar “you and I have a meeting with prospective investors, I will be nee-ding prove that you are well funded” he paused again, smoking “do you think am interested in your peanut of a money?”
I shook my head. “If you nee-d prove I have bank statements.”
“Ok Charles, I was just texting your intelligence, and I must confess it’s quite boring.
“So are we still going with the name LOG?”
“You c@m£ up with another name?”
“No, no, I’m stilled mystified as to how you still prefer the name, you haven’t even tried to come up with your own name”
“You get to do all the naming Charles, and LOG is quite catchy”
I shrugged.
Footsteps started descending from the stairs; I looked to see who it was.
Female legs, long, on heal walking so majestically. I could then see the knees, pure with no scars.
With the figure still descending, the w@!st started to appear. Slowly with each pas-sing second, a master piece was revea-ling itself. Mike didn’t seem to be intrigued as he kept on smoking his cigar.
At last, in a split second the revelation was whole.
Standing at the base of the stair way was a very beautiful lady around twenties, got height and good physique. She must have been stunned by me for she stood there for a while. As if something had brou-ght her back, she smiled and then started walking briskly towards us; saying hi to me and walking over to Mike she squ-atted and k!$$£d him on the cheek.
She looked familiar; I could have sworn I had seen her somewhere. Searching my mind for it, Mike’s voice jo-lted me.
“Charles, meet my wife, Tiffany” he was saying. “Darling this is Charles the guy I was talking about.”
Tiffany, the name too sounded familiar, as she walked over to my sit to have a hand shake, it dawned on me.
“Tiffany” I was stammering “as in Tiffany Johnson?” I gr@bb£d her tender hands, all smiles.
She tucked her artificial hair behind her ear, turning both ways as if to check if there was another Tiffany in the room, seeing no other she turned to me chuckling.
“Yes am Tiffany Johnson and nice to meet you Mr. Charles.”
“plea-se just call me Charles”
She sat beside me; I looked at Mike searching for any sign of jealousy. If there was any, thick smoke was covering it. I turned to Tiffany; at close range her beauty was ravishing!
Her debut movie “The reluctant bride” had caught my fancy. I saw the movie by chance after a close friend of mine ‘tony’ invited me to join him and his d@t£ to the movies; I had declined but Tony had persisted and I complied. After seeing the movie, the young beautiful antagonist had rekindled my interest in r0m@nç£. That was two months ago, the young, new actress pla-yed her role very well. But as she sat close to me on the couch, I wondered how she could be Mike’s wife; I mean the guy was old enough to be her father! Was it money or fame? I feared that my nollywood starlet was a gold digger.
“You look surprised Charles” Tiffany’s voice brou-ght me back; she was staring at me with dark fancy eyes. “I thought you knew me alre-ady”
“I it’s just…” I was stammering.
“Charles is shocked” Mike ch!pped in, lighting another cigar “that we are married, he didn’t know”
“That’s not supposed to be a big deal, moreover news about our marriage was all over the news” Tiffany said taking up my emptied glas-s of martini, heading to the bar probably to refill.
“This might sound odd but I don’t re-ad celebrity gossip” I defended.
“You don’t?” Tiffany asked puzzled.
“Charles here is an adept geek, he only patronizes nerd contents” Mike paused, and grinned at me. “Slashdot, Codeproject, Starkoverflow, and Github-”
“Okay Mike I think she gets the point”
I don’t know where this is headed, but it feels creepy.
Tiffany was alre-ady on my side again, handing me my martini. Whether she was ma-king me feel at home or just craving the company of a young man, she was achieving the both.
She turned to Mike now, who was still smoking his cigar. “Darling I nee-d to go on location for the new audition, hope you remember” she said stealing glances at me.
“Of course I remember, you told me yesterday” Mike adjusted in his seat.
“Very well then, when will you and Charles finish so you can drive me there?”
“Oh TJ, I have to rest. You know I have been busy all day, I can’t take you there” Mike slumped.
Disappointment registered on her beautiful face, like she was about to let out a sob.
“Drive yourself there fanny, your husband is really down” I offered.
Mike sighed and sat up “that’s the problem Charles” Mike paused, tapping his cigar on an ash tray and exhaling smoke. “This damsel knows not how to drive.”