fu-ck and run episode 12 – finale

fu-ck and run episode 12
The new development bewildered me; Tiffany’s appearance was driving me nuts. “How are you alive?” I stammered while facing the girl I thought had died in my arms.
Tiffany stood silent, she didn’t respond to me, and she was even avoiding eye contact with me.
“Answer me!” I screamed at her.
“It was all an act.” She said plainly without looking my way.
“Is he manipulating you too? Is he blackmailing you into doing this?”
“Err Tiffany’s case is a bit different, you see we are in this together, Right from day one.” Ken said.
“Ken we nee-d to hurry up, this place is compromised.” Tiffany said.
“Well that’s a welcome development, pretty lady you must be acquainted with Charles, you see we nee-d him to do something for us pretty desperately.” Ken said to Victory while c@r£ss!ngher face with his gun.
Victory was visibly nauseated by the corpse around her and it was taking a traumatic toll on her.
Ken went behind her and griped her ti-ght on the n£¢k, aiming his gun on her temple he said. “You don’t want the blood of this lovely lady on your hands Charles do you?”
“Let her go.” I pleaded with Ken.
“Not until you let all those money go.” He replied.
“It’s the money you want right? How am I sure that you won’t kill her after I transfer the money?”
“You can have my word on that one, let’s say this is your death request, now who am I to deny you that? I promise to let her go once the transfer starts counting in percent.” He said.
Knowing that I put Victory into this it was my duty to set her free at whatever cost. I sat down and started carrying out the transaction. Tiffany stood near me to make sure I was doing the right thing, her pres£nce irritated me.
When I was done and the transaction started counting on percent I told Ken to let Victory go, he said he was sorry that Victory knows their identity and he couldn’t risk getting expo-sed. Victory hastily moved the computer from my arms reach and pointed her gun fiercely at me. Then it hit me ha-rd , the thought that I had failed at everything.
“Ken, plea-se don’t do this, remember you gave me your word.” I pleaded with Ken. “Ken you are not that kind of person, if our friendsh!pmeans anything to you plea-se let her go.”
“What friendsh!p? We bec@m£ enemies the moment I made my first kill for this plan to go throu-gh. So don’t mention friendsh!phere.”
I looked at the monitor and the transaction was alre-ady at 15% I kept on pleading with Ken, I was almost crying.
“Ken plea-se you have to let her go, I will make sure she doesn’t out you I swear.”
“How are you going to make that happen? You will be dead anyway.”
Victory was alre-ady shedding tears; I could hear her muffled cry as she was stamping her feet on the floor. I felt de-eply sorry for the girl, I had put her into this situation, and there was nothing else I could do other than plead for her life.
“Victory” I called out to her, she looked at me with teary eyes and face. “You are going to be ok.” I said and she nodded a reply.
I checked the transaction counter and it re-ad 25%, it was unusual that instead of a time factor, someone’s life was hanging on a percentage factor and at that moment I couldn’t be more grateful to slow network.
It turned out pleading with Ken was proving futile, I turned to the person I hated the most in the world Tiffany.
“Tiffany plea-se do this for me.” I said. She looked away. “Just let her go, if not for anything, for what we felt for each other when we made love.” And that was the selling point.
“What? You sle-pt with him?” Ken said
“I did it to make everything more believable.” Tiffany said with clarity but we all knew it was a lie.
“That wasn’t in the script you w—e!” Ken retorted. Tiffany gaped. “You are a d–k Ken, so that’s what I get for going out of my way to make your $h!tty plan work.”
“You call slee-ping with another guy going out of your way? How dare you try to justify infidelity? And you call my plan $h!tty but look at the results.” Ken said and motioned to the computer. I glanced at the computer and saw the counter at 78%.
“Did you think Charles would agree to do this transaction if I hadn’t brou-ght the girl in? I am not justifying infidelity, I didn’t cheat on anyone.”
“Of course you cheated on me! We were d@t!ng.”
“We were not d@t!ngKen, we met and had S-x, you mentioned your plan to me and I bought it. There is nothing going on, it’s just business.”
Ken left Victory and walked towards Tiffany aiming his gun at her. “Well then I don’t nee-d you in my plan anymore.”
“So do I.” Tiffany said and then I heard a cl!çk!ng sound. Someone was pu-lling their trigger but the gun wasn’t firing. When I looked I realized it was Tiffany.
Ken chuckled. “You can never trust bit-ches; I suspected something like this would happen that’s why I gave you an empty gun.” Ken said without noticing that Victory was aiming a gun nervously at his back.
“Drop your guns” She said. On hearing that Ken swung around to fire at her, but he was too late as Victory reflexively sh0t three bullets into his che-st. Ken fell on his back laboring for breath.
Victory nervously dropped the gun she was holding, immediately Tiffany dashed for Ken’s gun and I went after her kicking the pistol from her hand when she gr@bb£d it. She swung around and dashed a b!ow to my left cheek, I countered her second b!ow, held her hand and pinned her to the floor. I quic-kly looked at the monitor and the counter re-ad 97%. I screamed urging Victory to cancel the transaction. Victory hurried for the computer; midway there the counter re-ad 98%. Tiffany was still struggling un-der me. When Victory finally reached the computer she saw that the mouse had been disconnected, and the counter re-ad 99%.
Just when I thought all hope was lost, Victory pu-ll-ed the modem from the computer. After loading for a few seconds the monitor displa-yed ‘connection not found.’ And I took the de-epest breath in my life.
I still held Tiffany down on the floor, she kept on struggling.
We heard the sound of sirens approaching then it st©pped right in front of the house. Victory went to the window to check it out. “It’s the police” she said. I looked at her quizzically. “Don’t worry I contacted them before coming here.” She as-sured me.
A slightly built man dressed in police uniform walked in followed by two other policemen. One was tall the other short but they both looked skinny. The three cops gaped at the scene before them like it was a horror movie.
“A matter of life and death and this is when you decide to show up?” Victory was saying to the first cop.
“I wasn’t even going to come” the cop replied Victory. “By the way who killed all these people?” He said, referring to the dead bodies around.
“He did” Victory said pointing at Ken “and he was going to kill more before I st©pped him”
“So you killed him” The second cop asked.
“In self-defense yeah” Victory said. She looked calmer now.
“So what’s that one doing on t©p that one?” The first cop asked, pointing to me on t©p of victory.
I quic-kly stood up. “She is his accomplice.” I said.
“I see.” The cop replied then he gaped, his two p@rtners gaped too.
“Isn’t that the bleep and run guy? ;D ” the third guy said. “That’s him.” The other two cops replied uniformly.
“Officers thank God you are here.” Tiffany was saying before the first cop cut her short.
“Wait a minute; aren’t you supposed to be dead?” The cop said to Tiffany
“It’s a long story officer, these two kidnapped all these people including me and brou-ght us here to kill us, they succeeded with the others but you and your men arrived just in time to safe me.” Tiffany said and I saw the b—h for who she really was, no remorse at all and for a second there the cops seemed to believe her.
“Shut up b—h!” Victory exclaimed “I got solid evidence here.” She said and reached for her insides. Next she brou-ght out a tiny c@m£ra device and handed it to the first cop. “There you go, loud and clear.”
The sorry look on Tiffany’s face changed to agitation, she immediately went after the second cop and dis armed him, and then she aimed the gun at the first cop.
The three policemen exchanged funny looks. “Drop the gun madam, it’s useless” the first cop said.
“Why should I do that, I refuse to get caught” Tiffany was aiming at everyone.
“The gun is empty, I’m a rookie; they won’t let me go out with loaded guns” the second cop said, brou-ght out handcuffs and cuffed Tiffany.
“Am detective Sam and these are my p@rtners detective Tom and Jeremiah respectively.” The first cop introduced themselves. “And you miss Tiffany, you are un-der arrest for as-saulting a police rookie and if we find evidence in this record that you have a hand in this deaths… well lets watch the video first.” Detective Sam said to Tiffany and then he turned to us and said. “You two still have to come with us to the station.”
“No problem.” We both said.
At the station, after all testimonies and evidence was gathered and investigations carried out on the crime scenes, I was labeled a free man. I never saw or spoke to Tiffany again and I never cared.
After I left the station I went outside and met Victory, I was smiling at her but she kept a straight face at me. When I approached her and was about thanking her for everything she did, she landed a sl@p to my face.
I held my cheek. “What was that for?”
“I thought you were a decent guy.” She said with her arms around her b©dy.
“I am a decent guy”
“What kind of decent guy confesses love to a woman then sleeps with another woman knowing fully well that she is married?”
I scratched my head. “Well she technically wasn’t married.”
“At the time Charles she was.”
“Ok I am sorry Vic, and now that I think about it, it was disgusting.” I said and held her head. She started smiling.
“Look Charles I will marry you on the condition that we move from this country.”
“Dude you svçkat proposals!” I said and Victory laughed loud.
We gazed at each other for a while before she pu-ll-ed closer and planted a k!sson myl-ips. I have k!$$£d before but no k!sstasted as real as this one. I held her in my arm for what seemed like forever.
The End……..
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