fu-ck and run episode 10

fu-ck and run episode 10
With adrenaline pumping within me, I felt a mighty surge of disdain towards Mike. All I could think about was how to tear the old fool ap@rt and feed him his own mischief. I felt helpless as Mike’s intention was not yet known; to make matters worse the trunk was becoming stuffy.
I knew I nee-ded to alert Victory of my predic@m£nt. I woke the phone up and it responded by giving me that dre-aded low battery signal. I shifted in my position, facing upwards. I knew that any moment I would be disconnected.
I decided to reserve my call for help until the car st©pped moving—that way, my location might be known. The phone on the other hand kept screaming ‘battery low!’ I thought about removing the battery, but I wouldn’t have enough time when the car finally st©ps. I clutched ti-ghter at the phone, hoping that Mike would st©p just in time for me to SOS.
While waiting, another thought crossed my mind. Calling would be a big disaster, what if the call wouldn’t go throu-gh, or network becomes unstable, and calling would definitely drain the battery fas-ter; I might not get the chance to finish what I want to say.
Calling will definitely be a bad idea.
On coming to that term I quic-kly opened the message panel and stated composing. “Dear victory, this is to inform you that I am in mortal danger. Mike knows that am in his trunk and I don’t know where he is taking me or what he intends to do to me, you will receive this message when we make a st©p; Ps—geo—location.” I hammered at the keypad.
I placed my hand on the s£nd bu-tton and waited for when I hear the car halting sound; I closed my eyes and said a silent prayer.
I was slowly drifting off to oblivion; the phone gave me it’s final warning. That’s when I realized the car wasn’t in motion. I quic-kly pushed the s£nd bu-tton, the displ@y‘s£nding message’ c@m£ up, then c@m£ the ‘message s£nt’ notification followed by ‘battery drained, shut down’. I basked in the trunk and carefully hid the phone. I kept on smiling even when Segun opened the trunk, he dragged me out, kicked me to my knees. I dropped to the floor, looked around but couldn’t familiarize where I was. I had been taken to a compound that had no fense with only one flat, painted yellow. The sides of the building were surrounded by thick bush.
I was still on the floor when I saw Mike come out from the building, immediately my whole b©dy was soa-ked with fury, I garnered strength and dashed for Mike; landing a b!ow in his face with my right hand and ramming my left fist into his mouth area. Mike was airborne within seconds; he landed ha-rd on the solid loamy floor. I was about to mount him and bury a thousand fists in his face when I felt Segun’s strong grasp around me, I struggled to free myself but his hold on me was ti-ght.
Mike stood up from the floor cleaning the blood from his mouth with his hand, I was overwhelmed with gratification when I saw the blood but bec@m£ expectant when I saw the fury in Mike’s eyes. He spat blood on the floor, breathing heavily. He looked as if he was scanning me, looking for the best sp©t to strike.
Mike moved quic-kly, before I could decipher his intentions, he rammed his right foot into my testicles. In a split second it felt like my testicles were sl@p full with flaming red h0t liquid which got sh0t up into my stomach and pelvic region. I just l@ythere; wishing death would come and save me.
While I was still transitioning in anguish Segun dragged me by the hand into the building. I was socked in sweat, my whole b©dy felt numb and then I lost consciousness.
When I regained consciousness, I was sitting on a chair facing a computer screen. I felt exhausted and everything felt blurry. I turned my head around and saw Segun’s figure placing someone on a couch.
“Wait a minute, is that detective Mike?” I gr-unted.
“You are up! That’s a good thing, now get re-ady we have work to do.” Segun replied me then he walked up to me and started turning the computer on.
Realizing that I was still staring at the detective he said. “Oh, don’t mind that one; he is dead, died of un-natural causes. My bad, but we will blame it all on you.”
I had to appreciate his s-en-se of humor. I gave him a weak smile.
“I guess karma is a real b—h.” I gr-unted with more effort this time. Segun returned the favour.
I thought I could try my hand at manipulation. “We are beginning to get along…”
Segun cut me off with a loud laugh. “Don’t be quic-k to judge me because we shared and appreciated a few jokes.” He said.
“It was worth a try.” I shrugged.
By then the computer had finished booting, Segun gr@bb£d a sit and sat right next to me. He began moving the mouse around the screen refreshing the deskt©p a couple of times—good to know that this killing moron knows some common computer procedures—he finally st©ps over a browser and double cli-cks it.
“hmm Segun for someone of poor educational capacity, I’m impressed.” I said, throwing Segun a sm-irk.
“Sh0t up Charles, I’m not an illiterate” he fired back still busy with his computer task.
“You know if I and Mike ever start that company, you would be my first employee.”
“I can’t believe you are still holding on to that.” He looked at me puzzled.
“I can’t believe you can’t even recognize sarcasm.”
“Did you just call me an idiot?” his mood was different now, like he would break my n£¢k any moment.
“Indirectly speaking, yes” I said without giving a d–n.
Segun landed a b!ow to my mouth.
“You are beginning to lose your t©uçh son, try hitting the gym, that didn’t hurt at all” I said amid strong ache around my l!parea.
“Yeah but it was enough to lure blood out of your mouth.” Segun said plea-surably.
“Oh this is nothing compared to what you will lose.” I said while ru-bbing the blood off with my hand.
“What are you talking about?” Segun was quizzed.
“Step aside Segun, he is trying to divide and conquer.” c@m£ Mike’s voice, he stepped into the room holding a short gun. I exhaled in disgust. “You know you are becoming quite smart recently Charles.” He said with a grin.
I rolled my eyes “Thanks to you and your stupid scheme, murderer, what do you want from me?”
“Me a murderer? Coming from the guy that R@p£d and killed my wife; I just want revenge…”
“Oh cut the cra-p Mike, I did my home work; you are a bachelor, I was never actually employed at TMN, you want my money which you will never get and Tiffany is a b—h.”
Mike didn’t look surprised. “Well then, seems you figured everything out, let’s get to work.”
“I ain’t working $h!t, better kill me.” I said plainly.
“I will, trust me. But you have to transfer your funds to a specific account, then I will frame you for more deaths even yours.” Mike said remorselessly.
“Why not just get on with the death p@rt, cuz I will never do your bidding.”
“Segun, get the equipments” Mike said and segun briskly walked out. ‘oh boy, are these guys planning on torturing me?’ I thought.
My fear was confirmed when Segun walked back in with a plier and wired thingies’.
“You are not going to use that on me, are you?” I asked Mike.
“I won’t have to, if only you comply…”
“And when I do comply, you kill your p@rtner Segun here and frame me for his death before killing me and make it look like a suicide.”
Segun shifted uncomfortably on his chair, I was gaining, buying time for Victory to track my IP and find this location.
“I don’t dictate who lives or dies here Charles.” Mike blurted.
“Yeah right, the invisible director, do I ever get to see him?”
“Trust me Charles you will, and it will be the most devastating moment in your life.” Mike said with almost a whisper.
While at it, feeling slightly agitated cuz of the torture equipment I saw, Mike had alre-ady opened the online banking platform and was asking me to key in my data. I scoffed at him, wishing he knew how re-ady I was to die or be tortured before I let him get my money.
A furious Mike brou-ght out the plier and started working his methods on my thumb. “You know we could go on and on until you have no f!nger left.” He said pressing had on my thumb.
I tried to hold back my scream but the pain over powered me, I let a mild cry.
“A very good idea to destroy the one thing I could use to type at the keyboard.” I said deliberately.
“Don’t worry Charles, you can still tell me with your mouth.”
I scoffed “better be prepared to ply my mouth” I said, brou-ght out my ton-gue and I got a b!ow for that.
“I used to look up to you Mike, why are you doing this?” I was getting curious now.
For a second I saw Mike give way to conscience.
“Just type in your details and do the d–n transfer.” Mike said.
“Like I said earlier, I won’t do it.” I shook my head.
Mike gr@bb£d me by my shi-t collar. “Look here son, you think I am proud of what I am doing? You think I don’t wish to start that company with you? Desperate times calls for desperate measures so don’t think am the villain here, am the victim just like you.”
“What are you talking about?”
“They one they call the director, you thinks it’s a joke? I…”
“That’s enough Mike! now shut up and do your job.” Segun cut him mid-s£ntence.
“No you shut up! And let me let him know that I am not doing this un-der the evilness of heart but un-der duress!”
“You are saying too much Mike.”

As those two started arguing, I took that as my cue to run. I stood up and headed for the door, Segun was the first to notice as he chased after me. I urged my fragile legs to carry me fas-ter, when I reached the door it flew open and I thought that was divine intervention not until I saw someone at the other end, someone I knew very well, someone so close to me, no wonder these people knew so much about me. I felt anger and betrayal as my closest friend—Ken—aimed a pistol at my fore head.