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From kiss to love episode 7 & 8

🥀💋 From klzz To Love 💋🥀
( I Love You )
Written by Authoress Yesha 📒📒📒
Episode 7
“I’ll be over in two hours.” I said to Tyler, when I got out of his car. He nodded his head, before turning the car in the direction of his house to park.
When I got into my house, I went up to my room and did my homework.
One hour later, I took a shower and now I was trying to figure out what to wear. I didn’t know what kind of person Tyler’s mom was and frankly, I didn’t want to screw it up for him.
After ten minutes more of indecision, I finally settled on a simple dress. It was a mere casual dress that was lime green, patterned with a few flowers.
I didn’t do anything to my hair. I let it hung loose in its natural curl. I sl!p on a black sl!pper and went downstairs.
While I was getting ready, Sarah had came home and now she was in the kitchen getting dinner started. “Hey Sarah.”
She looked around at my voice. “Oh hey, want to help me with dinner?” She asked hopefully.
I looked at her, regretfully. It was actually the first time she was asking me this and I felt bad that I couldn’t. “I’m sorry. I can’t. I’m actually going over next door to have dinner with the Kings.
Mrs. King asked me over.” I said. I hope she saw how sorry I was and that I’m not trying to get out of doing this with her. “We can do it a next time.” I added hopefully.
“Sure, of course.” She said. She then walked over to the counter and took up one of the two chocolate cakes that was there. It was
covered with chocolate icing and it looks lovely. She placed the cake in a white cake box.
“Since you are going over to Mrs. King, I think it would be nice if you brought one of these. She would be grateful.” She held up the cake to me.
I took the cake from her, astound by her kindness. “Okay, thanks.” I held the cake in booth hands and looked at her.
I was glad that we were communicating more now. “I’m going now. Please tell Dad that I’m next door having dinner.”
“Okay, bye.” She said. I waved at her and turned to leave. “Have a great time.” She added. I nodded and continued to walk to the front door.
When I was in my front yard, I stopped to take a deep breath. Okay, Emily. You can do this. I thought, giving myself a pep talk.
How h@rd can it be anyway? Hopefully, she is nice and I can make it through the evening. And hopefully, she won’t embarr@ss me.
Heaving a deep sigh, I pulled myself together and head for Tyler’s house. When I was at the door, I balanced the cake in my right hand and use my left hand to ring the doorbell.
When the sound went off, I stood and waited, shifting from one foot to the next in nervous anticipation.
Finally, the door open revealing a woman. I’ve always seen her a few times from my house, but it was the first time I’m seeing her up close.
She had green eyes like Tyler’s. However, her hair was blonde, while Tyler had brown hair.
She wore a bright smile on her face as she looked at me. “Hello! You must be Emily.”
I smiled hesitantly at her, not sure how to react. “Yes I am.”
Mrs. King pushed the door open wider and stepped aside. “Oh, please come in. I’m so happy to meet you.”
I stepped inside the house, relaxing completely. She seemed like a nice lady. I returned her smile. “I’m so happy to meet you too, Mrs. King.” I said sincerely.
She fanned her hand. “Oh please, call me Rachel. Mrs. King is too formal and it make me feel old.” She laughed lightheartedly.
I couldn’t help but laugh too. “Okay.” I said. Remembering that the cake was in my hands, I held it up to her. “This is for you. My stepmother baked it.”
“Oh lovely.” She said, taking the cake from me. “Thank you dear and please tell her thanks for me as well.”
“I will.” I said
barely got the words out, when she continued. “Oh my, I’m such a bad neighbour.
I’ve been here a year now and I still haven’t gotten the chance to meet my neighbours.” She chuckled to herself. “I will have to introduce myself to your stepmother one of these days.”
She turned to look at me then. “Please, please, have a seat.” She pointed to the couches in the living room.
“I’m going to put this in the kitchen.” She added as she turned away from me. She stopped at the bottom of the stairs when she reached it. “Tyler! Emily is here!” She shouted.
By the time Tyler came down the stairs, his mother had returned from the kitchen. Tyler, who had just reached my side, put his hand around my waist. I stood on my tiptoes and klzzed his cheek.
“You two are so lovely.” Rachel exclaimed. She turned to face me. “You know, I didn’t believe when Tyler told me he has a girlfriend. I’m so used to him throwing away his life, bringing different girl after girl here all the time.”
Tyler sighed beside me. “Mom,” He began, clearly embarr@ssed by what his mother was saying.
Rachel ignored him and continued. “I’m so glad that he found someone like you to inspire and make him a better person.”
I grinned at Tyler teasingly, revelling in his discomfort. “Yeah, me too.” I said, patting his arm lovingly.
“Well, I’ll leave you kids to it. I’m going to finish with dinner.” Rachel said, turning around and head back to the kitchen.
“Come on.” Tyler said, turning and heading back upstairs. Following him, I head up the stairs as well.
Tyler turned left and went inside the last room down the hall. When he went inside, he sat on his bed. I went in, but stood in the middle of the room.
“I like your mom.” I commented.
Tyler sit back on his bed and sighed. “Yeah. I just wish she weren’t so invest in my personal life.”
I smiled. “Oh, come on. She only means well.”
“I know.” He rest is head on his pillow and looked up to the ceiling. He continued, as if to himself. “I know she’s upset that I do what I do, but I can’t change…it’s not who I am.
I hate to disappoint her, because I know how much this means to her; it’s her dream for me to find a nice girl. So if this makes her happy, them I’m happy.”
It was the first time I’ve seen such raw emotion on Tyler’s face and in his voice. He really did care about his mother and he really hated that she was disappointed in his behaviour.
He would do anything to make his mom happy, if it means to pretend to have a girlfriend. I couldn’t help but see Tyler in a different light.
“Where’s your dad?” I asked.
He looked at me then. “He lives out of town. He and Mom are divorced.
He would come here and visit me occasionally and I would go there and visit him.” He answered. He then patted the bed beside him. “Come and sit down.
I don’t bite.” He grinned mischievously and winked at me. “h@rd.” He added.
I shake my head. So much for my earlier thought. “You’re such a perv!” He chuckled at my response.
I crossed my arm over my chest and decided to walk around his room instead. He had a few posters on his wall and the only other thing that hang on his wall was a wall bookshelf, position directly in front of his bed.
I didn’t see it when I came in, because it is beside the door. I walked over to the bookshelf. “You read?” I asked surprised.
“Yes.” I heard him answer, but I didn’t look around at him. I was busy reading some of the book titles:
The Lord Of The Rings, The Hunger Games, The Harry Potter Series, The Lightening Thief (PercyJackson and the Olympian), The Last Mission….
Wow, he has good taste in books. I can’t believe he actually read these. I began laughing to myself.
“What’s so funny?” Tyler asked. I turned to look at him, still laughing.
“It’s just so h@rd to imagine a boy like you reading. If I hadn’t seen it myself, I wouldn’t have believed it.” I commented.
Tyler placed his hand over his heart. “That hurt, Emily. It hurt deep.” He said in mock hurt.
I shrugged my shoulders. “I call it like I see it.” I walked over to a chair that was situated in front of a table and finally sat down. My eyes caught some magazines that was on the table.
Adult magazines. Why wasn’t I surprised? I held up the paper in my hands and turned to face him. “You are sick, you know that?”
“I’m a teenage boy.” He said innocently as if this was an innocent act.
Rolling my eyes, I put the magazine back on the table. “Yeah, a s£×-crazed, horny teenager.” I said.
Before Tyler could open his mouth and say something obnoxious, I heard his mother downstairs calling us for dinner. I got up from the chair and head downstairs with Tyler.
When we reached downstairs, I saw that Rachel was carrying the food to the table.
“Do you want some help?” I asked.
She nodded her head as she placed the bowl in her hands on the table. “Sure, thanks.”
I went into the kitchen and took up a dish and began to walk to the dinning room.
“So, did you kids have fun upstairs? Did anything interesting or exciting?” Rachel asked, coming behind me with the last dish.
Not sure what she was asking, I turned to look at her and she winked at me.
Realization hit me as I figured out what she was asking. My eyes widen in surprise and I almost dropped the dish. Putting the dish on the table carefully, I faced her. “W-what?” I stuttered.
All of a sudden, she began chuckling at my expression. “I was just joking, dear. I know you are not like that.
I knew the moment I saw you that you are a kind, intelligent and honourable person. So unlike the impolite bimbos that Tyler normally brings here.”
“Mom!” Tyler cut in and I laughed a little at her words.
“Don’t ‘mom’ me.” Rachel said with a glare his way. “Don’t think I don’t know what goes on in your room every time a girl comes over.
Doing homework? I wasn’t born yesterday, Tyler. By the looks of those girls, they don’t even know what homework is.”
She turned to me again. “It’s a good thing he found someone like you. You’re a good girl, Emily and you are good for him.
I just know it.” She said, a smile on her l!ps. I didn’t know what to say, so I nodded my head. “Okay, let’s eat.”
We all washed up and settled down to eat. I couldn’t help but feel guilty.
Rachel was such a nice woman and I felt bad that I was lying to her about me and Tyler’s relationship.


The dinner was delicious and Rachel was great dinner company. I ate every single thing, which Rachel was delighted about.
When we were finished eating, Rachel went to the kitchen and came back with slices of the chocolate cake that I had brought earlier. Even though I couldn’t eat anything more, I accepted the offered slice.
After I finished the last crumb of the cake, I looked up at Rachel across the table. “Thanks again for dinner, Rachel. It was amazing.” I commended.
She smiled brightly. “You’re welcome. I’m glad you enjoyed it.”
“Thanks.” I returned her smile, which was contagious.
She clasped her hands in excitement suddenly. “Oh, I have to show you Tyler’s pictures. I’ll go get my album.” She said, getting up instantly.
Tyler, who was beside me, eyes widen. “No, Mom. I don’t think that is necessary. Emily has to leave now anyways.” He said quickly, trying to stop his mother.
His mother brushed his comment aside. “Oh, nons£nse. I’m sure Emily would be happy to see it.” She said, stopping to look at me.
“Oh yes, I would love to.” I said, nodding my head eagerly. Tyler glared at me. I looked at him and gave him an innocent smile.
Rachel came with the album and we went into the living room and sat on the couch. Tyler sat on the recliner in front of us, crossing his arms and looking unhappy that I was seeing his baby pictures.
Rachel showed me all kinds of pictures. Pictures of her family, Tyler, she and Tyler, Tyler and his dad.
I especially like the ones with Tyler. He was so cute as a baby and a young boy. There was a baby picture of Tyler n@k£d in a bath tub.
There was one, where he was five or six, his face and hands were covered in icing from the cake that was in front of him. He was grinning at the camera, showing missing front teeth.
“Ohh, this is when he was seven and had the chicken pox.” Rachel pointed at a picture where a small boy was sitting on a bed. His face and arms were covered with small red spots.
“Aww…look at him. He looks grumpy.” I said, giggling.
“Yes, he didn’t want to take any pictures.” Rachel explained.
I looked up at Tyler, who was glaring at me.
He was looking exactly like he was looking in the picture right now; grumpy. “Ty, you didn’t tell me that you were this adorable as a boy?”
Tyler continued to glare at me, ignoring my comment. Ignoring Tyler and the daggers he was shooting my way, I continued to look at the pictures.
We looked at all the pictures in the album and when we were finished, Rachel closed it. I stood up from the couch. “It was so nice being here. Thanks for inviting me.”
Rachel stood up too. “I’m glad you came.” She walked over to me and pulled me in a tight hug. She pulled back and look at me. “You are welcome here anytime, okay?”
“Okay.” I nodded. “Do you want help with the dishes?”
She shook her head quickly. “Oh no, dear. That’s okay, but thanks for offering.”
“Okay, I’m leaving now then. See you soon.” I bid her goodbye and turned to Tyler, who had stood up too. He came beside me to walk me to the door.
Tyler open the front door and I stepped out. He stepped out after me. I turned to him, lifting an eyebrow.
“Where are you going? You don’t need to follow me over to my house. It’s a short walk and it’s only 6:30pm.
“Believe me, I do. My mother expects me to walk you home. If I don’t, she is going to give me and earful about how she raised me better.” Tyler said.
I nodded my head in understanding and we walked over to my house in silence, until Tyler spoke. “So, I see you enjoyed yourself looking at my baby pictures.”
“Yep.” I said. I then stood on my tiptoe and pinched his cheek. “It was the highlight of my night actually. You were so adorable.”
He brushed my hands away. “I don’t know why Mom always needs to show my pictures every time someone comes over?”
I grinned, enjoying teasing him. “Because they are so adorable.”
“Okay, okay, you’ve had your fun. When are you going to stop with those pictures?” Tyler asked.
We had just reached my front door and I turned to face him. “Hmm…” I tapped my chin pretending to think. “I don’t know.”
He cracked a small smile then. “You are so mean. You know that right?”
“I know…it’s one of my many qualities.” I replied, then added. “I don’t know why you are so worked up. You are always teasing me, so I guess it’s my turn now.”
“Not for long.” He said, before turning away and walking back to his house.
Shaking my head at his comment, I opened the front door and went inside.
That night, I had just turned off my light and went into bed, when my phone buzz indicating I received a text message.
I retrieved it from my bedside table and unlocked the screen. I saw that it was a message from Tyler. He and I had exchanged numbers the day we started our fake dating. I opened the message.
Tyler: Nice Mickey Mouse pajamas 😉
I looked down at my pajamas and blushed in embarr@ssment. How did he see what pajamas I was wearing? I quickly type a reply.
Me: Were you looking through my window, you
He answered instantly.
Tyler: I wasn’t looking through your window.
You were in my line of sight, so I saw you 😉
I don’t know who he was fooling, because we both know that he intentionally looked.
Me: I’m sure that’s what happened…
After I s£nt the message, my phone didn’t buzz again until a minute later.
Tyler: I told you I’ll find something to tease you
about 😉
Even though he couldn’t see me, I rolled my eyes at what he said. I s£nd a response.
Me: Whatever Tyler. Good night.
Instantly, my phone buzzed.
Tyler: Good night, Mickey Mouse 😉
I shook my head, before replacing my phone on the bedside table. A few minutes after I put my phone down, I was asleep.
TBC 💢💢💢💢


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