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From kiss to love episode 5 & 6

🥀💋 From klzz To Love 💋🥀
( I Love You )
Written by Authoress Yesha 📒📒📒
Episode 5
The weekend went by and now it was Sunday evening. I was current sitting up in bed reading one of my favourite books; The Hunger Games . I can’t count how many times I’ve read it.
I was so indulged in the book, that I hadn’t heard the soft tap on my window at first.
When I hear the second tap, I put the book down and listen. After a while, I hear it again. Yep, I definitely wasn’t imagining things.
I rest the book on my bedside table and got off the bed. I went over to my window and open the curtains.
I slide the window pane up and look out. Tyler was sitting on his window sill, looking as comfortable as ever. He had a few pebbles in his hands.
“Were you planning on breaking my window?” I ask.
“No, I didn’t hit it that h@rd.” He shrug his shoulders as if it was nothing.
“What do you want?” I ask, getting to the point.
“I just wanted to tell you that I’ll be waiting for you tomorrow to drive you to school.” He said.
I scrunch up my eyebrows in confusion. “Why?”
“We are suppose to be dating, remember?” He reminded. “A boyfriend is suppose to drive his girlfriend to school.”
To be honest, I thought that he had changed his mind. I hadn’t heard from him all weekend, so I thought that he finally came to his s£nses, realized that this whole dating thing was absurd and called the deal off. I guess I was wrong.
“Okay, whatever.” I responded.
“Good.” With that, he jump down off the window sill and into his room. Without saying another word, he closed his window and he disappeared from sight.
I closed my window as well and pull the curtains close again. I got back in bed and took up my book.
I had just started reading again, when there was a knock on my door. “Come in.” I answered.
My room door was opened, revealing my dad. “Hi sweetheart.”
“Oh hey Dad, what’s up?” I rest the book on bed beside me and crossed my feet under me.
Dad walked over to my bed and sat down. “It’s been a while since we’ve talked. How’s school?” He asked.
“School is….school.” I answered with a grin.
Dad chuckled. “Okay then.” He was quiet for a moment, then he said. “I was thinking that you and Sarah should go shopping next week. What do you say?”
I smiled. “Of course, Dad. I would love that.” I answered honestly.
Dad looked at me and smile with gratitude.
I know he knew that Sarah and I didn’t talk much and he wanted us to bond.
“Thanks, sweetheart.” He patted my foot and began to get up from my bed, when his eyes caught something.
“Why did you throw away that? I thought you love that picture?” He ask, indicating a picture of Logan and I that was now crumbled and in the waste basket.
He was right. I did love that picture. It was my favourite picture of Logan and I.
We had took it when we went to the amusement park four months ago. In this picture, we were both making silly faces. “We broke up.” I said in a quiet voice.
Dad turn his head to look at me. His eyes showed surprise. “Why? What happen?”
I brought my knees up to my chin and hug them. “He was cheating on me.
Our relationship was based on lies.” I tried to sound nonchalant, but every time I remember what he did to me, I felt hurt and angry.
“Are you okay?” Dad ask quietly.
I look at my father and I could see sadness in his eyes. His eyes never left mine as he waited for my response.
He has always hated when I was hurt or sad. I smile to relieve his worry. “I’ll be fine.”
His mouth stretch into a smile of his own. “Good, because no boy is worth your tears, okay?”
I nodded my head. “Okay.”
“That’s my girl.” He got up and klzz me on my forehead. “Good night, kiddo. I love you.”
“I love you too, Dad.” I replied. He gave me one last smile, before leaving my room, closing the door behind him.
As planned, Tyler’s car was parked outside waiting for me when I got out in the morning.
I went over to his car and got in the p@ss£nger seat. He was inside waiting for me. I close the door and he started the engine, while I put on my seatbelt.
“So, we haven’t talked about how we are going to pull this off. What’s the plan?” I asked, when he pull out onto the road.
He had left the coffee shop on Friday, without discussion the details of our plan.
“Well, we are going to pretend to date when we are at school and whenever we are around my mother.” He answered, without taking his eyes off the road.
“Okay.” I answered feeling a little nervous all of a sudden. Firstly, I was worried if it was going to work and secondly, what would people think of me when they find out I’m dating the bad boy? “Do you think it will work?”
Tyler looked at me for a second, before turning his attention back to the road. “Of course, it will.”
We didn’t say anything more for the rest of the ride and before I knew it, Tyler pulled into the school’s parking lot. I shrug all the negative thoughts from my mind and prepared myself for the task at hand.
Tyler got out of the car and I got out too. He came around the car and stood beside me. He stretch his hand towards me and smile.
“Let’s do this, girlfriend.” He said, putting emphasis on the word ‘girlfriend’. I roll my eyes at him, but took his outstretched hand nonetheless.
As we walk towards the school, a lot of student hanging out in the parking lot, notice us holding hands. A lot of them just look at us, while some started whispering.
We continue toward the school, until finally, we were at my locker. Tyler finally release my hands, so I could go into my locker.
“Okay, I’m going to cl@ss now. I’ll see you at lunch.” He said. I nodded and he turn and walk away. I finish getting my books from my locker and head to my cl@ss as well.
Time p@ssed quickly and by the time lunch rolled around, I had lost count of the number of students who asked me if Tyler and I were now a couple. This plan of Tyler’s was actually working.
I bought my lunch and head to the table where Victoria and I always sit. She was already at the table waiting for me.
I reach the table and sit down across from her. Soon after, Tyler appear out of nowhere and sat bedside me.
As soon he did so, he snake his hands around my waist. It felt weird for Tyler’s hand to be around my waist and I tried my best not the squirm in his hold.
Before Tyler or I could say anything, Victoria, who sat across from us, look from Tyler to me and said in a whisper. “You know, I can’t believe people actually think you two are dating.”
Tyler look at Tori and then to me. His eyes were accusing as if to say ‘you told her?’. I match his glare. “What?” I ask. “Victoria is my best friend.
Did you really think I would have kept her in the dark?” As soon as I got home on Friday, I called Tori and told her everything that had happened. I didn’t plan on lying to her.
Besides, she would never believe I was dating someone like Tyler anyways.
“Okay fine. Fair enough.” Tyler said after a while.
“You have nothing to worry about, I won’t say anything.” Tori re@ssured him. She made a gesture of crossing her heart.
“By the way,” I said, getting to the point of why he was here. “You don’t have to sit here you know.”
“Of course I do. If you sit over here and I sit where I normally sit, that would look weird. No one would ever believe we are dating.” Tyler reasoned. “If we are doing this, we have to do it right.”
“I have to admit, Tyler is right.” Tori said, nodding her head in agreement.
I gave her a look. “Thanks for choosing my side, Tori.” I replied sarcastically, even though I knew they were both right.
Tori held up her hands defensively, but before she could say anything, Tyler suddenly shout. “Yow! Seth!”
Tyler beckon with his hands and I turn my head to look in that direction. Seth, who was just turning from the lunch line, turn and walk in our direction.
When Seth reaches our table, he sat down beside Tori. “What’s popping, guys?” He ask before digging into his lunch.
I vaguely hear Tori responding to him as my sole attention was on Tyler. I looked at him, shooting daggers at the side of his head. Tyler, however, didn’t turn to look at me.
He continued to eat his lunch and completely ignored me. He had a right, because he knew why I was looking at him.
Like seriously, was he going to invite everyone to sit at our table? I wanted to say something, but because I didn’t want to b!0w our cover, I kept my mouth shut.
I forced a smile on my face and put on the nice girlfriend act. “Hi Seth. How are you doing?”
Tyler turn to me with an amused smile. “You don’t have to pretend, Emily. Seth knows.”
My eyes widen and I felt my mouth fell open. “Seth knows?” I repeated, still in shock. “And you came down on me for telling Tori.” He was unbelievable!
“Seth’s my friend.” Tyler said, mimicking what I had said earlier.
Seth look at me with an amused smirk on his l!ps.
“Besides, I would never believe that Tyler has settle down and has a girlfriend.” Tyler grin at his words and they both bump fist.
I rolled my eyes at their actions. “You both are such boys.” They both laugh. How was I going to survive lunch with these two morons?


Lunch went by and surprisingly, I have to admit, it wasn’t as bad as expected.
Now, Tyler and I were walking to our next cl@ss. We both have English cl@ss together, so we had parted ways with Seth and Tori.
We had just reached the door of our cl@ssroom, when Tyler spoke. “I forgot to mention that you’re coming over to my house later today.”
I stopped in my tracks and turned to face him. I lifted my eyebrows curiously. “Why?”
Tyler rubbed the back of his neck, which was uncharacteristic of him. “Over the weekend, my mother, for the hundredths time, was lecturing me about my ways,” he rolled his eyes at that.
“So I told her that I have a girlfriend. She got all happy and excited and said that I should bring you over for dinner.”
My eyes widen a little. The last thing I wanted was to meet Tyler’s mother as his fake girlfriend.
That would definitely be awkward. However, a deal was a deal and part of my deal was to pretend to date Tyler for his mother’s sake.
Trying my best not to show how nervous I am about the whole thing, I nodded my head. “Okay.”
He grinned at me. “Good.” He suddenly looked over my shoulder and then back towards me.
He brought his head close to mine, so that when he spoke his breath brushed lightly against my cheek. “I think we should klzz.” He said in a hush tone.
I looked at him in horror, not sure if I heard him correctly. “What?”
“I said we should klzz.” Tyler repeated, as if it was a normal thing.
I gave him a look.
“Yeah, I heard you the first time. Why should we do that?” There’s no way I’m going to klzz Tyler again.
“People are watching us. And if you look at it, since they know we are dating, they have never seen us klzz before. We have to make this as believable as we can.” Tyler reasoned.
I looked around me and realized that he was right. We still had a few minutes before the bell rings, so a few students were hanging out on the corridors. Even though they were doing their own things, they still looked in our direction now and then.
I knew he was making s£nse, but I wish he wasn’t. If Tyler and I were really dating, it was natural for us to klzz.
I had just never thought of it before. Great! Now I regret agreeing to this in the first place. I took a deep sigh. In any case, he was right. “Okay, fine.”
He grinned at me, before putting his hands around my waist and pulled me closer. Getting into the act too, I brought my hands up and hook it around his neck.
“It’s show time.” Tyler whispered, before bringing his l!ps down to mine.
The klzz started out slow and light for a few seconds, before he thrust his tongue inside my mouth and deepen the klzz. klzzing Tyler reminded me of when I klzzed him the first time.
One, he tasted of mint and cigar and two, he was a really, damn good klzzer! The first time I klzzed him, I wasn’t paying much attention to all that, but now for some unknown reason, I was.
As we klzz, I have to steel myself to prevent from letting out a satisfied sigh. I would never give Tyler that satisfaction.
A few seconds later, we broke the klzz. Tyler looked at me, his l!ps forming a smirk. “Nice work, Samuels.”
I rolled my eyes at him. This boy was making me roll my eyes a lot lately.
“Come on, let’s go inside the cl@ssroom.” As I turned around, I notice that a few of the students around us were looking at us.
A few of them had stopped what they were doing, their mouths hanging open. We definitely put on a show for them.
At that moment, the bell for cl@ss rang. The students on the corridor started to move inside their cl@ssroom. I continued to walk inside my cl@ssroom. Tyler following behind me.
In English cl@ss, Tyler sat beside me, which he complained about. He didn’t like the idea of sitting at the front of the cl@ss.
He wanted for me to sit at the back with him, but in the end, I won and he sat at the front. I felt satisfied by his discomfort.
However, he was a good sport, because we kept up our fake dating for the entire cl@ss.
At the end of the school day, I was walking down the hall to my locker, when someone stopped in front of me and blocked my way. I looked up to see Logan.
“I don’t understand you. You are really dating
him? ” He asked, a disgusted look on his face.
I crossed my hands over my chest. “Yes I am and you don’t get a say in who I date, Logan.”
“Tyler is a guy who moves from girl to girl, Emily. He is going to eventually leave you and move on to a next girl.” He commented. “I know you’re smarter than that.”
“Just like how you left me for another girl?” I shot back.
He clamped his mouth shut and they form in a thin line.
He clearly have nothing to say and I was so done with this. I was done with him.
“I thought so.” I uncross my arms and gave him a long, h@rd look.
“Tyler and I are a couple now. So you better leave me alone and you best get used to it.” I turned away from him then and walked away.
TBC 💋💋💋💋


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