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From Kiss To Love episode 25 & 26

🥀💋 From Kiss To Love 💋🥀
( I Love You )
Written by Authoress Yesha 📒📒📒
Episode 25
“I’m not leaving for home as yet. I’m going to watch a soccer game. Our team is competing against another school.”
Tori informed me when we walk through the halls on Thursday at the end of school.
I look over at her and lifted a quizzical eyebrow.
“A soccer game? I’ve never seen you go to a soccer game at this school before. Since when are you interested in soccer?” I inquired.
“Stephanie invited me to come and watch her play.” Tori replied.
“I didn’t know Stephanie is on the soccer team.” I mused just as we steppe from the school’s building and out into the parking lot.
“Yes.” Tori nodded. I stopped walking and turned to face her. I noticed that she was sporting a wide smile on her face.
“Why would Stephanie asked you to come and watch her play?” I asked in suspicion. I continued to look at her confused for a few seconds, before all the puzzle pieces began to fit into place in my mind.
“Wait a minute. Is there something that you need to tell me?” I ask, giving her a look that says ‘spill everything’.
“No. What are you talking about?” She asked, trying to look innocent.
“What’s up with you and Stephanie?” I asked nudging her side teasingly.
“Is there something going on between you two?”
“Nothing is going on, Emily. Stephanie and I are just friends.” Tori remarked.
“Well yes, but you like her don’t you?” I ask giving her a teasing look. I watched as her cheeks tinted a light shade of pink.
I smiled wide at her because Tori never blushed. Oh, this was definitely something!
Just then Tyler walked passed me and slung his arm over my shoulders and continue walking.
“Tyler,” I accused stretching his name. “Don’t you see me talking?” I ask him, trying to remove his arm from my shoulders to walk back to Victoria.
With Tyler’s arm still around my shoulders, I turn around to see Victoria smiling at me. Glad for the disruption, I’ll bet. She lifted her hands and waved at me. “Goodbye Emily. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
I finally pulled Tyler to a stop and take his hand from my shoulders. I then face Tori again.
“Don’t think you’ve escaped this, Victoria Hernandez.” I warned, pointing a finger at her. “I’ll pick this up tomorrow.”
Tori just laughed and turned to walk in the direction of the field. I turn around to Tyler and hit him on his shoulder.
“What is wrong with you?”
Tyler laughs and lifted his hands up in defence. “I was just joking. You know I like messing with you. It’s fun.”
I shake my head at him. “Whatever. Come on.” I replied as I continue to walk. Once again, Tyler slung his arm around my shoulders and we walk to his car.
I get into Tyler’s car and he drove us home. When we reached at his house, I noticed a car was parked outside the driveway.
Curiously, I turned to face Tyler. “Who’s car is that?” I asked as Tyler parked his car.
“That’s my Dad’s car.” He replied. As soon as Tyler pulled the car door, the front door opened revealing a man which I assumed to be Tyler’s father.
Well, he did have some slight resemblance to him. I got from the car as well and stood where I was.
The man smiled as Tyler stepped from the car. “Hey Tyler! I’ve been waiting for you.
Come on over and say hello to your old man.”
Tyler shakes his head as he walked over to his father. “Hey Dad. You didn’t tell me you were coming over today.” He replied as he gave his father a hug.
“Yeah, I wanted to surprise you.” Tyler’s father said.
I stood beside Tyler’s car awkwardly watching them, before realizing that I had to go over to my house. It was really weird standing here and watching them.
As I took a step in the direction of my house, Tyler’s father spoke. “Is that your girlfriend that your mom told me about?” He asked Tyler looking in my direction.
He then looked back at Tyler with an accusing look. “Come on, bring her over. Were you not going to introduce your girlfriend to me?”
Tyler looks at me and beckoned for me to come over. I walked towards the front door where they stood. “Hello, I’m Emily.” I introduced myself.
“Hi Emily. I’m Trenton. It’s so nice to finally meet Tyler’s girlfriend.” He gave me a friendly smile before turning to Tyler. “She’s pretty son.”
I look at Tyler quizzically.
I was taken aback by his forwardness. I could also see where Tyler gets his quirkiness from.
“Why are we standing out here? Let’s go inside.” Tyler’s father said ushering us inside the house.
As we step inside, I heard Rachel’s voice calling from the kitchen. “Was it Tyler?”
“Yes.” Trenton replied.
Rachel walked from the kitchen. She then spotted me. “Oh, I see you’ve met Emily.”
“Oh yes, she seems like such a nice girl.” Trenton replied patting Tyler on his shoulder. “And I can see the way Tyler looks at her. He can’t hide it.”
He looks at Tyler with a raised eyebrow. I couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable at his words. “The last time I saw you this interested in a girl was when you and Andrea were dating.”
At the mention of that name, I noticed Tyler stiffen. I looked at him curiously and I noticed that his mouth was set into a thin flat line. I pull my eyebrows together in confusion. Who was this Andrea person?
“So Dad, are you going to stay for dinner?” Tyler asked obviously changing the subject.
“Oh no, I actually have some business to do in Town. I was just waiting for you to get here so I could see you.”
He looked at his wristwatch and added. “That’s the time. I have to leave now.
I’ll be back sometime next week for a proper visit and we’ll hang out then.” He lifted his fist to Tyler and Tyler gave him a fist bump.
Tyler’s father then turned to me extending his hand. “It’s nice to meet you Emily.”
I smiled and shook his hand. “It’s nice to meet you too Mr. King.” I replied.
He smiled brightly and lift both eyebrows at me. “You know, you can just call me Trenton.” He replied.
After Tyler’s father said goodbye to everyone, he left. It was time for me to go home and Tyler offered to walk me over.
As soon as he reached my front door, I turn to face him.
“Who’s Andrea?” I asked out of curiosity.
Tyler looked at me for a while before he answered. “She’s no one.” He replied, shrugging his shoulders as if it didn’t matter. But based on his reaction when he heard her name, I knew better.
“She must be someone if your mood has changed all of a sudden, but it’s okay, you don’t have to tell me anything.” I said trying to give him his privacy.
“It’s just that I’d never wanted to hear her name again.” Tyler replied in a hard tone.
“Okay.” I said in understanding. This topic seems like a sore one for Tyler and I understand that. I didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable, so I dropped the subject. “I’ll see you tomorrow okay?”
“Andrea was my first girlfriend whom I had loved.” I heard Tyler say suddenly. I turned back to face him and he was looking right back at me. “Well, at least I thought I did.”
Episode 26
Shocked at Tyler’s revelation, I turned around completely to face him.
“What do you mean?” I asked tentatively afraid to broach the topic.
Tyler took a deep sigh before he sat on the porch steps.
I walk over to where he was and sat beside him. “I didn’t want to talk about her because I wanted to leave her in the past.”
I sat quietly beside him, waiting for him to continue. It took a few seconds, but he did.
“Two years ago, I met Andrea. She did not go to our school. I met her at one of my parents’ family dinners. Her family was a close friend of ours.” He paused for a while before he continued.
“We started dating a week after we met. Andrea was perfect and everything was going great. Everyone liked us together as a couple.”
“So, what happened?” I asked quietly.
“I don’t know. She just ended it. Six months into our relationship, she just came to me one day and said that she has found someone else. She did not give me much details; she just left.
A few days later, I saw her and her new boyfriend together. She didn’t even acknowledge me again. It was like I meant nothing to her.
“It took a few months to forget about her. I never thought I would but I did. After that, I told myself that I’d never have that happen to me again.
I started to have one night stands and not having anything with a girl last for more than a week.
It was better that way, because then I wouldn’t become emotionally involved and get hurt again. I told myself that It was better without feelings and I stood by that until now.” Tyler finished.
I turned to face Tyler. Now I see why he’s like this. Andrea has messed him up so bad, that he feels like he cannot give himself fully to a girl again.
I could also see that he cared for her deeply. “Where is she now?” I question.
“I don’t know. She moved away about two months after that. It made it easier for me to forget about her because I wasn’t seeing her.” Tyler replied.
I was glad to learn something about him. Something that made him who he was today. “Thanks for telling me about her.” I replied.
Tyler finally turned to face me and smiled a little. “Yeah. I don’t even know why I did. I never thought I’d hear her name again, much less be talking about her.
Anyway, that was a long time ago.” We sat there for a few seconds before Tyler stood up from the porch steps. I got up as well. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“Okay tomorrow.” I said as I turn to go into my house and Tyler turned in the direction of his.
Later, I was in my bed reading a book, when my phone buzzed with a text. I took up my phone from the nightstand and saw that it was from Tyler. I unlocked my phone and read the message.
Tyler: I see you moved from Mickey Mouse to The Power Puff Girls 😉
I was confused for a millisecond before I understand what he was referring to.
I was currently in my light blue pyjamas that had The Power Puff Girls on it and he remembered that I had on Mickey Mouse Pyjamas the last time.
I couldn’t help but smile a little as I sent a reply.
Me: Why are you always looking through my window? That’s called stalking you know – _ –
Tyler: No it’s not. It’s called looking.
I rolled my eyes at that. Soon after he sent a next text.
Tyler: Turn around and look out your window.
I followed his instructions and saw him sitting on his window sill waving at me.
I put my phone down and get up from my bed. I walked over to my window seat and sat down facing him.
“What are you doing out here, Tyler? Watching the stars?” I asked teasingly.
“No, of course not. I’m just catching some cool night air.” Tyler replied. “What were you doing over there?”
“I was reading a book. By the way, the fact that you were peeking into my window, I thought you would’ve seen what I was doing.” I answered.
Tyler grins. “As I said before I wasn’t looking into your window. I was sitting here minding my own business when your pajamas caught my attention. I didn’t see what you were doing.”
“Whatever you say, Tyler.” I replied in a sing-song voice.
“Hey don’t tease me. I’m the one that’s supposed to do the teasing.” Tyler complained in a playful tone.
I pulled a fake sad look. “Too bad. It looks like you’re rubbing off on me. You better get used to it.”
He laughed at that then said. “By the way, why are you up reading this late. It’s after ten.”
“I normally read at this time, but now, here you are interrupting my reading time.” I stated.
Tyler lifted his lips in a smirk. “Oh come on. You know you like talking to me. I’m awesome.”
“How do you manage that ego of yours?” I inquired.
“I don’t have a big ego. I’m just stating the facts.” Tyler persists.
I rolled my eyes. “Okay, Mr. Awesome.” A yawn escaped my lips. “Well, I’m going to sleep now. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“No problem. Good night and sleep well.” Tyler replied as he brought his foot around inside his room and stand up.
I got up from the seat and pulled my window down. I then got into bed and turn my lamp off.
As I closed my eyes to fall asleep, I smiled to myself. Even though Tyler was joking, he was indeed right; I enjoyed talking to him tonight.
Tyler and I were walking down the hall at the beginning of school, when Victoria appeared in front of us.
“Hi Em. Hi Tyler.” She greets, a big smile on her face. “Tyler, is it okay if I take Emily away from you?”
“Of course. I’m going to class anyway.” Tyler replied.
I looked at Tyler. “I’ll see you at lunch okay?” I said to him.
“Sure.” Tyler responds and then he turned away and left.
I turned to face Victoria, who was still sporting a goofy grin. “What is it? Why are you smiling?”
“Oh nothing.” Victoria replied, waving her hand dismissively. I wasn’t going to let it go though. Clearly she was smiling for a reason.
“Come on, tell me.” I persist.
“It’s you and Tyler. You guys were just so cute as you walked in school talking and laughing.” Tori gushes.
I scrunched up my eyebrows in confusion. “And what’s wrong with that?” I question.
Tori lifted one of her eyebrows in a teasing gesture. “Did you both realize that you were holding hands? It was so natural, I don’t think you guys noticed.
I’m telling you, you guys look like a real couple.”
I rolled my eyes at her. “Victoria, only you would see something that’s not there.”
“And only you and Tyler will not see what is actually there.” Victoria countered. “I know these things, you know? It’s like a sixth sense.”
“I’m sure you do.
Come on, let’s get to class.” I said as we turn and walk in the direction of our class. “By the way, did you enjoy the soccer match yesterday?” I asked.
“Yes, it was great. We won.” She informed me. She then turned to look at me and sigh. “Before you bombard me with questions.
No, it wasn’t a date, Stephanie just invited me to watch her play. Honestly, I like her. She seems really intriguing. For right now, I just really like spending time with her.”
I laugh a little. “I know what you mean.” I then bumped her shoulders lightly. “For the record, I think she likes you too.”
“Why would you say that?” Tori asked unconvinced.
“Did she invite anyone else to come and watch her play?” I questioned.
“No, she didn’t.” Tori replied.
“There you go. I rest my case.” I said as we turn towards the direction of our class.
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