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From Kiss To Love episode 21 & 22

🥀💋 From Kiss To Love 💋🥀
( I Love You )
Written by Authoress Yesha 📒📒📒
Episode 21
“You miss him don’t you?” Tyler asked suddenly after we were quiet for a while.
“Who?” I turned to face him, shock by his sudden question.
“Your ex boyfriend.” He replied.
I shook my head and answered honestly. “No I don’t.”
“I saw you looking at him at the party. I assumed you were missing him and reconsidering giving him another chance.”
“Of course not!” I said adamantly. I was even shock at the absurdity of the idea. Where did he get that from?
“Did you love him?” He asked, bringing me from my thoughts.
I was silent for a while. Did I love him? I have never really thought about it before.
At one point I thought I did, but now, I’m not sure I ever did. One thing I knew for sure was that I did care a lot about him.
There was no question if Logan loved me though. Obviously, he didn’t. I still can’t believe the last few months of our relationship was a lie.
“I did care about him.”
I answered finally. “He was the first guy that I’ve ever been close to. He was my first boyfriend. Back then he was great. Believe me he was never like this.”
Tyler stretched both of his foot out in front of him and rest his hand behind him. “Well, as I’ve said before, you know him best.”
I shook my head. “Not anymore.” We sat there for another minute, before I turned to face Tyler. “I should be heading home now.”
“Okay.” Tyler stood up and brushed his hands together. “Come on.”
I didn’t expect Tyler to walk me home.
I mean, this time his mother wouldn’t know that he left me to walk next door by myself so really, he didn’t have.
I didn’t say anything this time though because I was glad for the company.
When we reached my doorstep, Tyler spoke up. “Good night, Kitty Cat.”
I smiled. “Good night, Bats.”
“Hey, that’s all I get?” Tyler asked, a mischievous smirk on his lips. “I thought you would’ve invited me in and offer to scratch my back. You’re a very mean cat.”
Once again, I rolled my eyes at Tyler’s usual playful banter. “Not gonna happen. You better find some other kitty cat to scratch your back tonight.”
The following day, I was home alone with nothing to do. Sarah and Dad had gone out and I was bored until Victoria gets here, which is about 3:00pm. I looked at the time on my phone and saw that it was just 12:30pm.
As I lay on my bed thinking about what to do, I got a text from Tyler:
Tyler: What are you doing?
After reading the text, I sent an instant reply.
Me: I’m not doing anything. Why?
Tyler: I’m bored. Come over here.
Me: What does you being bored got to do with me?
Tyler: Because we can do something interesting together to occupy our time 😉
I rolled my eyes at that message as I can imagine Tyler smirking as he sent it.
Me: Do you always have to be a sex crazed manic?
Tyler: Ha! I wasn’t, but look where your mind went 😜
Me: Haha…very funny. Okay fine, I’ll be right over.
I put on my shoes quickly and left the house. When I reached over to Tyler’s house, I knocked on the door.
I heard him answer me from inside to come in. I opened the door and saw him laying on the living room couch with his phone in his hands.
“Okay, I’m here. What do you have in mind.” I remarked as I closed the door behind me.
Tyler put down his phone and grinned at me. “Don’t pretend like you’re not glad for the company.”
“I was doing okay by myself.” I replied crossing my arms.
“Of course you were, but it’s more cool to hang out with me.” Tyler replied with a sly grin.
“Oh please. You’re funny, you know that?” I questioned as I walked over to him.
“Yeah, that’s one of my best qualities.” He winked at me. He then stand up from the couch. “I have an amazing video game, but I need a partner.”
“What about Seth?” I asked.
Tyler shrugged. “You’re just right next door.”
“You know, I’ve never played any video games in my life.” I stated.
Tyler walked over to set up the game. “Don’t worry, it’s really easy. I’ll show you.”
After the game was set up, Tyler took a seat on the couch again and I sat beside him. I watched as he used the remote to bring up the game information. Tyler explained in details about what the game was about before he hand me a game controller.
To be honest, when he explained the target of the game, it actually seems really interesting. I couldn’t wait to begin.
Tyler then went on to explain how to use the game controller. When he was finished, I thought for sure that I would forget everything because it was a bit confusing.
There were too many buttons to click on for different functions. However, when we actually started playing, I got the hang of it quickly.
Tyler and I played for a long time and even though he beat me every time, I really enjoyed playing the video game with him.
Throughout the entire game; we laughed for every silly thing and shouted at each other about who’s winning.
Now, we were just sitting on the couch after playing the last game, when we heard the front door opening.
Tyler’s mother stepped through the door with groceries in her hands. When she saw me, she smiled.
“Hi Emily.” Rachel greeted me as she closed the door.
“Hello Rachel.” I answered her, standing up from the couch.
“It’s good that you’re here. Would you like to stay for dinner?” She walked by me, dropping her car keys on the coffee table.
I gave her an apologetic smile. “Actually, I was just leaving. I’m expecting someone over at my house.”
“Oh that’s great. It was good seeing you again.” She called over her shoulder as she head in the direction of the kitchen.
I smiled. “Thanks. You too.” I walked to the door with Tyler following me.
Tyler opened the door for me and I went through. “Bye Tyler. I had fun.” I replied waving at him.
“Of course you did.” Was his response.
I laughed and shook my head as I walked over to my house.


On Monday afternoon when I got home from school, I was greeted by Sarah in the living room.
“Did you remind Tyler that he’s coming over for dinner today?” Sarah asked me.
“Yes.” I replied as I turned and walked upstairs to my room. When I got upstairs, I quickly get all my homework done.
When I was finished, I took a quick shower to get ready for dinner. Today was the day I was dreading because Tyler was coming over for dinner.
I was really hoping for my father to forget, but that hope went down the drain when he told me this morning that I should invite Tyler over for dinner today.
At about six o’ clock, I was dressed and ready for dinner. Tyler was right on time as well as I heard the doorbell sounded downstairs.
Sarah was in the kitchen getting dinner finished and Dad was in his room, so I walk downstairs quickly to get the door.
When I opened the door, Tyler was leaning on the doorframe on the other side. “Hey, come on in.” I said. Tyler stepped inside the house and I closed the door behind him.
Sarah came out of the kitchen when Tyler stood in the living room. She smiled and extended her hand, walking over to Tyler. “Hi Tyler. It’s nice to finally meet you officially.”
Tyler shook her hand politely. “Thanks and you the same.”
“Great. Come on in to the dinning room. Dinner is ready.”
Just then, I saw my father coming down the stairs. As he reached the bottom, he looked at Tyler keenly. “Hello. You must be Tyler, the boy who is dating my daughter.”
“Yes Mr. Samuels. That’s me.” Tyler said, confidently outstretching his hand.
My father looked at him for a while before giving a short nod. He shook his hand and said, “You seem like a good young man. Your mother is a wonderful woman, so I hope I’m not wrong.”
“No sir.” Tyler replied.
We all went into the dinning room and sat down to eat. Sarah brought the food to the table before sitting down as well.
As everyone got food on their plate, Sarah spoke up. “How’s your mother Tyler?”
“She’s doing great.” Tyler responded.
“That’s good. Say hello to her for me.” Sarah said.
“Okay, I will.” After that everyone began to eat.
Dinner actually went better than I expected.
All throughout dinner, Dad and Sarah held a conversation with Tyler and he kept up the conversation with ease and comfort.
He didn’t really have to try too hard. Dad didn’t even discuss or indulged into our relationship too much. I was glad for that. Knowing my father, he was in his observation mode.
He wanted to see what kind of guy Tyler was which was why he was asking a lot of questions.
I began to relax and enter the conversation now and then. However, I would sometimes shot Tyler a look whenever he brought up topics of us that made me feel uncomfortable and squirm in my seat. To be honest, he was really good.
He acted like the perfect boyfriend and pulled it off with my parents. What he said wasn’t that big of a deal, but the fact that I felt guilty lying to my parents made me feel uncomfortable.
I suddenly felt Tyler rest his hand on my thigh under the table. I jumped a little in shock and took in a sharp breath.
I let out a short laugh, pretending to be amused by what was being said to prevent my parents from noticing my reaction.
After noticing that they were distracted by the current conversation, I turned to face Tyler, glaring at him.
He just looked at me with wide innocent eyes and then he winked at me. I continued to glare at him and he turned away to continue talking.
Fifteen minutes after dinner ended, Tyler stood up. “Thanks Mr and Mrs. Samuels for inviting me to dinner.” He then faced Sarah. “Dinner was great.” He complimented.
“Thank you dear. It was our pleasure. You are invited over anytime.” Sarah replied with a genuine smile.
“And please take care of my little girl. She’s all I have.” Dad added pointedly.
“I will.” Tyler said. He then turned to me with a smile and his hand extended. “Come on, Emily.”
I put on my best smile and stood up as well. I took Tyler’s hand and we left the kitchen together. Before leaving the kitchen, I caught my parents staring at us.
Sarah had a big smile on her face. I knew how this must look to them; a loving couple leaving the kitchen hand in hand. What they didn’t know was that it was anything but that.
We left the house and continued to walk until we stood in my front yard. Tyler rubbed the back of my hand and that was when I realized that he was still holding my hand.
To be honest, it was such a nice and comforting feeling that I didn’t realize earlier. I felt my cheeks redden a little at my thoughts.
“You can let go of my hand now.” I said, trying to play it cool. “Nobody can see us from here.”
Tyler looked down at our joined hands as if he didn’t realize either and finally he pulled his hand away.
Strangely, my hand felt cold and weird after he let go of it. As if my hand was used to Tyler holding it and now it was left exposed.
“Why did you do that, Tyler?” I ask him, referring to what he did in the dinning room.
Tyler grinned. “Because I saw that you needed to relax a little.”
“And you thought that would make me relax?” I inquired, then added quickly. “You know what? Don’t answer that.”
Tyler just laughed and I hit him on the shoulder lightly. After Tyler stopped laughing, I said, “Thanks for coming over.”
“No problem.” Tyler replied. He then bend his head and kissed me. The kiss took me by surprise, but not for long as I found myself kissing him back.
Tyler ended the kiss and looked at me with a sly grin. I raise my eyebrow at him.
“That was in case your parents were watching us.”
I laughed to clear my head from the giddy feeling that Tyler’s kiss created. “That makes sense.”
Tyler chuckled. “See you tomorrow.” I waved at him as he walked away.
As I walked back to my house, my mind was filled with thoughts. I think that I was getting addicted to Tyler’s kisses.
I don’t know why, but every time he kissed me, my heart starts beating fast and I don’t want him to stop. All I could think about just now was pulling him closer and deepening the kiss.
I shook my head to bring me back to my senses. What is wrong with me? I cannot be thinking like this.
It’s just a kiss. It shouldn’t mean anything. Also, Tyler is not the type of guy to be thinking like that about. I will not go through that again.
With this renowned conviction in mind, I continued my journey to the front door.
TBC 💋💋💋💋


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