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Forced episode 9 & 10

(My pains!! 😪)
By Damilola Faleke M💚
Chapter 9💚

🌀 Fernando’s pov continues 🌀
No it can’t be……💚
But it sounds really familiar, deal?, Eliminate?, I know my Dad was into some kind of shady business and worked with Mr Trevor, but never had I thought of Mr Trevor as the killer of my parents, how is it even possible……💚
Mr Trevor doesn’t seem to be a killer….💚
But am sure my ears weren’t playing tricks on me, I heard well, he literally told the person he was talking to, to eliminate anybody on his way who served as a threat….. .💚
What deal is he even talking about?….💚
I really got a lot of things to figure out, something is really fishy here……. 💚
I was still trying to break down what I heard when I heard some movement, it was Mr Trevor…….
I quickly rushed out so he wouldn’t know I was around or heard his conversation..💚
I really need to talk to Tristan urgently, though I would try not to be too forward….. 💚
🔵 Tristan’s pov 🔵
I was driving in the vehicle with Tiana, we were both coming from the dinner meeting of the CEOs who wants partnership with us ..💚
But to be sincere, Tiana really got on my nerves in that meeting, she was just acting dull and annoying….💚
I agree that this marriage was not in consideration of our acceptance, but at least for the sake of our business she should have acted smart for once,for a matter of fact, that’s why we’re even married. I was literally the only one doing all the acting….💚
Gosh!!, I really need to reconsider dad’s plan, I don’t care of I hurt her feelings or whatever, after all Alicia did the same to me…… I really miss my normal life…. 💚
“Tiana, you really need to loosen up a bit” I said calmly…..💚
” What are you talking about? ” She asked without looking at me, although I was driving I could still see her ..💚
“Your behavior at that business party would definitely arouse suspicion on this marriage” I said trying not to raise my voice, although I was really angered………..💚
“As if I care” she replied nonchalantly💚
‘Gosh!!, This girl is really getting on my nerves’💚
“Look Tiana, this marriage was only set up by both our parents for the growth of their business and not your feelings” I said and her mood immediately drop to 0.001%💚
“Yh I know Tristan, no need to remind me about that, am sorry for acting weird at the meeting” she said in a really sad low tune 💚
Did what I say hurt her that much!
‘Whatever not like I care,her feelings is none of my business’….. 💚
The ride back home was really silent and she looked really sad through out the ride home and it really gladdens my whole heart to know I’ve finally put her in her place, at Least for now, she’ll learn how to control those running mouth of her’s…..💚
She dropped down of the vehicle storming into the house , Immediately I drove into the compound💚
‘Haha, so childish, not like I care at all, she can kill herself, it’s none of my business….💚
Oops!!, I got something to attend to. .💚
I quickly reversed my car driving out of this hell hole called a house…💚
⚫ Fernando’s pov ⚫
I was sipping wine from the glass brooding about Mr Trevor’s call on the phone…….
Could he really be a murderer??… I really got some important research to make. 💚
I must find my parents killer and if eventually, I find out Mr Trevor was included or involved, I wouldn’t hesitate to take my revenge brutally, even though he’s Tristan dad, my parents death must be avenged. 💚
The sound of the door bell what was suddenly jerked me off my thought… 💚
‘Gosh!!, Who the hell is that at this ungodly hour?’💚
I reluctantly walked to open the door and it shocked me at the person I saw….💚
“Hey brother” she said walking in…..💚
“Alicia, what the hell are you doing here?” I asked angrily💚
” Chill bro” she replied💚
” Haven’t I told you to stay back in Mexico until I found out our parents death?” I said angrily💚
She only walked into the sitting room with her luggage leaving me standing alone at the door💚
“You haven’t answered my question Alicia” I said trailing behind her after closing the door. 💚
“Common Fernando, what’s bad in paying you a visit” she said rolling her eyes taking a seat💚
” You are my sister Alicia and I know the kind of person you are, you aren’t here to see me” I said💚
” Alright fine, busted!, You got me!, am here to see Tristan” she said rudely…💚
” Are you crazy?, How many times have I told you to stay away, can’t you just listen to me for once” I said and she rolled her eyes at me💚
” Look bro, I know you are in no good mood now, we’ll talk tomorrow okay” she said standing up dragging her luggage behind her to the extra room she tagged her room….💚
Gosh Alicia just won’t listen to me for once, this is for our own good, her’s especially, but she’s just so desperate to go back to Tristan. I pray she doesn’t learn her lessons the hard way…..💚
‘Gosh!!, I really need to talk to her’…….💚
Next day 🌥️⛅🌤️🌞🌞
🎀 Tiana’s pov 🎀
At Least it’s finally Saturday, no work for me today. But it’s really gonna be horrible cause Tristan is at home today …….
But at least I would have the whole living room to myself, since he’s busy upstairs….💚
Just as I was about settling down to watch the TV, I heard a knock on the door…..💚
What!, who would that be?, I didn’t hear the intercom ring, or, could it be the gate keeper?….💚
I walked to the door to know who it was. I opened the door and my eyes met with a lady who seems to be around my age.. she was actually beautiful,I won’t skip that part, but she was dressed like a slut. She was on a very short blue sleeveless body hug gown together with blue heels and a blue purse, gosh!!……💚
“Who are you?” I finally asked..💚
“I should be asking you that” she said walking in without me ushering her in ………💚
‘What the hell is wrong with this lady here????’…
I followed her in and saw her relaxing on the large couch, with her legs crossed and her arms around the couch……💚
‘Who the hell is she?’
“You really need to explain yourself” I said staring intensely at her…..💚
” I got no explanation for you bitch, am only here to see the love of my life, Tristan” she said smiling stupidly…..💚
” Love of your life?” I asked in sarcasm…..💚
” You’re asking weird questions, I need to see Tristan, that’s why am here” she said………💚
” Wait, are you crazy?, What the hell is wrong with you and who do you think you are?, You came to my house acting all bitchy, entered my house without me ushering you in, relaxing on the couch like you own the house, and commanding me like you got no brains. Common lady, are you sure you’re mentally fit” I said to the rude bitch and she stood up immediately…..💚
“How dare you. ………………………….
She hasn’t finished her statement when we both heard Tristan’s voice….💚
“Alicia” he called and we both turned to him……
I studied his face and her’s and discovered something extra ordinary is going on………

🍓Tiana’s pov continues🍓

They stared at each other intensely not wanting to withdraw the stare.
I just stood folding my hands and watching the scene……
“Tristan” the girl or should I say Alicia called…
I stared at Tristan, our eyes met so I looked away…
“Tristan we have to talk, it’s really important” she said forming an innocent look and I felt like slapping the pretence of her face, I just decided to keep my cool, she’s such a pretender.
Tristan took a deep breath before answering her
“Alicia, you have to leave now, there’s nothing between us to talk about again” he said coming closer to her
” Baby, I know I hurt you real bad, that’s why I want is to sit and talk this out without no interference” she said eying me
” Alicia, there is no interference here, you really need to thank God am in no bad mood today, if not I would have called the security to throw you out. So you just do yourself the favour of leaving without facing any embarrassment” he said turning to go back upstairs but she held his left arm with both her hands…
“Tristan, why don’t you just listen to me, please” she said with tears in her eyes which I knew was fake…
Tristan looked at me and I rolled my eyes at him so he looked away. I wonder why he’s even staring at me that way. And again this scene is really getting me crazy and annoyed, I hate this girl already.
“Alicia, I once loved, I wasn’t expecting you to do that to me, I took you as a lover, a mother, and my number one priority, bit you crushed me like a mere ant, I gave you my heart and trusted you deeply but you broke it, how do you expect me to even sit down and listen to you” he said with pains in his eyes
‘jeez!!, This two must have had a bad history together’……
“Tristan please just listen to me, I promise I wouldn’t take your time” she said still shedding her crocodile tears….
” Fine, I got something to do, so make it snappy” he said and she looked at me again then back at him ….
” Tristan she’ll have to excuse us” she said referring to me.. Tristan stared at me not knowing what to say..
“It’s fine, I was leaving already” I said moving up the stairs, I was already fed up with that slut of a girl..
💧 Tristan’s pov 💧
“Say what you wanna say Alicia and leave” I said sitting on the couch after Tiana climed up the stairs…
“Tristan please am sorry, just find a place in your heart to forgive me, I know what I did was wrong and unforgivable, I was so stupid to do that to you. The moment I’ve spent without you made me realize am nothing without you, I love you Tristan, I was a stupid fool to hurt your feelings” she said.
” Alicia, do you think your words would even move me?, I would be a stupid fool to accept you in my life again….you know what? , Just leave” I said trying to hide my anger….
Alicia: But…
Me: Alicia just leave am not ready for your explanation this moment, I got nothing to say to you
Alicia: Tristan?
Me: just go, okay
I said raising my voice…..
“Fine Tristan, I know your love for me hasn’t faded and I’ll be back for you very soon, I’ll never give up on you, trust me…” She said taking her purse walking out …..
Jeez!!, Who the hell let her in, she only came here to open my old wounds, I thought I’ve gotten over what she did to me, but clearly I was wrong cause seeing her today made everything she did to me come rushing in like a running tap…..
Right from the time I came into the world, apart from my sister, I don’t think I’ve ever loved, valued and cherished anyone the way I did to Alicia, my love for her was True, I was ready to marry her and make her the mother of my kids until she stabbed me directly on the back. Her betrayal was the worst any one could think of, I should have preferred she cheated, probably I would have forgiven her, but this is unforgivable and I don’t see myself forgiving her in 1000 years to come……
I was still in deep thought when I heard footsteps behind me, it was Tiana dressed casually, she had her car key and a bag with her…..
“Am going out” she said and without waiting for my reply, she stormed out ..
‘gosh!!, She’s so arrogant’
Who cares if she’s going out
🍭 Tiana’s pov 🍭
“Gosh Samantha, you still play to much at this age” I said to Samantha who was fondling the big doll we bought at the mall…
Well, I and Samantha decided to go shopping and have some fun time together, it was actually her suggestion and it really helped me a lot, cause being with her was like I just raised a big burden of my head, like living with Tristan…
“I can never get tired of dolls” she replied
“Whatever, so where are we going next?” I asked
” To see Archie, or have you changed your mind?” She asked
” Oops!, I haven’t, where are we even meeting?” I asked and she hit her forehead in frustration
“Elite garden Tiana, this is the fifth time am telling you” she said fake frowning and I bursted into laughter
” You should see your face” I said and she rolled her eyeballs…
Samantha: whatever
We went to elite garden and we met Archie there, we all had fun together, and it was one of the best day of my life, Archie was really a free person than I thought, he was fun to be with and a friend to lean on, I really felt the happiness I haven’t felt for weeks since I got married to Tristan.
“So Tiana how has been your marriage and everything?” Archie asked me, we where all sitting on the grass close to the little pool watching the sun set
“Hmm, it’s crazy” I replied
“It’s really funny to know you got married without letting me know”he said and I chuckled..
” Sorry Archie, I wasn’t really involved in that marriage, I was forced into it” I said..
” That’s violation of your rights, are you sure you are okay with it!” He asked
“There’s nothing I can do about it than to only watch, I never really owned my life from childhood” I said and Samantha Chuckled..
” Wow…. you are really trying” he said and I smiled
” Enough of mine, so how do you find your work and everything?” I asked..
“Well, it’s pretty good, just this hidden criminal am trying to figure out, who people are really complaining about, he’s a social threat and the worst part is that I don’t even know his name or identify and the case was given to me” he said looking quite fed up ..
” Wow, being and NBI isn’t as easy as it seems” I said no he nodded
“Exactly Tiana, at least being with you guys left me off the burden for now. I hope we’ll still see often” he said staring at me
” Of course” I replied..
” Who cares” Samantha said and we all bursted into laughter…
It was really fun being with this two today, they’re a perfect match and perfect friends to me including Karina.
1 Month later 🕤🕘🕙🕥🕚🕦 💚❤️
🖤 Tristan’s pov 🖤
“Dad you really need to tell me, what business are you into that I don’t know about” I asked for the third time….
” Son am serious, I got nothing to hide from you” he said..
” But Dad this is the second time I’m hearing you on a call talking about a business different from our normal organization” I said..
” Son trust me” he replied and I nodded.
” Well dad,I’m really tired of that marriage it’s freaking me out, I need my normal life back” I said
“Then do what I asked you to do” he said
“Dad but why, what did Mr Davidson ever do to you to deserve this treatment, I know you guys are rivals but he doesn’t deserve that from you” I said
” You won’t understand Tristan, that man offended our family” dad said..
“What are you even saying Dad?” I asked in anger
“You can’t know about it Tristan, I can’t tell you” he said
“Just tell me Dad, I deserve to know , I am your son” I yelled..
” Fine…your mum didn’t really die because of birth difficulties, it was all Mr Davidson’s fault” Dad said throwing the bomb
” What!!!!??” I said confused


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