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Forced episode 19 & 20

(My pains!! 😪)
By Damilola Faleke M 🎀
Chapter 19
👓 Mr Davidson’s pov 👓
“How can you explain this David?, Thousands getting to million are disappearing from our account without no noticeable trace, what the hell is going on? ” I asked David standing in front of me.
This is really strange, it’s never happened to me, since I started a business of my own, how can my money, my hard earned money just start disappearing, without no trace…..
“Talk to me David” I yelled at the silent David in front of me still thinking….
“Well sir, I think our finance account had been hacked, which give the criminals access to any money deposited to that particular account” he said only leaving me more surprised
” What are you even saying David?….. This has never happened before, our securities are very tight, and I don’t think anyone would be able to hack into our account” I said brooding deeply into it…
” I Know sir, am just as surprised as you are, this is crazy, it could only be anyone part of us who has the capability to this” he said and I stared at him
” You know we are the only two who has access to that account including my son, and he couldn’t actually do that to me, except it’s you” I said suspiciously and fear covered his face
” Sir, I can’t do that, we build this company together, we suffered together from the scratch… I can’t definitely start doing this to you at this moment” he said with sincerity
” I know David, just that am really confused” I said and sighed…
” I understand you Mr Davidson, but we definitely can’t sit down here and watch our business collapse, we should do something” he said and I quickly agreed to his statement
” Yes, for now, all our money should be moved to the bank, then all our account should be destroyed with their information backed up, so you can create another for each department most especially the finance” I said and he nodded
” Will see to that Immediately” he said walking out..
Oh my God!!! Save me from this disaster, I didn’t offend anyone, if I offended anyone unknowingly, God please forgive me and make things right for me
Not long after David left, Edward, my son walked in…. Quite unexpected….
“Edward are you okay” I asked noticing his worried face
” Let’s just go straight to the point Dad, something terrible is going on right now” he said pacing around
” What son, please calm down” I said
” No Dad, I can’t calm down, our account has been hacked, and our files are being corrupted and worst enough, our money is being stolen by unknown dudes which we have been trying to figure out, but can’t still trace out” he said crazily worried
” Heavens!! Are you sure?” I asked just to confirm what he was saying
” Common dad, would I be joking for such crucial stuff?
Oh God!!!
What the hell is this!!!
What’s going on!!
Things are really falling apart
😈 Mr Trevor’s pov 😈
Well, well, well
I guess today should be the happiest day of my life, cause am not done with Israel yet….
I guess now, he should be more than worried on how things are turning negativity around, that’s my happiness and my joy, to see him and his family, unstable, unhappy, sorrowful and other bitter things no one would want to face ….
This is just a tip of an ice berge…..
Since Tristan decided to be useless I figured out that if Mohammed doesn’t goes to the mountain, the mountain would definitely go to him ….
And now, I worked things out on my greatest achievement, to see Israel crawling on the floor wailing for help…
Hacking those accounts were just the opening ceremony of his downfall, he should expect more coming his way, soon he would go bankrupt,and by God’s grace, then the merger would now be mine alone, I just need Tristan help …………………
Fernando walked in with an envelope with a suspicious look on his face…..
“Welcome son, have a seat, and a drink” I said happily but he turned me down
” No Mr Trevor, I would rather stand” he said with a serious look on his face….
What’s going on??, Or has he found out about Alicia?? Or his parents??
“What’s wrong son?” I asked and he stretched the envelope to me ….
“This my resignation letter, thanks for all you’ve done for me, I really appreciate,but now am moving back to Mexico” he said surprising me….
” What?? But why” I asked
“That’s my home town, and I think it’s time I leave to start my own life over there, family and lot more” he said looking kind of sincere, but I felt there was more to it…..
“That’s a great decision Fernando, and am really in support of it all, you can have this” I said stretching a check I signed to him
“No thank you sir, you don’t need to do that” he said rejecting the check leaving me more surprised
” It’s no problem Fernando, you may leave” I said and he took his leave immediately
” Sydney” I called out loud and he walked in almost immediately
“Sir” he replied
“Follow Fernando” I said and he left immediately
Fernando is acting suspicious, I need to find out what’s going on, it doesn’t seem good…..
🌹 Tiana’s pov 🌹
“You Know am already used to that” Tristan said snapping me out of my thought….
” What?” I asked staring at him
“You admiring me for so long without lifting your stares” he said and I was kinda embarrassed, but you know me…. I can never loose
“I wasn’t admiring you”i said and he stared at me weirdly
” I saw those cute eyeballs” he said and I blushed Internally…
” Whatever I was just staring above your head” I said and he chuckled out annoyingly then suddenly took my two hands in his…
I couldn’t help but admire him, he was really cute, a perfect definition of God’s perfect creation, although that doesn’t stop him from being the jerk I know…
“Tiana” he called still holding on my hands…
“Hun??” I replied avoiding his gaze
“Had anyone ever told you, how beautiful you are??” he said leaving me with no reply
‘hmmm, it’s getting really weird’
“I thought no lady like you existed,pure, innocent, Angelic and let’s not forget, most beautiful….. I shouldn’t lie to you Tiana, I really adore you… And I won’t stop apologizing to you, on my jerky behavior towards you” he said and I blushed the more, this time it was visible so I bent my head down so he won’t notice, but he raised my head to face him with his finger..
“No need to hide it Tiana, you deserve more than praises” he said and I smiled happily
” Thanks Tristan” I said and he nodded
“So I wanted to ask you… Do you have any plans for your future, you know, about a better relationship, apart from this our forced marriage?” He asked and my heart beat increased…
I couldn’t really find a perfect reply for this moment…. It was really weird….
And great fully the Intercom ranged, I quickly stood up
“I’ll go get that” I said nervously and he smiled, and I was surprised cause he don’t smile but smirks annoyingly
I walked to the intercom escaping the weird situation… Thanks for whosoever Came visiting…..
🌳 Fernando’s pov 🌳
So Mr Trevor thinks am a fool not to know he’ll will send someone to follow me ….
That just proved how criminal minded he is
Well for now I would just follow along with him, and act normal, so his stupid follower wouldn’t report anything to him….
I really had to resign for my own good, cause in our research, we are close to finding out the real criminal’s name, and I wouldn’t want Archie knowing I work for that useless man… And very soon I’ll save Alicia from him… that’s my next plan
Can you even see the way he pretended to me like he can never hurt me, he even had the mind to call me his son…..
He thinks he made victory out of what he just did to Mr Davidson
Hahaha,he definitely does not know what’s coming his way…
Such a devil
(My pains!!)
By Damilola Faleke M 💙
Chapter 20
👝 Alicia’s pov 👝
I was walking down the lonely street to get a cab to my hotel room.
I was really scared cause I was like almost the only one on the street, you could hardly see a soul…
And a cab just doesn’t want to come my way.
So I just had no option than to walk to a better place where I could find a cab.
But I must admit how scared I really am this moment, I feel really alone and have suddenly started to miss my brother.
Still walking with my heart in my mouth, from nowhere, i felt someone grabbed me using a piece of hanky to cover my nose.
I got really scared and tried screaming but I couldn’t cause my mouth was covered and nobody was around.
I tried struggling but the person Is weigh stronger than I am …
I kept struggling to no avail until I suddenly passed out….
I woke up on a strange bed in a strange room wondering how I got here, when everything came back flashing into my head.
Oh no!! I’ve been kidnapped..
God!! Help me
I tried to stand up but I was really too weak for that…..
So I leaned back hopelessly
Some minutes later I saw a shadow and then someone walking in, I was kinda scared of what would happen….
I studied the face carefully and I was shocked at the person I saw
“Fernando??” I called confused
“Glad to see you sis” he said taking the plastic chair beside the bed
“Are you okay Fernando, what have I done to you, am i not your sister?” I asked really confused
” Of course you are, but you know what Alicia, you never cease to listen to me despite what I say to you, you only want to do what’s on your mind and that’s what made me take this drastic action. You’re my sister Alicia, I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you” he said and I eyed him angrily, he saw me and chuckled annoyingly…
” You can act stubborn for all I care, but this is where you would be,till Mr Trevor is behind bars” he said walking out slamming the door lock.
I screamed out loud, but it was pointless, am stuck here
🍭 Samantha’s pov 🍭
“Be right there” I said standing up to get the door, wondering who it could actually be at this late hour.
I walked to the door and unlocked it.
My eyes met with someone I wasn’t really expecting to see, I stood there frozen, Wondering if he has come to insult me, or rather cut off our friendship..
“Would you still at least let me in” he said snapping me out of my thought
” Come in Archie” I said opening the door wider for him to step in.
I walked to him in the sitting room after locking the door.
There was an awkward silence between us leaving me in doubts
“Samantha, don’t let what happened between us then, be a barrier between us” he said pausing before he continued
” am sorry for how I acted when you told me some stuff about your feelings, I was only surprised to hear that from you Sam I swear, I don’t mean to hurt you in anyway” he said and I sighed
” I can never get tired of our friendship” he said holding my hands and I forcefully smiled.
He didn’t even talk about what we spoke about when we last met
“It’s alright Archie am glad you came back” I replied and he nodded with a smile
He took a seat on the couch and I followed suit, things was really awkward between us
“Samantha, about what you said the last time we met” he said
“Forget about anything I said Archie, I wasn’t myself, am sorry if I embarrassed you” I said not looking at him
” You didn’t embarrass anyone, I just want to…..
” forget about it Archie, I don’t want to talk about it again” I cut him off
” Are you okay Sam” he asked in a caring tune despite the fact I yelled at him
My eyes were already getting teary
“I am” I replied in a shaky voice
“Sam, You’re not” he said looking worried
“I am” I replied angrily this time running inside to pour out my tears
He had been my friend since childhood, I wonder why I even fell for him.
I wonder why I even introduced him to Tiana….
👀 Alicia’s pov 👀
“Brother stop, stop please he’ll kill you” I yelled
” No Alicia he killed our parents and he must die, he must face the consequences” Fernando replied angrily
” But you can’t fight him, he has a gun with him” I shouted and Mr Trevor grinned from where he was standing
“No I won’t give up” he said running to Mr Trevor punching him hardly on his face, they engaged into a really violent fight..
I kept on screaming in fear, Fernando was really beating him up, he might die and Fernando would go to jail
Suddenly I heard a sound of a gun shot and my heart froze, I looked at the direction and saw Fernando lying lifelessly on the floor
I screamed out loud running to him …
I woke up still screaming, jeez!!!, It was just a dream..
But this marks danger, I have to leave here now, Mr Trevor might be up to something terrible, since Fernando resigned he may have told someone to follow him, I have to go now…
I wore my shoes, took my purse preparing to go to Mr Trevor’s office but the door was locked..
Jeez!! How am I gonna leave now
I leaned on the wall hopelessly when my eyes with a hair pin on the table
I quickly took it trying to open the door with it, but it was just too hard,I tried again putting all my efforts and great fully it opened
I ran out also unlocking the main door, though with the key.
Thank God Fernando wasn’t at home making it more easier for me
People looked at me like I was crazy or something, maybe because of my scattered hair..
I boarded a cab to Mr Trevor’s office….
I got into the office walking briskly… I wanted to enter when I heard a shady conversation
I quickly leaned back deciding to eavesdrop
🔥 Mr Trevor’s pov 🔥
“Sir I discovered Fernando now,works for the NBI,he didn’t leave the state he only drove to the airport, cause am sure he was the one I saw with an NBI officer” Sydney reported putting me in deep thought…
“Is that all your findings?” I asked
“No, after I saw him with that NBI officer, I decided to investigate the whole issue, it was then I discovered Fernando now works for the NBI, he was grouped with the officer in charge of our case and according to what I saw, it was a voluntary offer by Fernando” he said and my heart skipped a beat
Fernando is working for the NBI …
A voluntary offer??
No wonder he resigned, something is definitely going on…
“This only means he knows about our drug factory and transaction or probably he knows about his parents death” I said and Sydney shook in fear..
” I….I.. don’t understand” he shuttered
“Yes Sydney, remember we saw him standing at the door post one day after we were done talking about our transaction, it’s now obvious be heard everything we said, but am glad we are always one step ahead of him” I said
” So what are we gonna do now” Sydney asked in fear
” Anyone that stand on our way as a threat we eliminate” I said
“What!!” Sydney exclaimed
” Yes Sydney, kill him with no trace to us, kill that stupid Fernando” I said boiling in anger


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