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Forced episode 15 & 16

(My pains!! 😪)
By Damilola Faleke M 🌺
Chapter 15
🔵 Fernando’s pov 🔵
“Alicia how dare you” I said as soon as Alicia walked into the house…
” What are you talking about big brother” she said coming closer to me…
“You Know what am talking about” I said angrily and she sighed
” Am serious brother I don’t know exactly what your talking about” she said faking innocence
” Alicia,my duty is to take care of you and care for you considering the fact we lost our parents, I made you stay back in Mexico, cause I discover that this California is no place for you, you would only get yourself into trouble. Yet you still refuse to adhere to my sayings and forcefully came back here, I still didn’t complain, but now Alicia, you’ve crossed the line” I said fuming in anger
” Swears, I really don’t know what you’re talking about or driving at Fernando, but you’re really getting me scared” she said
” Stop pretending Alicia, I should even be the one scared of you, are you working with Mr Trevor secretly for revenge or not?” I asked and her countenance changed immediately
” I…I … What are you even talking about?” She asked in discomfort
” Alicia don’t play dumb with me” I said
” Fine brother, am working with Mr Trevor to help Mr Trevor” she replied and I scoffed
” Are you that stupid, why would you want to do that, Mr Davidson didn’t do anything to you” I said in anger
” What do you even take me for Fernando, of course I got my reasons, all I want to do is to get my Tristan back” she said and I chuckled
” You know what Alicia, I just figured our you’re totally out of your senses, am sure you know Mr Trevor is a criminal, I told you cause you are my sister and you went behind of me to work with him, knowing vividly of his shady business” I said
” Well, I don’t know” she said backing me folding her hands
I walked to her and turned her to me…
“Alicia, you’re the only one I have, my only family. And I would do everything in my power to make sure you’re safe, please Alicia, reason with me” I said calmly
” Look brother, I won’t get hurt, I only want to get Tristan back why don’t you understand me” she said inhibiting the anger in me
” What’s your problem, you don’t even love him, you’re only being selfish”I said in anger
“am not, I prefer being with Mr Trevor, than staying here with you” she said walking away
” You mean the man that killed our parents” I said and she halted facing me
” What are you talking about?” She asked and I kept silent
“You don’t even Know what you’re saying” she said eying me
” You’re working with a cold blooded criminal,a murderer,and he must pay for his deeds ” I said
” Fernando you’re only being stupid, Mr Trevor didn’t kill our parents, all these won’t bring mum and Dad back to life, stop being a fool” she said getting me really angry and unknowingly I hit her across the face and she screamed out loud ..
“Gosh!! Am sorry Alicia I didn’t mean to” I said filled with remorse she didn’t answer me she only walked hastily to her room and the next minute, she was coming out with her luggage….
“Alicia please am sorry” I said at the verge of tears
“Go to hell with your stupid apologies, am leaving this house, am going far away from you,don’t ever come looking for me” she said angrily
” Alicia please don’t do this to me, am sorry” I said and she angrily walked out without answering me
I angrily pushed the table to the floor and it crashed broken….
Mr Trevor has crossed the line, first he took my parents life and now he wants to take my sister away from me……. Never!!
Weeks later ❣️❣️
At the NBI office 📍📍📍📍
👔 Archie’s pov 👔
“Mr Archie, I appreciate your efforts to find out the criminals behind the trafficking of drugs around us, and I must admit you’re doing a great job” the head of the investigation said to me, I was standing in front of him in his office with an unknown guy
“Always at your service sir” I replied
” This young man here seems to be so skilled and can help us track down the criminal due to his knowledge on computer, I’ve tested him and have seen how capable he is, that’s why I want him to work with you as your Assistant on this case, his name is Fernando, be nice and warm to him” he said and I nodded with a smile and relief….
Finally someone has come to assist me, to make it more great,an expert in computer …
Whoever is involved in that drug transaction, you may seem and act so wise, but am sorry, your downfall is very near…..
❣️ Tristan’s pov ❣️
“You sent for me dad” I said sitting on the couch in his office..
He stood up and walked to me
“Son I’ll just go straight to the point” he said and I nodded
” This is the best time to strike Mr Davidson due to that large contract you won, this would be the best time to make sure Tiana signs the company to you. And we can start proceeding with the divorce process like you’ve wanted” dad said and I stared at him with an unknown anger
“How many times dad, would I tell you am not involving myself in your stupid revenge” I said
” Tristan this is for your mum, your mother” he said with all seriousness
” Dad, am sure where ever mum is now, she wouldn’t be happy about this” I said….
“Common be a man and act like my son” he said
“Dad,I can’t work with you, I Know you’re hiding something from me, and I really don’t care to know, all I want you to know, is that am never gonna be involved in whatever evil you invite me to” I said and he scoffed
” You’re not the dad I once knew Dad, you’ve changed a lot, and an starting to hate this present you, I wish my dad of 10 years ago can come back to me” I said sadly preparing to walk out
” You’re can go ahead to disown, just know am not executing your evil plan with you” I said walking out……
🍬 Samantha’s pov 🍬
” I guess you must be really happy about it now, right” I said
“Of course, at least the burden is lifted from a little, that guy is really good, where would I have started, at least with him today we were able to gather information about their last opereation. See Samantha, things are moving really forward” he said happily and I smiled also happy…..
“That’s great, I actually told you not to loose hope, didn’t I?” I said and he nodded with a smile.
” Uhmm , Samantha how can I see Tiana?” He asked and my mood drop immediately
“it’s easy, you’ll call her” I replied sadly
” You know what? Since her marriage was forced, and she’s not happy in it, I think I can come in”he said and I stared at him weirdly
” What do you mean?” I asked
“I mean I think am developing feelings for her, you know, she’s nice, beautiful and every other cool stuff, and I know she wouldn’t mind” he said and my heart ached , I really don’t know why………………….
“Wow that’s great” I said trying to fake out a smile
🌸🌼 FORCED 💔💝
(My pains!! 😪)
By Damilola Faleke M💝
Chapter 16
🔥 Mr Trevor’s pov 🔥
“Sir, since Tristan decided to back out of your plans, why don’t we our selves force Tiana to sign the company away” Alicia suggested, I was pacing around the office worried, I really don’t want my son to hate me, but it seems that’s what happening now and that wouldn’t stop me from executing my plan. Executing this plan wouldn’t only make me have revenge on Israel it would also give me the fake and liquidity he has, and he would go back to the streets, every member of his family……
“Sir??” Alicia called
“You got a point there, but I want it done willingly by his daughter to Tristan. It won’t arouse suspicion, and again there would be conflict between father and daughter. I want disunity in their family, they have to feel more pain than I felt” I said and she stared at me weirdly
” But sir it can’t be possible since Tristan doesn’t want to get involved, how are you even sure that isn’t that girl turning the mind of your son away from you” she said
” You’re making sense Alicia, I wouldn’t want my son falling foolishly for that girl in his house, I think you have to come in here Alicia” I said and she moved closer to me….
” You’ve always got the charm of winning my son’s heart, because of you he became a player what I never thought he’ll do. To show that you can convince him on this. You just go to him, and show him how sorry you are, cry if possible, i bet he’ll forgive you, he always does” I said
” How am I sure he’s gonna even accept me in his house, the last time I went there, he almost called the security at me, he might do worst” she said
” I thought you said you want him back?, If you sit here and keep worrying about the security, he definitely won’t come to you, show him your desperation to get him back, you know how he loved you back then, he would surely believe you. And since you said you love him, this shouldn’t be hard for you” I said but the look on her face really looks suspicious.
“You got a point” she said standing up
“Why are you lodging in a hotel when my house is empty” I said in a flirty tune and she stared at me surprised
” Uhmm… Am comfortable there” she said walking out immediately
Hahaha, slut!!
Gold digger
I might be irresponsible but my son won’t marry that kind of lady
🍎 Tristan’s pov 🍎
I was walking down the stairs to leave for work when I saw Tiana sitting on the last stair with her hands on her chin, she looked really sad…..
I walked to her and sat beside her yet she still didn’t notice my presence….
“Tiana” I called in a low voice she shook before looking at me wiping the tears in her eyes, what’s wrong with her
“Are you crying?” I asked surprised
“No am not” she said still trying to wipe off the tears in her eyes
“Are you okay?” I asked but she looked away from me
“You can talk to me Tiana?” And she looked at me, she really looks pretty and innocent, is this who dad wants me to play her feelings for a dumb revenge? I would never do anything to hurt her feelings, I would be a fool for doing that.
I’ve even forgotten am married to her, she’s more like a friend to me, and I like her that way.
“It’s nothing, don’t bother” she said wanting to stand up but I held her down
” You can’t lie to me, let it out to free yourself, you told me that, remember?” I said and she nodded
” Now Tiana, talk to me” I said
“It’s just that my dad doesn’t care about me,ever since I got to this house, get hasn’t asked for me a day. I don’t know what I did to him, am in this marriage because of him. Well I know I’ve never felt loved from the beginning, but this is worst, I feel like I don’t have a father anymore” she said in tears and I used my hands to wipe it off
“You shouldn’t cry over that, no parents wouldn’t love their child, your dad loves you, you’ll see that one day” I said and she sighed…
” Don’t spoil your pretty face, be happy like you’ve been lately, now I want to see that smile” I said and she smiled and brought her head to my shoulder, although I knew her smile was fake, but at least she smiled. ..
She really does not deserve this treatment from anyone, she may behave or act strong like our first encounter, but she really had a rough childhood and isn’t as strong as she show, and am ready to Change that, am ready to see a genuine smile lite up her face. Tiana am here for you ………..
🧢 Fernando’s pov 🧢
This is a world of sorrow and unhappiness, I lost my parents to a heartless man, and now my sister, the only family I have left is being deceived by the same man.
I’m being pulled down and challenged by Mr Trevor, and he must not go unpunished of his evil ways…..
My greatest fear is to see Alicia get involved with that man useless business or get in trouble when the NBI find them out, because right now I’m working for the NBI to bring down Mr Trevor, If I can’t do it myself the law would help me. Although they know not my reasons, but my reasons are in my heart..
Wonder how I found out the person behind my parents death??
Well my suspicion were real….
My dad worked for Mr Trevor,15 years ago. Until suddenly my dad quit the job for reasons I don’t know till now, and 3 days later, they murdered my parents in cold blood.
It pains me to know it was all Mr Trevor’s doing, the man I trusted and relied on after my parents death. He even has the guts to employ me and ask about my parents??
I can never forget the word I overheard from Mr Trevor
“Do this work clean, the way you did Mr Smith’s”
He was clearly talking about my father’s death…..
That man is a life taker, and doesn’t deserve to be alive…..
I can’t wait for the day he would be convicted for drug trafficking and murder, than would be my greatest joy alive
But first I would have to save Alicia from him before she gets into trouble….
For the wicked never go unpunished………….


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