Flower Girl – episode 6

Flower Girl – Episode 6
© Samuel Oyebamiji
Peggy’s POV ( the leader of the X girls)
I woke up very early in the morning, I tried to open my dizzy eye, I was still feeling sleepy , but I must prepare for school, I pu-llled off the duvet from my b©dy and pushed my legs down the be-d as I sat on the be-d
I twisted my n£¢k and stretched my b©dy .
I stood up and checked my undressed self in the mirror, I still look beautiful even though I had not yet bathed nor dress up
My two sisters , Erlone and Peggy would definitely be slee-ping by now , I still didn’t know why they would be expecting me to come and wake them every morning
“lazy people” I thought as I went to the bathroom to have my bath, I ra-pped the towel around me after I had finished bathing and went to Stephanie’s room , I twisted the knob and I saw her still slee-ping
“ are you sure you going to school today ?” I said and moved closer to her
She reluctantly opened her eye and turned away from me
“ are you sure you going to school , slee-ping Stephanie?” I asked
“ I’m not slee-ping Stephanie “ she said and turned half way towards me
“ whatever, go and get dressed” I said and walked away
“ thank you “ I heard Stephanie say and I could perceive that she was trying to stand from the be-d
Erlone’s room was right behind her room
I got to the entrance of Erlone’s room and twisted the knob, the door gave way and I saw her alre-ady dressed
“ sister , thanks , I’m done dressing “ she said as she twisted her b©dy at me and smiled
“you can not come and be waking me up every morning, I woke up by myself today , thanks Peggy “ she said and smiled
I was staring at her in surprise, I couldn’t believe any of my sisters could wake up early by themselves
Erlone walked towards me and gave me a hvg
“ I love you Peggy “ she said and pe-cked me
“ I love you too “
We dis£ngaged from the hvg after some seconds and I went away from her to my room
“ I sincerely love my sisters ,, we were not born of the same mother nor father , we met ourselves when we were in our first grade at school
There was a movie showing at the cinema then, there is the place in the cinema that commoners people pay to get the ticket to watch movie , but there is a reserved place at the cinema that is meant for the rich
Fortunately, we were only seven that c@m£ to the reserved cinema
Four boys , who are now the flower boys , Dalton , their leader, Jan , Jack and Gus
And three girls , I, Erlone and Stephanie
Stephanie is a little bit short and plumpy but she is still beautiful
The movie made us interact as though we had known each other for long
We bec@m£ friends from then
I had beiing searching for a way not to mix with commoners and now I’m able to find rich friends who were in my category , we bec@m£ friend from there and we went to a chicken restaurant together after the movie .
We were all living in our fathers house until we demanded fom our father that we want to live with one another , and they agreed ,we are living in one of the most beautiful house in Washington DC
I dressed up and went to the living room , my sisters are alre-ady dressed
“ shall we?” I asked and signalled for them to move outside the house
They obliged and I followed behind
We walked majestically to the car with our beautiful school uniform
“ you welcome ma” Carl greeted and bowed
Carl is our driver , very handsome and well built
“ how are you doing Carl ?” I asked as I watched my sisters stepped inside the car
“ I’m fiine ma, he said and went straight to the drivers sit
He had being standing by the door of the owners sit standing behind the car’s door he opened for us to enter
I stepped inside the car and the door closed by itself after he had pressed a bu-tton at the drivers sit
He drove us gracefully to the school
We stepped down from the car like queens
“ Carl, take good care of yourself , catch us up later “ I said while looking at Carl
“ sure ma” he said and drove away
Whenever we get to school , the first thing we do is to go to the school’s restaurant to eat , we don’t cook at home , we do not know how to cook and we do not employ a cook, we thought the cook that we may employ may be an enemy and destroy the blessed relationsh!pbetween my sisters and I
We went to the school,’s resturant, but we wouldn’t stay at the coommoner’s sit , we went to the exclusive VIP section of the school and sat , we ordered for food and we brou-ght out our phone to check the school’s blog .
That shoould be every responsible student’s duty , It’s a site where we got to re-ad the recent news and activities in the school
“have you guuys seen what happened to Jan?” Stephanie , the shortest and plumpy amidst us asked
“ Which Jan?” Erlone asked as she raised her head from the phone she was pressing and looked at Stephanie
“ same Jan of course , one of the flower boys “ Stephanie said
“ oh my ! what is wrong with him ?” Erlone asked
“ It was said that he fainted and loosed consiciousness on his way to clas-s after he left the school panel he was requested to face yesterday “ Stephanie replied
“ where is Jan now ?” Erlone asked
“ well , according to what I re-ad here , he had being taken to the hospital ?” Stephanie said
“ is he well now ? “ Erlone asked
“ How am I suppose to know sister ?, It was not written there “ Stephanie replied
“ well, let us visit him after we must have closed in school “ I said and waited for their reply
“ sure “ Stephanie replied and tucked his phone
The food we ordered for had being brou-ght but were too lost in our conversation that we do not realize it
We all brou-ght out the cutleries and ate till we were satisfied
We walked towards the clas-s
“ sister ,, that b**** is coming towards here“ Erlone said as we saw the rude b**** that called herself Miranda approaching us
“ let’s leave her , she is just a frustrated commoner , let her be “ I said and we walked pas-sed by
“ you guys aren’t gonna greet me “ Miranda said as we walked pas-s her
“sorry , I mean, I apologize for what happened the other day “ Miranda said
I and my sister turned at once and stared at her
On a norms , I would have sl@pped her or do something crazy to her , but something around her that I can not explain seems to calm me
The anger inside of me was not rising
“ young lady ,what did you want ?” I asked her softly
“ nothing , I just wanna apologize” Miranda said
“ really? anyways , apology accepted” I said and we turned to leave
“ and …” she said suddenly and that made us turn to her again
“ and what dear” I said and smiled
“ did you just call me dear “ she asked and raised her brow
“ we are having a clas-s soon , what else do you wanna say “ I asked
“ did you guys really have conscience ?”
“ oh my ! are you ?” Stephanie tried to say and move closer to her
“ no , leave her , let her be “ I interrupted Stephanie
“ sister , I..” Stephanie tried to talk and react but I interrupted
“ I said let her be “ I said and face Stephanie with a strong face
She calmed down when she saw that I meant what I was saying
“I’m listening dear” I said and faced Miranda
“oh! You sisters wanna hit me ?” Miranda asked
I stared at her and I was wondering who the hell this fearless girl is
“ oh ! I’m sorry .. I mean .. what am I even saying .. okay okay , why did you guys bully people, you are not gods, you are just privilege to be born to a welathy family, so what the hell is your problem ? you did not even work for the money you are enjoying , you are gonna die like any commoner that you had treated bad ,are you gonna continue living your life like this ? Miranda said
Her words pierced my heart like a knife , but I was stilll not angry , I was very pained by her words , I felt like my heart was ripping off ,I knew my sister will be wondering on what the hell had calm me down
“ thanks for the advise ,are you done?” I finally tried to say after I had successfully put my emotions un-der control
“no, I’m not “ Miranda replied
“ what else do you wanna say ?“I asked
“ is it a crime for a commoner and the rich too be friend ?” Miranda asked
“ No “ I said softly
These girl is really lucky , she even has the gut to stand in front of us , not only that ,she is also hurling insult on us “ I just didn’t know what is it that is calming me down
“ let us break the bridges between the rich and the poor “ Miranda said
“ did you have an hammer ?” Stephanie said rudely to her
“ Stephanie , I said you should keep mute “ I said and faced Stephanie who was obviously furious
Erlone was just looking at my face watching me , she is probably trying to decipher what the hell has gone wrong with me, she knows the character I am exhib!tt!g at that moment is not mine
“ okay, Miranda , how do you intend planning to break the bridge that has separated the rich and the poor , is there anyway I could help ?” I asked facing Miranda
“ sure , I wanna be your friend “ she said and win-ked
My sisters and I bur-sted into laughter at the same time
We turned from her and walked away
“ why ? am I smelling ? what is wrong ? why are you laughing ? I wanna be your friend ,” she said shouting as we walked far away form her
“ proud people “ she shouted after us but we ignored and went to our clas-s
We got to the clas-s and sat down , we were still trying to recover from the dumbest request of Miranda
“ sister , there is another news here “ Stephanie said as she stares at the phone with her brow raised
“ what?” I asked
“ we all know Leonard right ?” Stephanie asked and we nodded
“ the news here said he had …
To be continued