Flower Girl – episode 3

Flower Girl – Episode 3
© Samuel Oyebamiji
Miss Beatrice POV continues
“ Miranda ! oh my! but why didn’t you answer Charles when he c@m£ to call you? I asked
“I’m sorry ma’am ,I was dressing then “ Miranda replied
I saw Miranda alre-ady dressed in her high school uniform looking gorgeous
“OH! So, shall we … Are you re-ady ?” I asked her
“yes ma’am “ she replied
“alright , I told you Charles is gonna be driving you right ? “ I told her as we step down the stairs and headed to the living room
“ yes ma’am , she replied while stepping down the stairs gently and adorably like a queen.
We finally got to the living room
“ Oh my ! She is dressed , I thought she was still slee-ping !” Charles said with surprise glaring at the tone of his voice
I smiled
“ My daughter is an ha-rd working lady, she is dressed , Isn’t she looking beautiful ?” I asked Charles who was standing while putting his right hand in his pocket
“Oh! Very fantastic, Miranda, you look so beautiful “ Charles said and smiled
“ Thanks Sir “ Miranda replied
“ Oh! Did you just say sir ? “ Charles asked
Miranda nodded her head and watched Charles surprisingly
“ I’m no sir , call me Charles “ Charles said
“ Charles ,It’s cool “ Miranda replied
“ shall we move now “ I said and turned to Charles
“ Oh ! yessum . “ Charles replied
Charles led the way to the car . He opened the door to the owners sit for Miranda and she stepped inside the car
“ Alright Charles , do drive well” I said
“ Trust me ma’am “ He replied
“ yes , I do” I replied Charles
“ Miranda , He is gonna come pick you after school hour, he is gonna be doing that every time . If you do have an outing with any of your friends , do well by informing Charles, he is always at your service “ I said
“ Thanks ma” Her faint voice sounded from inside the car
I watched as Charles walked to the drivers sit and drove Miranda off to school
I had never thought I would experience this in my life ,seeing my child go to school .
I smiled and walked inside the house with an obvious feeling of happiness
Miranda’s POV
“Life “! I thought
Did I ever know that I could be so dignified like this? If I had accepted the offer by that woman , I would have being a pr©st!tût£by now living a useless life
Indeed, It pays to be good “
And for my new mum, she is the best . I love and cherish her so much
For my father and my pastor that R@p£d me and took my vir-ginity away, I hope Karma judge them accordingly
“ Miranda, are you this silent or you just getting used to the environment ? “ Charles question j£rked me up from my de-ep thought
“ Is it professional to talk while driving ? what if you loose concentration ? remember mum told you to drive professionally ?” I said sarcastically
“ You funny , am I dumb or something ? I cant talk just because I’m driving ? “Charles said and grinned
“ did you smoke this morning ? “ I asked
“ why asking “
“ since you start talking , everywhere smells of smoke “
“ ha ha ha … Charles laughed out loud “
“ Miranda?”
“ yes , why calling my name with your dirty mouth “ I replied
“ did you bath at all?” Charles asked me sarcastically
“ bath, why asking ?”
“ well, everywhere stinks “ he replied
“ what ! you mean I stink?” I asked
“ yes Miranda , as a matter of fact , the odour from your mouth is killing me right here “ he replied
I started crying out loud for him to hear , folding my hands across my che-st and shaking my b©dy like a baby waiting to be petted
“ I will report to mum when we get home “ I said while crying
“ Oh ! You did yours and you were enjoying it , I did mine too, why would you cry ? an yes , I’m also reporting to dad since you chose to report to mom “ Charles said and plunge his ton-gue out
I could see his ton-gue throu-gh the front mirror
I positioned my face at the center of the mirror so he could see me, yeah! I’m glad he did see me
I kept on crying
“ Miranda , sorry, I’m sorry “ he said and laughed
Laughter formed on my face too and I used my hand to brush his hair
He laughed and tried not to loose concentration as he drives
“ Miranda , my hair is combe-d , you wanna make it rou-gh ?” he asked me and smiled
“ Oh! Can you see yourself at all , It is rou-gh alre-ady “ I replied Charles
“ n@ûghty girl “ Charles replied and shook his head
He was obviously enjoying my naughtiness.
We got go the school and he drove straight to the school garage
“ yeah, here we are. This is your new school “ Charles said and relaxed at the drivers sit
“ Did you have to tell me its my new school? I thought it was my old school ? would you come and open this door for me now “ I said while bringing out the school map from my bag
He stepped down from the drivers sit and c@m£ to the side of the car I was sitting and opened the door for me to step out
I stepped out of the car and stared around the school
“ what a glorious school “ I muttered
I saw students pas-sing by , a lot of students moving around for one thing or the other , I guess its because today is the first day of resumption
“Miranda , can I start going ? I’m gonna come pick you up later ” Charles said and was about turning to leave
“ No , wait , stay here with me , follow me to the clas-s and sit beside me because you are also registered to the school” I said sarcastically and plunged my ton-gue out
“ see you , when I start my own , you gonna start crying “ Charles said and was turned to the car
“ See! a snake!” Charles shouted
“ A what!” I jumped off , running around the car looking for the snake , I was p@n-ting heavily , I quic-kly went to where Charles stood and held his cloth from behind using him for guidance
But to my surprise , Charles laughed and shook his head
” It’s just a prank “ he said and walked towards the car and stepped in
“ I just did mine “ he said and started off the car, he win-ked at me and drove off
“ I held my hand to my che-st , the prank looks real and scary, It,s gonna be fun living with Charles “ I thought as I tried finding my way to my clas-s
I really do not know how to trace the school map to get to know where my clas-s, I was just trying my best but I knew inside of me that I was not getting it
I saw three beautiful girls pas-sing by , they were so adorable
I decided to ask them if they can help me
I walked fast and caught up with them
“ hey ! “ I called out
The three girls turned and looked at me at the same time
“ you are so rude , we have names” one of the girl said
“My name is Stephanie “
“And mine is Erlone “
“And I’m Peggy “
They told me in different styles
I was just staring at them ,wondering what the introduction was for
“ well , nice to meet you all, I’m trying to find my way to the clas-s, I ain’t getting this map , can you help me ?” I asked
They all laughed and looked at one another with a wi-de grin as if there was some sort of s*** around me
“ you b**** , we are the h0ttest and riche-st girll here , aren’t you suppose to know ?” Peggy said . She seems to be the prettiest among them
“really ? well, I’m new here , what would change now that I know ?” I asked stretching out my two palms half way
“ seriously ?” Erlone asked
“ I think we nee-d to teach this b**** a lesson so she can know how to respect us “ Stephanie said
“ yeah sure “ Erlone said
Peggy moved closer to me and bend a little to look at my face , she placed her hand on my hair and started manhandling it , I tried to free her hand but her two friends helped her by holding my two hands and watching her m©l£sting me
“ what has the innocent girl done to you “ a voice sounded from the stairs
She quic-kly re-moved her hand and ran towards the direction of the voice
“ It’s the flower boys!” Erlone said enthusiastically
I tried to arrange my hair but it was rou-gh alre-ady , I turned to see the flower boys and I saw the four young and h0t guys
“ are they also student ?” I asked myself
I watched as many students rushed to them to honour them as though they were seeing a celebrity
I girl almost pas-s me but I called her
“hey “ I called out to the lady who was running to also meet the flower boys
“ hi girl “ she replied
“ I’m Miranda , plea-se what is happening here , who are those guys that students are rushing to meet ?” I asked
“ oh ! you are new here , I see, well, they are flower boys “
“ flower boys “ I repeated after her
“ yes , flower boys , they are the h0ttest guys on campus “
“ that is Jan” She said pointing to the guy at the left , He is the son of the special adviser to the president , He is very cool and gentle , he is an introvert, he does not talk much , but we once heard that he R@p£d a Lady ,,we did not know if that is true or not
“ that one is jack” she said pointing to the guy beside Jan, he is very handsome and he is a model ,His father works at the s£nate too, according to rumours , his father helped the president win the presidential elections . so far so good , I had not hear anything bad about him , but I think he is outspoken and he jokes with students unlike the rest
“ Common , you see that big headed one staying at the right side, his name is Gus, even throu-gh he is handsome , he is very wicked and proud , we heard that some as-sas-sins killed his father and mother in cold blood in one single night and since then ,, he had being wanting to take revenge ,he gets angry easily and bully students , he hates life and hates himself
“ And this is their leader, His name is Dalton , oh ! he is everyone’s crush , his smile can drive a sad woman to happiness, his gentle t©uçh can create an everlasting feeling of love in someone, I just wish I can be his girlfriend” The lady said conclusively and looked at my face to see if there is any other question I’m willing to ask
“ you just say girlfriend ? do they have any” I asked the girl
“ Twenty one students got expelled last term because the school management found out they were d@t!ng. you d@t!ng, you gone” she said
“ you mean, d@t!ng, boy friend and girl friend is not permitted “ I asked
“ Its forbidden my dear” she replied and walked away from me
I lowered my head and a lot of thoughts started running throu-gh my mind
“young girl, what did you do to to X girls?” a voice j£rked me up from my thought
I looked up and saw the guy I was told was to be their leader
“ who are the X girls ?’” I replied courageously
I could here rumours that is capable of creating fear in me, amidst the students pres£nt
“ The X girls are the girls that dominate this school ? they are the h0ttest here “ A guy answered the question from the crowd of student that gathered around watching
“ I see, but I do not give a **** about anyone , I c@m£ to school to learn ,I met them and asked for their help , I didn’t know the way to my clas-s, only for them to start m©l£sting me ” I said with a tone of anger
“ whats your name ?” Dalton asked while the other three boys that were beside him watched
“ what do you want with my name “ I replied
“ she is rude , let us punish him , she has no Iota of respect , first, It was the X girls, now the flower boys “ a voice sounded from the crowd
I looked around to see who it was
But I couldn’t
The crowds started throwing eggs, plates , spoons at me , I used my hand to guide my face and I could see the Flower boys smiling at the punishment I was receiving from the crowd
“ Let her learn her lesson “ another voice sounded from the crowd of students
“ leave her , st©p it , st©p it “ a strange guy stepped out from the crowd
“ who are you ?”Gus asked angrily
“ I’m Leonard “ He replied
“you wanna die , why helping her ? Gus asked again
“ I’m re-ady for anything, just leave her “
“ **** em b**** , **** em b**** “ the crowd started singing and mocking Leonard and I
They started throwing the garbages at us again , Leonard held my hand and helped me to run out of the crowd
My uniforms had being dirty and it was even stinking, he took me to the school shop and bought a new uniform for me
He held me at the wrist of my right arms and we went to a pri-vate place together. He covered his face and looked behind while I changed my school uniform
After I was done , I tapped him and he looked back
“who are you ? “ I asked
“ I’m Leonard “ he replied
“ I see, tell me more bout you? Why did you help me ?”
“because a beautiful lady like you should not suffer from our bullies “ he said
“ bullies you say !” I exclaimed
“ yeah , The X girls and thee flower boys are the riche-st and h0ttest students on campus ,, they are sons and daughters of prominent citizens in the country . You are a new student right ?” he asked
“ yeah, just resumed today “ I replied
“ but you gonna have the X girls and the flower boys to contend with “ he said
“ why?” I asked
“ you just stepped on their toes , no one does that and go scot free” he replied
“ you knew this and you still helped me “ I said
“ yeah , I love to help “ he replied
“ I like you” I said
“me too , he replied “
“ can I show you the way to your clas-s now? “ he asked
“ oh yeah , sure “ I said and handed over the map to him
“ He stared at it for a while and observed it diligently
“ follow me “ he said
I oblige and followed behind as he led the way to my clas-s
He pointed to where the clas-s is to me and bade me good bye
“ Thanks Leonard” I said with an absolute s-en-se of appreciation
“ you welcome , won’t you mind If I come by and check you after clas-s” He said almost turning to leave
“ No, I would be glad” I replied
He nodded his head and smiled
I walked inside the clas-s, Its obvious that everyone was a new student , no one was talking to each other , I find a sit for myself and sat , I dropped my bag down and brou-ght out my note pad
But I started hearing sounds coming from the northern side of the school
I listened very well, and I could here the same song
“ **** em b**** , **** em b**** “
I remembered that I saw Leonard going to the northern side of the school after he dep@rted from me
I hurriedly went out
I stared from the second floor of the school building that I was and searched with my eye ba-lls running around my eyes to see what was happening
What ! I exclaimed
To be continued