Flower Girl – episode 11

Flower Girl – Episode 11
© Samuel Oyebamiji
Miranda’s POV
“Peggy, Peggy,” I called but she was not responding. I stood up from her and I arched my brow when it occurred to me that I must have killed someone.
I think of how I’m gonna spend the rest of my life in jail for murdering my friend
I walked to the exit, I held the door’s knob, I turned my head to see Peggy lying still. My heart beat increa-sed.
I was confused, I do not know if I should go outside or do some stuffs like recu-peration
I do not know how to do recu-peration, I also think of pressing her heart, maybe she can recover, hundreds of ideas were coming to my head but I was scared to carry out any
“Miranda, you sl@pped me” Peggy’s voice sounded gently
I moved closer to where she was and squ-atted behind the be-d
“I’m sorry , Peggy, you f0rç£d me to do what is against my will” I said pleadingly
“I had to pretend as if I’m dead, your thin hand can not have any effect on my cheek, Peggy said and sat upright on the be-d
Peggy dropped her leg off the be-d and stood up, she went to the exit , held the door’s knob and turned her head. she sm-irked at me and walked out.
I was standing standing fretfully. I do not know the next action Peggy is gonna take.
” I better start going back to my mum’s house” I thought and went towards the cu-pboard . I’m happy that Peggy did not die.
I packed all my clothes.
I sunk on the be-d and sle-pt off
I woke up early in the morning, I bathed and dressed.
I carried my luggage and went out of my room to the sitting room
I met the X girls sitting and watching a movie at the sitting room
I was expecting them to say something, but they kept their gaze at the TV and pretended as though they did not see me.
I walked outside and took a cab to my mum’s house
Charles was surprise to see that I c@m£ unexpected
“Why did you come all of a sudden? i thought you are suppose to be visiting us every Sunday” Charles asked
“And is that your business, It’s my mother’s house” I said
“Adopted mother though” Charles said and giggled
I felt like he was mocking me
“well, I think an adopted daughter who has access to all what her adopted mother has is far better than a common driver who spends all his life serving a woman” I said
Charles didn’t respond, he simply bent his head and walked away
I’m happy I gave him a reply he deserves.
I dropped my luggage in the room and dressed for school
“I’m re-ady for school” I said to Charles after I stepped down from my room to the living room
“Alright” He said and walked towards the car, he opened the car’s door for me and I stepped into the car
He went to the drivers sit and drove me to school
Unlike other times when Charles would have brou-ght up a conversation, he was silent all the times we were inside the car.
He drove me to school and I stepped down from the car
Charles and I aren’t cool, I didn’t bother to bade him a goodbye. I walked towards my clas-s
I got to my clas-s and I saw the X girls and my clas-s mates who were standing as if they were expecting me
I kept mute and walked amidst the crowd towards my sit
They all started gyrating
“**** em b**** , **** em b****”
Before I could look back, they had being throwing all sort of Garbage’s at me.
I used my hand to guide my face
Some students poured flowers on me, some poured water on me and all sort of Garbages
There is no one to hep me , after I had being satisfactory mocked , I looked at the X girls who were sm-irking at me, I knew they were the one that mobilize my colleagues against me
I’m stinking, I do not know where to go
I can’t stay in school, It’s really embarras-sing with the way my b©dy is
I walked out of the school compound and was walking pas-s the street
I would have called Charles to come and pick me but we aren’t in good terms
A car suddenly parked beside me, and before I could know what is happening , i found myself in a well furnished room, l@yon the be-d
“What am I doing here” I asked a mistress who was standing by my side
“You welcome ma” the mistress replied
I arced my brow and adjusted my sit
“plea-se answer my question, how do I get here?’ I questioned
” plea-se follow me ma” The mistress said and took a step
I stood up from the be-d an noticed that my cloth had being changed and it was now looking adorable
“Was I bathed? Who bathed me? The person must have seeing my n-kedness” I thought irritatingly and followed the woman
She took me throu-gh the hallway, up stairs and I must say that the house is so beautiful
“Is this a royal house?” i asked the mistress
The mistress sm-irks without turning to look at me
I looked to her face expecting a reply but she kept mute
“Where are we going? Why aren’t you answering my question” I said
“Yeah, we are almost there ma” she said without answering the question
I was led to a very big and beautiful room, everywhere was adorned with flower, beautiful scents radiates the room, the floors were designed with gold, I could see my image on the floor, it was like glas-ses
The chairs are one of a kind. i was observing how exquisite the room was when I heard a masculine voice behind me
I turned my head and saw him
He smiled and moved closer to me
“Dalton!” I called
He giggled
“What’s funny? Did you kidnap me here?” I asked courageously
“I did what was right?” He said and blinked
“Its right to bring me here against my will, huh?” I said
“Miranda, did you know how much I love you? You are this girl that captivates my heart, I want you, I love you” Dalton said
“Is that all, okay, let me start going”
“miranda, what I did maybe wrong, but I did it because of love, I wanted us to have all the time in the world to talk” Dalton said
“Oh really! Okay, can I start going?” I asked
“Tell me you love me” he said
“Dalton, I did not love you” I said bluntly
“But you can try” He said
“It will never work” I replied
“Are you in love with anyone?” He asked
“No” I replied
“Why don’t you give me a chance?” He asked
” who are you?” I asked
“Miranda, I’m rich, brilliant and handsome” he said
“So am I, I’m rich, brilliant and beautiful” I said
“And that makes us a perfect match” He replied
“You are not my match” I said
“Why” he replied
“You betrayed your own brother, Jan, to the principal and the secretary, you are a betrayal and a bad boy” I said
“Yeah, I was, I did it because of you, the love I had for you was driving me crazy, I had apologized to Jan and he had forgiven me ” He said
“Okay” I replied
“Can it work?” He asked
“I want to start going home” I said
Dalton moved closer to me s£dûçt!velyand bowed his head gently in a way that made his head stayed directly opposite mine
I could perceive his breath, I do not know what he is up to
“I think you love me” he said and smiled
I sm-irked and shook my head
“This Dalton did not know that I was born with silver spoon, I had lost my mother, I spent three weeks on the street without shelter, I had experienced the worst, my mother claimed to fall in Love with my father not knowing that my father is a devil, how can a devil’s daughter fall in Love? I do not want the kind of life my mum leave, all men are like my father, they will treat me like my mother If I fall in love with them. To hell with men” I thought and took a step backward from Dalton
The more I remember how my father R@p£d me, the more Dalton irritates me
“Dalton, plea-se let me go home” I said
“Not until u k!ssme” he replied
I sm-irked and looked at him
“Why don’t you r@p£ me instead” I said and he arched his brow
“Miranda, I truly love you, why are you pla-ying ha-rd to get” Dalton said
I got furious with Dalton, I moved closer to him like I wanted to k!sshim, he smiled and set his gaze on my face, I spit at his face
He arched his brow and t©uçhed his face, he felt my spit
“Miranda” he called as he checked the f!nger that he used to t©uçh my spit on his face
“That is the punishment for kidnapping me , I can never love you, plea-se do not waste your time ” I said
I watched as Dalton dashed away angrily
“Fool” I muttered and thought of how I’m gonna leave
“Miranda” A voice called from behind
I looked back and saw the flower boys
I wonder why they did not all go to school today
Jan, Jack and Gus walked towards me
“Miranda, kindly have your sit” Gus said
“Why? I wanna leave ?” i replied
“Without eating something” Jack said
My mind drifted to my stomach and that was when I realized that I was truly hungry
I sat down gently and Jack signaled to the chef standing at the entrance
After few minutes, the food and drink was served
“Is this drinks safe?” I said holding the cu-p
Jack looked at Gus and smiled, he collected the drink from me and sipped everything in
I arched my brow and spoke gently
“I’m sorry”
They all smiled without uttering a word
I poured myself another glas-s of wine and drank
“This is so sweet” I said and took the beef on the glas-s plate
I chew a p@rt of it and it was so delicious
“Oh my! This your cooks are really good in cooking” I said while chewing the meat
They all smiled. Jack and Gus were watching me as I was eating
I wondered why they were watching me
I ate so much more than I could have taken
I started feeling like vomiting
I stood up and covered my mouth
“plea-se show me to way to the toilet” I tried ha-rd to say
Jan stood up at once and held me by the hand to the toilet
We got to the toilet and I vomited , I rinsed my face and used a towel to clean my hand and face
“Sorry” jan said
I looked up at Jan and I saw a handsome face, I felt like hvgging him
I was a bit ti-psy because i drank too much
He c@m£ closer to me and held me by my hand
“Are you okay now?Can we leave now” Jan said
I do not want Jan to leave me, I suddenly rested my b©dy on his shoulder like someone that is loosing consciousness
He was not expecting it, I fell down in the process , while he was trying to do everything possible for me not to fall, his leg sli-pped and he fell on me
His b©dy was laying flat on me and his head was directly opposite mine
His nose was almost tou-ching my nose
Hisl-ips were not far from mine
“Is he about to k!ssme? ” I thought
To be continued