Flower girl – episode 1

Flower Girl – episode 1
© Samuel Oyebamiji
Editor’s Note: This story contains some errors. You’ll find errors in grammar and in the use of tenses. Regardless of that, it is a great story with an interesting storyline.
“Shall we stand up and observe a minute silence for Mrs Sandra, she has being a source of inspiration to many when she was alive, may her gentle soul rest in peace” I watched as the pastor spoke and the church members stood to observe a minute silence for my mum .
I had lost my mum on a very fateful night five days ago , I woke up as usual in the morning ,I went to the bathroom to brush, I rinsed my face and used towel to dry it, I stretched my b©dy and blinked my eyes
I walked out of the bathroom feeling relaxed and happy , I went to the kitchen to greet my mum, that is where she is suppose to be , she wakes up as early as possible to cook for the whole family everyday. I checked her there and I couldn’t find her
“ what could be wrong with my mum” I thought as I c@m£ out of the kitcen
“ I guess she is not feeling fine “ I went iinside her room and saw her still l@yon the be-d “ I moved closer to her and tappped her but she was not responding
“ this is uncommon for my mum” why in the world will she be slee-ping helplessly like this ?” I asked myself
I tapped her again , this time very well , but she was not responding
I tapped her a number of times and made her look at me , I t©uçhed her nostrils to see if she was still breathing ,she had st©pped breathing
I shouted and jumped , I held my hair ti-ght like I would pu-ll it off , tears rolled down my eyes , my father is not a serious man , since he had tried to r@p£ me when I was 6, my mum decided to divorce and she divoorced him so that he would not destroy my life
Just my mum and I , and now the only person I trust and love so much had died , I cried ha-rd and l@ymy head on the dead b©dy’s abd0m£n
I couldn’t call any more person than the pastor of the church we attend , I called him and he c@m£ around
He confirmed that my mum had died and felt so pathetic for me, he advised me to be strong that it is the Lord the give and take
Every words of his couldn’t console me , I lost the dearest person to me
The pastor callled the ambulanmce and it c@m£ after few minutes to carry my mum away
Many church members c@m£ around to symphatize with me , coonsoling me ,encouraging me while I sobbe-d ha-rd ly
I cried for days until it was Sunday and I decided that I must go to church that day
I had beeing in church lost in mind, thinking about the beautiful experiences I had with my mum and If I could ever find someone that I can find solace in .
After a series of programmes , the pastor c@m£ out and told the church member to observe a minute silence for my mum, which they did
I fought tears from comiing from my eyes but it refused , tears gushed down my eyes and my head kept swelling like it would bur-st any time
The Old church folk who was a woman hvgged me with her left arm and petted me , few eyes were on me when they noticed that the lady whose mother had died was sobbing , which was me
Other programmes unfolded in church and after the Sunday service , the pastor was busy attending to some cburch members and everyb©dy was just fixed up , I moved out of the church feeling sorry for myself and went home
I got home and saw my Dad sitting on one of the chairs in the sitting room with his legs crossed, sipping a glas-s of wine ,he looked at me and sm-irked as I entered the house
Dad: Grace , aren’t you happy to see me , why are you frowning your face ?
Grace : Oh really , you are such a wicked father , you tried to r@p£ me so many years ago , you are not even ashamed of yourself , your wife died and still, you had the gut to be laughing mockinly at me , You are not sober , you are even sip;ping wine , Oh my! What kind of a man are you , are you so dumb?
I percived a rush of turnado rush towards me in split second and hvgged my cheeck with a h0t sl@p, my father sl@pped me so ha-rd , I fell to the floor at once
My head st©pped working for a second
“You fool , your mother is not here again , you think you just talk to me anyhow, you were not thought to respect elders” my father said shouting and p@n-ting heavily like he would kill me
I l@yon the floor crying , I was trying to find my way to stand up when he pushed me down r0ûghly with his wicked and stinking hand
“ what was that for?” I thought as I l@yon the floor g@sping for breath , I was so afraid of him
He started unbuckling his belt and l@yon me
I used my legs to push him but It is not having any effect on him , I am a slim girl , He gave me b!ows at s-en-sitive joints in my b©dy , I bec@m£ inactive, I couldn’t use my hand or my leg , the ha-rd b!ow he gave me had made me weak , he pu-ll-ed off his trou-ser and a knock sounded on the door
I was so happy that I would finally escape the saga that is about to happen to me, without any iota of shame , I still l@ydown on the floor and he did not bother putting on back his trouzer , he went to the entrance with his bo-xer to see who the person was, after few seconds , the person entered
I stilll didn’t know who the person was because they were behind me , the visitor c@m£ in front of me so I can have a clear view of him , I saw him , It was my pastor
“pastor , help me “ I muttered silently
Pastor : I wish I can baby , but I’m glad your father had not sle-pt with you, because I would have killled him , I wanted to be the first person to taste of your ****
“ what is going on here “ I thought as I looked at the pastor fretfully
I watched as he un-buckled his belt and pu-ll-ed off his trou-ser, he placed his right hand firmly on my n£¢k like someone that would kill me ,
“If you tell anyone , It simply means you are dead ” he said and pu-ll-ed off my pinafore and pu-ll-ed off my p@n-t , he was not putting on a bo-xer , he just pushed his stinking c0ckinside my ****, tears rolled down my face as he thrû-st his **** inside me continuously
I wished for help but I couldn’t find one, after he had thrû-sts in and out and felt satisfied , he pu-ll-ed his c0ckout and stood up from me
“: wao! That was so sweet , now it’s your turn boy “ he said speaking to my dad
“ you see, your father is one of my many workers , so don’t be surprised “ the pastor said and find a chair for himself to sit , he sat and watched my dad
I saw as my dad un-buckled his belt ,I wish I can fight so ha-rd but I had being rendered useless,he moved closer to me and threw my p@n-t that the pastor had alre-ady pu-ll-ed off away
He thrû-st his **** in gently and sm-irks looking at me to see my facial expression , he thrû-st his c0ckin and out of my **** continuously for what looked like minutes , it went on and on until I lost consciousness , I guess I fainted
I woke up and find myself l@ybeside a bush, I didn’t know where I was , I nee-d to find solace for myself , I bgged a lot of people for weeks to accommod@t£ me but no one was willing to accommod@t£ a stranger , I bec@m£ a beg on the street
A woman c@m£ down from her jeep one of this days that I dressed tattered, standing on the street begging for alms from pas-serby
Woman : Young lady , tell me about yourself
Grace: I’m grace , I was R@p£d and dumped to this place , I did not know how I find myself here
Woman : would you like to work with me
Grace: I would be glad ma
Woman: hop inside the car
I did as she commanded , we got to a beautiful building and with the people strolling up and down n-ked , I knew at once that I was in a brothel, a place for prostitutes
Woman: This is the work I do for a living , you will become a slut and str!p for men every nigh , you will be safe and secure , you will make more money for me and for yourself and live a happy life
“ oh no ! not again , I can’t just give out my b©dy just any how , giving my b©dy to every thorn, thick and array to use, Oh no! I cant “ I’m sorry ma , I have to start going ” I said and faced back wanting to leave
“ young girl, do take your time and think about it , you are perfect for the job” she said and walked away
I shook my head and decided never to be a prostitiute , I had always being a good girl all my life, I walked out of the brothel back into the street
To be continued