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Flabby Patty finale

💔 Flabby Patty 💔
( She’s too fat )
Written by Authoress Yesha 📒📒📒
Episode 21
There was a bright, shining light blinding me. It was too bright for me to keep my eyelids open, but all I could see from far away was a silhouette.
A familiar silhouette. With the way it moved towards me, I knew it was him.
“Dad!” I yelled running to him and into his arms. Was I dead? Or was I dreaming?
I heard him laugh against my ear and in such a long time I hadn’t felt like at home. “My little Patricia.”
My tears soaked his white shirt as I squeezed him as hard as I could. Nothing could pull me away from him anymore.
“Dad I miss you,” I sobbed.
“And I miss you,” he rubbed my back softly. “But I am only here to tell you to make the right choice.”
“About what?” i clutched his sleeve not wanting to let go.
“About yourself Patty.
You must know that the only person who can love you the most is yourself.”
“But why would you tell me this now? ” I pulled away to look at his face. I touched Dad’s cheeks to know if he was really there.
The warmth of skin travelled through my fingers and his smile was so peaceful.
“Because you have been searching for the wrong thing all your life,” he said gently. “They all can’t love you like you can love you.”
“I don’t know what you mean!” I almost screamed but he held me tight, like he used to when I was a kid.
“You will,” he planted a kiss on my forehead and just like that everything went black.
My eyes jerked open and I felt something on my mouth.
It took me a while to realize that I was inside a hospital room with an oxygen mask over my mouth. I couldn’t recall why i was here.
Trying to sit up, a sharp pain travelled through my spine and I let out a moan.
“You’re awake, Thank God!” Hunter’s face appeared over me. Dark circles had formed beneath his eyes like he hadn’t slept in days. “You’re okay Patty.”
Hunter leaned over to kiss my forehead and he entwined his fingers with mine.
I remembered what had happened. Mackenzie had shot my mom. I don’t know why I had passed out.
I pulled off the mask from my face. “Where’s mom?”
Hunter’s face went completely pale and tears welled up in his eyes. “She’s dead.”
“This isnt a time to make jokes Hunter,” I almost choked on my words.
“Mac shot her,” he covered his forehead with his palm. “It was too late till I got there.”
What was I supposed to do? Cry, yell, scream? The only family I had was taken from me too. First dad, now her. My life was fucked up and I had no one with me.
“Patty I am so so sorry,” Hunter cried squeezing my hand. “I should have told you the truth.”
My body felt weak and I didn’t have the strength to utter out any word to him.
“I knew who he was. But he threatened to hurt you and I couldn’t risk that,” his voice cracked as tears fell down his cheeks. “I wanted to protect you from him.”
I scoffed. “No you weren’t. Because if you did, you would have told me the truth. You were only protecting yourself.”
“Patty i..”
I shoved his hand away. “Goodbye Hunter.”

I stood over mum’s grave, right next to Dad’s. Life was so unpredictable and how just one person can fuck it up so easy.
“I am sorry Patty,” Angie placed her hand on my shoulder. “Its really unfortunate.”
“Its okay Angie,” I sighed digging my hands into my coat pockets. “I’ll be fine.”
“I know you will,” she smiled weakly at me. “You’re a strong girl.”
This had been the worst year of high school. I lost my family, my life and I didn’t go to prom. But I knew what I needed to do now.
Angie posted my personal statement to Beaconsfield University and to my shock, I got accepted. It was high time I put my life into my own hands.
Taking a deep breath, I rang his doorbell. I don’t know why I was so nervous.
Hunter opened the door and he stood there looking flawless as usual. “Hey Patty.”
“Hi,” i gulped.
“Come in,” he sighed but I shook my head. He closed the door behind him and walked outside.
“I got into Beaconsfield, Hunter.” I said looking down at me sneakers.
“That’s great,” he didn’t sound to excited about it. “But that’s like in New York.”
“I got a scholarship too.” I added
He let out a low chuckle. “Ofcourse you did.”
“So I just wanted to let you know that I am leaving,” I bit my lower lip.
“I think you made it pretty clear back at the hospital Patricia,” his eyes seemed to go cold.
“Hunter I didn’t mean to hurt you,” I sighed taking his hand into mine. No matter what had happened, I still loved him.
“I have loved you for over half my life Patty,” he whispered. “You don’t have to do this.”
“I love you too Hunter,” I smiled. “But someone once told me that I need to learn to love myself first. So I have to go.”
Without a word, Hunter crashed his lips onto mine. Gently squeezing my body in his strong arms, he kissed me.
My knees started to tremble by the feeling of his soft lips against mine.
I smiled in the back of my mind knowing how he’d always have that effect on me.
“Come inside,” he breathed heavily leading me into his house.
I followed him upstairs to his room.
A part of me knew where this was going, and I wanted it. But another part of me thought maybe this was a bad idea.
“Patty,” Hunter spoke pulling his shirt over his head. “I know you’re leaving but just once, let me make love to you.”
My heart started pounding and for a minute I forgot how to speak.
“I love you Patty,” his eyebrows furrowed and he looked so sad. My heart told me what was right, in that moment, he was the only thing that mattered.
I nodded and wrapped my arms around his neck kissing him. There we were, in his bed, nibbling and kissing, and making love to each other.
All these years and not once had I imagined to do this with Hunter Reyes.
It was like we were always meant to be together. He touched every inch and every curve of my body in a way that his skin electrocuted mine.
There was nothing more in this world that could ever feel so amazing. I gave me to him. I gave my first to him and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

*Seven Years Later*
“I absolutely loved your book!” a girl exclaimed as I signed her copy of Flabby Patty.
My very first novel after I had graduated from University and it had become one of the best selling books in the country.
I don’t know if any one realized it but it was my story.
How I learned to love me and how I learned to not just trust anybody who pretends to love you.
My very first signing in New York and it was a dream come true. I had finally got what I had always wanted.
To be an amazing writer. I had sent a copy of my book to Avery and Angie.
And Hunter? Well, I never saw him again after that night. Nobody had been able to get into my heart after him. But there was still some hope for me.
“That’s an incredible book, Flabby Patty,” another guy said placing the book on the table in front of me.
“Thankyou,” I smiled not looking up.
Opening the front page to sign, my mouth almost dropped open too see the name quickly scribbled on the top right corner.
“My name’s right there so you cannot misspell it,” his voice became so familiar to me and I looked up to see his gorgeous face smirking at me.
Nodding, and being unable to wipe my grin from my face, I signed his copy.
“I’ll see you tonight Patricia,” he winked handing me a tissue. He had scribbled an address on it.
Maybe I didn’t even need to find love anymore.
My life was perfect and because i was happy with how I was, love had come to find me all by itself.
Smiling to myself, I saw him walk away. Then I realized that I will never stop loving him ever, for the rest of my life.
💔 Flabby Patty 💔
( She’s too fat )
Written by Authoress Yesha 📒📒📒
I couldn’t stop smiling as soon as I saw the back of his head and his neck. My heart was beating so fast, just like he made it race all those years ago.
I glanced at the address on the tissue paper and confirmed it was the name of the coffee shop he had scribbled in his messy handwriting.
He didn’t know I could see him waiting through the huge glass windows of the shop as he had his head bent over slightly like he was probably looking through his phone.
Even though I felt exhausted after the book signing and had debated on whether to go or not, my heart did not comply with my brain. I had to see him.
Taking in a huge heap of fresh air, I walked into the shop. A part of me expected him to turn around and see but he didn’t move.
Slowly, I made my way to his table and he still didn’t look up. That was when I noticed his hair had gotten shorter than before and he had grown out a stubble.
His long fingers were moving so carefully over the phone screen in his palms and I started to feel a rush of adrenaline by just looking at him.
I tapped my fingers on his table making him jerk his head up. For a good minute, we stared each other, right through our souls trying to find the distance that was created seven years ago.
Memories came flooding back as I watched him get to his feet slowly.
His beautiful eyes, those eyes I once fell for all those years ago, looked at me with pain and agony and longing.
I smiled but he didn’t return it and instead looked at me intently, his face so intense like he was trying to hold back his tears.
“Patricia..” he whispered softly and his voice made me whimper as a puddle of tears welled up in my eyes.
I reached out my hand to touch his cheek, to make myself believe it was real.
“Its really you, Hunter,” I smiled widely through my tears and he nodded pulling me into his strong, warm embrace. People were watching us, I knew, but I couldn’t care less.
Hunter squeezed my body and I felt him bury his head into the nape of my neck. His familiar scent was nostalgic, reminding me of all things most precious and even the ones I dreaded the most.
“Lets get out of where,” I whispered and he didn’t even to reply for me to know he was dying to go.
He didn’t have a car, so I drove him back to my apartment. The ride was awkward, silent and one that would make you want to crash your car.
“This is cosy,” he commented as I led him into my apartment. It had just one room and a small kitchen attached to the lounge, but it felt like home.
“It is,” I replied setting my keys onto the kitchen counter. “You can hang your jacket there.” I pointed to the rack by the door and he nodded taking off his leather jacket.
My breathing stopped for a second as I watched him. His shoulders were broader than I remembered and his abs were visible through his white t-shirt.
I noticed he saw me watching him and grinned, but his smile didn’t connect with his eyes.
“Would you like something to drink?” I asked ignoring the thoughts I was having and walked to the fridge.
“Just water,” he said politely, following me to the kitchen.
“I have some beer too.”
He shook his head. “I have been sober 2 years now. But I will take a soda if you have any.”
I wasn’t quite sure what he meant by that but nodded anyway. “Here, I have some Dr. Pepper.”
“Thanks.” He took the can and instantly opened it, gulping it down.
“Woah you must have been thirsty,” I joked making him flush.
“Well.. I just..” he struggled with his words setting down the can on the kitchen counter. “Its weird being here.”
I shrugged even though I knew exactly what he meant.
“It took me years, Patricia.”
His face fell suddenly and shoulders slumped. Oh no. “I looked for you everywhere. But I didn’t know where you went. Until, I saw your book being published.”
I looked at him while he looked back, explaining, trying to tell me something.
“You didn’t look back once,” he said taking another huge sip of Dr. Pepper. His voice was shaky and I could tell he was trying to keep himself from crying.
This wasn’t the Hunter I knew from years ago. He had aged, grown and matured. “Not once did you look back.”
“I told you I had to go away, Hunter.”
“I didn’t know for this long, Patty,” he cried.
Patty. Seven years since anyone had called me that, and with that tears were flowing down my cheeks.
“I needed to do this Hunter,” I explained. “I had to be happy alone in order to find happiness with someone else.”
“There is someone else?” his eyes went big as I noticed a tear drop from his eye. “Oh, I am sorry.”
“I shouldn’t have come,” he turned suddenly making his way to the door.
My heart pulled me towards him. I realized then I really did still love him and everything in me was telling me that fate was giving us another chance.
“Wait, Hunter!” I called out going behind him before he could grab his jacket. “There is nobody else.”
His eyes were tired and sad. “I was a mess after you left.”
“I am sorry,” i sighed.
“No,no dont be. I understand more than anyone why you had to leave.” Hunter took my hand and squeezed it between his palms sending sparks fly throughout my body.
“I drowned myself in excessive drinking and all I did was drink and gamble away my pain.
But I knew I had to redeem myself to be worthy of you, if I had to find you.”
I bit my lower lip to try to make my tears stop flowing.
“I got a hold of myself after that,” his thumb rubbed across my cheek wiping my tears.
I leaned into his warm touch and never felt any more whole.
“I am glad you’re here,” I said softly. “There’s so much i have to tell you.”
“Me too!” Hunter replied, pulling me towards him with my arms.
I chuckled and gave him a hug. “Fine, but first let me order some food.”
“Oh so you dont cook?” He raised his eyebrow at me and i shook my head in reply.
“Nah, mate,” I winked making him chuckle this time.
“We can talk later,” his voice went low and hoarse and I exploded into a gazillion stars. “Right..noww… we need a lot of.. catching.. up to do.”
Hunter whispered his words sexily, softly, as his hands gently moved to the collar of my shirt and down unbuttoning it slowly.
He was driving me totally crazy. “H-hunter we literally just saw each other the first time in seven years.
Dont you think this is too fast.”
“Tell me you don’t want me and I will stop, Patty,” Hunter said
genuinely and I knew that I would do anything for this man. He was the guy I had loved, will love and would always love.
I grinned. “I can’t tell you that.”
He knew he had me, and he gave himself to me. Hunter crashed his lips to mine pulling my body close to his, trying to eliminate all those lost years between us.
Flashes of a younger Patty and Hunter emerged in my mind, all that we had been through.
The taste of his hungry kisses was as delicious as I had remembered them to be, like peppermint toothpaste.
Wrapping my arms around his neck, I kissed him like I hadnt kissed anyone ever before.
Yearning for him, for his love. Hunter was back, he was here and after all these years the only thing missing in my life had found itself back to me.
He lifted me up into his strong arms and led me to my bedroom, our lips not parting for a second.
Gently, passionately he lay me down on my bed and slid on top of me.
“Something tell me we will have quite a story to tell our kids someday,” he grinned cheekily looking down at me, his eyes glittering with admiration.
“You’re too fast Hunter,” I chuckled wrapping my legs around him. “You might as well just ask me to marry you.”
“Oh I will babe,” he laughed kissing me again. “Just you wait.”


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