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Flabby Patty episode 7 & 8

💔 Flabby Patty 💔
( She’s too fat )
Written by Authoress Yesha 📒📒📒
Episode 7
“So tell me you love me,” Avery laughed punching my shoulder playfully, the next day at school. She was giggling away excitedly.
“Okay okay,” I laughed. “I love you for setting me up with Mac.”
“I knew you would like him!” she clapped her hands together.
“But how did you know he would like me too?” I frowned and she cleared her throat.
“I might have shown him a picture of you,” Avery bit her lip pretending to be embarrassed.
I gasped. “WHY WOULD YOU?!”
Avery opened her mouth to answer when my cell phone beeped. I took it out of my pocket and there flashed a text from Mac.
Turn around x
I turned around to s
ee Mackenzie standing across the hall way, looking as flawless as ever in his blue varsity jacket.
He grinned perfectly as we walked towards me and I couldn’t help but smile back.
“Hey girls,” he said patting my shoulder. I felt my sides explode and my face turning hot.
“Welcome to Greenwich High!” Avery exclaimed and then winked at me. I glared at her and she let out a chuckle.
Mac poked my cheek making me look at him. “You know you’ve promised me a tour.”
“Sure,” I mumbled looking down at my dirty converse.
“Oh well,” Avery suddenly spoke. “I better go look for Hunter. See you guys later.” She gave me a hug and then trotted away.
“So,” I shrugged biting my lip, trying too hard not to show my smile. “What do you want to see?”
I watched Mac munch on his sandwich at lunch. The way sauce dripped down his lips, looked so tasty. He was a messy eater and trust me, it was a sexy sight watching him eat.
“Do I look hideous?” He mumbled with his mouth full and i shook my head, laughing softly to myself.
I hadn’t even noticed but all the girls in the cafeteria were staring towards us. Their big, mean eyes piercing through us. They were staring at Mac, wondering how did such a gorgeous guy end up eating lunch with the Flabby Patty. I felt a huge lump form in my throat.
“Are you allright?” Mac said wiping off the sauce with a tissue. His eyes were full of concern. “You look tensed.”
“N-no,” I stuttered playing with my frizzy hair. “Just feeling a little tired.”
His hand reached out and pulled on my hair, and his face was suddenly so close to mine. I could smell his mustard breath. “Did you get tired of showing me around?”
My face must have been as red as a tomato and my heart was banging hard against my chest, wanting a way out. “Your breath stinks.”
Mac quickly moved his face away from me and put his hand over his mouth. I let out a laugh.
“Thanks,” Mac frowned. “Really helping with my self esteem.”
I laughed harder at how cute he looked when he frowned. This was turning out to be a good day.
“It’s true,” I said and he laughed too shaking his head.
“I like how you say whatever’s on your mind,” his eyes sparkled as he looked at me.
Those flawless dimples formed across his cheeks and I couldn’t resist the urge to touch them so i reached out my hand to his cheek, stroking his dimple with my thumb.
Mac stiffened with my touch and his cheeks turned a light pink. “What are you doing?”
I pulled my hand back abruptly. “Oh.. I was.. just.. I just think your dimples are extremely adorable so I just…”
“Relax Patty,” his hand touched my shoulder gently. “You can touch my face whenever you want.”
“Freak,” I said frowning and looking away, causing him to chuckle.
He folded his arms over the table and placed his head on it, with his face towards me. “I want to take you out.”
I was getting so nervous that i could barely breath and felt like I was choking on air. “When?”
“Friday,” his eyes twinkled with excitement. “Just an old school date. Netflix and chill.”
I burst out laughing. “And chill?”
He flushed. “I didn’t mean that kind of chilll. I meant like watching some cool movie or something and you just…”
“Relax Mac,” I winked at him and regretting it as soon as I did. “I am just messing with you.”
Mac had dropped me back home in his car and he freaking held my hand throughout the whole ride. My palms were sweating but he still didn’t let go, instead squeezed it harder.
Grinning to myself, I plopped down onto my bed. He made me so happy, making me float above the heavens. The way he looked at me, nobody had in such a long time.
It was time for me to check my Facebook and I must admit, I usually did that to check for any messages from Hunter. I don’t know why, but I just did. And yes, there was a message from him.
Hunter Reyes: So you’ve found someone else to consider your feelings.
I rolled my eyes at his stupid message. He was probably just upset he couldn’t bully me anymore.
Patricia Smith: I did ๐Ÿ™‚
A reply quickly popped up on my screen. He was online 24/7, this guy had no life.
Hunter Reyes: Avery told me you were really happy
Patricia Smith: Not were, am. I am really happy.
Hunter Reyes: Good for you
Patricia Smith: what the hell is your problem?
Hunter Reyes: You are my problem. Now i can’t pick on you ๐Ÿ™
Aha! I knew it.
Patricia Smith: Tome to find a new Flabby Patty
Hunter Reyes: Nah i am afraid that’ll always be you ๐Ÿ˜‰
Patricia Smith: And you’ll always be an asshole
Hunter Reyes: & proud to be. Atleast I don’t pretend to be nice like Mac
My heart beat stopped and I wanted to reach out through my screen and stab Hunter in between his eyes repeatedly with a pencil.
Patricia Smith : sounds like someone’s jealous haha
Hunter Reyes: of what?
Patricia Smith: that you’re no longer the cutest guy in school and now you may no longer get everything you want
Hunter Reyes: lol trust me sweetheart, Hunter always gets what he wants ๐Ÿ˜‰
I snorted and decided it was time to bring this conversation to an end so I logged off Facebook.
Laying back down on my bed, I closed my eyes picturing Mac’s amazingly perfectly perfect face and his freaking cute dimples. He wouldn’t pretend to be nice, I could see it in his eyes.
but what if Hunter was right? What if Mac was just pretending to like me? Or use me?
Ugh, screw Hunter. I trusted Mac and Hunter could suck an avacado.


It was quite obvious that I spent the whole week hanging out with Mac at school, outside of school, everywhere. Avery was more than happy about me having a “boyfriend”. Although, we hadn’t even kissed again after that one night we met.
“I am glad to see you trying to make new friends, Patty,” Angie smiled at me from across the table.
“I guess so,” I shrugged playing with the strings on my hoodie. “Its just Mackenzie and Avery really.”
“Have you been working on your writing?” Angie adjusted her glasses over her nose.
I shook my head because I had completely forgot about Beaconsfield.
“Patty,” Angie reached out and took my hand in her palms. “I see you have great potential. You just need to meet the right people, you know.”
I flushed and she raised her eyesbrows.
“So you have met someone?” she chuckled letting go of my hand.
“No,” I scoffed. “He’s just really cool and all.”
“Love is a wonderful thing,” Angie let out a laugh.
“Ew,” I grimaced. “Its not even love.”
“Yet,” she winked at me and I swear I almost puked.
“So I decided something,” Mac said as he drove us in his car. After school, he would plead for me to let him drop home but I felt weird to be using him to avoid the school bus.
“What?” I asked, writing away in notebook.
“Can you like leave that alone and focus me for one second,” he pulled the notebook away from me, and threw it behind on the backseat.
“RUDE,” I slapped his arm. “Okay. Decided what?”
“You’re not really a fancy date type of girl,” he patted his fingers upon the steering wheel, smiling softly. “So I decided to take you home instead.”
“You take me home everyday,” I rolled my eyes.
“No, silly,” he laughed pulling on a strand of my hair. “I meant my home.”
Okay, so all these weird images flashed into my head. Me and him naked on his bed, having sex. What the hell was wrong with me? Maybe he just wanted to hang out.
“Earth to Patty,” Mac shook my shoulder. “Are you okay?”
“Huh what?” I took a gander at him and realized I was blushing thinking about what lay under that shirt of his.
“You’re nervous,” he chuckled and slowed down the car pulling into a driveway. Yup, it was his house.
I didn’t say a word until we walked up to the doorstep and he rang the bell.
“Will anyone be home?” I stammered looking down at my feet. My head was throbbing, my heart was beating fast, my sweat glands were out of control. In short, I was dying of nervousness.
“Yeah,” he grinned. “Just my mom.”
The door swung open and a petite, middle aged woman smiled at the both of us, her dimples showing. That definitely was his mom.
“Oh hi,” her soft voice spoke. We both walked inside and she asked us to remove our shoes. “Who’s this friend of yours Mackenzie?”
“Oh this is my girlfriend, Patty,” he smiled admirably at me and then looked back at his mom.
I was not his girlfriend!
“Lovely,” she nodded. “I have made some lasagna, which is Mackenzie’s favourite. Go wash up and I’ll get everything ready darlings.”
His mom was the sweetest woman. I mean my mother never cooked anything for me.
He led us both upstairs to his room and with every step, my legs started to feel weaker.
“I am not your girlfriend,” I mumbled as we walked into his room. It was quite tidy for a guy and it smelled just like him.
“Yes you are,” he frowned at me taking off his varsity jacket and tossing it across the floor.
“No I am not!” I folded my arms over my chest.
“Really Patty?” He took a step towards me and brought down his face close to mine. I wanted to back away as his blue eyes burned right into mine, but my legs wouldn’t budge.
“You are my girlfriend.”
His breath smelled like heaven and candy canes and candy floss and all that amazing stuff. It always felt like Christmas around him by the way he smelled.
“I-I don’t..” I stuttered nervously and by now i felt my ears were fuming hot. He glanced at my lips and then back into my eyes again.
“Relax,” he whispered and made his lips meet mine.
I exploded with ecstasy and there I was melting into his arms again. His warm hand gently moved down my back and pulled me closer to him. My heart was throbbing so loud that I thought he could hear it too.
He pulled away slowly, tilted his head to the other side and kissed me again. Gosh, he tasted magnificent.
His tongue softly parted my lips and for a minute I thought about pulling away. But I didn’t want to. I want him to be mine, only mine.
So, I let him and we both shared the glorious tastes of our tongues. He squeezed my body gently with his arms making me gasp through our kiss.
I had never gotten that far with a guy and Mac was taking all of my firsts. My first date, my first kiss, my first french kiss and I don’t know what else.
We pulled away when we heard his mother call out for us, “KIDS! FOOD IS READY!”
It was time for me to turn into a tomato again and he smirked. His fingers pushed away the strands of hair away from my forehead and I felt his soft, plump lips kiss it. “You’re so cute when you blush.”
I nodded, biting my lip. He was making me fall for him so hard and this was definitely going to be a problem.
“There you go,” Mac’s mom smiled placing a piece of lasagna on my plate.
“Thankyou,” i smiled and took a bite. It was oozing withe cheese and one of the best lasagnas I had in a long time.
“Like it?” She asked and Mac glanced at me while he ate.
“I love it,” I nodded and she must have seen the way I ate to judge that it was remarkably delicious.
“So Patty,” his mom broke the silence except the clatter of forks on our plates. “What do your parents do?”
“Oh,” I squeaked out wiping my mouth with a napkin. Mac didn’t know about my dad or any of my problems at home.
I didn’t want to bother him but mainly I didn’t want him to think I was some depressed fat ass. “My father passed away when I was little and my mother works as a consultant.”
“I am so sorry,” his mom shook his head. “Mackenzie’s dad and I separated last year but I am sure he are told you.”
He had told me but I hadn’t told him anything about my family.
“You never told me about your dad,” Mac frowned.
I shrugged. “You never asked.”
His mom noticed the tension building up so she offered me a second serving and I happily took it.
“That was why we moved here,” his mom continued.
I nodded listening to everything she talked about.
After we finished eating, I helped her with the dishes while Mac watched us.
“You should consider setting Patty as an example,” his mom scolded him. She kept washing the dishes and I wiped them dry. “Mac never helps me around the house!”
“I do!” He gasped.
I couldn’t hold in my laugh.
“Her mother is so lucky,” she shook her head and a lump formed in my throat. My mother didn’t give a crap about me.
“If you’re done,” Mac complained. “Can I borrow MY girlfriend now?”
I flushed the way he said the g word.
His mother laughed and nodded. “Ofcourse. Go ahead darling, i’ll finish off here.”
Before I could answer, Mac grabbed my hand and dragged me to the living the room. There were two shelves full of a number of books and picture frames.
I walked to it and my eye caught one specific picture. A little boy with a huge grin on his face sat on a man’s shoulder laughing away.
“Is this you?” I asked him, running my fingers across the frame. That was definitely his father.
A strong pair of arms wrapped around my waist and I felt his chin rest on my shoulder from the back. “Yeah and that’s dad.”
My temples throbbed and my mouth went dry. “What are you doing Mac?”
“Holding you,” he whispered sexily into my ear and caressed my earlobe. My body heated up and no, not because of my hormones. But because he made me so freaking nervous!
“What if your mom sees?” I whispered trying to get out of his arms but they were too strong.
“So what?” he closed his eyes as he buried his face into my neck. We stood like that for about ten minutes which seemed like eternity.
Everytime he was around, I seemed to forget all my worries, stresses and I didn’t even feel insecure about my weight anymore.
I could feel his breath against my skin which gave me goosebumps. He made my body react intensely to his breath, touch, presence, everything.
I glanced at the clock on the wall and it was getting late. “I should go home now.”
He let go and turned me by my shoulders to face him, pouting. “Do you have to?”
Ugh, such a cutie.
“Unfortunately,” I sighed sticking out my lower lip. His lips brushed against my forehead and I was back among the clouds high up in the sky.
How could one person make you feel so many things one at the same time? I was falling in love with him, hard. So freaking hard. And all I could hope for that he was too.


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