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fire and ice episode 28 & 29

🔥 FIR£
& IC£❄️
(Two Worlds [email protected]…)


By, Summer Gold R.

Kingston threw another stone into the water coldly,his expression was blank,his mind far away from what he’s doing,as he bent down throwing the stone,he couldn’t stop thinking about last night.

He’s not human,his father is a thousand years devil before he met his mom. He wasn’t supposed to fall in love with a human but he fell in love with his mom and she got pregnant,she almost died but he la-id his life down just because of her.

That makes him the devil’s son,,so funny right? But it’s true,,He’s not a human,He’s not even half of it.

*Your demons will start taking over when you’re twenty*

His mother told him

Great,,he will be twenty next month and right now he’s wishing next month never comes.

*What are you talking about? Does that mean,,I’m never going to get married?*

He could remember asking his mom

*With your mate Kingston,,,You have to wait for your mate,,that’s why you can’t have a girlfriend. You need to stay away from her because you can’t do anything about it,,she will end up like others* This mom replied

“I hate my life” Kingston muttered,tears rolling down his eyes.

He wish he could just stop everything from happening,,how the h*ll will he stay away from Alice??

*It will be selfish of you if you don’t let her go before it get out of control*

That was what his mom said

He wipe his tears and stood up,,

“You’re here!” Someone said behind him and before he could turn,the hands wra-pped around him hvgging him ti-ghtly. He knew it’s Alice

“I’ve been searching for you since my [email protected] ended,,it was quite fun i thought you would come but you didn’t” Alice said still hvgging him

*We have some crazy connections,,,,her powers have effects on me,she’s the only one who make me sleep,,,*

He remembered telling his mom that

*There’s no connection Kingston,,it’s because you are falling for her* That was what his mom said

Maybe it’s true,,he Is not falling for her,,He’s In love with her,that’s it.

“Say something” Alice broke the hvg and he faced her with a short smile

“Are you okay?” Alice asked and he nodded

“Have you eaten? Where’s Beauty?” Kingston asked

“She’s fine” Alice said studying his expression

“I think I may have someone who can help us with her powers” Kingston said as they started leaving the water side

“Who? You said you don’t know any witch” Alice said

“I suddenly remember one,,so I will talk to her” Kingston said

“Oh,,will you have lunch with me?” Alice grinned

“I need to go,,,let’s talk later” Kingston said

“But,,,” She wanted to say more but he walked away just like that

“What is wrong with him?” Alice muttered



“What’s wrong? Where did you go to?” Sera-phina asked

“Nowhere,,did you order for me?” Alice asked and sat down

“Absolutely” Persephone smiled

“Who’s re-ady for tonight?” Odette asked with a grin

“Are you hiding something? You’re overglad about it” Sera-phina asked looking at her suspiciously

“Not at all,,but I am glad” Odette win-ked

Alice was quiet as she ate,,she felt like something is wrong,she couldn’t point it out but something is definitely wrong. He [email protected] just snubbe-d her,not completely though. The kingston she know would want to continue their conversations no matter what.

“The witch is here” Sera-phina spoke up and they looked up

Jupiter [email protected]£ in with Linus and they got their food

“Let’s sit there” Linus suddenly said pu-lling Jupiter toward where Alice and her friends are sitting

“No” Jupiter snapped

“Say yes or I will k!ssyou” Linus said

“Are you crazy?!” Jupiter half yelled but Linus was alre-ady dragging him to the booth

“Can we sit down here?” Linus asked

“You can but she can’t” Odette said

“I hate you” Jupiter snapped at Linus and walked away

Sera-phina hissed

Linus cleared his throat and sat down beside Alice

“Are you okay?” He asked and she nodded


Vesta’s House**

Vesta opened the door and Kingston [email protected]£ into view shocking the h*ll out of her


“It’s Kingston” Kingston cut in and entered

Vesta smiled and shut the door

“So good to see you here,,care for a drink?” Vesta asked behind him

He was staring at every corner of the mansion,,,

“Have a seat” Vesta said

Kingston sat down and Vesta went in

She returned with a wine and a [email protected],,she poured him a [email protected] and sat down

“Why do you suddenly come here?” She asked

“I need your help” Kingston said

“Wow,,I will gladly do anything” She smiled

Kingston told her about Beauty

“Oh,,,that’s bad. But then,,disabling her powers,,wouldn’t that be a little,,”..

“Not forever,,just for now. She’s too young seeing all those scary things” Kingston cut in and she nodded

“Okay,,but,,where’s she?”

“The school”

Vesta nodded

“How about tomorrow?”

“Good” Kingston said and stood up

“You wouldn’t tou-chyour drink”

“I’m fine” Kingston said and she also stood up

They both stared at each other,,,

“I’m sorry” Kingston muttered

“I misjudged you,,,,I hated you for nothing,,,now I hate myself” Kingston sighed

Vesta smiled and pu-ll-ed him into a hvg

“It’s okay son,,I un-derstand you. I didn’t tell you because I don’t want to break your heart,,but right now I have no choice,,you will be twenty next month”

“Can we plea-se not talk about this? It’s scary” Kingston muttered hvgging her more ti-ghtly

“I’m so sorry son” Vesta said patting his back



The students are all standing accordingly waiting for Master Min to start,,tonight is the treasure hunt and the students are all excited about it.

They are all dressed up like ones going on a war,it’s going to be fun but at the same time scary.

Finally ,master Min appeared. His hand holding the sword behind him as usual

“Silence” He ordered and immediately the students murmuring kept quiet

“You all know,,this hunt is just a preparation for you,,you will be able to face something more [email protected] and scary in future once you’re chos£n in the team.

“Yes master!” The students chorused

“Good,,,,we are going to have three teams this time around,not two as usual. And each team will have six members” Master Min said

“Yes Master!”

“Good,,Listen to your group names and your names equally. For the first Team,,,,”


“So,,if you haven’t heard your name,,,sorry maybe next time. You can leave”

The students abs£nt in the hunting walked away sadly while some seems happy about it

Odette and One of Jupiter’s friends [email protected] ended up in the same team with other four students,they are three girls and three boys including Seth and [email protected] while the other two are just some normal students they don’t really know

The second team consists of Sera-phina,Persephone,Damon,Avanon and two other students too which are girls,,four girls,two boys

While the third team,Linus,Alice,Jove,Kingston,Jupiter and another boy,four boys and two girls

“You teams should give yourself a team name” Master Min said and the teams turned to each other deciding a name

“What should we go with?” Linus asked

“Tree Shooters?” Jupiter asked and they laughed

“Then what?”

“How about,,,The Rummagers?” Alice suggested

“Great,,let’s go for that” Linus said

“Cool” Jove nodded

“What do you think Kingston?”

“It’s fine” Kingston said

“Are you all done?” Master Min asked

“Yes master”

“Okay,,First team?”

“Deer Stalkers” Odette spoke up

“That’s somehow cool” Jove muttered

“Second team”

“Tail Chasers” Sera-phina said

“Third Team?”

“The Rummagers” Jupiter answered

“Good,,,,Each one of you should start taking a sword” Master Min said and they started walking to pick up a sword for about two minutes

“Let it be known to you that you will meet some creatures you will fight with along the line,,but I am sure you will win over them,,I and Master Zung will help if there’s anything above your powers”

“Yes master!”

“There are more than enough treasure you can pick on your way,,just keep doing that until your time is over. This will take you 48 hours,,,you don’t have to be scared though,once it’s 48 hours,you all will return here”

“We un-derstand” They chorused again

“Now,,let’s choose a leader in each team” Master Min said

“As a leader,,let it be known that you will take every responsibility if any of your member go astray,,,the group members should pick their leaders” He said

The members spoke within themselves before turning back to him

“Odette” The Deer Stalkers said

“Damon” The Tail Chasers chorused

“Kingston” The Rummagers said at once

“So,,,shall we start?” Master Mind Asked

“Yes Master!!”

Master Min stood In their middle and drew a line with his sword and then looked up

“Each one of you should take a step on this line,each team separately” He ordered and immediately everyone stepped on it


A Forest**

The Rummagers all appeared at once and they turned to each others

“Wow!!!!!!!!” Jupiter and Alice screamed out

“No noise plea-se,no noise” Linus said in master Min’s voice and they laughed

“Or maybe,,Silence” Jove also mimicked Master Min’s voice

“We don’t have time,,let’s start” Jove said

“Hey,,let it be known that you aren’t the leader” Linus said in master Min’s voice ma-king them laugh again

“Let’s start the search,,we have other teams too searching so we don’t have to waste time” Kingston finally spoke up

“Yes leader!” They shouted and started walking

“I suddenly want water” Jupiter muttered after some minutes

“Me too,,,but we don’t have any” Linus sighed

“I think I can help” Alice said and took off her backpack,she brou-ght out a bottle of water

“This won’t be enough” Jupiter scoffed

“Well it’s not gonna dry” Alice smiled


“Trust me,,,” She win-ked and gave it to Linus

They were still drinking water when suddenly a creature appeared to them,,a scary one with two heads,blood covering its whole b©dy and it’s as if he’s angry.

The team immediately brou-ght out their swords at the same time and rushed toward him fearlessly,only Kingston didn’t move,,,they tried fighting him but seems like he wasn’t to-uched with any of the swords,he opened his mouth and a heavy breeze blew them off

“What the h*ll” Jove muttered as they all stood up

Kingston chuckled

“I think our swords are going to be useless” He said and stretched his hand to the creature and immediately it turned to ashes

“Wow,,,so cool” Jupiter muttered

“Continue searching” Kingston said

“Why don’t we split for some minutes? Let’s meet here after thirty minutes” Linus suggested

“Hey,,don’t you talk?” Jupiter asked the other boy who haven’t said a word

“What’s your name?” Alice asked

“Ajax” He replied

“Good,so,,let’s split into twos” Kingston said

“I’m with Jupiter” Linus raised his hand

“No” Jupiter roll her eyes

“Don’t mind her” Linus smiled

“Ajax and I” Jove said

Kingston and Alice exchanged glances and looked away

“Okay,,,let’s go” Kingston said

“Thirty minutes,,don’t forget” Linus said and they all nodded,,in a blink they went separate ways.


Kingston and Alice keep on searching in silence until Alice suddenly found something like a diamond stone

“I think I found one” She said and walked to Kingston showing him

“Yeah you did,,good job” Kingston said and continue searching again

“Kingston” Alice called and he looked at her

“What?” He asked

“Are you okay?” She asked

“Sure” He replied

“Are we good?” Alice asked

“Of course” He nodded

Alice stared at him for some seconds and sighed

“Okay” She muttered and there was silence again as they continued with the search

“I found one” Kingston said

“Wow,,that’s cool” Alice smiled as he dropped it in the bag

Kingston could [email protected] return the smile as he continue again,,,Alice suddenly hvgged him

“What are you doing?” He asked

“I’m hvgging you” Alice muttered

“Why don’t we continue what we are here for?” Kingston asked

“We found two alre-ady” Alice said

“Still” Kingston said

Alice broke the hvg

“Are we really good?” She asked

“I said we are”

“Then why does it sound so distant? You’re pushing me away basically” Alice said

“No I’m not”

Alice scoffed

“As if I’m daft” She muttered and turned to another side

There was silence again until they suddenly heard a weird sound

They both moved close to each other quic-kly and three evil spirits appeared at a time.

“Freeze one,,I will burn two” Kingston whispers and Alice nodded

The spirits tried to attack but then,,Alice and Kingston both stretched their hands to them at once

Kingston burned two at once which immediately turned to ashes,,The third one was frozen as well

“That’s funny” Alice chuckled seeing the last one turning to ice before it broke into pieces and disappeared

They turned at the same time and bu-mped into each other,Alice almost fell but Kingston caught her by the [email protected]!st and their eyes met.

Alice’s eyes moved to hisl-ips,,Kingston was also staring at hers and they leaned closer slowly but the moment theirl-ips are about to meet,Kingston turned his face away and Alice k!$$£d his cheek instead.

She moved away looking confused and shocked


“I’m sorry” He muttered and turned away


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