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fire and ice episode 26 & 27

🔥 FIR£
& IC£❄️
(Two Worlds [email protected]…)


By, Summer Gold R.


Dark Institute**

“You’ve been quiet Leviana,any problem?” Leander asked

“Maybe she’s thinking of the best way to get those two like master requested” Pax said

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“I want to kill that guy badly” Gunnar scoffed

“Dude we both know you’re below his standard” Leander said and they laughed

“That’s not funny okay? I wasn’t even prepared that day” Gunnar roll his eyes

“Then you should be leading us the next time,not Leviana” Pax said

“I really don’t like leading,it’s stressful” Gunnar said

“You should be a girl,you’re obviously scared” Leander mocked

Leviana stood up and walked away

“Cold” Pax muttered

“I think something is wrong,,remember I told you i felt something that night,I think,,,I don’t really know but something seems to have happened for real” Gunnar said

“She will come around when she wanna talk about it.”


Next Day**

“Finally,,,” Alice muttered as they both entered the car

They just got out of a police station

“But isn’t something fishy?” Alice asked

“Everything is fishy” Kingston muttered

“Why haven’t her parents taken any step to find their child at least? Wait,,could it possibly be,,she was abadoned?” Alice asked and Kingston sighed and Alice continued

“Tiger” She called and Kingston faced her,,she took herl-ips in and brou-ght it out looking we-t,Kingston bite hisl-ips

Alice dropped Beauty who was asleep alre-ady

“I know you can do this so listen” She said and Kingston nodded

“Why don’t you just try to know what really happened that night? Like,,why Beauty was,,,,,”

“I can’t time travel,,I have the ability to do that but once I tried and it was dangerous” Kingston said

“Damn it” Alice muttered

“Jupiter can help,,I will ask her” Kingston said and Alice nodded

“Let’s do that” She said

“She won’t help if we do it together,,I will go to her alone ,,,”

“I know her,,she might try to ask for something In return” Alice scoffed

“Something? Like What?”

“k!ssor,,,s*x who knows” Alice said

“I’ve never had s*x with her” Kingston said and Alice eyes went wi-de

“Are you for real? How do you expect me to believe that”

“But I am saying the truth,,even though she wanted us to do that,,but,,,I’m not like that okay? She’s Jove’s sister and,,,”

“But you k!$$£d her,,forgetting she’s Jove’s sister? Now I’m sure you might just [email protected]£ her if she’s not Jove’s sister” Alice snapped

“I won’t deny that” Kingston muttered

“See?” She scoffed and looked away

Kingston laughed

“You look funny when jealous” He said

“Jealous? Why would I be jealous” Alice scoffed



The Hall**

Kingston was sitting down on one of the thousands of empty seats,,it’s a large hall,once in a while especially during an emergency,the whole school would meet here,well it’s been months since that happened.

He rest his head and closed his eyes,his mind went to his mom and he sighed.

*You know it’s going to be selfish having a girlfriend when you know it’s dangerous right?* Vesta said

*No it’s not going to be dangerous because this time I’m going to protect her from you* Kingston snapped

*are you admitting that you really have a girlfriend?* Vesta asked

*it’s none of your business,,justfu-cking leave me alone* Kingston snapped and stormed out of the room

He was so stupid [email protected] his anger on Alice,,good thing they are okay now. But he wouldn’t st©p thinking about it,,is there something he doesn’t know? What if there’s more to it?

He sighed out again

*You finally killed her you murderer!* That was him yelling at his mom,,,when his first girlfriend died. He blamed her because she wasn’t in support of their relationsh!p,she kept on telling him not to have a girlfriend and eventually,it was [email protected] a month,she died.

Same thing happened to the second,the third too and since then he decided never to have a girlfriend,,,until Alice changed everything and right now,,He’s getting scared. If anything happen to Alice,he’s going to kill himself and follow her.

Something soft landed on his cheek and he opened his eyes,it was Jupiter who just pe-cked him.

“You’re here” He muttered

“What are you thinking about?” Jupiter asked

“It’s nothing,I was waiting for you” He let out a smile

Jupiter exhaled

“I miss this place” she muttered

“And I miss us” She added and they both looked at each other

“You said you needed my help,what is it?” She asked

“I need you to help me find out something,,that happened in the past” Kingston said and Jupiter frowned

“How long has it happened?” She asked

“Recently” Kingston replied

“Where?” She asked

“The Park,,there’s this kid I found,,,”

“You and Alice,,no need to hide that from me” Jupiter snapped

“Will you help?” Kingston asked

“Just because it’s you” She said and Kingston smiled

“Where’s the kid?” Jupiter asked

“Come with me”

They both left the hall


Kingston’s [email protected]**

When they entered,Jove and Linus were pres£nt too with Alice and Beauty

Jupiter and Alice exchanged glares

“Oh Oh” Linus muttered staring at both girls

“They don’t get along” Jove chuckled

“I see” Linus nodded and win-ked at Jupiter but she rolled her eyes and walked over to where Beauty was busy pla-ying

“She’s gonna help us find out who her parents are” Kingston said

“Right,,why haven’t I thought about that?” Jove said

“Your [email protected] is obviously dry” Linus scoffed

“She don’t talk?” Jupiter asked

“She never did” Alice replied

“I wasn’t asking you” Jupiter snapped

“Kingston and I are one” Alice snapped back while the boys watched without saying a word

“You’re scaring the baby” Linus said with the way Jupiter and Alice are glaring at each other

Jupiter turned to Beauty and carried her,,,Beauty smiled and Jupiter also smiled at her.

Jupiter held her hand and closed her eyes while others went silent.

Jupiter opened her eyes again with a frown

“What’s wrong?” Kingston asked immediately

“Come with me” Jupiter said to Kingston

“What about me?” Alice asked and Jupiter faced her

“I want to see too,,” Alice said

“Hold her other hand and close your eyes” Jupiter ordered and Alice immediately obeyed.


Alice and Jupiter suddenly appeared in front of a small house

“Where’s this?” Alice asked

“I think it’s her parents house” Jupiter replied and walked toward the entrance,Alice also followed

They saw Beauty first,she was sitting down on her babyseat pla-ying with her toys

“What’s going on? Isn’t that beauty?” Alice was confused

“Are you dumb? Shouldn’t you un-derstand that this happened alre-ady? Just keep quiet and watch” Jupiter snapped and Alice nodded

They continue watching Beauty pla-ying alone but then all of a sudden a b©dy appeared,,more like a ghost or something in front of her,the ghost was bringing out blood from her mouth and her hair scattered,it was really scary.

Beauty started crying,,really loud

“That’s scary” Jupiter muttered

“Baby what’s wrong? Mommy is cooking,why don’t you just pla-y? plea-se?” The mother appeared trying to pet Beauty but she wouldn’t st©p crying

“I don’t think the mother can see the ghost” Alice said and Jupiter nodded

Soon there was a snap and it’s another day,,but it was midnight. Beauty was slee-ping beside her mother when an evil spirit appeared,Beauty opened her eyes and the moment she saw this,she started crying and the mother had to wake up too petting her without knowing what exactly is wrong.

Alice and Jupiter exchanged glances

“Poor girl” Jupiter muttered

Another snap and it’s a the park that evening,Beauty’s mom was holding her and looking around each minute and the moment she saw that no one was watching,She dropped Beauty and walked away

“No,,,,” Alice shook her head almost running to pick Beauty up but the scene disappeared right in her face and they are back in Kingston’s room

Alice and Jupiter were breathing in and out

The moment they are okay,Alice [email protected]£d Beauty hvgging her ti-ghtly,,she didn’t know she was crying.

“What happened?” Linus asked Jupiter who was also looking sad

“It turned out,,,,her mom actually abandoned her at the park that night” Jupiter said

“What?!” They all shouted

“What type of mother does that?” Jove asked

Alice wipe her tears

“I think,,her mom think she’s a strange child” Jupiter said

“We need to go to her,,,we need to talk to her. I mean,,,it’s not the little girl’s fault,,I wish I can help” Alice said

“What is she talking about?” Links asked

“Beauty can see what a normal human can’t see” Jupiter said

“I told you right,,,she saw those people that night” Alice said to Kingston

“Doesn’t that mean,,,,she’s like us?” Linus asked amd they all nodded

“But she’s too young to experience these. It’s like a punishment,,I don’t want that for her,,I wish There’s something I can do to help” Alice muttered

Kingston thought for a while,,,

“Only afu-cking witch can disable her supernatural abilities for now” He spoke up

“I don’t know any witch” They all said at a time and Kingston sighed

He thought about Leviana but she wouldn’t even help,,,the second option is his mother and even heaven knows he can never ask for her help

“I don’t know anyone either” Kingston muttered

“Tomorrow is Friday,,,,the treasure hunt,I can’t wait” Jupiter spoke up

“I’m not interested in that” Jove spoke up

“You’re the only one then,,coz,,,I’m fully re-ady” Kingston spoke up

“If you’re doing that,,Then me too” Linus smiled

“I’m also interested” Alice smiled

Jupiter stood up

“I’m leaving” She muttered

“Should I walk you out?” Jove asked

“You don’t have to stress yourself when I am right here” Linus tap Jove’s che-st and followed Jupiter out

“Don’t follow me!” They heard Jupiter’s voice

“What do we do about her?” Alice asked pointing at Beauty

“I don’t know” Kingston muttered

“See you two later,,,” Jove said and left



Kingston let out a [email protected] sat up on the be-d,,he held his head and sighed. Now he’s wishing Alice was here,,he would have sle-pt like a baby but now he’s alone,she’s just like his medicine.

He stood up and went to take a bottle of water,,how he’s gonna spend all night staring and doing nothing suddenly made him sad.

After taking the bottle,he turned back to the be-d but he was shocked to see his mom sitting down.

“Are you okay son?” Vesta asked

“What are you doing here?” Kingston asked

“You know I can feel your worries” Vesta said and Kingston scoffed

He totally forget about that,,well he used to be close with his mom when he was a kid because she simply knows when he’s worried and restless even though he had no friend,,she will always try her best to make him happy but still he was lonely. Their clos£ness ended the very day her mother was against him getting a girlfriend and it turned to hatred when the girlfriend eventually died.

“I wish you can’t feel them,,it’s disgusting” Kingston said

Vesta smiled and stood up

“Poor you,,,,” She sighed

“I hate it when you say that!” Kingston snapped

“That girl,,,,”

“St©p” Kingston muttered

“You know what I am talking about,,,you should stay away from her before things get worst” Vesta said

Kingston eyes turned red,

“Who are you to tell me what to do?”

“I am your mother! I know what I am Saying Kingston,,haven’t you noticed?! Every single time you disobey me they Dies!” She yelled

“That’s because you always kill them!” Kingston snapped back,,tears are beginning to form in his eyes

“Oh moon goddess,,,how dare you accuse me of killing? I warned you Kingston,I’ve always warned you,,,”

“Then,,,why don’t you give me any reason why I can’t have a girlfriend? Tell me the reason,,” Kingston said and she kept quiet

“Get out if you have nothing to talk about”

“You’re not like everyone else Kingston” She spoke up and Kingston looked at her

“Have you ever wanted to know who your father was?” She asked

“Who was he?” Kingston asked

“He wasn’t a human” She replied and Kingston scoffed

“Are you trying so [email protected],,that you’re telling me lies,,”

“I was human when we met,,he wasn’t supposed to fall in love with a human,,but he did and I was supposed to die because of the curse.”

“Then why are you alive?”

“He died in my place,,I was pregnant with you when I discovered,,,my powers. You boosted out my abilities. But Kingston,,,I was told about the curse,,,,,”

“Why would the curse be on me when I am human? The only difference is my powers and,,,”

“You’re not a human,,,,,” She cut in and the bottle he was holding fell from his hand


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