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fire and ice episode 24

🔥 FIR£
& IC£❄️
(Two Worlds [email protected]…)


By, Summer Gold R.



Master Zung stood up immediately Kingston’s mom entered,she walked gracefully in and sat down

“Why are you here?” Master Zung asked

“Do I need a reason to be here?” Vesta asked,,that’s her name.

“Of course not,,I’m just surprised,you didn’t inform me” Master Zung said and sat down

“What happened to Kingston?,,,yesterday” She asked more seriously this time

“You know you can’t lie to me Zung,I know exactly what’s happening” She let out a short smile

“It’s nothing to get worried about,some humans were attacked by invisible enemies last night,,,”

“It’s all over the news” Vesta cut in and Master Zung nodded

“Unfortunately,,Kingston and his friends were at the same park,,but they escape though,,not without fighting them” Master Zung said

“His friends indeed” Vesta scoffed

“That’s what I was told” Master Zung smiled

“He can’t have a girlfriend,,not now,better don’t hide anything from me,or you will go down for it” Vesta said


“Are you okay?” Linus asked immediately Alice entered with a sad face

She nodded and sat down,they are in Jove’s room,,Alice looked around

“Wow,,it’s amazing” She muttered

“Than Kingston’s?” Jove asked

“I don’t know” She let out a short smile before looking at Beauty who was busy eating a slice of bre-ad

“She’s finally eating” Alice muttered

“I think she likes me” Linus said

“Maybe you’re her dad who knows” Alice said

“How will that even happen?” Linus laughed

“You may have [email protected]£d a girl,,,,,” Before Jove could finish,Linus covered his mouth with bre-ad and Alice laughed but when her mind went to Kingston,she sighed

“Where’s Kingston? You ran after him earlier,did something happen?” Linus asled

“What type of person is his mom?” Alice asked

“Hmm,,,scary for me” Jove said

“Really scary” Linus nodded in agreement

“They never get along since I met Kingston,,he doesn’t like his mom. I don’t know why though” Jove said

“You never try to find out?” Alice asked

“I did but Kingston,,I guess you don’t know what type of person he is. He love keeping things to himself,he doesn’t open up no matter how hurting he is” Jove replied

“I think something happened,,he wasn’t looking good” Alice muttered

“Don’t worry,,once he calm himself down. He will be back” Linus said

Alice smiled

“I know,,,I’m hungry too” she said

“I was waiting for you” Linus win-ked and Alice smiled

They all ate together


Alice and Linus walked out of Jove’s room together

Beauty wasn’t smiling,she was having a sad look as if she was going to cry

“You need a bath right? I know,,” Alice said to Beauty and Linus smiled

“I think you will be an amazing mom” He said

“I know right? I love babies so much” Alice repkied

“I can see that,,but she doesn’t have any clothes here right?” Linus asked


“Will you like to go out with me? And,,we can buy her some clothes” Linus said

“That will be amazing” Alice smiled

“Then let’s go” Linus win-ked

“Finally getting you clothes,,” Alice smiled at Beauty but she didn’t react


“We are here” Linus said as he st©pped the car In front of a mall,it was written BABY WONDER LAND

“Wonder land?” Alice asked and faced him

He nodded

“How did you find this place?” Alice asked

“I always [email protected] this road,,so,,,come on let’s go” Linus said and they both got down from the car.

They went in and a young lady immediately appeared to them

“You’re welcome to baby wonder land,,oh my,she’s so cute. Is she your baby?” She asked Alice

Alice and Linus exchanged glances,but seems the lady was not waiting for an answer because she continued immediately

“Here we have thousands of clothes for this cutie,,not just clothes,accessories,toys,shoes,food,,we even have a baby bathroom here,,you can try it out,this little cutie will enjoy it”

“I can’t believe this” Alice turned to Linus

“I think we will try that baby bathroom” Linus spoke up

“What? Let’s just get clothes and go back,,”

“Let her take her bath here,,I don’t want to go back right now,let’s go out for real and have fun” Linus said

“Cheater” Alice glared and he laughed

“You can come with me” The lady said and immediately Alice followed with Beauty in her hand while Linus was asked to wait at the waiting room.

Minutes later,Alice and Beauty showed up,,Beauty was dressed in another beautiful dress,her hair well cared for,she look like a doll,she was smiling as she pla-yed with Alice’s hair

“Finally you two are here” Linus said and atood up

“She’s pretty,what do you think?” Alice smiled and Linus nodded

“I will really miss her when we finally get her parents” Alice muttered

“Then enjoy the moment for now” Linus tea-sed and Alice smiled

“The clothes” Linus said and Alice nodded

They walked to the clothes section and picked enough clothes

“I think she needs a toy,,she’s been pla-ying with your hair” Linus suggested

“I actually saw a teddy bear at the teddy section,,its amazing” Alice replied

“Then let’s go”


“Finally we are out” Linus exhaled

“Thanks Linus,,you’re simply amazing” Alice said

“Are we still going out? Don’t say no” Linus said

“Of course,,you actually bribe-d me but ion mind” Alice grinned

They both entered the car and Linus drove off

“She really like the teddy,,look at her smiling” Alice chuckled looking at Beauty pla-ying with the teddy in her hand and Linus nodded



The three girls are in their room talking about random stuffs when suddenly they heard a knock on the door and they st©pped talking

“It’s not Alice,,” Odette said

“I know,,I will take it” Sera-phina said and walked to the door

She opened and was almost shocked to see Kingston

“Hi” She said after closing the door

“Where’s Alice?” Kingston asked

“She’s not back” Sera-phina replied

“She went somewhere?” Kingston asked

“Yeah,,she went out with Linus” Sera-phina replied


She nodded

Kingston turned and walked away,,Sera-phina also went in.

“It’s Kingston asking for Alice” Sera-phina announced as she entered


“Kingston” Someone called him and he st©pped

Jupiter ran to him and hvgged him

“I’ve missed you,,” She muttered

Kingston broke the hvg

“How are you? Wanna take a walk around the,,,,,,,”

“I’m not in the mood” Kingston cut her off and walked away while she stood these staring and not believing her eyes,,he just walked out on her.



“Where’s Beauty?” Odette asked Alice as they walked out of the [email protected]

“She’s fine,,with some of the workers” Alice replied

“We didn’t tell you last night,,Kingston [email protected]£ looking for you” Sera-phina said

“He [email protected]£ to our room?” Alice asked looking shocked

“I was shocked too,,” Persephone said

Alice kept quiet and they all walked to the cafeteria,,

“Ladies,,come be my guest” Seth said showing them an empty booth,He’s the only one sitting there

“Thank you gentleman” Alice replied and they laughed before joining him

“It’s good seeing you” Seth whispers to Odette

“It’s bad seeing you” Odette whispers back

“I know you don’t mean it” Seth smiled

“Well sorry I do” Odette sm-irked

“I’m a fan of flir-ting but can we eat in peace? XièXiè(thank you)” Alice said and they laughed

“I didn’t know you speak Chinese” Sera-phina said

“A little actually” Alice said and Sera-phina smiled

“My mom is a chinese” She said

“Wow,,does that mean you’re half asian?” Alice asked and Sera-phina nodded with a smile

“No wonder she’s beautiful right?” Odette said

“Oh plea-se” Sera-phina roll her eyes

Just then Damon [email protected]£ in with his friends

“Hey Odette” [email protected] waved

“Hi [email protected]” Odette waved back

“Damon,,” Alice called with a smile

“Hi” Damon smiled and they walked to another booth

“You said it was bad seeing me,,but you waved at someone elae. Isn’t that unfair?” Seth asked Odette

“I thought you said I meant the opposite” Odette smiled

“I’m beginning to doubt that” Seth said

“Is that jealousy I’m seeing” Alice laughed and Odette’s cheeks turned red,suddenly they kept quiet,before Alice could turn to see who they are staring at,Jupiter got to them.

“Bi*ch,,come with me” She said to Alice and she frownrd

“What did you just call me?” Alice asked

“bit-ch” Jupiter repeated

“Come with me or you’re going to regret it” Jupiter said and walked away

Alice shook her head and stood up

“You don’t have to go” Odette said

“It’s fine” Alice smiled and walked out


“So,,what is this for?” Alice asked crossing her arms

“What did you do to Kingston??” Jupiter asked and Alice raised her brows

“I know you’re a witch who’s totally obsessed with him,,what the h*ll did you do to him tofu-cking get his attention” Jupiter said

“Oh,,,”Alice said and laughed

“What’s funny?” Jupiter asked

“I wasn’t actually getting it,,but now I un-derstand. I guess he’s not giving you the attention you wanted anymore,,” Alice said still laughing


“It’s you who’s obsessed with him,,only an obsessed person will try to do what you’re doing right now which is absolutely s-en-seless of you” Alice said

Jupiter raised her hand to [email protected] Alice but someone hold the hand from the back

Alice looked up to see Linus

“What are you doing?” Linus asked Juputer

“Teaching her some lesson” Jupiter muttered trying to re-lease her hand from Linus gr!pp£dbut couldn’t

“Go” Linus said to Alice and she walked away after wi-nking at Jupiter,Linus chuckled

‘She’s something else’ He thought

Jupiter hit his che-st angrily

“Why the h*ll did you do that?!” She yelled

Linus moved closer and arranged her hair while she continue glaring

“Being a bully doesn’t look good on you” He said with a smile

“Shut up” Jupiter snapped and pushed him and he held her hand

“You’re tou-ching too much,,” He said

“per-vert!” Jupiter scoffed and walked away,Linus smiled and followed her.



Alice stood up from the be-d,the girls are busy with one thing or the other. Alice went into the dressing room,she put on a sweater,and a trou-ser before returning to the room.

“Going out?” Sera-phina asked

“To take some cool breeze” Alice replied and look at Beauty slee-ping on her be-d with pillows supporting her both sides.

“Don’t worry,we will watch her” Odette said

Alice nodded and went out of the room,,she let out a loud sigh as she walked,she was missing Kingston so badly but she wasn’t planning to go to him,even after she was told that he [email protected]£ looking for her. He told her to get lost,,that word hurts like h*ll especially when it’s coming from him,,his words have strong effects on her.

She continue walking slowly,,the school was bright even though it’s night,the lights are on in every corner of the school. Some students are still walking around ,some sitting somewhere in groups chatting and pla-ying.

She st©pped to watch some group of girls ma-king a bright purple light with their connected f!ngersand she smiled,it’s beautiful but she walked away. She heard about a water somewhere In here but she haven’t seen it so she will just try to figure it out.

Minutes later,she got to where the water is.

“Wow,,finally” Alice said excitedly and ran toward it,,it’s flowing,looking so clean too. But the moment she got there,a figure was sitting on one of the rocks.

Just seeing his back,she knew it’s Kingston and that was when she realized she haven’t seen him for more than 24 hours,since he left yesterday till now.

She wanted to run to him and hvg him ti-ghtly,she was still staring at his back when Kingston turned and their eyes met.

None of then looked away and none of them spoke a word,,Alice walked closer to the water leaving enough space between them. She squatted in front of the water and di-p her hand in it,,the water was so cold.

She suddenly smiled when an idea stucked into her head,,she controlled the water with her mind and it turned to ice immediately,she grinned wi-dely but the smile was short lived when suddenly the ice
broke and melted,

‘What’s going on?’ She thought and t©uçhed the water,it was almost boiling,,so h0t.

She looked up and turned to Kingston but he didn’t move,,she turned back to the water and tried freezing it again but each time it happens,the water melt right away. She stood up feeling frustrated and walked to Kingston angrily

“Hey,,what do you think you’re doing?” She snapped and Kingston faced her

“What do you mean? I can’t remember talking or standing up from here” Kingston said and Alice scoffed

“You know what I’m talking about ,don’t pretend”

“Well sorry I don’t know what you’re talking about” Kingston said

“Then good for you” She rolled her eyes at him and walked back to the water,,it’s normal again. She got tired of freezing so she just sat down on another rock

“How was your outing with Linus?” Kingston suddenly asked breaking the long silence

“Amazing,,it’s the best I’ve ever had” She replied without turning

“Good to hear” Kingston muttered

“And I guess you had fun with some girls when you left yesterday” Alice said and Kingston scoffed

“You didn’t bother coming even after learning that I looked for you” Kingstin said

“You simply told me to get lost,,same thing as,F**k off. I love obeying people’s decision” Alice said

“I wouldn’t obey that sh*t if you told me that” Kingston said and Alice faced him

“Seriously?” She asked

“Are you going to keep this up? It won’t do any good” Kingston said again

“Obviously I don’t care,,I never knew I wound meet you here,I really wanted to avoid you so we won’t see each other or run into each other” Alice said and stood up

“Good night” She muttered walking away but then a sudden f0rç£ wouldn’t let her go,,she turned back to Kingston with a glare

“What are you doing?”

Kingston stood up and walked to her

“Are you really angry?” He asked

“I can see you have a problem with apologizing right? But sorry I also have a problem with my egos,they drive me crazy no doubt” Alice scoffed and fold her arms

“I was just,,,out of control yesterday,,”

Alice sh0t him a glare

“I’m,,,Sorry” Kingston muttered

Alice roll her eyes

“I just said I am sorry,,I’m really sorry okay?”

Alice looked away trying to hide her smile

“I missed you” Kingston said and hvgged her,she immediately hvgged him back ti-ghtly

“I missed you too” she said

“I doubt that” Kingston said

“I had fun with Linus for real,,but I was wishing it was you” Alice said

“Seriously?” Kingston asked and broke the hvg

Alice nodded with a pout

“I’m sorry for saying that,,” Kingston said and she nodded again

“Why did you come here?” Alice asked

“I couldn’t sleep” Kingston said


“Why don’t we sleep together?” Kingston asked

“I need to go back to,,,,,” Before she could talk,they are alre-ady in Kingston’s room.

“Kingston!” Alice half yelled and he giggled

“That’s cheating,honestly” Alice pouted

“I want to sleep soundly tonight,,” Kingston said

“Then let me leave” Alice said

“I can’t sleep without you” Kingston said and Alice laughed

“Funny,but don’t worry I will stay,just st©p that irony” Alice roll her eyes and fell on the be-d

Kingston took off his t©p and joined her on the be-d,,

“You don’t feel cold?” Alice asked

“No” Kingston replied and Alice moved closer to him on the be-d

He held her [email protected]!st and their eyes connected staring at each other warmly,,

“Wanna make out?” Alice asked without thinking

Kingston pe-cked herl-ips and moved away

“Just sleep” He said

“Why?” Alice muttered

“If we do that,,I may end up losing control” He whispers and pe-cked her cheek

“Goodnight” He said and k!$$£d her hair.

He pu-ll-ed her more closer,his arms around her b©dy,,he closed his eyes and in few seconds,he sle-pt off.

Alice wasn’t slee-ping,she wanted to ask him about his mom but maybe some other time,she traced his eyebrows with a f!nger down to his nose until it got to hisl-ips,she re-moved her hand and sighed. She also shifted toward him and rest her head on his che-st before closing her eyes.


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