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fire and ice episode 22 & 23

🔥 FIR£
& IC£❄️
(Two Worlds [email protected]…)


By, Summer Gold R.


“I want something in return” he muttered

“What?” Alice asked

“You” Kingston replied

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Alice’s eyes went to hisl-ips,and then back to his eyes.


“Not now,,you can tell me whenever you’re re-ady. I’m not going to f0rç£ you” Kingston said

Alice nodded

Kingston smiled and went for herl-ips again,and hungry k!ss£rs got to work once more.



Alice entered her room and closed the door,she st©pped when she saw angry eyes glaring at her

“Am I safe?” She asked with a chuckle

“Is this even funny?” Sera-phina scoffed

“How could you leave without turning back,,and now you’re here chuckling” Persephone roll her eyes

Alice pouted and looked at Odette with her puppy eyes as if to save her

“I’m also mad” Odette snapped and Alice sighed

“I know I’ve sinned,,and I deserve to be punished”

The girls exchanged glances

“What is she saying?” Sera-phina asked and Alice laughed before moving closer

“I almost died girls” She said and they all [email protected] out rushing to her

“What happened?” They all asked

Alice exhaled and explained everything

“Whoa,,you mean Kingston really went to get you the antidote?” Odette asked and Alice nodded

“But,,who are those people?” Sera-phina asked

“Honestly I’m somehow scared,I don’t think they will back down easily” Alice said

“Exactly,,they won’t.” Persephone said

“But,,,we are always re-ady. Am I right?” Odette asked

“You’re right,,we can do this” They chorused

“What about the little girl?” Odette asked

“I will take my bath,,so we can go to her” Alice said and they nodded

She left the room immediately


“I think it’s here” Sera-phina said when they got to the door

“I think so,,”

They opened the door and entered,,the little girl was sitting on a young lady’s [email protected] definitely one of the workers but the moment she saw Alice,she jumped down and ran to her surprising them

“Kiddo” Alice smiled and carried her

The girl smiled and wra-pped her tiny arms around Alice’s n£¢k hvgging her

“Are you okay?” Alice asked but she only smiled

“I don’t think she talks,,we’ve tried to ask for her name also but she doesn’t say a word” The lady inside said

“Oh,,,” Alice muttered and turned to the girl who was alre-ady pla-ying with her hair

‘Something is definitely weird’ Alice thought

“It’s okay,I will take it from here” Alice said

“She refused to eat too,,maybe she can eat with you”

Alice nodded and they all walked out

“She’s pretty,,look at her eyes” Odette said trying to t©uçh the girl but she hvgged Alice even more

“Wow,,” Odette chuckled

“I think she only want Alice” Sera-phina said

“Kingston is here” Persephone called their attention and they all turned to see Kingston walking over to them

The little girl smiled on seeing Kingston

“Wow,,she just smiled at him. Does she think you two are her parents?” Sera-phina laughed

Kingston got to them

“Is she okay?” He asked Alice

She nodded

The girl made to follow Kingston but he moved back

“That’s harsh” Alice frowned

Kingston waved at the girl

“Can she walk?” He asked

“Of course” Alice said

Kingston looked at Alice friend,,

“Hi” They all said at once

Kingston nodded and looked away but then he looked up again to see Odette,he turned to Alice and [email protected]£d her hand


“Come with me” He said dragging her away

“They look cute” Sera-phina said dreamingly

“I know right?” Persephone smiled.


KINGSTON’S [email protected]**

“Tiger wait,what’s wrong,,Wait,,,” but he didn’t st©p until they entered.

“Tiger!” Alice half yelled but st©pped when she said Linus and Jove

“Hey Alice” They both said at the same time smiling

“Hi” Alice muttered

“Hey Tiger” They said to Kingston also and he sh0t them a glare

“Come here” Kingston said to Alice and she made to follow

“Drop her” Kingston gro-an ed

“I don’t know if she’s gonna cry” Alice said

“Wow,,she’s pretty” Jove said and made to carry her and she accepted

“Wow,,I will be back Beauty” Alice said waving at the girl

“Her name is Beauty?” Jove asked and Alice nodded,,Beauty smiled

Kingston [email protected]£d Alice hand and left with her before she could say more

“Gosh Kingston is something else” Linus shook his head and Jove laughed


“Kingston what is it” Alice asked

“You don’t notice anything?” Kingston asked

“What are you talking about?” Alice asked

Kingston hold her and made her to sit on the be-d,he also sat down

“Last night,,did you get to see her face? I mean the girl who stabbe-d you” Kingston asked

Alice thought for a while

“I did but I think it’s weird because right now I can’t remember anything about her face” Alice muttered still trying to think but got nothing at all

“She was the one I had to fight with,,she’s a witch. A powerful one but thank goodness I was strong enough,,but something is weird” Kingston said when she thought about Odette again,,she looked exactly like Leviana.

“What is it,,you can tell me. I’m trying to know what you’re thinking but you’re not letting me in,are you hiding something?” Alice asked

Kingston sighed

“You should be careful okay? I have to find out,,my guesses may be wrong too. But be careful,,around everyone here” Kingston said

“Here? You think there’s an enemy here working with those people?” Alice asked and Kingston nodded

“It’s definitely Jupiter,,,”

“No she’s not” Kingston snapped and She frowned

“You’re supporting her again” Alice said

“No,,listen I know what I am saying okay? I just don’t know,,,” Kingston sighed

Alice stood up

“I will be careful” She said

“Have you eaten?” Kingston asked

“No,,,oh right. I heard Beauty refused to eat also” Alice said

“Good,,what are we going to do about her? We should take her to the police,,,”

“I think there’s something about her,,”

“Alice,,just listen to me. We should take her to the police,we don’t even know who she is,,what if she’s some,,”

“I’ve been listening to you,,can’t you listen to me for once also? What if she’s not just any kid,,I mean it’s obvious she saw those people. You told me yourself that they are invisible and it was until you made me see them,,”


“Let’s just take care of her,,,,,,for now.”

“Babe,,I’m not saying we are not going to take care of her. What I’m saying is,,we should at least report to the police about her,,,we can bring her home after that and if there’s any news about her parents,the police will inform us right away” Kingston explained

“Okay,,I will listen to you again. The fact that you called me babe” Alice said and Kingston laughed

“One more thing,,,,your k!sses. Is there something about it? I mean,,at the park you had to k!ssme before I was able to see all those people,are you hiding something from me?,,and You’ve k!$$£d Jupiter numerous times,,does that mean,,” Kingston pe-cked herl-ips

“Don’t bring her into this,,those k!sses are nothing to me.” Kingston said

“But mine?” She asked

“It’s amazing” He win-ked

Alice scoffs

“That’s not my question,,why does it have to be a k!ssbefore I could see them? I remember our first k!sstoo,,the next day I was able to control ice with my mind,tell me Kingston,,,what all that is” Alice said

“Mind Control,,human Manipulation” Kingston said and Alice [email protected] and moved back

“I know you will freak out” Kingston sighed

“Wait,,does that mean,you manipulated me,,,”

“Your powers,,,I only helped,,,you wanted them so badly but it’s not working out,,I just boosted them,,,I swear I didn’t manipulate you to like me or something,,the feeling is natural,trust me” Kingston said

“How thefu-ck do you expect me to believe that? I knew something was wrong,,the moment I started thinking about you,,liking you all of a sudden when I’m supposed to dislike you because you were cold to me,,I knew something was not right,it was too fast,,,,,”

“Alice no,,,I really didn’t do anything to you. I don’t know what you’re talking about right now,,it was me who risked my life to save you,,would you say I was manipulated too? Try to trust me,,I wouldn’t do that. I’ve not been using all these powers for years,,but I started doing everything just because of you” Kingston said

Alice sighed

“I can’t think straight” She muttered and ran out of the room

“Alice,,” Kingston went after her

Alice ran out but then she almost bu-mped into a lady,,she st©pped to look at the lady. She look like one who is in her early 30s,beautiful,young,,really beautiful.

Jove and Linus are also standing as if they are scared or something

“Alice” Kingston [email protected]£ out of the room but then he saw the lady

He immediately [email protected]£d Alice’s hand and pu-ll-ed her behind him as if to protect her from something bad,Alice wondered why but she didn’t move.

The lady let out a scoff

“What are you doing here?” Kingston asked with no expression on his face

Linus and Jove went out with Beauty

“The last time I checked,,this place,,everything is mine” She said

“I can leave if you want” Kingston said and walked out on her dragging Alice along

“We need to talk,,,,meet me in two seconds” She said with a commanding tone and entered Kingston’s room

Kingston and Alice exchanged glances

“Go,,let’s talk later” Kingston said and rou-gh Alice’s hair,,she nodded and left while Kingston returned to the room.

“Are you okay?” Jove asked Alice immediately she got out

“What’s going on? Who is she?” Alice asked

“Kingston’s mom” Linus replied and Alice’s eyes wi-de-ned,she wanted to [email protected] but covered her mouth

“But,,why is there so much tension around?” She asked

“She’s the only one Kingston is scared of in this world,,I can swear it” Jove said

‘I heard she’s a witch and she owns this school’ Alice remember what Odette told her and [email protected]

“Is she going to hurt him?” Alice asked and almost rushed in but The two boys [email protected]£d her at once

“If you love your life,,I will advice you not to try that” Linus said and she st©pped.

Beauty got down from Linus’s hand and hvgged Alice’s leg as If to pat her from being sad.

After some minutes,the door opened and Kingston [email protected]£ out,his eyes were so red as if he cried,even if he didn’t he was looking so sad and angry at a time.

He ignored them and walked away

Alice ran after him.

Kingston’s mom also [email protected]£ out

Linus and Jove immediately moved sideways

“Who is that young girl?” She asked

“She’s Jove’s girlfriend” Linus immediately spoke up

“Oh,,I see” She nodded

Linus and Jove bowed their heads as she walked toward Master Min’s office.

They exhaled at a time,,immediately Beauty started crying out loud and Linus carried her.

“Let’s go eat something,I think she’s hungry or something” Jove said


“Kingston!! Kingston wait up!” Alice keep on running after him but he didn’t wait

But then she caught up with him and [email protected]£d his hand but Kingston throw her hand off

“Get lost” he snapped and her heart skipped three beats at a time

Kingston entered the car and drove off

Alice stood there watching his car leaving,,,

‘Get lost’ That word rang again in her head and immediately a tear dropped from her eyes but she wiped it off immediately and ran back in


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