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Fire and ice episode 20 & 21

🔥 FIR£
& IC£❄️
(Two Worlds [email protected]…)


By, Summer Gold R.


Kingston rushed into Master Zung’s office at once,He was closing his eyes definitely doing some enchantment but Kingston didn’t care.

“Master Zung” he called and his eyes opened

“I need your help plea-se come with me right away,hurry” Kingston said and master Zung stood up and followed him at once without asking question

“What happened to her?” Master Zung asked when they entered Kingston’s room,Alice was on the be-d looking lifeless

Kingston explained their encounter at the park

“I think the sword was soa-ked with dark poison” Master Zung said after checking Alice

“I know,so what do we do? We need to save her,,plea-se” Kingston said and master Zung looked up

“Did I just hear you saying plea-se?” He asked

“It’s not the tine to joke around,,just,,do something. I would have helped but my power is not working,I think the dark stuff is really powerful” Kingston said staring at Alice on the be-d

Seeing her looking weak make him sad,really sad. Maybe if he haven’t asked her to go out with him,everything wouldn’t have happened

“Master Min,,” Master Zung said and immediately Master Min appeared in the room.

He walked toward Alice and t©uçhed her

“Her soul is moving out,,,”

“St©p saying that” Kingston snapped

“It’s the truth,,if you don’t do something,she’s going to die” Master Min said

“What should I do? I wasn’t able to heal her ,,do something” Kingston said

“The antidote,,,you can only get it from the person who stabbe-d’s not a rare dark magic so I can’t help” Master Min said

“I don’t know those people,,,,,,,”

“The dark institute,,” Master Zung interrupted

“Do you know where that is? Tell me,,I will go right now” Kingston saud

“It’s dangerous,,those people are,,,,”

“They are no match to me so cut the crab and tell me where the institute is” Kingston snapped

Master Zung told him every details about the institute

“Don’t leave her side,,,I will be back” Kingston said and closed his eyes,,,after some minutes he opened with a loud gro-an

“Can you describe more better? I can’t get anything” Kingston said

Master Zung explained more de-eply this time

The moment he closed his eyes,,he disappeared.

“Who’s she to him? He look worried” Master Min said

“I have no idea,,she’s special I think” Master Zung replied

“Where’s the little girl they [email protected]£ with?” Master Min asked

“With Some workers”



“How dare you tell me you didn’t succeed in killing those interrupters!” The master yelled angrily at the four

They immediately bowed their heads

“I can’t believe you got hurt,,so [email protected]

“Trust us master,,,He’s really damn strong,,He’s powerful” Leander spoke up and a [email protected] landed on her face

The others kept quiet

“Get out!! And get prepared,,you must bring those two,,,no matter what. Do you get that!”

“Yes master” They chorused and left the office

“Are you okay?” Pax asked Leander but she ignored him and walked away

“Who’s that dude though?” Gunner sighed

“He’s a crazy type,,,how do we get him like the master want?” Pax sighed

“I will kill him once I see him,,,I swear” Leviana said and walked away.

She entered her room and throw her sword somewhere angrily,she remembered how Kingston stabbe-d her belly,great thing the sword can never hurt her since they all have the antidote right in their intestine.

She started pacing around the room

She continue pacing,,it wasfu-cking late alre-ady. Everyone is probably asleep right now but she was thinking of the best way to get Kingston,she want to kill him so badly


Kingston appeared right in the middle of the institute

“Dark Powers,,everywhere” He muttered,,he could smell them.

His mind went to Leviana first,,since it was her sword,definitely she will have the antidote right?

He closed his eyes trying to get her location and he did,,he started walking toward Leviana’s room. The institute was so silent,,he finally got to the doorstep,he was sure it’s Leviana’s room so he opened at once and closed the door again.

“Who’s that?” Leviana asked from the inside and Kingston entered the room with her

She immediately made to take her sword but Kingston appeared right behind her and kicked her back,she fell on the floor and gro-an ed In pain. She recovered too quic-kly and stood up facing Kingston angrily

“What are you doing here?” She asked

“You stabbe-d my friend with your sword” Kingston replied,,his eyes not leaving her for once

“That’s a relief,,I know I can’t lose you two at a time” Leviana smiled wickedly

“I’m here to take the antidote from you,,,I’m sure you have it” Kingston said

Leviana laughed

“You must be a prince,,you’re ordering me. I’m here to take the antidote,,you think I’m dumb?” Leviana frowned

“You should give me gently,,,if you don’t want it gentle. I don’t mind destroying everything here within a second,,you can try me” Kingston said staring all around the room

“Such guts” Leviana scoffed

“Are you in?” Kingston asked

Leviana sm-irked and brou-ght out a small Test tube with a purple liquid in it

Kingston tried to move forward

“I will break it right here if you move” Leviana said and Kingston st©pped immediately

“I’m going to give you this antidote on one condition” She daid

“Wha condition?” Kingston asked impatiently

“Fight with me,,,if you win,,I will give you and if I end up killing you,,my reward comes from master” Leviana said with a wicked grin

Kingston thought for a while,,he doesn’t have a choice. Alice is lying down helplessly right now,,he need to save her no matter what

“Deal,but no sword” Kingston said

“I fight with my sword,,are you in or not?”

“Okay” Kingston said

Leviana sm-irked and took her sword,,the tube was still with her.

“Come with me” She said and walked away while Kingston followed

They entered somewhere with a large space,,,Kingston looked around

“Right here” Leviana dropped the tube

“If you try to [email protected],,just with a cli-ck of my f!ngerstogether. It will be destroyed” She laughed

“Let’s do this” Kingston said

Leviana show off her sword fighting skills first

‘That wouldn’t have too much effect on my’ Kingston thought staring at the magic sword

Soon,,she was right in front of Kingston,if he wasn’t fast enough,she would have stabbe-d him right away.

She sm-irked and followed him,the fight started. The first five minutes,Leviana was getting the upper hand,she’s really a crazy fighter. No matter how Kingston tries,she keeps on getting him.

She st©pped with a sm-irk

“You’re so easy than I thought” She said

Kingston didn’t say a word,,the only thing he was thinking about was Alice,,hefu-cking need to get out of here fast before something bad happen to her.

Leviana rushed toward him again,her sword pla-ying in her hand. Kingston [email protected]£d her n£¢k and throw and heavy punch on her belly,Leviana fell right away.

“Not my belly again you animal!” She yelled

“I love that place a lot” Kingston sm-irked

She stood up and the second round of the fight started,This time around,it was as if Kingston just woke up,he didn’t allow her t©uçh him at all,soon she was on the floor.

Kingston stood there waiting for her to just give up and hand over the antidote to him but then she stood up

“Ever fought with a witch?” She asked

Kingston didn’t reply

She sm-irked and right In front of Kingston,She turned into five. As in,,five different Levianas surrounding Kingston each with swords In their hands glaring at him angrily

Kingston turned all around looking at them one by one trying to know which one is the real Leviana but it was fruitless,,,no difference at all.

“Arrghhh!!!!!” They all screamed at once rushing toward him

Kingston eyes turned red and a heavy breeze from nowhere blew them off at once

They all landed heavily on the floor

He would have taken the antidote right away but Leviana will destroy it,,

The five coughed and stood up again,,Kingston saw a metal just somewhere in there,he controlled it with his mind and it turned into a sword,he stretched his hand toward it and the sword dropped on his palm

The five Leviana charged toward him again,,,the fight was a h0t one,,by the time it was almost 1 hour,Kingston destroyed three of them which are probably fake,,he was still fighting with the other two when one of the sword cut him in the skin,,and then another and another.

It hurts like h*ll but being a strong one,,the dark Poison didn’t work straight away.

He fell on the floor ,,,The two Lavianas moved closer and pointed their swords at him.

Kingston’s hair turned red all of a sudden,,they moved back. He looked up and his eyes were as red as flames of fire. The whole place was beginning to become so h0t to endure,,he wasn’t himself any more.

He stood up and before they could blink,,,one of them was consumed by fire.

The real Leviana fell on the floor coughing,,the heat was too much to take it.

Kingston ignored her and walked to where the tube was,,he took it at once and disappeared immediately.

Laviana lost her consciousness the moment he left



Kingston appeared back in the room all of a sudden,Master Min and master Zung immediately moved away,,the heat coming out of his b©dy is not something to stay with. His hair is still red,,

“Kingston,,,control it” Master Min snapped

“I can’t,,,” He replied moving away from them

He threw the tube to them and Master Min caught it

“Open her mouth and give it to her” Kingston said

Master Min opened the tube first and then Alice’s mouth,,the moment he gave her the antidote,Alice started coughing while Kingston watched from the distance he was standing,he was still hearing up

Soon,,Alice opened her eyes to find four eyes staring back at her

She sat up immediately

“Are you okay?” Master Zung asked

“Where’s Kingston?” Alice asked ignoring the question

Master Min pointed to Kingston

“Tiger!” Alice’s eyes wi-de-ned and jumped out of be-d

She immediately rushed toward him and hvgged him at once,,and immediately The fire died off.

Master Min and Zung exchanged glances and left the room.

“Are you okay?” Kingston asked

Alice couldn’t reply,,she could see bloodstain all over his b©dy

“Tiger,,what happened? How did you get hurt,and did you get angry? Fire,,?” Alice asked

“I’m fine,,,don’t worry about me.” Kingston replied and hvgged her again

“Good thing you’re back,I was worried” Kingston said and Alice smiled

“I think I’m fine now,,how did you get me here? Where’s the baby?” Alice asked

“She’s safe now,,you should rest” Kingston said

“I know,,but what happened to you? Did all these happened while saving me from those people?” She asked worriedly

“No,,,this is not your fault,,so take a rest” Kingston said

“Where are you going?” She asked

“To take my bath”

“Can I sleep here tonight?” She asked

“I wasn’t planning to let you go” Kingston said and Alice smiled

Kingston returned the smile and left

*He’s lying* Alice thought

He definitely got hurt because of her,,but what really happened? She was wishing it’s not something bad.

She [email protected] the be-d with a loud sigh,she can’t wait for tomorrow. She need to see that little girl,something is fishy right now,,and who are those people? If they really escaped,she’s so sure those people are definitely coming back for them.

She was still thinking when Kingston [email protected]£ in looking more handsome again,,,

She stood up from the be-d at once,,

“What,,I thought you’re slee-ping alre-ady” Kingston said

“Don’t be surprised,,,I want this badly” She muttered and before Kingston could say something,she pu-ll-ed him by the n£¢k and slammed herl-ips on his. As if he’s been waiting,,he reciprocated hurriedly and carried her from the floor k!ss!ngher r0ûghly and hungrily,he needed the k!ssno doubt.

They continue k!ss!ngwhile walking toward the be-d,they got to their destination and Kingston dropped her on the be-d not breaking the k!ss,,the k!ssde-epens,getting each other’s sweet taste,none of them wanna st©p anytime soon.

*Tell me what happened to you,* Alice said in his head,,he wanted to break the k!ssbut she pu-ll-ed him into the k!ssmore ti-ghtly

*tell me,,I’m a curious cat* Alice said

*The sword you were stabbe-d with was poisoned,,a dark poison* Kingston said and Alice [email protected],she also wanted to break the k!ssbut this time it was Kingston turn to k!ssher more [email protected]

*Don’t worry,,I got the antidote and it was used for you alre-ady,,that’s how I got injured,but trust me I’m fine as long as you’re not slee-ping motionlessly on the be-d* Kingston said and finally broke the k!ss

“King,,,,,” Kingston cut her off with another k!ss

“I want something in return” he muttered

“What?” Alice asked

“You” Kingston replied


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