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Fire and ice episode 18 & 19

🔥 FIR£
& IC£❄️
(Two Worlds [email protected]…)


By, Summer Gold R.


“Kingston,,” She called and tried tou-ching him but he ignored her and went into the bathroom.

‘What the h*ll’ she thought still looking shocked

But wait,,did she just controlled water with her mind? When did she start doing that? Wow,,but then Kingston [email protected]£ out and her eye went to him again,why was he so angry?

“Kingston” She called and walked over to him

Kingston faced her

“Are you okay?” She asked but he didn’t reply

“Why are you still here?” Kingston asked coldly

Alice shook her head

“You really want us to have a problem? I don’t want that” Alice said

Kingston pu-ll-ed her into a hvg and she Smiled

“Did you see that? I controlled water with my mind and it worked on you,,it wasn’t supposed to work” Alice said hvgging him more ti-ghtly

“Your powers have effect on me” Kingston said

“Really? Then I’m glad,,but why did you get mad? Was it because I was holding hands with Linus?” Alice asked

“I don’t wanna talk about it,,don’t ever try to walk away from me again,,okay?” Kingston said

“You walked away first” Alice muttered

Kingston broke the hvg staring at her face

“You looked so cute earlier,,when you were angry” Alice tea-sed

“St©p,,” Kingston scoffed

“I’m serious” Alice chuckled

“Well ,,I think I’m beginning to feel my powers more,,,master” Alice said

“Show me what you’ve got” Kingston said and sat down on the be-d.

Alice smiled watching him producing a big flame of fire in his palm,,in a second the fire died off without Alice even moving

“Cool” Kingston smiled

“Try to start a conversation with me in your head” Kingston said

“Like a telepathy? Can that work on you?” Alice asked

“I told you your powers have effect on me”

Alice smiled

*don’t smile that way,it’s tempting* Kingston said in her head and she raised her brows

*then I will continue smiling that way* Alice replied

*you won’t like what will happen next* Kingston said

*what will happen?* Alice smiled staring at his face

Kingston shut the conversation off

“That was amazing” Alice jumped

“But [email protected]ûghty” she added

“You’re the [email protected]ûghty one not me” Kingston said

“I love having a conversation that way,,,”

“With me alone,,,” Kingston said and Alice st©pped

“I can’t do that with someone else?” She asked and Kingston nodded

She frowned and sat beside him

“Isn’t that weird?” She asked


“I mean,,if I can listen to your thoughts when no one else can,,”

“Nob©dy can listen to yours also” Kingston said

“I think I love that” Alice smiled and Kingston nodded

“Hey Tiger,,try to control your anger next time. Don’t burn down the institute” Alice said

Kingston smiled and lean forward

“Now you’re even bold to call me Tiger and Kingston?” He asked

“You don’t want me to call you that?” Alice asked in a whisper and Kingston got lost staring at herl-ips

“No you can’t k!ssme,,I heard it’s a crime k!ss!ngsomeone you’re not [email protected]!ng” Alice said s£dûçt!velybefore standing up

“Will you like to go out with me?” Kingston asked and she immediately turned

“When? Right now?” She aaked

“Will you?” Kingston asked and She immediately nodded

“7pm,,” Kingston win-ked

“Deal” She also win-ked before going out

Kingston smiled


[email protected]’S ROOM**

[email protected] was re-ading a novel when he heard a knock,,he stood up and went to open.

“Hey” Odette [email protected]£ In

“Is this a dream?” [email protected] asked

“It’s not,,,I’m sorry I [email protected]£ late. I checked the treatment room in the morning and I was told you left alre-ady” Odette said

“It’s nothing,,I’m really fine” [email protected] smiled

“Let me see” Odette said tou-ching his belly and [email protected] raised his shi-t up

“Are you crazy? I only wanted to see if you won’t react,why raising your shi-t up!” Odette half yelled

[email protected] chuckled and dropped his shi-t,,Odette bite herl-ips

“I’m sorry for yelling” She muttered

“I love it like that” [email protected] said and she smiled

“That’s funny”

“I hope we become friends after this” [email protected] said and Odette nodded

“Yea,because I owe you one” Odette said

“So,,when are you going for the gift? Isn’t it today?” [email protected] asked

“I’m going to master immediately I leave here,,I can’t wait” Odette smiled

‘She’s cute’ [email protected] thought

“So,,see ya” Odette waved

“Bye” [email protected] waved also

Odette opened the door and left,,

“Gosh” [email protected] fell on the be-d

Damon and Avalon [email protected]£ in

“Start the full gist” Avalon said first and [email protected] gro-an ed

“Nothing happened,she only [email protected]£ to pay me a visit” [email protected] said with a grin

“She’s so cute” He said

Damon and Avalon exchanged glances and shook their heads



“Come in” Master Min said when Odette knocked on the door

Odette entered and bowed

“Master,,I’m here”

Master Min looked up

“Have your seat” He said and Odette sat down

“There’s going to be a treasure hunt tomorrow night,,” He started

“Wow” Odette smiled,she missed all those activities alre-ady

“And,,,,I’m going to be giving you some hints about it ,that’s your gift,,” Master Min said and Odette [email protected] excitedly

“It’s going to be a secret,,so you can’t share with your friends” Master Min shook his f!nger and Odette nodded

“My mouth is sealed master,I promise” Odette said

“Good” Master Min said and brou-ght out a book

“Listen carefully because I won’t repeat myself”

Odette nodded.



“You shouldn’t take too long,,do you get that? You just have to kill them and that’s all,,we only need their blood” The master said

“Yes master” The students bowed before walking out of the office,,they are four in number.

Their the most powerful in the institute and they are the ones always s£nt on their evil mission

“I love missions like this” Leander said with a sm-irk on her face

“The park,what do you think. More kids are in the park,we don’t need to go into their homes this time since it’s weekend” Levinia said,another girl,she’s the most wicked of them all,she kill with no emotions at all

She was putting on red,herl-ips painted In red also,she was looking so pretty like a witch she is

“Yes I agree” Pax nodded,,He’s next after Leviana

“Swords” Gunnar said and immediately they joined their swords together disappearing into thin air

They appeared in the park where many people are having fun,families,kids and friends looking happy.

“Let’s watch for some minutes,,they deserve to have fun before dying” Leviana said and they sat down

They are all invisible right now,nob©dy can see them


“Have you been waiting?” Alice asked as she entered the car with Kingston

“No” Kingston replied staring at her outfit

She was putting on a trou-ser and ankle boots,a jacket over her crop t©p. All black. Her hair all over her shoulder,

“Are you planning to fight somewhere?” Kingstin asked after he’s done checking her out

“Ion know why I’m wearing this honestly but it’s kinda h0t” She smiled

Kingston nodded and started the car

“Can we just go to the park?” Alice asked

“I was planning that too” Kingston said

“Maybe we think the same way” Alice chuckled


The both got down from the car

“Wow,,,the kids are so adorable. I love kids” Alice said dreamily

“I have alot of them,,you can tell me if you want” Kingston said


“My di-ck” Kingston sm-irked and Alice laughed

[email protected]ûghty tiger” She said

“Do you come here often?” Kingston asked as they began walking in the midst of people having fun

“Yeah,,with my mom and sometimes my school friends. How about you?” Alice asked

“I didn’t have any fun while growing up,,I was lonely” Kingston said

“Why? What about your friends?”

“No friends either,,I will tell you about me later,not now” Kingston said and Alice nodded

“You look sad right now”

Kingston smiled and turned to her


“Not anymore,,,” She said and hold his hand

“Why don’t we do everything you missed during childhood? I will be there with you anytime if you want me” Alice said

Kingston nodded

“Ice cream” Alice win-ked and they walked to the ice cream stand

They got ice creams and started walking again

Suddenly Kingston st©pped walking and Alice also st©pped

“Are you okay?” She asked

Kingston didn’t reply


“We need to get out of here,,Right now” He said and Alice frownrd

“We just got here Kingston,tell me what’s going on” Alice said

“I will explain later,let’s go” Kingston [email protected]£d his hand but even before they take a step,,a teenager dropped dead right in front of them

They st©pped immediately

Alice [email protected] and bent in front of the girl

“Hello!! Hi!!! Can you hear me!!” Alice shouted but then another one dropped dead again

Alice stood up to see people running alre-ady,,she [email protected]£d Kingston’s hand

“Kingston,,what’s going on?” She asked in fear

Kingston looked around

“They are invisible” He said

“Who are they? The ones killing them?” Alice asked and Kingston nodded

“Can you let me see them too? plea-se” Alice asked

Kingston [email protected]£d her at once and k!$$£d her de-eply,,,he re-leased her after some seconds

‘His k!ss?’ She wanted to reason about that but it’s not the time yet

Her eyes wi-de-ned when she saw a young girl around her age slaughtering people with her shining sword

“Kingston we need to st©p them!!” Alice screamed

“Let’s leave,,,I don’t want you to get hurt plea-se,,don’t argue with me” Kingston [email protected]£d Alice hand and they started running

“Arrrghh!!!!!!!!” Alice suddenly st©pped when she heard a cry

“Why did you st©p?”

Alice turned back to see a little girl of about five years old on the floor,,one of the witches are about killing her.

Alice immediately throw Kingston’s hand off and ran back to the little girl

Before the sword landed on her,Alice kicked the witch so [email protected] that she fell on her face

“Are you okay?” Alice asked the little girl

The little girl pointed back,,it seems like she can see them too.

Alice turned when she heard the sound of fight,,Kingston alre-ady got there and was fighting with the witch,,after some minutes,she dropped on the floor and coughed out blood.

Kingston st©pped and turned to Alice who was alre-ady having the little girl in her hand

“I’m sorry” Alice muttered but then three more appeared to them,Two boys and a girl,,

“Leander,,are you okay?” Pax asked and helped her up

“How dare you!!” Gunner yelled and tried tou-ching Kingston,,he [email protected]£d the hand and throw it off

“Get lost” Kingston muttered

“I hate that word” Leviana snarled

“Get lost” Kingston repeated

Leviana pointed her f!nger at Kingston and an arrow charged right toward him and Kingston cracked in laughter after holding the arrow with a f!nger

The others exchanged glances and at the same time rushed toward him all with their swords

“Stay back,,don’t interrupt okay?” Kingston said to Alice and she nodded and stepped back with the little girl in her hand

The four started fighting with Kingston trying to stab him with their sword,it’s filled with dark poison which can never be healed so easily

Kingston suddenly noticed they are three now,,where’s the fourth person?

Kingston stretched his palms to the three and a blazing fire landed on them all,,they screamed and fell at the same time

“Kingston!!” He suddenly heard a scream

That’s Alice’s voice

He turned and saw one of the four fighting with Alice,the little girl was crying on the floor.

He disappeared abd appeared beside Alice,,he pushed Alice away from Leviana and took her sword from her so easily,he stabbe-d her belly with the sword and Leviana disappeared.

Kingston turned to Alice only to find her coughing out blood,,his eyes wi-de-ned

“Are you okay?” He asked

Alice lost her consciousness and he caught her before she landed on the ground

“Alice,,,Alice,,,” He called shaking her,,that was when he saw the wound in her arm,,she was stabbe-d with the sword

“F**k” He muttered and tried using his healing power but it didn’t work

“Kingston,,,help,,it hurts” Alice said weakly still not opening her eyes

Kingston carried her in his arms almost running off but then the little girl’s cry st©pped him,,he carried the girl also and they disappeared.



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