Finding mr perfect Episode 9

Episode 9
A smile plastered on my face as I starred at Jennifer on my be-d
last night was epic
yes I was drun!kbut I could still controlled myself if I wanted to but I didn’t
finally I got what I wanted
I walked into the bathroom room quietly took a bath and dressed up
I packed my things quietly and left the house
somehow I felt really sad
but what was I going to tell her ?
how do I even face her?
that was what I wanted and now I got it
I still had hangover from last night and the was she m0@n ed still fills my memory
the way she laughed loudly ,,she way she li-cked her lashes
What am I even thinking ,I don’t love her right
I got what I wanted
I Don’t do love I reas-sured myself and drove off
♥️Jennifer Pov♥️
I woke up and looked at my n-ked b©dy un-der the sheets
I looked at my side and he isn’t there
I ti-p toed to the bathroom and placed my ear on the door,if I could hear any noise or running water
I didn’t
I opened the closet and his clothes are gone
that was when it hit me
the MF is gone
I couldn’t believe I could be this foolish he left
what was I expecting ,he told me his intentions and he fulfilled them
I slumped on the floor and curled myself up
Why dose it hurt so much
I cried my eyes out before freshening up because I know Mom will be here any minute
I didn’t look at the mirror before entering the shower because I know I would look horrible
I took a warm bath and used makeup to cover up my swollen eyes and pale face
soon I was downstairs and greeted everyone
” we’re is Ken” mom asked
“he left” I blurted out and mom starred at me confused
“what do u mean” she asked
” he had a business emergency, you know who he is”I lied with a fake smile on my face
” ohh yeah ”
“that’s bad ” mom said
I ignored all they were saying and ate the little I could
Days pas-sed by and we were done with the wedding
everyone went back including me
I sat down in my ap@rtment and watched the TV when I saw him
I angrily used the remote and changed the channel
I hate him so much for using me
It’s been a month now and I have been doing great
I got promoted in my work and I ba-rely have time for myself or any guy
my phone began ringing ,I starred at the caller ID before ignoring the call
it’s no other person than my mom
she has been calling me nonest©p
she never st©ps asking of Ken
“Dose it looks like he wants to propose”
“hope your bring a good girlfriend”
“have you met his family”
those were the kind question my mom was driving me Insane with and she the one only person who kept reminding me of Ken.
I woke up feeling really horrible
I ran to the bathroom and puked
Geez what’s happening ,,I felt really weak so I just l@yon the be-d for sometime
since I hate being late I ignored all the signs my b©dy was showing me
I ordered the usual lunch I do eat everyday and it was brou-ght to me
I was opened it and the smell hit my nostril,I felt like thrown up immediately
I ran to the bathroom and emptied my stomach
I think I having a fever or something.
After the days work I decided to st©p by the hospital and run some test
Minutes later the result was brou-ght back to me and I checked it
“miss congratulation you are pregnant” the doctor said and I laughed nervously
” think you have the wrong person”I replied
“no ,you really are,,okay when last did you see your period”he asked
“period” I muttered gently in thoughts