Finding mr perfect Episode 8

Episode 8
The whole dinner went obviously not as planned all thanks to my sister
someone I felt so proud of Ken he just saved me from a hvge embarras-sment
He returned back to the room quietly
“Thank you” I muttered starring at him to see his reaction but i didn’t get any
“He has no right to make you feel bad and worst of yourself that is why I’m here
am the only one who is allowed to make you feel really bad “he said grinning
“your impossible” I replied and l@yon the be-d
“Don’t you have any important thing doing other than being here” I asked
“I do have but I still have to fufill why I’m here” he said and sm-irk
I rolled my eyes and faced the other side of the be-d
Life is really funny
some days back I was drowning In loneliness and then this a** showed up
Not even long he alre-ady knows every damn thing about me
His here pretending to be my b©yfri£ndjust because he wants to have S-x with me as a revenge for me hitting his d***
Who’s life is more messed up than mine ??
I ordered vodka while Ken starred at me
Your surprised right?
Well my sister left with my mom to go get wedding go-wn
they asked if I wanted to tag along but I declined
one way or the other we ended up in the car
We were just bored and it’s evening
so we hit the bar ,I agreed because it’s my own little way of saying thank you for saving me at the dinner
We drank and drank till we started laughing at nothing
we were both drun!k
we both supported each other and left the bar .
We hailed a cab and gave him the direction of my house
we arrived home few minutes later and ti-p toed into my room
we had no idea why we were doing that
let just say people do a lot of crazy stuffs drun!k
I was more okay that Ken ,,his one drun!kness was the worst
let’s just say it’s what you get trying to prove that you can drink more than a lady
we entered the room and Ken tried to re-move his p@n-ts but ended up removing his bo-xers too
I quic-kly use my hand to cover my eyes when he started laughing
I couldn’t help but laugh too
ourl-ips met and we both k!$$£d each other hungrily
my mind was screaming JENNIFER WHAT ARE YOU DOING
hey but who am I to see a hvge d*** right in front of me and not losse control
We were both completely unclad
I m0@n ed in plea-sure as Ken kept pounding in and out of me
In no time he re-lease all his ¢v-m in
side me and we both sle-pt off