Finding mr perfect Episode 7

Episode 7
🎈Jennifer 🎈
I quic-kly walked aways into the room and locked up the door
Geez this is embarras-sing
I have been embarras-sing myself for a long time but today own is different
How can a common k!ssmake me the way I am
But that guyl-ips tho
ohh $h!t Jennifer has gone crazy
Ken walked into the room few minutes later and I quic-kly composed myself like nothing happened
I think he also doesn’t see the k!ssas anything so why should I .
The night ended awkwardly and we both retired to be-d.
Today we were having another family dinner and Ken was the centre of attra-ction as usual
“so Ken how did you guys meet” my sis asked Ken
“me met at an eatry”Ken replied smiling
“woah that’s cool I had no idea”she replied starring at me
“so Jennifer I invited a guest over am sure you will love to see him” she said smiling
I know that smile
this is not good at all
she is definitely up to something
Before I could say something the doorbell rang and she hurried up to go open the door
“Hey Chris” she yelled ma-king me flin-ch
this better not be the Chris I’m thinking
okay guys Chris is like my number one and only crush
funny right??
So Chris is like the handsome guy from my childhood I was madly in love with him then
I was so in love with him that during my highschool days I do write letter to him and the only thing is would do is to re-ad it to the whole clas-s and make mockery of me
he embarras-sed me at any given opportunity he has but de-ep down i knew It didn’t change how I feel
she knew how afraid I was to stand in front of Chris and how intimid@t!nghe is
I hate chris so much but I love him ,,that’s if you un-derstand
Chris walked in looking extremely handsome as always but not up to the guy sitting beside me
“Hey Jennifer”he called smiling , showing off his white teeth
“Hi ” I replied back nervously
“woah I recognize you” he said starring at Ken
” yeah I get that everyday” ken replied
” I’m Chris”
” Ken Miller and Jennifer’s b©yfri£nd” ken said ma-king me blus-h
“Her b©yfri£nd”Chris said looking shocked
the look on his face was priceless ,,maybe he never think I will ever d@t£ someone like Ken
“Great ” he replied
We all sat down and at this moment the dining table was on fire
Ken wasn’t taking easy on chris
Chris tried intimid@t!ngme as usual but Ken kept defending me and ma-king it h0t for Chris
it was more like a battle between the both of them
the other member of the family kept looking at them in surprise