Finding mr perfect Episode 6

Episode 6
❤Jennifer ❤
I c@m£ out of the bathroom with my robe only to find ken slee-ping on my be-d
“are you kidding me”
i quic-kly jumped on my be-d and pushed him to the floor
“WTF! what was that for”i fired angrily
“I should be asking you”i fired back with my hands at akimbo
“You just pushed me”he said
“Incase you have forgotten this is my be-d and my house,there is no way you are slee-ping on my be-d”i replied back
“watch me,,,and if you dare try anything funny your mama is downstairs”he threatened
He climbe-d back the be-d and ignored me
“Hey honey ,are you guys okay”i heard my mom asked
“Yes mom we are fine”i repiled
“i wasnt asking you”my mom half yelled backing ma-king ken chuckle
“Yea ma’am we are perfectly okay,expect grand kids soon” ken half yelled ma-king my mom laugh
“n@ûghty boy,,,,Good night”she replied and i heard her footsteps retrived
Is it going to be a bad thing if i say i hate me mom right now??
she’s just unbelieveable
I l@yon the be-d beside Ken thinking about how I got myself into this mess
”hey you might not want to get close to me because this nigga right here can’t resist temptation and trust me you don’t wish I take you here because your gonna scream the whole house down ” he said
I ignored him and faced the other side of the be-d
if someone tell me I would meet such a psychopath in my entire process life
I will obviously laugh at their faces
here am I with Ken
His like the complete opposite of Mr perfect
well ap@rt from his good looks.
I woke up and found myself cudd-leup with Ken
how the hell this this even happen
I looked down only to see his d*** fully erected
I quic-kly jumped off the be-d and entered the bathroom
“morning”he yelled in a mockery tone behind me
Dear lord, plea-se take me to another planet “I muttered and did morning business.
Today the whole family were having dinner and Ken and I were there
he kept ma-king my mom laugh un necessarily
My dad and everyone is super impressed by him they couldn’t st©p complementing him and to t©p it all his a billionaire
what more could they ask for
Ken and I sat down alone in the garden in an awkward silence
His like a talkative like me I wonder why we both are not saying anything
My sis walked to us with a try if drinks in her hand and dropped it for us
” enjoy your quiet time”she said in a mockery tone and left
“bit-ch” I muttered un-der my breath
Gosh I hate her guts so much
my sister and I never really get along she’s always doing something to piss me off or make me jealous
“ohh we will” Ken said and landed hisl-ips on mine
I was shocked at first but returned the k!sswhen I noticed he was only doing it for my sis to see
I de-epened the k!ssand we kept k!ss!ngnot knowing my sis was long gone