Finding mr perfect Episode 5

Episode 5
✨Ken ✨
I went back to the room only to find the door open
I remembered i locked the door properly ,how did she excape
She must be smart i guess
But i think shes really crazy thinking i wont come after her
That night i got all the necessary details about her family
If she thinks i will let her runaway after hitting my d** then she’s more than just crazy
I vowed to make her pay for what she did ,its either i have a taste of her or she kneels before me and ask for forgiveness
Else i will make her life uncomfortable
But i really want to have a taste of her right form when i saw her at the club
Those her perky bo-ob s i wana squee-ze and svçkthem
Gosh thinking of her alone makes me hor-ny
I took my pri-vate jet to her hometown
I knew she told her mom she has a b©yfri£ndbut based on what i un-derstand it seems they havent met him before so i will pose as him
i still cant believe she has a b©yfri£ndbut am sure i’m way richer and h0tter than him
Just so you know i’m not jealous am just stating the obvious
The family and friends welcome me well and i felt really happy
Her parent were super happy and the girl i as-sumed to be her sister couldnt st©p asking if am truly her sisters b©yfri£nd
I sat down with my legs crossed waiting for her to come while her family showered me with love
She c@m£ back and her mom dragged her in
“Hey babe” i said and hvgged the lady who kept starring at me like some ghost
“You better pl@yalong”i whishpered in her ears and broke the hvge
“Ohh mom i have seen you meet my b©yfri£nd”she said in an awkward manner
“Yes you made the right choice honey”her mom said and hvgged her
“Take him to your room jenny” her mom added
she gr@bb£d my arms and dragged me to her room cursing un-der her breath
She slammed the door closed and let go of me
“WTF are you doing here”she half yelled
“I c@m£ to meet my inlaws”i replied while she glared at me angrily
“How did you even find me ,,what do you want from me”she asked fuming
“Its you i want honey “i replied and walked close to her
This time we were just an inch ap@rt
“i want you” i added and used my ton-gue to pl@ywith her ear lobe-d
I could feel her b©dy got tense,I really do have effects on her
she pushed me away
“Leave ” she said in a commanding tone
“You are mine since the day you hit my d*** ,you better get use to it,,you know what am capable of doing “i replied and walked to the door
“i’m not leaving ,just going down stairs to get my things ,its going to be a long night honey” i said and left the room
i heard her yell angrily and cursed un-der her breath
She really has no idea whats coming for her