Finding mr perfect Episode 4

Episode 4
💖Jennifer pov💖
“I am going to hold you n£¢k ti-ghly with my two hand and raise you up to the air ,,you will be dangling as you take your last breath and beg me for mercy and after killing you i will cut your b©dy into pieces and throw them in the trash”
i explained using my hand to demostrate while he starred at me in shock
he let out a nervous laugh before walking up to me
He was about to say something when my phone began ringing
“Seems someone just noticed your disappearance “he said in a mockery tone and carried my phone
“Ohhh MoM” he said smiling
“Dont you dare pick that”i fired angrily
I quic-kly ran to him trying to st©p him from picking the call but i was too late
He picked it up and put it on speaker
“JENNIFER” my mom yelled loudly
“Typical african mom” i thought
“I thought something happened to you”she said
“am fine mom ,thanks for calling”i blurted out
“Jennifer you will not kill me”
“Do you want to die single?
‘Dont you want me to see my grand kids”
“Jennifer your junior sister is getting married in a few days ,what have i done to deserve this” she lamented and began sobbing
All thanks to mom she just blurted out my whole life to a stranger
“Mom i’m seeing someone”i blurted out before she could say anything again
“Really”she asked exictedly
“yes mom”
“Omg thank God ,i thought my village people followed mr from nigeria”she said
Gosh this woman
“When am i seeing him”
“Have you guys done it,,i always knew you wont die a vir-gin”
I knew…..
“Hey mom the line is beaking let me call you back “yelled and ended the call
This woman has finally killed me
I avoided looking at him because right now am dying in shame
“i want to go home,,i nee-d to attend my sisters wedding”i managed to say
“Go freshen up the maid will bring you dinner”he said and left the room
Is he being serious right now
i heard him lock the room from outside and i smiled to myself
I gathered my things and walked to the door
I pu-ll-ed out some pins i used in my hair and unlocked the door
Lets just say i’m good at stuffs like that
I have been in such a situation before so sneaking out wont be a problem
i kept moving from one edge to another quietly and in no time i found myself outside the house
okay that was easier than i thought
I used my eyes to check the whole place ,,that was when it occured to me that it was his penthouse
I ran as fast as my legs to carry because it was getting dark and in no time i arrived at the main road
I quic-kly hailed a cab and told him to drop my at tee’s place
i knocked on her door and she opened almost immediately
“Heyyy,,you look horrible ” she said starring at me
“i nee-d to crash here for the night will be leaving town tomorrow i replied and pushed her aside
“tell me everything”she said smiling at me
I dont know if this is the special powers all bestie’s have they know how to re-ad you
Tee dropped me at my house to pick up my things and then drove me to the airport
She promised she will be coming in a few days.
It was evening,my mom invited her friends over to the house
i ran out throu-gh the back door because i knew
i going to be asked a lot a questions with the fact that my mom couldnt st©p announcing to everyone that am in a relationsh!p
Few hours of walking in the neighborhood,i c@m£ back home only to find cars outside
I didnt know my mom has insanely rich friends
I opened the door and walked in gently but what i saw left me shocked and speechless