Finding mr perfect Episode 10

Episode 10
💞 Jennifer💞
I threw everything I was holding to different directions and slumped on be-d
“what am I going to do now ”
that was the only question popping in my head
“hey girlfriend”tee yelled loudly
“go away ” I yelled back
“what’s wrong with you” she asked standing at the front of my door
“I’m pregnant” I said and she almost coll@psed on the floor dramatically
” what”she said still in shock
“how did it happen ,who is responsible ?
she asked
“what do I do now”I asked ignoring her question
“Don’t worry you will figure it out ,,am always here if you nee-d me”tee replied patting my back
thank God she didn’t push it by asking who got me pregnant
she knew I don’t want to talk about it and respected my decision
that’s one thing I admire about her
Tee left later ,she made me dinner and we watched some movie together
I cursed un-der my breath as I starred at the clock
I’m late
i had no idea this is how pregnant women suffer
I wasn’t myself eariler this morning ,,I rushed I the bathroom did my business and dressed up for work..
I entered the bank only to find the whole place almost in chaos
“Lilly “I called one of my co worker
“Jennifer”she called in a British accent
“what is happening”I asked confused
“one insanely rich man bought everything”she said
“what ?is that even possible”I asked in disbelief
“oh yeah same thing I said” she replied
“why wasn’t I informed,,why didn’t they tell me anything”I asked
“no idea honey “she replied
“so we heard his very strict ,I don’t wanna get fired unlike you how is at the t©p position”she added and walked away
I was so confused
Am sure it’s all this bald men in their fifties who doesn’t know what to use money for again
I entered my office and got prepared ,,an email popped in and we were to meet the new owner in few minutes
I arranged my Sk-irt and walked into the meeting room
We all sat down and waited for him
Geez what is it with old men and coming late
His almost thirty minutes late ,,I could see the tension in the room
everyone was nervous ap@rt from me ,,I have been in this field for long and all those old men forming strick boss I know how to handle them
Finally the door opened and someone walked in
“sorry for the delay” he said and everyone turned to him
My vision bec@m£ blurry
my head was spinning ,,a smrik plastered on his face as he saw me
His the one
He spoke in a bossy tone with so much authority in his voice
It was as if all he was saying was pas-sing my ear out
I starred at him in awe
why is he here
“miss Jennifer ” I heard him call and snapped out of my thoughts
“you all can leave”he said and they quic-kly left leaving us alone
“what are you doing here” I fired instantly
“that isn’t how to talk to your boss” he said
“you know what I fire myself” I said and walked out