Finding love (MHD) episode 9

(My heart de-sire)
Leona walked fast, her anger rising.. Her shoes suddenly felt like rock tied to her feet.. Easing her steps and annoying her. She couldn’t believe her father would go this far, she had always thought that the day would come when he’ll st©p ruling and laying down her life, she had thought he’d one day get tired, realize she’s way old enough to live her life, or just have more ounces of humanity towards her but all those thoughts just crashed into pieces, revea-ling reality right to her very eyes.. He wasn’t going to st©p, she knew that now.. He even chose her a husband.. It’s the peak and Leona wasn’t going to accept that.. Moments ago, Leona had realized just how stupid she had been, how timid and carefree by letting her father ride her up till this time.. But She is hopping down here and she was glad reality didn’t come too late..
“Oh hey sweety,” her mom smiled at her, coming out of the kitchen with a tray of baked chicken on one hand and China dishes on the other. “You’re back”..
” Yes. nee-d help with those?” She asked, walking close to help her.
“No, it’s fine. Have you met our guests?”
“You mean dad’s guests.. Well, I have” she replied, crossing her arms over her upper stomach.
“Oh, good” she said.
“Are those for them?” She asked and her mother nodded.
“I don’t think they’ll be having it mom, I think they’re angry at us, it’s normal that they are though” Leona said, twitching herl-ips.. Her mom tilted her head a little with a brow narrowed, giving her a quizzical look.
“What did you do, Leona?” She asked in a knowing tone.
“Nothing mom, I only rejected an offer, but I think it was in a bit of a rude manner” she said.
“You rejected the contract?”
“Not that. I rejected their belligerent offer to marry their son to get the contract.. Isn’t that crazy mom? Dad’s selling me off” she said and her mother sighed.
“They want you to marry Greg?”
“No, Greg wants me to marry him and they’re all giddy about it but I think it should’ve been replaced with something else by now, probably de-ep frowns.. Especially on that hypocritical Margaret’s face” Leona said, almost laughing as she tried to imagine the heavy maked-up woman’s face .
“Don’t worry mom, I wasn’t all that rude. I’m sure it’s nothing that they didn’t expect,” she smiled when her mom gave her a worry look and k!$$£d her cheeks before she could say another word “You should put those down” she whispered to her ear and walk to her room..
Jesse gave his guests placating smiles, Mr Rodriguez, he noticed; had a look of uncertainty on his face, Margaret, had both anger and a gob sma-cked look on her face while Greg just had a plain look, nothing to re-ad.
He sighed, even after all the facial signs he gave her, Leona still had to $h!t this up.. He remembered the e-mail he had gotten from the board where he had loaned millions from and squandered them, he had less than a week left to pay up his debts and just when the opportunity to do that pres£nted itself, his cruel daughter had to reject it.. Does she wants him to end up in jail and lose his only source of income.. What’s wrong with her?
Well, the only sweat here is to convince the Rodriguez to stay and not let Leona’s words get a toll on them, if he gets them to stay then convincing Leona wouldn’t be a problem.
“If you’ve chos£n to act quiet at that little girl’s outbur-sts then I won’t,” Mrs Rodriguez started saying, “Come-on Greg, let’s get out of this sick place” a look of grim determination rested on her face as she stood up. Mr Rodriguez followed.
“I’m de-eply sorry you all had to witness that–
“You can be after teaching your daughter some manners!” She ch!pped in with a grimace.
“Mom, plea-se” Greg stepped in “I alre-ady told you that Leona had no idea of my intentions to marry her, this whole thing must’ve taken her by surprise and coupled with all the work stress, it should be ha-rd on her.. Maybe we did this at the wrong time”
“Exactly, Greg’s right. Leona would never talk to anyone that way, she’s a sweet, loving and respectful child and I’m sure when she gets to know your son better, she’ll have no objections to marry him. plea-se forgive her on my behalf” Jesse pleaded.
“I’m sure work only weakened her muscles and not her s-en-ses” Margaret spat. “And there’s no way we’re coming here again, I never supported this in the first place and I definitely won’t accept that girl no matter what”
“Mom, dad.. If I don’t get married to Leona, then I won’t marry anyone else” Greg said and Jesse almost jumped in happiness.. At least he has the main guy on his side.
“That’s enough Mag, if Greg’s happiness is involved then we have to do it especially when it’ll benefit the company as well.. Let’s leave Leona to calm down, Greg will have to settle this with her the proper way” Mr Rodriguez said and Margaret immediately gave him a de-ep grimace.. Obviously shocked.
“That’s a very wise thing to do Mr Rodriguez. It’s really nice seeing how much you care about Leona, Greg. I have no doubts about you at all” he said and Greg gave him a small smile.
“Ahem! Sorry to interrupt your little conversation but Lunch’s re-ady, if you don’t mind, will you all plea-se come to the table?” Leona’s mother interrupted and Greg nodded, moving ahead of his parents, he walked to where the dinning was located. Jesse smiled, this wasn’t ha-rd at all. They all sat down to eat, Margaret still wore her grimace but it was reduced now while Leona’s mother served the food..
“Where’s Leona? Won’t she be eating with us?” Mr Rodriguez asked.
“She’s in her room, I’ll go get her after this” her mother replied with a warm smile.
“There’ll be no nee-d for that Mrs Terence, I can get her if you don’t mind” Greg said.
“Of course not son.. That’s a good way to start a conversation. Her room’s the fourth after you take the stairs” Jesse describe-d and Greg nodded before standing up.
“Be careful son, you don’t know what she can do” Margaret yelled..
“There’ll be no nee-d for that Maggie, my daughter isn’t violent.. You should be warning him about the stairs, it tends to sl!pfirst timers” Leona’s mother fired back, gave her a small smile and moved to serve her.
Leona took off her shoes, once in her room and sighed, trying to get her father’s look off her mind.. She’s sure now that any little chance they must’ve had to getting the contract with the Rod should have been closed, they must still be fuming on their drive home.. She couldn’t st©p the smile that la-id on her face as she imagined Mrs Rodriguez angry face.. Such a dramatic woman..
Leona str!pped, gr@bb£d a towel and stepped into the shower, she let the water run down for minutes and stepped down, gr-abbing her towel, she wra-pped it on herself and walked out of the shower door to her room, her hair dripping we-t.
“Hello princess,” Leona’s blood rose up and she clung onto her towel as she stared angrily at Greg, sitting comfortably on the only sofa in her room, holding one of her magazine and giving her a sm-irk.
“What’re you doing here?”
“The door was opened, So I walked in and decided to keep myself busy with this while I wait for my wife to have her shower” he said, staring up and down at Leona’s b©dy, his shaft growing ha-rd .. This is the only woman that gives him a ha-rd on with just her pres£nce.. She was different from other girls, he had never wanted any lady the way he wants her and he didn’t know why.. She looked so perfect. And he knew the only way to get rid of this new feeling that he’s growing for her was to have her, to satisfy his urges properly.. He could only imagine the things he’ll love to do to her.
“Get out!” Her sharp voice st©pped his thought.
“That’s no nice way to talk to your husband, Leona” he said and watched her fume.
“You know what Greg,” she crossed her arm “I never knew a person could be both stupid and a joker at the same time until I met you. You’re crazy if you think I’ll ever agree to marry you” she spat.
“I don’t think that’s your decision to make sweetie and to be honest, I don’t want this either..there’s still time to change this if you agree to what I want” he said.
“You’re a psychopath” she gritted and Greg stood up, a sm-irk still on hisl-ips..
“It’s okay if you don’t want to cos once we get married, I can have you anytime, anyhow and anywhere I want to and then divorce you once I get tired–
“Get out of my room this instant!” Leona gritted, restraining the urge to sl@p him.
“Feisty are we now, babe” he joked. “Anyway, a husband nee-ds to control his temper, you enjoy it while it lasts” he said, raising his hand to t©uçh her.
“If you dare raise your filthy hand to t©uçh me, you won’t like what will come next” Leona threatened, re-ading the seriousness in her gaze Greg moved towards her “Get out!” She snapped and he smiled at her face and walked to the door..
“Before I forget, your mom wants you for lunch” he said and walked out.. Leona quic-kly locked the door behind him and sighed out loud..
An irritated grimace on her face, she quic-kly pushed her head back and sat heavily on her be-d.
She glanced at the time for the umpteenth time.. 7:21, it re-ad.. She turned back to her l@pt©p.. It’s been practically four hours since she’s been sitting here doing whatever and waiting for the Rodriguez to leave.. She was surprised after realizing they hadn’t left even after what she had said but then she knew her father, he must’ve been able to cajole them, probably bringing up excuses and Greg must’ve helped.. This whole thing made her sick and her stomach, churn but Leona wasn’t re-ady to go out.. Even though she was hungry, she’d stay here the whole day than face those awful family with their maniac of a son..
Leona s£nt a reply to Amelia’s text, she was yet to tell her about what happened.. She heard her phone ring and she picked it up, it was her mom. She answered it..
“Leona, are you still in your room?”
“Yes mom”
“Honey, it’s been four hours! I thought you went out. Aren’t you hungry?”
“Have those people left?” She heard her mom sigh.
“Yes. two hours ago and your dad alre-ady retired to be-d. C’mon Lee, come and eat before your food gets cold” she said.
“Okay mom” she said and hung up.. Leona set her l@pt©p aside, stood up and sli-pped her feet into her fl!pflops, she walked out of her room door to the sitting room and saw her mom at the dinning, looking up at her. She looked around but didn’t see her dad anywhere so she stepped down the stairs.. She walked to the dinning and opened her food.. She started eating and after a while, she was done.
“Do you nee-d more?”
“No. I’m full, thank you” she said and her mom bent to pack the plates, after putting them away, she returned and sat with Leona.
“Honey, I want you to know that I’ll support any decision you take in this matter. I’ve seen Greg and from what I noticed, I know he’s not what he acts like, he’s just like his mother and I want you to know that I’m always with you. I won’t agree with your dad on this one and I’m sorry if I’ve blindly been pushing you into stuffs that you don’t want to do, I think your dad went too far this time” she said and Leona smiled, placing her palm on t©p hers.
“It’s okay mom. I’ve decided on that alre-ady, I won’t marry him-
“And what’s that supposed to mean!” Her dad walked out of his room and Leona together with her mom turned to him.
Leona bit on her lowerl-ip, seeing her father right now brou-ght a sort of dislike on her face for him..
“I asked you a question, Leona! What do you mean by you won’t marry him?” He turned to her.
“Exactly what you think” she said “I won’t and will never marry Greg” she said and her father let out a scoff.
“You will. It’s what you should do”
“No dad, I won’t. And it’s not what I should do, it’s what you want me to do,” Leona st©pped to breath and to st©p herself from yelling “And it’s something that I won’t do”
“Do you realize that we’ll lose JT, I could go to jail and everything about us will be in bankruptcy? Do you want our names to be all over the Media as thieves!?”
“And do you realize that you’re selling off your only child to a maniac, that you’re selfish and self-centered. Do you realise how much pain you cause mom with your schemes and most of all that all this is your fault!” She said, tears stinging a corner of her eyes..
“I’m your father Leona. Everyone makes mistakes and I’ve realized mine.. Do you want me to go to jail?” He asked, his voice softened.
“If marrying Greg’s the only way to prevent that, then I can’t help you” she said “And I agree, people make mistakes but mistakes are things that are not to be repeated once corrected dad.. Can you still call this a mistake?” She asked “Or are you doing this on purpose to use me?”
“Don’t talk to me like that–
” For once, just once dad, face your own shame, admit your wrong and accept the punishment..that’s the only way to correct this so called mistake” she said and didn’t expect the sl@p that c@m£ next.. It hit her cheek ha-rd , causing her tears to fall and she turned to her father, his eyes darkened with anger.. Her mom immediately rushed to her.
“You have no right to tell me what to do! You’re just a girl! You know nothing and you’ll do what I want Leona, even though you don’t want it cos that’s what any s-en-sible daughter will do!” His voice sounded like thun-der and Leona sniffed, filled with anger.
“It’s okay to be s-en-seless to you,” she started “I’ve lived my life plea-sing you, doing everything you want, you don’t even care how i do it you just want it done and I’ve always done it but this time I won’t and I’ll do nothing bad to plea-se you. You’ve lived my life enough! And even though it’s late to redo some things now, I’ve decided to leave the rest of my life” she said.. She was about saying something else when her phone started ringing.. She picked it up and stared..