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March 1, 2021


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Finding love (MHD) episode 8

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(My heart desire)




“Um..” He couldn’t find the right choice of words to use as his heartbeat went to an abnormal rate.. His gaze roamed on her like a prey.. He felt his palms go sweaty as he ransacked his head, searching for the right words. How did she find out?

The question popped into his head and many more followed but he couldn’t think of any possible answer..

Noticing her questioning and curious gaze on him he looked away.. Opening his mouth to answer but only a moan came out.

“I thought your name was Damien” her words made him flinch a little..

“Uh..I-it is” he stammered.

“So why’d you write Liam there and not Damien? Is that your other name?”

Damien’s gaze shot down at once to the paper and he realized that he had written his real name..he was also on the verge of using Gonzalez. He almost sighed out loud, he had thought she had found out who he really was.. Gosh! He almost had a heart attack..

What was he even thinking trying to reveal himself without knowing it?

He’s pretty sure she wouldn’t doubt who he was if he had written his other names.. She’s a smart girl, she’ll just do the sums and then boom..he’ll be totally busted.

“Yes,” he answered her, facing her “It’s my birth name, I’ve used it all my life until I started staying with my Grandma, she gave me Damien and I thought I should stick with it.. I’m kind of used to it now but Liam pops back in sometimes when I want to write my name on a book or paper, I guess it’s cos I’ve used it most of my school days” he falsely explained and Leona nodded..

“So which do you prefer.. Damien or Liam?”

“Damien. Please don’t call me Liam, it kind of uh..bring sad memories back” he said thinking about Mae and his other girlfriends that had left him.. Truth is, hearing her pronounce his name in that girly and friendly tone took him back to his real life, Mae had a sweet voice like that too and when she utters his name, he feels like it’s the most sweetest thing he’s ever heard, same goes to the other girls; but not until she broke up with him, that sweet voice wasn’t there any longer, she had become the most heartless person.. Her breakup was worst, it had hit him hard in his chest and when she had pronounced his name, it sounded like a thunder roaring.. It was no longer sweet, it was heartless, selfish and scary.

Leona lips parted as she thought of the possible sad memories he was referring to and she found herself wanting to inquire but instead she jammed her lips together, rethought her words and realized she shouldn’t, even if she has to now wasn’t the time.

“O-kay” she said in a calm tone and Damien smiled at her..

“ can I just fill this at home instead?” he asked “I feel like I’ll make a mistake cos my fingers are a little numb from all the selling and I wouldn’t want to embarrass myself when a pretty lady’s watching” he said and Leona giggled.

“Sure. You’ll just take it there tomorrow, the address’s written at the back” she said and he nodded. She took her pen from him while he neatly laid the form in his basket. Leona rubbed her palm together, trying to suppress them from the cold..

“Are you cold?” He asked.

“Um.. A little” she said, taking her cake and biting into it

“Uh..I don’t have a jacket on me, should I take off my shirt?” He asked and Leona stopped chewing, she gave him a look.

“You’re ki–” she didn’t complete her words when Damien lifted his shirt off halfway.

“What’re you doing? Stop it” she said and he gave her a look.

“You said you were cold, I’m trying to help”

“By going shirtless.. Don’t you think you might get cold doing that?” She asked.

” I can handle it Leona, and besides it’s the only way I can think of to make you stay longer”

“I didn’t plan on staying longer in the first place, I promised my mom I’ll be home before dinnertime ” she said and his face fell..

“So I guess it goodbye till whenever?” He asked solemnly.

“Yeah, maybe”

Leona shrugged a response. she was about taking another bite off her cupcake when a heavy wind blew it off her hand. Frightened, Leona pulled herself towards Damien and noticing the obvious, he pulled her to him, hugging and soothing her.. Leona shut her eyes as the wind scattered her hair, she tightened her grip on Damien’s shirt, hiding her face in his shoulder..

The wind formed a long deep circle with dusts and sand particles, twirling and carrying dirt with kept going round, making Leona grip tighten more. Damien whispered soothing words to her, trying to wave her hair covering his gaze. The wind finally settled, leaving a pile of dirt at a corner.. Moments later, everywhere gradually went back to normal, not feeling the waving of her hair strands or the fierce wind on her skin or the fright. Leona’s eyes fluttered open..

“It’s okay Leona. Everything’s fine now” she heard Damien whisper to her and she realized what had happened, she pulled away from him, tucking her hair behind her ear.

“Um.. S-sorry I had to hug you like that. I just–

“I understand Leona, I have a slight phobia for heavy wind too. It’s a normal thing” he said.

“Oh..” She muttered. ” Looks like we should be expecting a downpour tonight” he said.

“We should” she said, raising her head up.. She gasped. “Oh my, I must’ve smeared my lip gloss on your shirt,” she said, pointing to the lips mark on his shirt, Damien gave it a glance.

“I’m so sorry”

“It’s okay. I can wash it off when I get home” he said, Leona stared blankly at him, biting slightly at her lips.

“It looks like it’ll be hard to take off” she said and Damien smiled at her.

“Then I’ll just leave it this way.. It looks kinda cute, I think it made my shirt more good looking” he said and Leona gave him a questioning look.

“Huh” Leona lips parted.

“It’s like I just got your autograph. I’ll just put this on or stare at the lips mark when you’re not here or when I think of you, it’ll help not to miss you too much. I’ll make this my favorite shirt” he said with a smile.

“You’re such a joker” she said and he laughed.

“Maybe I am but I’m serious right now”

Leona gave him a long look, gulped and looked away. Feeling uncomfortable.

“I should go” she stood up and bent to grab her bag but he took it before her and they exchanged eye contact.. A wave of déjà vu passed through her and she didn’t want herself pulling in unknowingly. She quickly broke the contact and collected her bag.

“Thanks. Goodnight” she said

“Okay, goodnight” he answered and she started walking to her car.

“Drive safely” he said behind her and she turned, gave him a small nod with a smile and walk to her car.. She hopped in and breathed out.

Why does she always seem to lose control when he gives her that *look* .. It definitely can’t be what she’s thinking..

Leona shook her head, as if shaking the thoughts off.. She inserted her key and started the car.


The next morning (day), Leona got herself ready for work, had breakfast, emptied her coffee cup and kissed her mom cheeks and hurried to her car, throwing her bag to the passenger’s side, she hopped onto the driver’s and pulled out of the driveway, hitting the road to the company.

Leona climbed down after parking correctly at the parking lot, she grabbed her bag and locked her car before heading into the office.

“Good morning manager Lee”

“Morning miss Terence”

“Hi Leona”

Greetings flew at her from angles and she answered them all with a smile, her secretary ran to her.

“Good morning, manager Lee” she greeted.

“Morning Kira”

“I gathered up the accounts you asked for, I already checked them out as you instructed and crossed out the errors after correcting them. You can recheck them

Leona walked to her office seat and plopped herself on it.

“I will, leave them on the table” she started pouring herself a cup of coffee “And will you please tell the chef my cream can needs refilling, on your way out?”

“Sure, I will”

“And send my schedule details for today to me” she said and her secretary nodded before leaving.

Leona drew the file pack to herself, she opened it and pulled out one of the papers.. Turning, she grabbed her coffee cup, realizing she hadn’t added the necessities, she put it down and continued with her work..


Leona’s eyes fluttered open and she blinked rapidly, adapting to the sun rays.. Her eyes rolled around, taking in her environment.. Knowing she was still in her office, she sat up and winced painfully as she felt the snap at her neck when she tilted it, gently she massaged the spot with her palm, she heard the ringing of her phone on the desk, she picked it up and a knock came to her office door.

“Come in” she ushered the guest in and answered the phone..

“Leona?” Her mom’s voice came in an alerting tone “honey, is that you?” She asked.

“Yes mom. Did you lose my number?”

She heard her mother sigh first before replying “No honey, I’ve been calling you all day, I was really worried cos you weren’t picking up”

“Sorry mom, I fell asleep on my desk. Is something wrong?”

“No Lee. It’s just that the Rodriguez are here” her mother said and Leona brows narrowed.

“The Rodriguez? Why, did they approve the contract already?”

“I don’t know Lee, I’m currently making them a meal in the kitchen, your dad’s talking to them, he’s been trying to reach you. I think they want to speak to you” she said.

“Okay mom. I’ll be on my way home”

“Okay honey, be careful” she said and Leona nodded.

“Sure” she said and hung up.

Leona dropped the phone and faced her secretary.

“Yes Kira”

“Your dad called, he Say’s he’s been trying to reach you and–

” I got the call already Kira, thank you. And I’ll be heading home now. Take care of things from here and call me if anything serious comes up”

“Okay manager Lee” she said before walking away.

Leona hurriedly packed up and rushed to her car in the lot, she pulled out and drove home.

Entering into the open gate, she parked her car beside the unfamiliar one which she knew must belong to the *guests*.. She grabbed her bag and hopped down before moving into the house. Her dad’s obnoxious gaze welcomed her first but she looked away from him and walked towards the Rodriguez in the living room where they we’re having drinks.

“And I guess this must be our charming and hardworking Leona” Mr Rodriguez said, flashing her a smile.

“Yes Mr Rodriguez, good afternoon” she walked into his open arms and he pecked her forehead, she pulled away with a smile “Your dad already informed us that you were delayed by work.. It’s really impressive to know that you’re this hardworking at your age, your father won’t have a problem leaving his company in your guide” he said and Leona pulled up the best smile she could find.

“Leona dear, don’t I get a hug too? I’m sure I’m not too tiny for your eyes to see” Mrs Rodriguez called and Leona faced her, reading the hateful remark in her words.

“I’m so sorry ma’am, you’re definitely not tiny” she moved to her with a smile and hugged her.

“You’re exactly what I want, I’m sure you’ll lead my son well. You’re even more good looking in person than Greg described” Mr Rodriguez said and Leona smile wiped off her face for a moment as she followed his stretched out hand and it landed on Greg, relaxing on a sofa at a corner.

“Hello Leona” he gave her a knowing smile “it’s good to see you again”

She gave him a deep frown.

“Oh hey Greg, didn’t see you there” she said, returning his smile.

“I noticed that babe” he said and Leona looked away, irritated.

“Greg honey, are you sure you want to carry on with this?” Mrs Rodriguez asked, giving Leona a hateful look that switched to a concerned one when it landed to Greg.

“Mom, we already talked about this. It’s what I want” he said.


“Let him be Margaret,” Mr Rodriguez chipped in and Leona wondered if they were talking about approving the contract or not “besides, I think Leona will make a great wife.. She might influence our son positively too, I have no doubt about it”

“Um..sorry, I don’t think I heard that well, by wife; do you mean business partner or is the whole thing a mistake?” Leona asked, confused.

“No Leona, I meant wife” Mr Rodriguez said and Leona frowned.

“I think I’m really lost here, what’s going on dad?” She turned to her dad and he gave her a face sign, requesting her cooperation.

“I’ll tell you what Leona,” Greg said and she gave him a look, a smile rested on his lips “I told my parents I want us to get married” he said authoritatively . Leona didn’t miss the look he gave her..

*I told you Leona, I’ll get you no matter what. I always get what I want* Leona read it and looked away, gobsmacked.

“Dad, is this true?”

“Um..I think it’s the best thing Leona, Greg’s a really nice guy and they promised us the contract once you both get married, we’ll also work as a team”

“You’re crazy dad,” she said with a scoff “Mr and Mrs Rodriguez, I’m really sorry you’ll have to hear this but I’m never getting married to your bratty son and I don’t fucking care if it affects the contract” she said plainly.

“Leona!”her dad yelled a warning and she gave him a deep frown, disappointed.

“Sorry dad.. But your busted this time” she said and walked away, letting her father angry echoes accompany her.


So guys, I was told my phone’s beyond repair , I had to use my mom’s Small android phone to type this and it was really stressful trying to hide it from her and typing with took me days 😥. I’ll be typing with it for now until I get a new phone but please know the chapters might come in late cos my mom also use the phone.. Just bear with me for now.

Like, comment and share..please encourage me. Lemme rush and write small of the next chapter before momsy sees me 🏃🏃🏃.





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