Finding love (mhd) episode 7

(My heart de-sire)
The lady looked up at her and Leona flashed her a small smile.
“What’s the name of that person” she repeated and Leona sighed, looking away slightly.. She tried to think if he had mentioned his name on an occasion when they met and talked.. Moistening herl-ips, she turned to the woman.
“Um..” She paused when it hit her, he once gave her his number, he must’ve saved it in his name.. “A second” she said, reached for her phone and took it out, she turned it on and began scrolling throu-gh the contact list.. She found it easy enough, it was the only new number on her phone and the strange one.. “It’s Damien” she said and the woman typed it down then looked up at her.
“Other names?” She asked and Leona brows narrowed, he hadn’t written it.
“Um.. I don’t really know” she said and the woman nodded.
“This is fine then. He’ll fill the rest when he comes here tomorrow and make sure he fills the form correctly before bringing it here tomorrow” the lady said and Leona nodded, she typed a few things before drawing out a file from the printer, she stretched it to her and Leona collected it before thanking her.
Noticing she didn’t inquire for payment or anything, she as-sumed it was free and that is all, she walked out, she sight Amy resting on the car, rolling her car keys in her index f!nger and giving her an gob-sma-cked expression, herl-ips slightly ap@rt.
“Quit looking at me like that Amy, they’re lots of flies here” Leona said, reaching her. Amy closed her mouth but her surprised look didn’t go.
“What the heck was that Leona?” She asked “I didn’t know you were this close with that..guy” she said, pronouncing the ‘guy’ like it was an abominable word.
“It’s called helping Amy” she said, moving to the other side of the car.
“It seems more than that to me, don’t tell me you’re doing this for that cu-pcake seller you just met few days ago” Amy hopped into the drivers.
“He’s a cu-pcake seller doesn’t make him less of a human Amy and besides isn’t few days enough to be friends.. You had S-x with a guy you had just met” Leona said.
“There’s a big difference there Lee, he’s drop dead gorgeous, S-xy and rich, he drives a Lamborghini and has this heavenly smell, it’s way way better than a guy that probably smells like my nanny, sell unhealthy cu-pcakes and isn’t even worth a glance!” Amelia said, giving her friend a stare.
“Okay Amy, can we st©p this?” Leona asked after a de-ep sigh “You’re getting hyped up over something that isn’t even important”
“I’m glad you realize that he isn’t important Lee. He’s no good for you, he’s not someone you should mingle with or care about”..
Leona rolled her eyes at her friend.
“You don’t even know him Amelia, he’s poor doesn’t make him someone that shouldn’t be noticed, he’s a nice guy” she said.
“Oh plea-se,” Amelia sighed, frowning “He’s ma-king you think that to take advantage of your money. Their kinds are everywhere, trying to get on anyone that drives in big cars and looks rich”
“Amelia, if you won’t drive then I will” she said..
“Okay fine.. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you” she said and started the ignition.. The drive was a quiet one and Leona noticed Amy was still a little angry at her, she knew why but she didn’t like that it was because of that guy.. Born and bred in a rich family, she had been extremely spoilt and pampered, though her dad was no more and her mother, busy to the extent that she ba-rely have time for her, she s£nds her extremely large amounts for her upkeep, plus her monthly pay. Amelia was a picky type when it comes to people and when they met, Leona’s family hadn’t been all that rich, they both met in junior year, they had schooled together and stayed in the same clas-s but had never talked to each other, Leona had noticed her and unlike their peers, she wasn’t obsessed with becoming her friend, Leona saw her as a happy girl that pride herself in her clas-sy lifestyle.. It wasn’t until they bec@m£ friends that Leona knew her better..
Leona remembered when they first met and talked, a group of girls were bullying her for acting like she was better than anyone and Amelia of course, wouldn’t st©p insulting them. They dirtied her clothes, sprawled her across the floor, scratching her left cheek in the process, they poured goo on her and made it sink in her uniform.. Leona watched them, seeing the tears falling from Leona’s eyes and the girls enjoying it. Amelia noticed her from where she stood secluded, looking mushy and dirty.. Their gaze met and Leona gave her a sign that she was going to help her.. She went to the principal’s office, being recognized for her great academic knowledge, she was ushered in and she told her about the girls bullying Amelia. Two strict male staffs followed her back and caught the girls right in the act, while they took them to detention to serve their punishment, Leona helped Amelia to the restroom, she helped clean her, gave her her extra sportwear that she always leaves in her locker and took her to the school nurse to tend to her wounds, visiting her at intervals.. She met her mom the next day, a pretty slender woman.. And up till now, they still had their friendsh!pintact, one thing that they both value.
“What about Jackson? It’s been a while since you talked about him” Leona said, trying to get the atmosphere to be lively.
“He’s good. We only talk on phone now since he’s away with his dad to Manche-ster” she said “I miss him a lot”
“Yeah. You don’t have to tell me” she said and Amelia gave her a knowing look, they laughed after it.
Amelia parked at the mall parking lot in a gras-sy corner, they got down and walked into the mall, after a few words a lady as-sisted them in picking out outfits.. Amelia walked to the fitting room, changed and c@m£ out, flaunting herself before Leona.
“It’s beautiful” she commended and Amelia smiled, gr-abbing another dress.
“How’s this one?” She asked, coming out.
“Very nice. Try that one” Leona pointed to a sleeveless dress that c@m£ with matching stiletto heels, the sales girl picked it up and handed it to Amelia, throwing the other clothes to the saleslady, she walked back to the fitting room. She walked out..
“Pretty” Leona commended “just as I guessed”
She took another in..
“Very good”
“Wow. Beautiful”
“This is pretty”
“This one totally fits you”
Leona sighed, waiting for Amelia to come out. She wondered how many more clothes she’ll be picking up and how many more commendations she has to give.. She glanced at the saleslady, standing at a corner, professionally waiting for another clothe to be throw at her.. Leona turned her attention back to the door when it creaked, Amelia walked out, dressed in a skimpy flare Sk-irt and and a crop t©p with a flower design on the single hand..
“It’s beautiful”
“Aw, come on Lee.. Aren’t there any other word. You mean none of these clothes are S-xy, h0t, crazy Or something?”
“They are Amy.. This one especially. I just didn’t think of them” Leona said, Amelia gr@bb£d another cloth from the line, tossed the previous to the saleslady who scampered for it and walked back to the fitting room.
“Do you have collections from GA?”
“Yes miss, we have a p@rticular space for Glamorous Accessories, the latest outfits with matching jewelries” she explained “But they’re pretty expensive”
Amelia gave her a c0cky look “And do I look cheap to you? Hold on have I been putting on paupers clothes?” Amelia asked with a de-ep frown.
“Um no miss, this is p@rt of our best collections too” she said, giving her a placating look.
“You’re such a dork. Anyway, I’ll get two more from here and do the rest of my shopping on Glamorous” Amelia said, gr-abbing a cloth from the line, after giving the lady a scoff, she walked to the fitting room.
Leona sighed herself to a chair, giving the saleslady a sorry look.. Hers is way worse.
She hoped this would be the last one even though she doubted it
After a few more commendation, Amelia went for Glamorous Accessories, she purchased more clothes, shoes next then bags and then jewelries.. She made Leona get things for herself too, knowing she doesn’t really nee-ds those stuffs, she bought less..
Amy settled their bills and their bags was as-sisted to the booth, during the drive home, they talked about random stuffs and Amelia dropped her at her house, evening was seeping in then.. Street lights were on. Leona gr@bb£d her shopping bag and working and hopped down..
“Tell aunty I said ‘Hi’.. I would’ve loved to come in but I have lots unfinished work to do at home” she said.
“I will,” Leona said “Bye” she said with a wave and walked into the house.. She met an empty sitting room and she was about entering the kitchen when Mandy walked out of it, a pail in her hand.
“Welcome Leona” she greeted.
“Thanks. Is mom in?”
“No, she left to attend to some deliveries but she promised to be back early. I alre-ady made dinner, do you want me to serve yours?” She asked.
“No. I’ll just wait for mom. Are you going home tonight?”
“No. Aunty said she’ll be nee-ding my help overnight” she said.
“Okay. I’ll be in my room” Leona said and walked to the stairs..
She got to her room and threw her bags on the be-d.. She sat down and pu-ll-ed her shoes off, she stood up to change her clothes before gr-abbing her phone. She turned it on and immediately her contacts appeared and Damien’s name appeared as the first in the list.. She cli-cked on it and placed it on her ear, hearing it ring..
“Hello” she heard his voice.
“Hi.. It’s Leona. Are you still at Bobby’s?” She asked.
“Yes. Do you want me to deliver?”
“Not today. I have something to show you, I’m coming over to Bobby’s” she said.
“Okay then. I’ll just save these cakes for you then” he said and she smiled.
“Okay. I’m on my way”
She walked out of her room with her bag and met Mandy in the living room, watching TV.
“Mandy..” She tilt her head to her “if mom comes and asks of me, tell her I went out for a while. I’ll be back before dinner time” she said.
“Okay” Mandy said.
Leona walked to the parking lot and hopped into her BMW, she drove out of the compound and head to Bobby’s burgers.. The road was free and she was grateful for that.. She reached Bobby’s and hopped down..
She sight Damien on the chair, his gaze on her and she walked to him..
“Hey” he said with a bright smile as she sat with him.. The cozy breeze on her skin and she regretted at once why she hadn’t brou-ght her jacket with her.
“Hey. Did you wait for long?” She asked, reaching into her bag.
“No. I was just about leaving when your call c@m£ in”
“Okay then. I’ll go straight to the point since it’s getting dark and cold. Do you still plan on going to college?”
“Yes, why? It’s p@rt of my big dream”
“Here” she gave him the form and he took it, glanced at it and gave her a look.. “Earlier today I pas-sed throu-gh a city hall and they were giving out forms for scholarsh!pto 5000 teenagers, knowing that you might nee-d it, I got one of the forms for you. You’ll just fill this and go there tomorrow for the registration” Leona said and he gave her a stare.. Leona almost thought he didn’t agree with it or he wanted to give it back but her thoughts vanished when he smiled..
“Whoa.. Thank you very much, this is great news!” He squealed happily and Leona smiled.
“Granny will be so happy when she sees this.. Really, thank you Leona” he said and her smile de-epened but replaced itself with awe when he threw his arms around her in a hvg.. Leona let him be, realizing he must be extremely grateful, she let him be. Trying not to hvg him back..
He pu-ll-ed away and she noticed the shy gaze he s£nt her..
“Sorry. I was just really happy” he said and Leona nodded..
“I un-derstand”
He turned and picked the last cu-pcake in his basket.
“Let’s start with this as a payment. Both for your time and for having me in your mind, it’s like an honour” he said and Leona took it..
“Okay then” She said “but you’ll be owing me more once you get the scholarsh!p” she tea-sed.
“Anything to keep seeing you” he said with a smile and Leona cleared her throat. She took out a pen from her purse and gave it to him, trying to distract her mind. Damien took it and started filling, Leona watched him, munching at her cake., her brows suddenly narrowed.
Damien’s head snapped up at her and she saw the shocked expression on it. He opened his mouth to say something but closed it back.
“You’re Liam?”
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