Finding love (mhd) episode 5

(My heart de-sire)
The stares was getting awkward and Leona couldn’t break it so as Damien.. She hadn’t expected herself when she leaned in first.. He’s the only guy that makes her feel more human than she felt, others only take one glance at her and wants her on their be-d or gives her this flir-tatious look filled with total lvst.. No one had stared at her so sincerely, made her feel like she was something more than she had always thought, made her feel beautiful and not just S-xy.. All she could see when she looked at him was his complete honesty, she had never felt this strange. She saw him lean in too then on a second thought she st©pped herself from suc¢v-mbing a second time. He doesn’t know her as much as he was sounding, if he knows about what she had done in the past with guys, just for her father’s sake he probably wouldn’t call her life’s beauty or look at her like he’s doing now.
Leona j£rked up abruptly when she heard a noise and mild vibr@tion in her palm, pu-lling away she glanced down and relaxed when she realized it c@m£ from her ringing phone.. She gave Damien a glance, his gaze was still on her.. Though it no longer had what it had few seconds ago, it was normal.. Leona stared at the unknown number and swiped to the receiver.
“Hello S-xy,”
Her brows furrowed in confusion at the voice.
“And who’s this?”
“I feel hurt knowing that you’ve forgotten me so easily when I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind” the masculine voice said flir-tatiously. Leona gave Damien a glance, irritated by the caller. The voice sounds familiar but she couldn’t place where she had heard it from or who..
“Excuse me?” she said scornful.
“I’m serious, I haven’t been able to get those perfect curves of yours off my mind, including your soft skin” the voice said, getting her more irritated. How did this maniac get her number and who was he?
“If you won’t tell me who you are then I’ll believe you’re an insane stalker and since you have nothing vital to say, I’m hanging up–
“Wait, calm down honey. It’s Gregory, remember? Rodriguez. We met yesterday back at my house”
She put the phone back on her ear, catching the name.. She should’ve known it was him. She didn’t remember giving him her number.
“Oh.. Greg,” she said, trying to make her voice lively and surprised. “Um I don’t remember giving you my number the last time we talked, how’d you get it?”
“From your dad. I called your office throu-gh your business card and was told you weren’t in so I got directed to your dad and he gave me your number” he said and a frown crossed her face.. She quic-kly replaced it with a smile when she caught his eyes on her.. She excused herself, stood up and walked to a place where she was sure he wouldn’t hear her.
“Okay. So why’d you call?”
“Since it’s your work free day today, I was thinking if you could make out time so we can meet up this evening” he said.
“I thought we alre-ady finalized our meeting, you promised to talk to your dad alre-ady. So why do you want us to meet ?” She asked.
“Well.. Cos I changed my mind, I won’t talk to my father as I promised”
“What?” She said bemused “But why? I thought we had a deal. Look Gregory this contract will be beneficial to your company as well as ours, we could do–
“Aw come on, I’m not interested in it’s benefit or the companies.. I’m interested in you”
“Excuse me?” She said..
“Listen Leona, like I said earlier, I can’t get you off my mind, you keep ringing a bell everywhere I go, I can’t st©p thinking about you” he said and she shut her eyes, taking a long breathe to calm herself.
“Look Greg, I un-derstand but you can’t call off our deal cos of this, you gave your word”
“I did and I’m taking it back but maybe I might re-give it if we meet, permanently this time” he said and Leona sighed.
This is obviously not as easy as she had once thought.
“Okay. So if we meet, you’re resigning the deal and keeping it this time?”
“Yes babe. Let’s meet at my house, 4’0clock. And get this deal really finalized” he said and she didn’t like how he said it. She only hope it’ll be just meeting and finalizing, nothing more. She wouldn’t want to pas-s throu-gh his lvstful gaze again but she had to do it, she alre-ady told her dad he had agreed, how could he change his mind at this time.. Who does that?
“Are you there?”
“Y-yes,” she stuttered “4’0clock’s fine. I’ll be there” she said.
“Alright S-xy–
She hung up before he could complete his statement, it really pisses her off. Leona held her phone in her palm, letting her mind wander on the possible things that could happen.. After all they were meeting at his family’s house, nothing bad that couldn’t be st©pped could go wrong, he wouldn’t even want to have his way with her right in his family house, he would at least have some respect. She would just do this and drive him completely out of her head before s£nding his number to blacklist. Leona walked back to Damien.
“You have somewhere to be?” He asked and she nodded..
“I have,” she glanced at her time “Less than twenty minutes left” she raised her head up at him “I could spend them eating cu-pcakes, pas-s me one of those” she urged him with a smile and he nodded before tossing a cu-pcake to her palm.. He watched her eat it.
He watched the l@pt©p screen turn blank then after a few seconds, she showed up.. Her re-ading glas-ses perched on her nose bridge told him she must’ve been re-ading or probably attending to work matters when his call c@m£ in..
“Just go straight to the point, I don’t have all day” he said and she nodded.
“Well, this is all the important information I was able to get from the investigation,” she said showing him paperwork stapled together, he as-sumed they should be up to five.
“I nee-d a summary on everything” he said.
“Uh.. Okay sir,” she adjusted her glas-ses “Miss Leona Angela Terence is the daughter and only child of Mr Jesse Marshall Terence, the CEO to JT company, currently they’re bankrupt and owes so much to their board but it’s surprising that this is the third time they’re going bankrupt while owing so much to their board. From my research, JT doesn’t really have standard infrastructures, at least not the one a company this size big should have,” she showed him a clear picture of the big building “which means that none of the money borrowed was used on the company but on other purpose, an interview with one of the staff confirmed it. He also revealed how Jesse Terence, womanizes on duty, caring less if he gets caught and how he and his daughter have had several heated argument in the company and on some occasion, Leona Terence comes out in tears. I traced this information to Jesse and confirmed it, Jesse Terence is a big time wom-anizer even though he’s married to an average chef, Mrs Elisabeth Terence. Our informant informed me that Leona Terence, a student of business administration and a graduate from Cambridge had pas-sion to be a lawyer but had to switch dreams cos of her father who wanted her in his company.
Now recently, all the hvge debts collected from the board by JT in less than two years were miraculously paid even though they were completely broke, but how?” She asked no one in p@rticular “This was the ha-rd est p@rt to find but Leona Terence, a very pretty twenty two year old lady finds a way to get contract deals with rich companies like themselves, before their company’s bankruptcy becomes viral and save her father’s from jail terms with the quic-k profit”
“But how does she get these companies to accept these proposals without a qualified back up or big capitals for as-surance?” He asked.
“Good question sir.. Now I checked out these companies that JT had contract deals with and I realized that each of them has one or two sons with one of them being the heir, now Leona hasn’t been seen talking to any of their fathers or mothers, Jesse Terence does that but Leona Terence gets the deal signed and approved. Now if she doesn’t talk to their fathers or mothers and still gets those deals signed, then who does she talk to and get those contracts approved?” She asked and his brows furrowed, giving it just a thought.
“Their son” he said.
“Exactly!” She snapped “And it’s a lot more than talking”
He shut his eyes, taking in the revelation, he opened them back and sighed. It made s-en-se now, she was obviously going to meet that Greg guy to probably convince him on approving the project with her–
He pushed the thought away, sad and disgusted.. he didn’t actually think she could do something like that, she looked pure and innocent.. He sighed, Mae had looked like that too but in the end she ended up being the wolf in sheep clothing.. Is Leona that kind of person too?
“Who’re they working on currently?”
“Rodriguez Empire, while Mr Jesse Terence is of course talking to Mr Rodriguez about their proposal, Miss Leona Terence is on their son, the heir. who had just returned from a trip to Mexico, Gregory Andrew Rodriguez” she said.. And he nodded.
“We’ll be proposing an irresistible offer soon to them soon,” he placed his index f!nger on his lowerl-ip, from the screen he saw her questioning gaze.. He smiled.
“Keep me noticed if anything vital comes up and remember to keep this low” he said and she nodded.
“I will Sir”
Leona walked to the porch, dragging her jacket closer to her b©dy, she walked to the door and rang the bell, drawing her dress to cover her knee.. The door flung open seconds later to reveal a maid, bead of sweat gathered up on her forehead and she wiped them before talking.
“You must be miss Leona?” She asked and Leona “Sir Greg is expecting you, plea-se come in” she moved aside and Leona walked in.. The maid finished with the door and walked to her.
“plea-se sit while I go inform him that you’re here” she said and Leona chose a single sofa.. If she had gone for one of the couch, Greg might decide to sit with her and make her uncomfortable.
The maid left and Leona counted up to a minute before Greg appeared on the stair case. He gave her a lopsided grin as he marched down the stairs, dressed in only his briefs and a T-shi-t.
“Hi,” he said, the lopsided grin still plastered across hisl-ips.
“Hi” she replied, not returning his enthusiasm.
“You look,” he took in her dressing and paused, obviously searching for the right word. “Um normal unlike the last time” he said and she gave him a small smile.
“The weather wasn’t this cozy then” she said and he nodded.
“So, about the deal–
“Yeah about that,” he moved to the nearest couch that was closer to her seat “I’ve decided to go on with it, I’ll talk to my father about it”
A smile beamed on Leona’sl-ip.
“That’s good. Thank you”
“I wasn’t done talking Leona” her brows furrowed “I was saying I’ve decided to go on with it if you agree to my condition which, just like your offer, will benefit us both” he said, giving her a lvstful grin.
Leona felt her heartbeat increase to an abnormal rate.. She knew that talk, she knew what he wanted but she kept quiet, letting her heartbeat do the talking..
“I couldn’t get my mind off you Leona.. Your curves, they keep getting into my head, everywhere I go. I want you Leona,” he stood up “I’m crazy about your b©dy” he sat on the sofa’s hand-rest and crossed arm over her shoulder.. Leona stood up sharply, stepping away from him.
“Um I’m sorry if you can’t st©p thinking about me or whatever but Greg I’m only here for the deal, you didn’t tell me there was a condition attached”
“That’s because I know you want this too.. Come on Lee we’re adults, you know what I mean. Let’s get this one night stand done. I want you as much as you want a contract with my company” he said, standing up to her, his f!ngersstrolled from her palm up to her shoulder and she twitched her face in disgust.
“St©p it Greg” she took a step back “I’m not interested in your one night stand thing. I only want the deal”
“But I want you Leona, and that’s the only pas-sageway to getting your deal.. Come on Lee, it’s just one night, why ma-king it a big deal?.. I’m rich, I can satisfy you. you should be more glad about this” he ran his f!ngersfrom her cheek and rested it on her jaw, tilting her head up, she yanked it off. “It’s not like you’re a v!rg!nor something”
Leona pushed the flashback his words brou-ght and retrained herself from doing something crazy to him.
“I’m not a slut Greg, I don’t do one night stands. If you won’t talk to your dad for my company without your crazy condition then I’ll do it myself. Excuse me” she said, walking away but he pu-ll-ed her back and a wave of deja vu flu-shed throu-gh her, Leona shut her eyes, s£nding the thoughts away. He drew her close to himself, inhaling her scent, Leona fought the tears back..
“St©p being such a baby Lee. Let’s get what we want and cross it out” his f!ngersdispla-yed on her ba-re che-st, c@r£ss!ngher cleavages. Leona pushed him off with her might and almost immediately a tear dropped..
“Don’t you dare t©uçh or come close to me!.. We’re done with this!” She walked to the door..
“If you walk out then forget everything about the damn contract cos I’ll make sure my dad have nothing to do with your company, it’ll be your loss in the end.. Think about it” he said.
Leona opened the door and walked out, not sparing him a glance.. Once outside she caught her hitched breath and almost fell but quic-kly pushed her weight to a wall for support before letting the tears fall.
Gregory stared after she vanished from the door, she just told him no.. He gave a lopsided grin. He’s Gregory Rodriguez, heir to the Rodriguez Empire. He always get what he wants and now that she’s stuck in his mind, he must have her no matter what.. What can she lose anyway? He’s a fv¢king rich dude, the lady’s man. He ran a palm down his hair to the back of his hair.. If he wants her, then he must get her, even though he has to do something stupid to fulfill it.
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