Finding love (mhd) episode 24

(My heart de-sire)
A sleepy m0@n pas-ses throu-gh herl-ips as she toss on the be-d, dragging the duvet with her. She sniffs as a savoring smell hit her nostrils and her eyes slowly flutters open, she blinks twice and sat up.. ru-bbing her eyes and yawning. She inhale again and smiles as last night happening fills her mind.. Not her in a frightened position or the view of lightening and sound of thun-der or her tears but her night with Damien; the k!ssthey had wholeheartedly and de-eply shared. Leona couldn’t remember the last time she had been k!$$£d so pas-sionately. She most definitely had shared k!sses in the past with her first and only b©yfri£ndbut it was all for the fun.. she had never felt the want to k!sssomeone so badly, the way she felt about Damien.. it reawakened a de-ep enclosed feeling in her, she didn’t want it to st©p, didn’t want the feeling to get locked up back. She could only think and wish for one thing at that moment, that it would never end.. surprisingly, she didn’t think of anything else, her uttermost concentration was on the moment- the moment she didn’t want to close up anytime soon.
She look at her be-d but Damien wasn’t there any longer.
Did he leave? She wondered when the smell of frying eggs hit her again, she couldn’t think of anyone else as the br@in behind it and it made her smile. She stands up, wear her fl!pflops and walked out of the room, packing her hair up on the way.
She reaches the living room and the curtain that had been used to demarcate the kitchenette from it had been dR@p£d over to one side and she sees Damien, backing her and cooking. She smiled again, giggling all together as she walks over to where he was.
“A stranger in my kitchen” she say and he turns to her then smiles, she smiles back and moisten herl-ips again with her ton-gue. “I didn’t know you cook?”
“Are you being sarcastic or what?” He asks and she laughed “I’m a great cook. I can prepare both local and foreign dishes.. I learnt them a lot” he says. honestly, turning the eggs.
“Mmh,” Leona nods “Good then, cos I’m considering hiring a cook since I’m not really a kitchen person” she says and he gives her a look with a slight frown.
“But your mom’s a chef?”
“More reason why I’m not really much of a cook, she prefers to do everything on her own” she said and he nods.
“I’m all yours then but it comes with a price” he said.
“What price?” Leona asks, an enthusiastic look on her face and he turns to her with a smile..
“I’ll tell you about it later. Breakfast’s re-ady” he says, turning off the g@s ring.
“Come-on Damien, say it” she cooed and he took the saucepan from the g@s. He turned back to her..
“Not now and besides, aren’t you going to work today?” He asks and almost immediately Leona g@sped..
“Dave” she whispered “Holy$h!t!” She yelled before running off for the bathroom.. Damien laughs.
Leona stood up from her chair as the meeting ended in the auditorium, manager Goodman stepped down from the podium and everyone walked back to their respective work corners.
“Is Dave here alre-ady?” She heard one of the workers ask another.
“I don’t know but I’m positive he’s not in here yet, I still recognize his face from last time” the other worker replies and Leona sighed. She had nothing else to do, she had made sure her works were completed and had rechecked to be sure she wasn’t missing out on anything and because of Dave’s expectant visit, the day’s work had been less£ned.
While everyone went back to work, Leona walks to the restroom
She comes out from the restroom door and wash her hands in the sink before taking a tissue to wipe it.. She reaches the building door and turned the knob, pu-lling it open and halfway it hung after hitting something, she f0rç£s it further and heard a slight yelp on the outside. With a wi-de open mouth, Leona rushes out of the small space that had opened and realizes that she had hit someone while trying to f0rç£ the door open..
“OMG.. I’m so sorry!” She says soberly “Are you okay?”
The guy was bent over halfway, ru-bbing the side of his arm that Leona had hit.. He looks up at her and nodded..
“I’m so sorry !” She apologises again.
“It’s okay” he says, looking at her. “I’m fine now” he says and Leona sighs in relief, he flashes her a small smile and she returns it with a nod.
“How come you don’t look familiar at all?” He asks “I keep records of all the staffs faces in here” he says and Leona didn’t know if he was trying to be humorous or was just plainly serious.. She settles for the latter.
“You don’t look familiar too and I don’t really keep records of faces but I don’t easily forget the faces of people that I’ve met,” she said “well, I recently started working here as an accountant” she said.
“How long?”
“Um..two week and few days” she answers.
“So you’re the new accountant. Lorna..what is the last name again?”
“It’s actually Leona, Leona Terence” she corrects him.
“Yes, I remember it now. Well I’m Dave Goodman” he reveals and Leona’s face went blank, her legs suddenly felt like jelly at his words.. Her breathing hitch and she stood speechless for a moment.
Dave Goodman!? She gulps.
As in the CEO that is arriving today??
Gosh! This is so awkward. How can she meet him this way? She we-t herl-ips with her ton-gue, trying to think of a word to say but she couldn’t think of anything.
“So um.. Leona, I’ll just talk to you later, There’s so much to do and I have to go now” he says and she nods, he smiles and walks away.
Minutes after he stepped out, James rushes into her office..
“How’d it go?” He asks her, a curious expression on his face.
“Fine” she answers simply.
“Fine? He didn’t say anything negative about your work?” He asks and Leona smiled.. He had infact been a complete gentleman and Leona had almost wondered if this was the Dave James had told about yesterday or someone else with the same name.
“Nope, he’s a nice guy and he likes my work. I mean, I did everything I should, it’s only fair that he likes it” Leona says, packing the files together.
“That means I’m safe as well” he sighs and Leona nodded.
“Has he left yet?”
“No, he’s in manager Goodman’s office” he says.
After a little more chats from both of them, Leona’s doorknob twisted and Brie, the secretary to manager Goodman, popped her head in.
“Mr Dave wants everyone to get re-ady, he’s taking us out for barbeque and wine” she said with a happy face.. And shut the door.
James turned to Leona with a smile..
“For him to do this, he’s completely impressed with everyone’s work” he says before standing up
“Good thing I c@m£ with casuals, I can’t dress this professional for barbeque” he says and Leona smiled.
“So you come to work with extra clothes, huh?”
“Just for today. Let’s just say I predicted this before it c@m£ and prepared” he says and strolls out.. Leona giggles.
The company’s bus dropped in front of a big barbeque stand and Leona noted that unlike her and few others, the remaining staff including James had casuals on.
The females squeals happily as they hopped down the bus. James helped Leona down with his hand and she flashed him a thankful smile as they all entered the bar and took seats alongside others around a big table, Dave sat with them.
Seconds later, one of the workers arrived with a bottle of champagne and several wine glas-ses on a tray. He left them on the table and Dave did the opening and pouring before urging everyone to take their cu-ps. Dave stood up with his cu-p raised.,
“So, everyone this is to prove to you all how satisfied and happy I am with your performances and it’s good to know that no one amongst us is gone unlike the last time. I want everyone to think less about work and more about fun cos that’s what tonight’s about.
Therefore let’s make a toast to all of us and to Goodman!” He lowered his glas-s.
“To Goodman!” They all repeated and jammed their cu-ps gently together. James hit his with Leona’s and she hits hers with Eleanor and they all sat before taking sips out of the drink.
A lady brou-ght sauced and h0t barbeque to them in a big tray and they took a piece out of the meat.. Soft music pla-yed as the day began to grow dark.
As time pas-sed, it grew darker and the music bec@m£ a little louder, people started leaving the table to dance. Leona took her cu-p and sipped lightly out of the content.. The drink was a little intoxicating.
“Leona!” She heard her name amidst the loud music and she saw Dave sitting in front of her, his glas-s in his hand.
“Yes!” She yells back at her boss.
“Are you having fun?” He asks.
“Um yeah” she said.
“You don’t look like it” he took a sip from the cu-p before leaving it on the table.
“Uh..I’m just a little ti-psy from all that drinking” she said.
He laughs “you just had two cu-ps” Leona frown slightly.
He’s been counting it??
“Isn’t it enough to make one ti-psy?”
she asks.
“It depends on your capability”
“Well, I’m not much of a drinker” she said.
“Ooh.. How about we dance it out on the floor?” He suggests and Leona was about answering when she heard her phone ringing on the table. She took it and checked the caller, a small smile moved to herl-ips.
“Sorry, I have to take this first” she said, gesturing to her phone and he nods. Leona stands up and walks outside, it was not as noisy as in there so she moves to a corner, rests her elbow on a small rail and picks the call..
“Hi Damien” she says into the phone.
“Hey. Are you guys having a p@rty at work or something? I can hear music sounds”
“Not really. My boss took us out for barbeque” she says.
“Oh.. So I guess you’ll be coming late than usual?”
“With the way things are right now, I think so ” she says and he chuckles. “So why’d you call?”
“I’m not supposed to say it this way but I can’t help it”
“Okay, say it then” she urges.
“Since you’re work-free tomorrow I was wondering if you’ll want to hang out with me.. We’ll go anywhere you want, just the two of us” he said in a complete nervous tone that made Leona wonder if this is his first time asking a girl out.
“Anywhere I want?” She repeated.
“Um maybe not specifically anywhere but-” she laughs “Anywhere in this country”
“That’s a big bribe” she said “Is this a friendly d@t£?”
He laughs “if there’s anything like that then yes. So?”
“Yes Damien, I’ll like to go out on a d@t£ with you”
“Wow, really? Thank you” he sighs and Leona smiles.
“Okay. And make sure to save enough, I’m a big fan of food”
“Yeah, I thought of that before calling, I’m capable” he teases and they laughed.
“So I’ll just see you when you get back. Bye”
“Yeah, bye” she hung up and smiles before sighing out.
“A d@t£” she repeated.
When was the last time she went out on one?
She had gone on d@t£s in the past, maybe once or twice with different guys, one of them had been her b©yfri£ndbut this one with Damien, seem different. She’s so very much anticipating it unlike the other ones. She smiles to herself..
“You’re out here on your own when everyone’s having fun to the max” James asked, standing beside her.
“That’s not my kind of fun James and I’m just getting some noiseless air here” she replies him.
“C’mon Lee. You’re saying it’s not fun cos you’re not ma-king it fun for yourself. Come I’ll show you how to do it” he took her palm and urge her forward but she resists a little, unsure.
“C’mon’s your free day tomorrow. There’s no harm in getting a little crazy tonight” he said and with an eye roll and a sigh, Leona follows him in.

Elisabeth brou-ght the drugs in a tray to him with a glas-s of water. She left it on the table and began peeling the prescribe-d tablets off.. She stretched it to him and he took it from her, pouring it into his mouth and swallowing with the glas-s of water. He breathed out then took another sip out of the water before dropping the glas-s cu-p back on the tray.
“Pas-s me my l@pt©p” he says and Elisabeth pu-lls the l@pt©p to him..
he turns it on.
“Honey, aren’t you overworking yourself a little too much? You just had dinner and your drug and now you’re working again?”
“If I don’t do this now then I won’t have time for it tomorrow. My schedules are getting ti-ghter everyday” he says, typing into his l@pt©p.
“Don’t you think you should call someone back for as-sistance? We both know it wasn’t this ha-rd when she was here” Elisabeth says and Jesse sighs. He looks at her, abandoning the l@pt©p for a while.
“Did you talk to her today?” He asks her and Elisabeth nods.
“How’s she doing?”
“She’s okay” she replies him.
“That’s good. Did she ask for more money or anything?”
“No,” she says “You know your daughter Jesse, even if she nee-ds something she’ll rather get it herself anyhow than ask and besides the money I s£nt to her should still be enough for her”
“If she asks for more, don’t hesitate to tell me”
“And when will you tell her?” Elisabeth inquire.
“Tell her what?”
“That you’re the one behind the two millionaire I s£nt to her and the house equipments that she got?”
Jesse sighs “I don’t know yet but not now”
“Then when? She’s your daughter Jesse and she should be the one supporting you like before”
“I don’t know how to approach her just yet, I feel like it’d hurt my pride after all those words I told her before she left. I want her to return on her own”
“And what if she doesn’t? You know Leona, she’s not the type that gives up easily especially now that she’s living fine on her own” Elisabeth says “She took that from you”
“I know that but I just can’t do it. We’ll keep taking care of her from this side”
“If you won’t do it Jesse, then I will” Elisabeth says.
“She nee-ds to know that you care very much about her and you’re still concerned about her wellbeing”
“No Elisa plea-se. I’ll do it when I feel it’s the right time. plea-se don’t tell her anything about what I’ve done”
“Because you don’t want to feel like a loser?”
“Because I don’t want her to know about it now” Jesse says and Elisabeth sighs before taking the tray and walking away.
After the whole get together stuff, at least that was the only perfect name Leona could call it.
Dave decides that it it’s time to go home and urge everyone to have enough rest since tomorrow, which happens to be a Sunday, is a work free day.
The van drove them back to Goodman’s company and Dave asks the driver to take some of the workers that had gotten too ti-psy , dizzy and tired to their homes. Thankfully Leona hadn’t consumed much drinks so she could find her way home but Dave insisted on dropping her off with his car since they were heading the same way, left with no choice, Leona accepts the ride and got into his car. He started the engine and hit the road. He followed directions from the car GPS and Leona told him where to park when they reached her house.. Glad, she hadn’t refused his offer because he made her ride easier and less stressful, Leona thanks him and hopped down from his car. She started heading to her house.
“Leona?” Dave calls and she st©pped and turned to him, a sleepy yawn pas-sed throu-gh herl-ips. He walked to her and st©pped at where she stood.
“Yes” she answers inquisitively.
“Do you have plans tomorrow?” He asks and Leona gave him a slight frown before nodding.
“Yes, why?”
“You can’t squee-ze out an hour or two from it?”
“Of course I can. Do you want me to do something for you?”
“Not really, I was hoping I could take you out for lunch tomorrow” he says and Leona’s face went blank as he gave her a curious look, waiting for her response..
Her boss that could fire her and a guy she had k!$$£d are both asking her out on the same day.. Her boss and Damien..??
Leave an advise for Leona.. 😊