Finding love (mhd) episode 23

(My heart de-sire)
***Two weeks later***
Leona stood in front of the lengthy mirror as she fixed her bowtie close to the collar of the long sleeve bu-tton-up shi-t she had on.. she smoothed her hand over her slim-fitted Sk-irt and looked at her full reflection in the mirror. Her subconscious commended her looks and she smiled.
She gr@bb£d her handbag and walked out of her room, reaching the living room.. She heard the doorbell ring and she walked to the door before pu-lling it open.
“Hi” Damien smiled at her.
“Hi. Come in” she replied before pu-lling aside for him to enter. He walked in and she closed she door and faced him.
“Looks like you’re re-ady to leave for work?”
“Yes. I was just about leaving before you c@m£” she said.
“Okay. Granny asked me to give you this” he said, stretching a plastic bag to her.
She took the bag from him and peered into it. From the transparent plate she saw the snacks in them and a smaller different plate that had sundae in it.
Well it isn’t the first time she’s getting lunch from Granny. She’s just one really sweet elderly woman.
She looked back at Damien with a smile..
“Is she in?”
“No, she left for the grocery sto-re after dropping this” he said.
“Tell her I said thanks when she returns” she said and he nodded. They head out and Leona locked the door..
“Did you meet my mom today?”
“Not yet but I will”
“Okay” she said “I have to catch the 7:30 bus”
“Okay. I’ll see you later”
“Yeah” she nodded with a smile and walked away. She reached the bus station in time and got on, taking a place at the front seat, the car started moving.
At first, it hadn’t been easy coping without a car and having to catch up with the bus at the right time or using a taxi which wasn’t always easy to find but Leona had gotten used to it.. It has only been two weeks since she started a fresh life and everything started as a bit of a tough drama to her.. It all looked new. Not waking up to her mom’s waffling breakfast, no one to k!ssGoodbye before leaving for work and no facing any of her dad’s drama.. It all felt kind of good but the bits of toughness c@m£ when she had to make her own meal, each meal time or catch an early bus to enable her get to work on time, it earned her a popularity for being among the few earliest people and now she’s alre-ady used to it.. The p@rt she still wasn’t used to yet was fixing a proper meal, she could make simple meals but a full course meal with the right things still proved to be difficult for her. She hadn’t bothered to learn since her chef of a mom did all the cooking for her and all she had to do was eat.. She couldn’t even remember the last time she visited the kitchen to cook a proper meal for the family or just for herself and that’s because she had never done it. Her mom did everything that deals with the kitchen, especially when it comes to cooking or anything related to it. Leona had only learnt the little she knew when she had watched her mom make a simple meal for her or she just decides to learn how to make one for herself so she wouldn’t call her when she nee-ds to eat.
She sighed as the bus drew nearer to her bus st©p.. She got off and walked into the front gate of the company, she walked to the front door and entered.
She noticed first how the workers did their work a little fierce than usual but she pushed it aside, tossed hi to few people before going to her office.
“Good morning, Leona” James walked to her, carrying a file in his hands.
“Morning James. I don’t know but everyone seems to be more busy than usual. Did we get a big contract today?”
“No. You got my text yesterday right?”
“About me bringing all the accounts I was working on? Yes” she answers, opening her office door and walking in.
“That’s because we nee-d everything settled before the end of work today, Dave’s visiting tomorrow.. That’s the reason why everyone’s busy, they’re all trying to get their work done beforehand .. You must’ve noticed the turn out of workers in the company this early” he said and Leona’s brows narrowed.
“Uh Dave?” Leona repeated questioningly.
“Oops, sorry I forgot you don’t know him. He’s the heir to the Goodman’s company, manager Goodman’s junior brother. He schools abroad and learns how to run the company. Manager Goodman’s only filling in for him”
“Oh.. So he’s coming to stay or what?”
“No.. He’ll only be doing his usual annual visit”
“ I guess he’s a pretty tough guy considering the way everyone is getting the heebie -jeebies about his coming” Leona said.
“I wouldn’t call it tough, he’s only being professional, it’s what he spent five years abroad studying; how to run a company effectively. He fired five employees the last time he c@m£; he’s completely fierce about incompetence, everyone’s trying to keep their job and stay off his bad side” he said and Leona nodded.
“I better join the crew then” Leona said, gr-abbing the file from him.
“Are you nervous?” He asked “because of Dave?”
“Um..a little I guess” she said honestly.
“You should be but the truth is, if you do all what you’re supposed to do and your record comes out clean then you’re in safe hands and maybe I’ve been telling you only about His bad side but he’s pretty cool too, he sometimes takes us out for barbeque and drinks” James said and Leona nodded.. Truly the revelation calmed her a lot. She had envisioned the Dave guy as one hell of a mean and fierce guy. She sighs.
“Any hvge work on my schedule today?”
“No. Just a general staff meeting by four”
“Okay James, thank you. What about the accounts that were supposed to come in yesterday?”
“Manager Goodman directed them to someone else”
“What time’s the meeting starting again?”
“Four o’clock”
“Okay, you may leave if that’s all” she said and he walked out. Leona quic-kly hooked her hair up in a loosed bun and began working.
She recorded the accounts after finalizing and giving it a thorou-gh check out for errors.. She took a light sip from her coffee.
Working with a cu-p of steaming and flavoured coffee was one thing Leona had become accosted to. It helped keep her awake, energetic and personally, made her work neat and pres£ntable.
She packed up the paperwork in one file and neatly left it aside, she picked up her coffee cu-p again, she took in half a mouthful and gulped. She heard her ringing phone and put down the coffee cu-p before reaching for her bag where she had hung it.. She gr@bb£d her phone in it and glanced at the caller before answering.
“Yes Amelia” she said, placing the phone in between her shoulder and ear, holding it and working .
“Hi.. You’re at work right?”
“Yes. Have you picked Jackson from the airport alre-ady?”
“No. I’m still waiting for his call, I don’t think his plane have arrived yet or maybe it has but I can’t see him anywhere in this crowd” Amelia said and Leona didn’t miss the perplexity and worry in her voice.
“Calm down girl, he’ll call okay?. Just give him more time” Leona said. “How’s Aunty doing?”
“She’s fine. I dropped her home before coming here, we went shopping together” Amelia said.
“Okay, so why’d you call me?”
“I don’t know Leona. I was just staring at my phone, nervously waiting for Jack’s call and I guess my f!ngersjust sli-pped to your name” she said.
“St©p worrying Amy, Jack will be there before you know it-
“He was supposed to be here an hour ago.. I-I’m scared Leona” she said slowly.
“C’mon girl. Jack’s fine.. They probably experienced some kind of small complications that delayed their arrival.. He’ll come okay, trust me” Leona as-sured.
“Okay. I’ll just keep hoping and waiting” she said.
“Amy, I have to hang up now. I have a lot to do.. My overall boss will be visiting tomorrow and I heard that he’s quic-k to fire people that he feels are incompetent, I nee-d to finish up everything I have before tomorrow” she said.
“Wow, that’s big news. Okay, I’ll leave you to work now”
“And call me when Jackson arrives. Bye” she said before hanging up and facing the work at hand. Good thing she has her lunch right here, she couldn’t risk going to the cafe and spend time eating while she could do more work- all thanks to Granny.
As Leona hooped down from the taxi, her phone started ringing. She paused and brou-ght it out of her bag, she gave her n£¢k a little stretch before answering the call.
“Hey mom?” She said into the phone, walking to her ap@rtment.
“Leona, have you seen the news?” Her mom asked.
“What news?”
“The news on TV, it says there’ll be a downpour tonight”
“ okay” Leona replied, fumbling with the key in the keyhole, to unlock the door.
“Honey, should I come over and stay at your place for the night?”
“No mom,” Leona said, ru-bbing her eyes as she stepped into the living room. “I’ll be okay”
“We both know you’re phobic to thun-der sounds and heavy wind!” her mom’s over concerned voice was obvious.
“I’ll be fine mom” Leona insisted, sitting down and bending to take off her shoes.
“Are you sure, honey?”
“Yes mom, I’m older now. It can’t freak me out like it used to, I should be able to fight it”
“Honey phobia isn’t something you just fight off easily, it takes time to do so”
“And I have to let that time be now. I stay on my own now remember?, you can’t keep coming over everytime it decides to rain. I have to learn on my own mom, I’ll be fine; I promise” she said.
Elisabeth sighed “Okay then but don’t hesitate to call me if you change your mind. I’ll call you back when it starts to rain to know how you’re catching up”
“Okay. Bye” Leona said and dropped her phone beside her on the couch.. she stood up and gr@bb£d her shoes before walking into her room, she threw it at a corner and started to undress.. Once unclad, she tied a towel around her b©dy and walked to the bathroom.
After a light shower, Leona pu-ll-ed into her pajamas, she packed her hair up in a ponytail and walked out of her room. She walked into the kitchenette and brewed coffee for herself, she opened her mini refrigerator and took out a pack of chocolate cookies, she took the meal to the dinning table and left it there before gr-abbing her l@pt©p and drawing it to herself..
After dinner, Leona stayed up more, re-checking her work..
She sighed and ru-bbe-d her sleepy eyes, she shut her l@pt©p and stood up before walking briskly to the be-droom. She opened the door and walked into the room.. she turned the light off, la-id on the be-d and drew her duvet up, slowly driving to sleep.
Damien stared out of his window when the wind started b!owing, taking feeble things from their original sp©t to a different side.. he had seen the weather forecast, there would be a downpour tonight and he knew that in few seconds it would start. He sighed and la-id on his be-d, staring up at the ceiling and the rolling fan. He was slowly getting accustomed to this life, something he never thought would happen and honestly it has been pretty ha-rd having to bear all the sneers, insults and frowns of disgust because of his poor looks. He would’ve chose to be like any random guy before embarking on this journey but he chose this life and it had opened his eyes to some revelations.. poor people are almost close to being invisible, taken for granted because of their unpopularity and lack of wealth, because of their looks. He had never looked down on anyone and had never envisioned anyone doing that to him but here.. he’s enduring it all for the sake of his mission. Though there are people that had been nice to him too, especially Leona but they were few, very few.
The striking sound of thun-der made him j£rk and he heard the heavy droplets of water marching his roof.. He sighed and tossed on the be-d, he gr@bb£d his phone and was about giving Leona a call but he kicked it aside.. Another thun-der slashed ha-rd in the sky, accompanied with a heavy wind that hit reached his skin from the curtain, it caused him to shiver slightly. Damien left the phone on the be-d. Leona should be asleep by now, the weather’s pretty cool to s£nd one off to be-d on time. He sighed and suddenly stayed still for a moment..
Heavy wind?
Leona has a phobia for heavy wind and the wind right now was swaying with full f0rç£, leaving rou-gh sounds with it.
He quic-kly gr@bb£d his phone and proceeded to call her, he heard it ring without a response. He called her again but still no response.. A worried expression hopped to his face as he called the third time; still no response.
Damien swiftly stood up from his be-d, r0ûghly sli-pped his feet into his footwear and hurried out.
“Are you going somewhere?” Granny asked him.
“Yes. I nee-d to see Leona” he replied, looking around for her house key. She hads always leave a spare one with them ever since she moved in.. that’s how close they are now.
“But it’s raining heavily. Can’t it wait?” She asked and Damien was about replying when another thun-der struck.
“No,” he replied “Leona is phobic to downpours”
He quic-kly snatched the key from its position, gr@bb£d his jacket on the recliner handle and hurried to the door.
“Be careful!” Granny yelled behind him.
He reached outside and the rain didn’t seem to be st©pping anytime soon, it continued getting heavy. He quic-kly pu-ll-ed his jacket on and stepped into it before running throu-gh the empty street to Leona’s ap@rtment. He reached her door and without wasting time, he began to unlock it.
He rushed into the sitting room and looked around, before dashing off to her room.. he knocked but didn’t get any response.
“Leona?” He called, knocking fiercely and a small whimper responded. He quic-kly pushed the door in and entered the room. He looked at the be-d but it was empty, only a scattered duvet and pillows la-id on it.. He saw a ringing phone on the nightstand and as he took a step toward it he heard soft sobs and sniffs. His gaze sharply moved to the sp©t and Leona was there, close to the wall with her knee together and her face buried in them, re-leasing strands of her hair over her n£¢k face.. her soft sobs filled the air and he swiftly moved to her..
A ferocious thun-der sound reached them and Leona yelled.. he quic-kly bent beside her..
“Leona,” he called and she raised her head up gently to look at him, her breathing audible, tears covered her cheeks and she sniffed. “It’s Damien. Everything’s fine” He took her palm and patted it. “I’m here now, it’s okay” he cooed, c@r£ss!ngher palm with his and unexpectedly Leona pushed herself toward him and engulfed him in a ti-ght yet a comfort requesting hvg. He quic-kly ran his palm up and down her back.
“It’s okay, everything’s fine” he said and her breathing began to go normally. He kept whispering comforting words to her ear as he ran his palm on her back.
“Let me take you back to be-d” he said and felt her head shake negatively against his shoulder.
“I-I’m scared” her voice whimpered.
“Don’t be, I’m here. I’ll never let anything happen to you, trust me!” He pu-ll-ed her away and took her palms in his.. ma-king her look into his eyes.
“Come on” he said and noticed her che-st fall and rise.. he tried to pu-ll her up but she wouldn’t budge.
“Leona, trust me” he repeated, letting her see the honesty in his eyes, she nodded. “You’ll be fine. Stand up” he said and she stood up slowly, her palm not leaving his. He took an arm across her shoulder and drew her closer to him as he as-sisted her to the be-d.. he helped her lie on it, lying beside her to drag the pillow to her head, he sat up, meaning to get the duvet when she held his hand, restraining his movement.
“Stay,” she muttered but he heard her “plea-se”
“I only want to get the duvet, I’m not leaving” he as-sured her and she left him. He took the duvet and arranged it on her b©dy before lying close to her, she pu-ll-ed her face to his che-st, burying it. Her phone began ringing again and he helped her take it from the nightstand.
“It’s your mom” he told her.
“Tell her I’m fine” she breathed against his skin.
He answered the call.
“Leona! I’ve been calling and you’ve not answered any. Are you okay?”
“Um, Elisabeth.. it’s Damien” he said.
“Damien?” She repeated “is Leona there with you? Is she okay? Can I speak with her?”
“Yes, she’s here and she’s okay. You don’t have to worry about anything. And she’s kind of slee-ping now”
“Okay, plea-se stay with her.. you know she’s kind of phobic to thun-der and heavy wind”
“I know and I’m with her, I’m not leaving”
Elisabeth sighed in relief.
“Thank you so much” she said “I thought I nee-ded to drive down there since she hasn’t been taking my calls”
A small thun-der struck and Damien frowned in slight pain as Leona’s f!nger dug into his skin in fright.
“She’s okay and you’re welcome” he answered
“Okay then. I’ll just talk to her tomorrow” she said and the call got disconnected.. he left the phone back on the nightstand and hvgged Leona.. she shook against his b©dy.
“Are you cold?” He asked and she nodded, her head still buried in his che-st.
“Hold on, I’ll get you a jacket” he said and tried to shift away a bit to reach for her jacket resting on the re-ading table. Scared that she’ll be alone, she pu-ll-ed him back immediately and he lost balance and fell over her but quic-kly used his elbows on the be-d to hold himself from falling on her.. She was un-der him and he looked down at her, their faces few inches ap@rt.. The fear in her eyes vanished and something else took over, something he couldn’t re-ad. He didn’t realize when his face covered the space between them and hisl-ips found hers in a k!ss, he stayed that way for few seconds but didn’t feel her response so he broke the k!ssand sighed slowly as he started going up..
“I-I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that. I-I don’t know why I did and I’m sorry!” He said breathlessly yet slowly.
“k!ssme again” she said lowly, her voice calm and he gave her a look, thinking he hadn’t heard her right.
“What?” He asked and as a reply, Leona pushed his head back down on her and k!$$£d him, he responded immediately, her phobia went away and she pu-ll-ed him closer. The k!ssgot heated up..
I know if I didn’t let them k!sshere some fans are re-ady to stab me with their pitchforks, just put it down calmly😊.
You must have noticed that I st©pped posting daily as usual and that’s because of lack of re-aders
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