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February 25, 2021


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Finding love (mhd) episode 20

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(My heart desire🌷)
“You are hired!”
The words rang sweetly and repeatedly in Leona’s ears as she journeyed down the passage hall with Eleanor, the company’s manager and daughter of the CEO. A man walked up to them and they stopped walking when he got to them..
“Leona, this is Mr Sherlock, one of the best secretaries we have and he’ll be your tour guide and work with you for the first few weeks of your stay here and tell you in details how your schedules and the necessities that comes with your job. James, she’s Leona Terence, our new accountant. You know what to do, right?”
“Yes manager Goodman” He replied and Eleanor left them.
“Hi” Leona said to him.
“Hi. This way please” he gestured with his hand and Leona smiled at him before moving..
**Minutes later**
“Finally and most importantly, this is your office, over there’s your tag and dress code schedule for everyday of the week” he explained with an air of finality.. Leona looked around the room, it was no way like her other office but it was manageable and she loves it.. He gave her the dresscode schedule printed out in a paper.
“Okay, thank you Mr James”
“Oh.. Just call me James and welcome to Goodman’s Leona, I hope we get along while we work together” he said and she nodded.
“Thank you James”
“So are you starting today or what?”
“Not today. Miss Eleanor says I can begin tomorrow” she said.
“Okay and just so you know, Miss Goodman doesn’t like to be referred to with her first name, we all address her as manager Goodman” he said.
“Thanks for the tip” she said. “I should go now and start preparing for tomorrow” she said and he nodded.
“Okay, see you tomorrow then”

Leona dangled the car keys in her hand as she stepped outside the building to her car, to say she’s happy is an understatement, she’s overjoyed and extremely excited. She just got a job with a pretty fair pay. Thanks to Damien, her hopes hadn’t been dashed.. If he hadn’t directed her résumé to this company, she’ll probably be in tears by now if she still didn’t get any reply on the résumé she sent herself. The interview session wasn’t as nerve wrecking as Leona had expected, it was simple and she was only asked the important questions which Leona found easy, considering it was her first time attending a job interview.. She finally got a job, she stares at the dress code paper in her hand, she has all the clothes they listed but she’d get more in case of anything and then more shoes as well as bowties.
As she ignited the keys, ready to start the car, her phone started to ring.. She picked it up and answered.
“Leona, Are you back from the interview?”
“Yes and guess what, I got the job” she squealed happily to Damien.
“I know you would. Congratulations anyways,” he said “So I got to talk to the landlord of the apartment I told you about and he’s pretty fine with you moving in anytime.. He gave us a rent discount cos the house’s not really in a good shape, just few leakings here and there but it’s nothing we can’t fix before a downpour” he said and Leona sighed in relief.
“Thanks a lot, Damien. Really, I owe you one”
“It’s nothing. He gave me the apartment keys, will you come check it out today or some others time?”
“I’ll come over now, you’re at home right?”
“Yes. Didn’t go to bobby’s today cos I had things to help Granny with and I had to do some house chores”
“Okay. I’m on my way”
“Alright” he said before hanging up.
Leona dropped the phone and started the car to Damien’s house..
Leona got to his place and rang the bell, Damien answers almost immediately.
“Hi,” he beamed a smile at her.
“Hey,” she returned the smile “Is your grandma in?”
“Yes but she’s in her room sleeping” he said “Do you want to come in?”
“There’ll be no need, I’ll just see her before I leave” she said.
“Okay, I’ll get the keys. Should I get you anything while at it?”
“No, I’m good” she said and he nodded, he took two steps and grabbed the keys from the table before walking back to her.
They walked to the house, many steps from his and they got there.
“We’re here” Damien said, walking to the door and trying to unlock it. Leona checked out the surroundings, trimmed grasses and a bit of shrubs for decorations, the building, she notes is a small one, just the type she wanted. Damien finished with the lock and they walked in. She could describe this as a house, a small house instead of an apartment. The living room stood as the biggest room in the house- a fireplace, a two-sitter couch and single sofa, a coffee table and an hi-fi system with two speakers, a small tv and bookshelf by its side. Leona tilt her head to her side, no dinning room. She’ll have to fix one when she move in. A part of the room had a big curtain draped over it, she walked up to it and pulled it over to one side, a kitchenette laid there-a gas cooker and few pots and pans and an electric kettle, was all that stood there.. she’ll need to work on the kitchen too, the roof also had a small opening that needs repair. She walked out of the kitchen and opened a door, it led her to the bedroom, a small room. A comfy bed; Leona pressed it with her palm.. the closet was empty same goes for the shoe rack.. A table lamp and drawers. She walked and entered the last door, the bathroom. A demarcation was made with a chiffon curtain that led to the toilet and sink.
After surveying the rest of the house, Leona and Damien walked out..
“So?” He asked her.
“It’s okay. I’ll take it but first I’ll have get someone to work on it” she said.. “Then I’ll do a thorough cleaning in it”
“Okay. Then we’ll celebrate after it, first for being neighbors and then for your new job” he said and Leona smiled..
“I agree” she said.

After a few more talks Leona met his grandma and they greeted, they discussed about the house and Leona was a bit surprised when Damien informed her that he still supply cupcakes to her mother but he does it during Jesse’s absence. She left when she got Amelia’s call to meet her in a shopping mall..
“You won’t believe who’s here with me” she had said.
“Who? Is it Jackson?”
“No. Just drive down here. We’ll be waiting for you” she said
“Okay, I’m coming” she hung up after it. Turning to face granny with a placating look.
“I’m sorry granny but I have to leave now”
“It’s okay. We’ll be neighbors soon, we’ll see more of each other” she said in understanding and Leona nodded before standing up. They exchanged byes and after Damien promised to call her, she left.. Driving to the mall Amelia had described to her. She parked and got down, she sights Amelia outside the building and once she saw her, she smiled. Leona walked to her and was about asking who she wanted her to meet when she sense a presence with them.. she tilt her head to the person and gasped almost immediately. .
“Hi Leona, long time no see!” She said and Leona just stared, still speechless.


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