Finding love (mhd) episode 19

(My heart de-sire)
It was morning when Leona woke, this time she didn’t wake up to argument or curdling bickering, she got up on her own, fully awake and refreshed. She turned to her side and saw Amelia slee-ping on the other be-d.. She yawned and walked to the bathroom, where she brushed her teeth and splashed water on her face before walking out of the bathroom, she sat on the re-ading chair and drew her l@pt©p close to her.. she opened it and turned it on, going straight to her mail.. she moved the cursor to check if any of her request has been answered, the first didn’t have any reply and she was about moving to the next when her phone started ringing.. she stood up and walked to her nightstand to get it, staring at the caller ID, she answers the call.
“Hi mom” she greets.
“Hey baby. How are you?”
“I’m fine” she answered. “You?”
“I’m okay” she said “I tried s£nding some money to your account yesterday but it wouldn’t go.. Is something wrong with it?” She asked and Leona sighed.. Thinking if she should just lie or tell her the truth.. she first weighed the consequences of the two before talking. .
“Yes. Dad freezed it” she revealed and for a moment her mom was quiet..
“And you didn’t plan on telling me about it, right?
Honey, how do you think you’ll survive without money?”
“I’m sorry mom. I thought I could manage.. and I just got to find out about it yesterday” she said.
“I know where you’re going mom but I’m not coming back, at least not yet. I’m fine mom, I’m job hunting as it is and very soon I’ll find a job and start working.. I know it won’t be easy but I’m re-ady to face it.. plea-se don’t try to talk me out of it, I alre-ady made up my mind” she said.
“I wasn’t trying to talk you out of anything, I gave you my word remember? I’m with you on this but I don’t want you keeping something like this away from me.. I know you think you can get everything on your own but accepting as-sistance once in a while isn’t bad. I’m your mother and I want you to always tell me everything” she said and Leona sighed in relief.
“Yes mom”
“Good. You have a second account right?”
“Yes but there’s only little money in it, it’s been a while since I used it for anything”
“Okay, s£nd me the account details” she said..
“Okay. I’ll text it to you” she said and her mom hung up.
She could ba-rely remember the account number of her other bank, she had infact forgotten all about it.. she could only recollect that she had opened it herself when she was in high school and she had abandoned it when she started working for her dad and when he informed her that he alre-ady opened a new one for her. Leona moistened herl-ips as she copied the account details before texting it to her mom. As she waited for her call or the alert, she went back to her l@pt©p, Amelia was alre-ady up and Leona guessed she must’ve woken when she was talking with her mom but she was still sleepily gathering herself up fully. She went to the second mail but still no reply, with a big sigh, she went to the third and was about exiting, thinking it was the same reply but she st©pped when she saw a message.. hopefully, she cli-cked on it and re-ad and almost immediately a big smile crawled to her face.. her request has just been accepted and she was to come for an interview today by eight.. Leona g@sped.. She has just an hour and thirty minutes to prepare. She turned to her phone when it beeped in a message, she cli-cked on it and it was a credit alert.. she g@sped again, she just got $500, 000 from her mom. With a grateful sigh, Leona quic-kly called her..
“Did you get the alert?”
“Yes mom, thank you so much. It was more than my expectation” she cried out happily and heard her mom soft chuckle.
“Anytime baby.. it’s what I can offer for now. I’ll s£nd more if I get more sales”
“Thanks mom. I have to go now, I have an interview to catch up with by eight” she squealed.
“Okay honey. Best of luck. Call me when you return”
“Sure. Love you, bye” she said before hanging up.
“You finally got a response?” Amelia asked after she drops the phone.
“Yup and I have an interview with them by eight” Leona said before scrambling to the bathroom, almost knocking a foot against the door frame.
“Easy happy bird before an injury accompanies you the interview” Amelia yells after her and heard her chuckle.
“Thanks for the advice!” Leona yelled back before getting un-der the shower.
Leona tied the towel up to her che-st as she used the other to dry her b©dy. Getting to the closet, she picked a dress and settled for a pair of black flat shoes to go with it, she walked to the room and sat on the dressing table, quic-kly applying her deodorant..
“You’re wearing that?” Amelia asked, looking up from her phone.
“Seriously? You nee-d to dress really enticing if you’re going for an interview.. One look and they know you’re the perfect person for the job. Instead of flat why don’t you go for heels?” Amelia suggested.
“I’m not much a heel person Amy, I don’t want myself tripping cos of them. I think I’m okay the way I am” she said and Amelia was about insisting but she Zi-pped herl-ips, knowing it’d be fruitless in the end. .
“Here,” she stretched her car keys to her. “You can use my car” she said and Leona smiled.
“Thank you” she collected it, stuffed a file into her bag and checked herself out in the mirror. “plea-se tell aunty why I won’t be having breakfast with you guys”
“Okay” Amelia nodded and Leona found her way out. .
She stood in front of the door, adjusting her clothes and smashing herl-ips together, ru-bbing and leveling the red l!pgloss she had applied.
She raised her hand and knocked, she heard a ‘come-in’ and she opened the door before stepping in.. he was seated on a swivel chair, swiveling sideways in small rides.. he offered her a seat with his palm and she sat.
“Introduce yourself” he said and Leona wondered if he didn’t get the information she submitted about herself or he just nee-ded clarification.
“I’m Leona Terence, a-
“That’s it” he cut her off, ma-king her brows furrowed.
“Leona.. that’s a pretty name” he said..
“Um thank you” she said, “so do you nee-d my CV or something?”
“Why go throu-gh that long process when we can actually make it short and simple?” He asked. .
“I don’t un-derstand”
“Here’s the deal.. we make out right here and you get the job after it” he said plainly.
“What?!” She stood up.
“I only give this offer to people I find ha-rd working and competent, you should be glad. So are we doing this or not?”
“Never!” She said and he scoffed before frowning.
“You can leave,” he gr@bb£d the telephone and punched some bu-ttons.. “Next person” he said into it.
“But you didn’t even interview me and-
“I did,” he paused “And you failed. Leave now before I call security on you”
Leona sighed before gr-abbing her bag and walking out.. almost at the verge of tears. She heard her phone ringing but she ignored it and kept walking.
She reached outside and got into the car.. why must people in high position always want something before helping those that nee-d from them?
What’s so special about that pride they wear about everywhere? She doesn’t act that way when people come to her dad’s office for job.. Or disappoint them after picking them for the interview.
She reached into her bag and fetched her phone, pressing it , she sees the missed calls from Damien, she dropped the phone back, pressed her head on the steering wheel and sighed, her stomach grumbled. . First one done and dusted and sadly, gone without any good result..
After the long wait, queue and time she spent, looking for the office of her belligerent interviewer, she didn’t get the job.
She hopes she’ll see another approval when she gets home. . She badly nee-d a job but before then she nee-ds to eat something before she pas-ses out and maybe see Damien while at it.. he might be of help too in knowing an affordable ap@rtment and besides, it’s been a while since they last saw.
She started the car and head for bobby’s, she parked at the lot and hopped down, going to where Damien was..
“How much for one of those?” She asked..
“It’s-” his voice trailed off when he saw her and a bright smile covered his face “Leona!” He squealed “Hi”.
“Hi,” she said, sitting beside him “I’m dead serious about the cu-pcakes though.. How much do you sell? I’m starving”
“Feel free to have as much as you can eat!” He said and Leona gr@bb£d one and hungrily munched on it.
“Did you skip breakfast?” Damien asked curiously when she gr@bb£d a second cake after finishing the first in a bite, she nodded.
“I went to your house yesterday and your mom informed me that you moved out” he said and Leona st©pped chewing for a split second.
“Yes,” she answered “I let my heart decide like you suggested” she said and took another bite from the cu-pcake.
“Are you doing well by yourself?”
“Who do you think I am? A six years old.. I’m an adult and I’m doing well. I just nee-d to get a job and save up money” she said “I plan on achieving my dream next once I’m financially settled”
“Oh great. So where do you live now?”
“At Amelia’s.. though I plan on moving out once I find a small and affordable ap@rtment since I’ll be the only one staying in it”
“There’s an ap@rtment that’s up for rent, it’s just few walks away from mine. An old lady once lived there but she moved out three months ago and no one has moved in ever since.. if you want I could look it up for you and negotiate on the rent”
“plea-se do”
“Okay,” he said. “Are you still job hunting cos to me you look like you’ve commenced one” he said.
“I thought I would too but I didn’t” she said “I wasn’t even interviewed, I was rejected cos I refused to go to be-d with him.. isn’t that crazy?”
“Totally crackers. He’s a br@t to have asked that from you!” Damien said and Leona nodded in support.
“I just hope at least one of my reśume gets accepted and for real this time” she said.
“I can help you. I’ve seen a few companies that are in nee-d of workers..I could share your resume to them if you want” he said..
“Okay.” She said. “Text me your email address, I’ll s£nd a copy to you when I get home” she said and he nodded.
“Wow!” Damien suddenly breathed out with a smile, ma-king Leona give him a look..
“I can’t believe we’ll become neighbors very soon” he said.
“We will if I get to rent the house and if the rent charge is fair”
“It is. I’m just not sure if the house will be too convenient for you considering that you’ve always lived in a mansion” he said.
“Right now, I don’t think I have much of a choice. If it has all an ap@rtment nee-ds to have, then I’m totally okay with it”
“That settles it then. We’ll be neighbors, let’s start acting mutual to each other” he said and Leona laughed. “That’s what neighbors do, right?. Here, let’s try a new neighbor-like introduction” he said, ma-king Leona chuckle.
“Okay..oh Hi neighbor” she started.
“Hey. Did you move in today?”
“Yes and the house’s really good. Do you mind helping me with these boxes?”
“No.. I can help fix your be-d too”
“That’ll be nice. I’m Leona”
“I’m Damien. Nice meeting you” he stretched his hand and Leona took and they ended up laughing.
After having her breakfast and feeling completely void of hunger, she checked her l@pt©p for anything new but sadly, there wasn’t. She s£nt the resume to Damien as she had promised, to his email.
“You didn’t tell me how the interview went, you got the job right?” Amelia asked and Leona sigh, turning to look at her “Of course you did! My bestie is smart. Tell me, how’s the pay? When are you starting?”
“I didn’t get the job, Amelia” she said and her once enthusiastic expression died down. “I didn’t even get interviewed”
“Why?” Her eyes sparked up “you got there late?”
“No. I was among the earliest people that arrived. The manger wanted S-x first”
“Oops.. per-vert! Influential guys can be like that. Don’t worry best, a better offer will come, okay?”
“Yeah, I hope so” she said, taking Amelia’s comforting palm.
“I have something to cheer you up,” she said.
“What?” Leona inquires and Amelia pu-lls open the be-dside drawer and reveal a bottle of br@ndy. “br@ndy?”
“Yup and this is one of the best”
“Does your mom know you smuggle br@ndys into her house?” She asked.
“She doesn’t have to. Hold this, I’ll get glas-ses” she hands the br@ndy to Amelia and walked out. Leona sighed..maybe a few sips wouldn’t harm.
After dinner that night, Leona sadly realized that another day had pas-sed without her getting a job yet even though she was pretty sure that she had all the qualifications. Why won’t they just call her?
She hadn’t thought that finding a job would be this ha-rd , considering that she had both the experience and qualification, what’s going on now?
Leona wonders as she did the dishes with Amelia.. she sighs as she drops a plate. Hilda enters..
“So, how about watching a movie before anyone goes to be-d” she suggested with a smile, waving movie discs to their faces.
“I don’t want to” Amelia primped and Leona nudged her..
“C’mon Amy, it’s just one movie. I’m sure aunty selected the best”
“Yeah and I made us chocolate flavored popcorn too, your favorite flavor”
“See? Let’s have a lady’s night” she said, trying to cajole Amelia, much to Hilda’s relief.
“Fine but it’s just one movie and I’m not doing this cos of your chocolate flavored popcorn or whatever, I’m doing it cos I want to” Amelia said, not wanting to plea-se her mom.
“If that’s it then can I have Amelia’s share of the popcorn, aunty?”
“No you can’t, Leona”
“But you just said you don’t want it”
“No, there’s a difference between what I said and ‘I don’t want it’ I mean who have movie night without popcorn. St©p being selfish!” Amelia primped, opening the microwave and getting the hvge plate of popcorn from it “I’ll just get my phone first and then we start before someone eats my share” she gave Leona a pla-yful glare before walking away with the popcorn.. Hilda raises a brow at Amelia and they shared a laugh.
Once the movie ended, Amelia sighed in relief..
“That was a great movie” Leona said and Hilda smiled.
“We can do another tomorrow”
“And I’m off to be-d” Amelia stood up..
“Goodnight honey”
“Night mom” she replied sleepily, heading to the room.
“I should go to be-d too. Goodnight aunt”
“Yeah, goodnight”
Leona walked to her be-d and gr@bb£d her phone from it, she had missed calls and a text message from Damien. She cli-cked on it.
**Hi, I alre-ady s£nt out the resume and I just got a reply. I s£nt it to your email, you should give them a call and call me when you do**
Leona re-ad the text and quic-kly went for her l@pt©p, she opened it and went directly to her mail, truly he had s£nt the number to her and some other details. She quic-kly dials it on her phone and waited for it to ring, when it began ringing she prayed silently that she gets accepted.
“Eleanor Goodman from Goodmans company speaking”
“Um hi, I’m Leona Terence and-
“Oh you’re the lady that s£nt us a resume. We gave you a reply three hours ago, why are you just calling?”
“I’m so sorry, I wasn’t with my phone when the reply c@m£, I’m sorry” she said, b!tt!g her lower l!pfrom nervousness.
“Okay. Your qualifications are pretty good, you matched just the credential we nee-d but-
Leona’s heart thump at the ‘but’, thinking of the possible things that would go after it.
“..we nee-d a face to face interaction, at least to know if you’re really up for what your resume holds and if you are then you can commence your job ASAP, we’re in nee-d of someone with your credentials”
“Yes! Of course! I’ll come”
“Okay, 7 A.m on the dot. Don’t be late”
“I promise. Thank you so much!” She squealed in ectasy, almost yelling. The call got disconnected after. She grinned, happily. . Scrolling throu-gh her contact list for Damien’s ID.
“Let me guess, you got the job?” Amelia asked, with a sleepy voice.
“I guess so and it’s a female this time, I have a hint this one’s for real” she answered.
“Okay. Before you get all giddy about this, don’t you nee-d an early night for the big day tomorrow?”
“I totally do. I’ll just s£nd this call first” she said, putting the phone on her ear and Amelia rested back on the be-d..
“Oh hey Damien!” She said and Amelia sigh..
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