Finding love (mhd) episode 17

(My heart de-sire)
Leona took the files, stared at briefly at the papers and left them aside. She took a sip out of her coffee and was going back for the l@pt©p when a knock sounded on her door.
“Come in” She said, her gaze on the l@pt©p’s screen. The door opened with a slight creak. She raised her head to look at her guest and it happened to be Amelia. She f0rç£d the boxes in her hands in after pushing the door open with her leg..
“A little help?” She asked, shrugging at her..
“Oh..sorry” Leona stood up and took the bags from her.. She walked in..
“Why’s your door so small?” She grumbled..
“Cos it is meant to be used by one person, not a person with boxes” Leona answered, earning a frown from her..
“Should I just leave or are you offering me a seat?”
“Sorry newbie.. plea-se sit” she offered.. Turning back to her l@pt©p.
Leona struggled to open a bag and brou-ght out a box of pizza with two take-out cu-ps of milkshake..
“Just when I am starving” Leona primped, gr-abbing a slice of pizza, she closed the l@pt©p p@rtly and focused on the meal.
“I did the groceries for mom and decided to come spend some girl time with you. I Hope work has been easy on you?” She asked and Leona sighed.
“I so much wish” she said.
Work hadn’t been easy ever since Leona started doing it all alone, her father had been discharged form the hospital five days ago but he still wasn’t strong enough to work and Leona had carried their both work shares alone and it was just so ha-rd .
She knew JT was coming back to its old self, they were back to getting business offers, getting approval on the ones s£nt and contract deals.. She had done her best with them of course and had only managed to complete one which was a lot of money for them..
“Aw.. Sorry girl. How’s your old man now?” She asked, taking a bite of pizza.
“Getting better.. I just hope it happens fas-ter”
“He’s over you and Greg being a thing?” She asked..
“He hasn’t mentioned it in a while but I have a hint, it isn’t over”
“And if it happens again and your house gets too h0t for you, you’re always welcome to cool off at mine” she said.
“I definitely will if he doesn’t get less obnoxious about it. So, how’s Jackson?” She asked.
“He’s okay, at least he was when I talked to him last. They’re at the peak of whatever took them out and he should be back before the week runs out” she said..
“That’s good” she said “Any news from your company yet?”
“Nope.. I guess they prolonged the leave, though I haven’t had time to find out.. I’m all stuck with Mrs annoying” she said.
“She won’t be Mrs annoying if you give her a chance to be your mother” she said and Amelia shook her head, drinking her milkshake.
“I just can’t wait for Jackson, I hope we get married soon and get a house of our own” she said and Leona almost choked on her pizza..
“Married!? Did Jackson proposed?” She asked.
“Not yet but I have a hint, he will when he returns and I’ll gladly accept.. I mean he’s rich and loving and I’ll finally get to leave that woman’s house and do what I want” she primped.
“So you want to get married cos of your mom?”
“Mmhm,” she nodded “And because it’s Jackson.. Someone that’ll give me everything! But seriously I can’t imagine myself in a pregnant state.. Wearing grandma’s clothes and getting fat,” she laughed “It bothers me”
“You should get prepared before jumping into one.. It’s called motherhood” Leona said.
“Yeah whatever” Amelia brushed it off..
“So since you’re here, I could really use some help”
“Not happening girl, I c@m£ here to relax, not work with you” Amelia said before relaxing on the cushion chair..
Leona twitched her n£¢k as she hopped down her car, gr-abbing her bag from the other side, she locked the car door and stepped into the house.. She walked in and met her dad on the table, eating..
“Good evening dad” she greeted, pushing herself toward him.
“Hi sweetie. How was work?”
“Hectic,” she breathed out to him “we got more business offers, I attended to some but they still nee-d your finalizing” Leona explained.
“I’ll check them out after I’m done with this. I should be back at the office by tomorrow” he said.
“Oh, hey there honey” her mom said, dropping a plate of meatba-lls on the table..
“Hi mom. Good evening”
“Evening” her mom replied curtly before walking back to the kitchen.
“Did the doctor approve your plans of returning to work?” She asked him, going back to the conversation.
“I don’t care. I alre-ady got a driver like he suggested, I feel so lazy staying home all day doing nothing.. I’ll just get worse if it goes on” he said.
“If you insist. I’ll be in my room” Leona said before heading to her room.
She had a change of clothes and sat on her be-d, her l@pt©p sat on her l@ps as she worked.. She was halfway throu-gh it when her dad called, she took the call.
“Can you come to my room for a sec?” He asked.
“Okay dad” she answered and dropped the call. Standing up, she reached for the door and pu-ll-ed it open before walking out. She got to her dad’s room and knocked, he asked her in and she walked in. He was on the couch, staring into his l@pt©p.
She sat beside him on the chair.
“Here,” he placed his l@pt©p on her l@ps, urging her to look forward and she did, her brows furrowed after she re-ad the content.
“The Rodriquez finally approved the contract?” She asked, giving her dad a look of uncertainty.
“Yes, isn’t that great news?”
“I..guess so” she said.
“I’m sure Greg must’ve cajoled his dad to do this.. He’s such a kind, loving and handsome young man.. His future wife will be so lucky to have him” he said and Leona rolled her eyes.. Not prepared for where the conversation was heading.
“Okay” she replied “Is that all? Can I leave now?”
“Leona. Let’s be honest with each other.. Why can’t you marry Greg?”
“Cos I don’t love him, Dad”
“I didn’t love your mom when I married her either but I did because she was an un-derstanding, loving and ha-rd working woman.. Look at us now. We have a pretty smart daughter and we’re so much in love now” he said.
**Is that also why you’ve been cheating on her?**
She brushed the question off.
“What I’m trying to say is love is something that grows, you won’t know it until you give it a try. You know I won’t give you to something that isn’t the best, I know Greg’s the best for you. Just give him a chance to prove it” he said.
“Greg doesn’t love me, he’s only doing all this to get me to his be-d, believe me” she said.
Her dad sighed.. “That guy, the one that sells cu-pcakes.. What’s his name again?”
“Yes, that one. He was here today, I won’t deny that he’s a nice young man but he’s not the best for you, he can ba-rely take care of himself and he’s a poor guy with no plans of getting rich but Greg’s alre-ady made, he will take care of you” he said.
“Must everything always be about money to you? I thought you alre-ady paid up your debts, why are you still doing this?”
“I still owe a debt Leona. I own a billion dollars and I nee-d all the as-sistance I can get to pay it off”
“But there’s still so much time to pay it dad, I’m sure before duration is reached the debt will be settled, we both know that-
“It’s not as easy as you make it sound.. We nee-d more offers to get there, we can’t lose any chance. The Rodriguez are not only offering us a contract they are also willing to p@rtner with us once you get married to Greg, that’s a whole lot of capital on our p@rt”
“I don’t care about what they have to offer, I’m just not up for this.. plea-se st©p insisting cos I won’t do it”
“So you’ll rather prefer a life with a cu-pcake guy to a blissful one?”
“Aren’t you listening dad? Nothing good is coming out from Greg and I.. He’s doing this to get back at me”
“You’re only lying against him cos you don’t want to marry him! Greg isn’t someone that can do that”
“But I’m someone that can tell lies, right?”
“I’m not saying that sweetie,” he placed a palm on her shoulder “How about we do this, you give Greg a chance and get to know him and I’ll terminate the offer myself if you still refuse to marry him”
“I won’t do it. I’m not giving Greg a chance or whatever you call it and you know what, I’m tired!
I know you’re doing this cos I’ve never disobeyed you and I’ve always stood by you but still, you don’t care. Do you know what I lost trying to save you? I lost my pride, my dignity and self respect but you still only think about yourself I’ve wanted nothing more than your love for the past five years..” She said “It’s all good now dad, you can as well marry Greg while running your company alone.. I’m not doing this anymore, I’m not a kid and for the record, you don’t love mom, you should be grateful that she’s still here even after meeting you in your crazy acts, I don’t think I’m that forgiving” Leona stood up “I’m quitting, both as your manager and your daughter, I’m an adult now.. It’s time to choose my own path” she said and made for the door..
“Are you sure about that Leona? You think you can manage all by yourself on the outside world?” Her Dad asked.
“I don’t know but I know it’s preferable to being a puppet!”
“Do what you want then.. It’s okay if you want to learn the ha-rd way.. Just remember that I’ll be more than re-ady to take you back when you’re sober” he said and Leona breathed out before walking out. She saw her Mon leaning on the wall close to the door.. She had tears in her eyes, Leona held herself from tearing up at her tears.. she must’ve heard everything. .
“Leona,” she called “Are you sure about this?” She asked and Leona nodded..
“Yes. I should’ve done this a long time ago. Will you fine with him?”
“Yes,” she nodded “Do you have anywhere in mind to stay?”
“I’ll crash at Amelia’s and I’ll try to get my own place once I’m settled” she said and her mom hvgged her, c@r£ss!ngher back.
They pu-ll-ed away.
“If you really want this then I support you, maybe what your dad nee-ds is some time to cool off. You’ll be careful, right?”
“Yes and I’ll always call you. You can visit if you want or live with me when you get tired of his $h!ts” she said, wiping her mom’s tears.
“I won’t do that Lee, he’s my husband, the vow is for better for worse” she said and Leona nodded, her mom had always been a stubborn yet loving woman “Keep in contact like you said and don’t hesitate to call me if you nee-d anything” she said and Leona nodded..
“Thanks mom. I have to go get my things” she said and her mom nodded.
“This is really what your heart wants right?” She asked her again and Leona nodded..
“It wants to get freedom” she replied.
“Okay then,” she said “I’ll help you pack your things”
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