Fated To The Masked Alpha Prince episode 40 & 41

🌺🌹 Fated To The Masked Alpha Prince 🌺🌹

🔥Collision Of Two Worlds 🔥

✍️ Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi ✍️




(This story is written by me, Do not copy or repost without my permission if you didn’t want any misfortunes 😌)

** ** **

Soon enough, the teacher left the clas-s, Nana walk up to her with a straight face and Yeona sighed.

She know she’s here to query her again, She didn’t keep her abr£@st about her engagement with Dae Hyun.

She can’t be blamed also,everything happened so fast .

“Hey Yeona” She greeted with a light smile and Yeona press herl-ips nervously.


“Hey,it’s fine,I know everything happened so fast, you’re not to be blamed,I know you met the Prince not quite long,it’s fine” She cut her off with a light smile and Yeona was cut off with surprise.

“But…….” She trailed off not knowing what to say and Nana smiled.

“I un-derstand every thing quite perfectly,just chillax and enjoy your time with the Prince”

“Thanks so much Nana,I didn’t know that you can un-derstand what’s going on, thanks so much,I really appreciate”

” It’s fine dear” She replied with a light smile and they both walk out of the clas-s to the cafeteria amidst stares as usual ,she have been receiving lots of stares lately, All thanks to her Dad and the Queen.

** ** **

Nana got home later in the evening feeling so angry and bittered, her Dad sat on a long couch in their large living room watching TV, He look up immediately he noticed her pres£nce in the room and smiled at her.

“Hey Nana,How are you?” He said smiling and her Dad smiled at her.

” I’m not good” She replied with a huff and he furrowed his brows in confusion.

“Why are you angry?”

“Can you believe Yeona is getting married to the Prince?” She rasped angrily and her Dad scoffed.

“I know that earlier” He said with a shrug and her mouth fell in shock.

So,He knew about this all while but he couldn’t tell him.

“So,you knew all this Dad and you couldn’t tell me?,

“I don’t want to ruin your mood, I know how much you are in love with Dae Hyun, telling you that he’s getting married will only wors£n the situation and I don’t want that”

“Really?” She asked calming down a bit and he nodded.

“Then maybe we should end this once and for all”She said with a shrug and her Dad turned his head to her sharply.


“By clearing Yeona of course”

“Don’t you dare” He roared angrily and he sprang up to his feet.

Nana moved back in shock and surprised, Her Dad has never yelled at her for once.

How can his mood switch suddenly because she said she want to clear Yeona?

“You see that Yeona, I’ve been watching her since when she was given birth several years ago,not because I want to kill her or hurt her,I want her to be mine completely because she’s like my better half,I just want to look for the perfect time to have her to myself,if a strand of her hair got hurt,you won’t live to regret your actions Nana,trust me”


🌺🌹 Fated To The Masked Alpha Prince 🌺🌹

🔥 Collision Of Two Worlds 🔥

✍️ Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi ✍️




(This story is written by me, Do not copy or repost without my permission if you didn’t want any misfortunes 😌)

** ** **

Nana,still in shock on her Dad sudden outbur-st folded her arms staring at her Dad as he ‘rants’ on her.

“You know what, Don’t try to keep a watch on her anymore,I’m going to look for someone suitable in your school, Perhaps I caught you trying to hurt her,I’ll use my own hands to strangle you to death” He threatened before picking his car keys and storm out of the room angrily.

Nana stood still for a minute without blinking her eyes.

She’s still in shock.

Her Dad raised his voice at her?


All because of Yeona?, She wondered what is between him and Yeona that made him feel so concerned about her.

After a while, she regained her stamina and rush upstairs to meet her Dad in the room.


Yeona getting home, was welcomed by her step sisters and step mothers,her mom standing behind them looking so frightened.

She wondered what could be wrong with them.

“Hello y’all” She mumbled un-der her breath immediately she got closer to them but Yoona mom pu-ll-ed her back r0ûghly, Yeona scoffed and stare at her ruffled dress.

“What is it this time around?” She asked with a sigh and they seethed angrily.

“You connived with Taeyung to get married to Dae Hyun right?”

“And how is that your own business?” She fired back at them and Eunji tried sl@pping her but her mom pu-ll-ed her back.

“No,try it, then you will experienced what happened to the Principal’s earlier today”

“Huh…..what?!, So you’re the one behind it?, You convinced Dae Hyun to fire the Principal and also kicked Elsa out of the school?” Eunji asked realizing the whole drama and she shrugged.

“Yesh, because she pas-sed her boundaries,just a little advise for you witches,the earlier you realized that I’m no longer in your level, then you will wake up from your fantasies and st©p beefing on me,you jobless animals” She spat angrily and gr-ab her mom hands before storming into the mansion leaving them all in shock.



Dae Hyun got to the small but clas-sic registry quite late in the evening, His schedules were quite ti-ght these days, coupled with the preparation of the wedding and his coronation.

Things has been ti-ght for him.

His guards open the door for him and he step in gracefully and stroll to the registrar office,the young woman set er eyes on him and sprang up to his feet immediately.

“Good evening sir” She greeted profusely and he nodded.

“Is the catechist around?”

“Yes, we have been expecting you since,plea-se follow me so I can lead you to the office”

“Alright” He nodded with a smile and the lady walk ahead of them to the office.

Soon, they got there, she opened the door and Dae Hyun stepped in, The catechist, a middle aged man,in his late forties, smiled seeing them and they both exchange handshakes the moment Dae Hyun move closer to him.

The office look quite expensive which befits his status.

He took his seat and they both set to business.


“So,I’ll want it the next two days, I don’t want any del@yplea-se, an hour programme,just make sure everything is set before I arrive”

“Alright,no problem, My Prince,but we would like to have the pas-sport of your fiancee sir,for do¢v-mentative purposes”

“That’s not necessary,I’ll bring it along on the wedding day,I don’t want any delay”

“No problem, we hope to give you the satisfaction you deserved sir, thanks so much”

“You’re welcome”



Yeona got into the room and flung her phone on the be-d,including her books.

“This madness must st©p mom,this must st©p, you shouldn’t let them intimid@t£ you anymore”

“I know Yeona, not that I can’t talk back at them but I just want to keep my limits do I won’t be disgraced, I don’t want them to reveal what you don’t wanna hear, I am scared”

“What’s it mom?,, They should reveal the secrets and let everyone hear about it,I don’t care”

“I don’t want them to reveal it, you will be hurt”

“And what exactly is it mom that you don’t want me to know?”

“Some words are better unsaid, some secrets are better unrevealed,it will cause uproar Yeona,I know what I’m talking about” She said with a while and Yeona scoffed.

“Whatever” She huffed before walking angrily to the bathroom to take a cold shower.



After shower, she step into the room ans mopped her b©dy,her mom wasn’t there any longer.

She shrugged and went to where she flung her phone earlier and pick it up, surprisingly ,she met three missed calls from an unknown number.

She furrowed her brows in confusion.

Who could be calling her?

She shrugged before dialing the number again and the receiver picked it up immediately.

“Hello,who’s speaking?” She asked in a low voice.

“Is this Yeona?” The person said in a familiar voice , Yeona couldn’t fathom the owner of the voice but it’s was quite familiar.

“Dae Hyun speaking” The person replied in a low voice and she g@sp.

“My Prince” She stuttered and he scoffed.

Where did he get his number?

What’s he calling her for?

“Dummy, this is your future husband,” Her inner voice yelled.

“You should get prepared tomorrow morning, one of my driver’s will come pick you up, we are going to the mall together t pick the wedding dress”

“Alright” She stuttered and he hung up immediately.