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Fated to the masked alpha prince 5 & 6 episode

🌺🌹Fated To The Masked Alpha Prince 🌺🌹
🔥Collision Of Two Worlds🔥
✍️Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi ✍️
Dae Hyun Pov
I pack few of my clothes inside the fancy traveling bag and I drag it behind me,Mom came out of her room which is opposite mine and I sighed
She has and held my bag tightly.
“My baby,please don’t go,I can’t cope here without you”
“Mom,I’m not leaving,I just want to clear my head,I’ll be back soon,trust me”
“What about the other wives?”
“I’lll handle them”I assured her and she nodded.
The guards rush to me and one of them helped me with my bag and I branched at the first Queen room and met two of the there.
They stood up abruptly immediately they saw me and I smirk.
“What are you doing here?,Can’t you knock?”Hanyoon,The first wife who owns the room scream and I chuckled.
“If there’s no skeleton in your cupboard,how could you be scared when I entered the room?”
“What if I’m not putting on a dress?”
“And what’s in that your ugly body I haven’t seen before”
“What!”She screamed and I smiled.
“I’m not here for that,I am here for something important,due to what happened this afternoon,I have to leave this stuffy place for you guys to clear my head first,I also realized that everytime I traveled,you always use that opportunity to bully my mom,as I going now,if I came back to the palace and my workers report to me that you bullied my mom,I swear to God that heads will roll”
“What!,Because of your st……”
“Complete that sentence and you will lose your tongue”I threatened and the second wife,Kwan,kept quiet immediately and I glare at both of them before walking out of the room.
Yeona Pov
The next morning.
I walk levelly to my class and met Nana on my way as I was about to walk into my class.
I stare at her quickly and was about to walk into the class but she held me.
“Yeona”She whispered lightly and I turn to her .
“I’m sorry”She mumbled and I scoffed.
“Sorry for what exactly?”I asked folding my hands under my boobs and she sighed.
“I’m sorry for yelling at you,trust me,it’s not my fault,I loved Dae Hyun so much and seeing him with another lady freaks me out”
“And did you know that you can never end up with Dae Hyun because he can’t marry our types,did you think he will marry a naive college student like us?
“I’m not naive”She replied rolling her eyes and I chuckled.
“Whatever,but I want to ask you a question?,What if Dae Hyun later marry another lady who’s your immediate family or someone you didn’t even know?,what are you going to do?”
“That means the person is in my bad book already”
“Oh really?”I asked with my widened eyes and she shrugged.
“That means you’re not going to be my friend,I can’t mingle with someone bitter like you,good day”I eyed her and walk out for her immediately.
After a series of lesson,we were given a break and I rush to the cafeteria and quickly ordered my food,I’ve only are two spoons when a guy dressed in black walk up to my seat.
“Is there a problem?”I asked getting scared a little and he clear his throat.
“My boss sent for you,he wants to see you now”
“Who’s your boss?”
“I’m not in the right position to say that,you should follow me”
“What…How could you….”
“Follow me young lady”He said in a cold voice and I stood up quickly.
I followed him out of the cafeteria and he led me to a flashy car.
“What is it?, what have I done?”I panic and he chuckled.
“Get inside”He commanded and before I could protest,he push me inside and surprisingly,it was Prince Duri.
“My prince”I bowed immediately and he smiled.
“How are you doing dear?”He asked in an ugly smile and I nodded.
“So,i called you here for something very important”He whispered and push the strand of hair on my face and I move back slowly.
“Sir,this is not right”I said calmly and he smirk.
“What is it huh….why are you scared”He grab my hand and pull me back slowly,I quickly push him away and open the door and rush out of the room.
I panted heavily and run to the rest room making the students stare at me weirdly.
Oh God!
What’s that!
Prince Duri tried to harass me?
I’m so dead.
I panted softly and after a while,I walk out of the room and head straight to the class.
Luckily for me,the teacher isn’t yet around.
I quickly settle down and after a while,the teacher entered the class and we started lesson in earnest.
Not long after,a royal guard came to the class and my heart skipped.
I hope I’m not into any trouble.
“The Prince sent for Yeona”
“Yeona,you’re sent for”
“Okay ma’am”I nodded and I walk out of the class I fear.
“Please which of the prince?”
“Prince Dae Hyun”He replied coldly and I calmed myself down a bit.
At least,I’m still safe for now.
Soon,we got to the office and I met him there looking so handsome and ethereal.
Is this a human?
“Good day sir”I bowed snapping myself out of reverie and he nodded.
“So,the prince came here to assign your punishment to you”
“Okay”I nodded feeling so scared.
“So my prince,over to you”
Yeona Pov
“Well,I ought to have given you punishment but when I checked your past records in the school,I realized that you’re one of the best students in the school and you don’t make trouble,so I knew you fell down unintentionally,you can go”
“You mean,you’re not punishing me any longer?”I asked curiously and he nodded.
I’m saved.
I quickly went on my knees and sobbed.
“Thank you sir,I really appreciate”I smiled sniffing and he nodded.
“You should go back to your class”He muttered and I nodded before walking out of the room.
Duri Pov
I smashed my phone angrily to the wall and I gritted in anger.
I can’t believe that dumb round girl insulted me,She should be lucky I stooped so low to have a girl like her.
Why does she have to refuse me?
I groaned angrily in anger and one of my guards enter.
“Get out”
“Draco is here to see you”
“What?”I asked in surprise and he nodded.
I’m not expecting him anytime soon,why’s he here?
“Where’s he at the moment?”
“He’s in the big living room”
“What?,Don’t you know he can be easily suspected,Are you that dumb?”I rasped and he bowed immediately.
“Get him here, Quickly now,before the King arrive”
“Okay sir”He nodded and ran out of the room quickly to get him.
Soon,he entered with him and I breathe out in relief.
“Draco,why are you here?”
“I came here to drop the stuff quickly,the cops raided my friend’s house this morning,so I can’t waste time,I have to leave the country immediately”
“Okay,where’s it?”I asked and he bring it out from his pocket.
He hand it over to me and gave me the details about it,I thanked him and he rush out of the room quickly.
I hide it in my drawer and we walk out of the room to get Seo Hyun,one of my secret workers in the palace.
Dae Jung
I stepped out of the aero plane and the palace guards are there waiting for me already.
The collect the bags from the officials and they led me to the car.
My name is Dae Jung,The second prince of the King,My mom is the second wife,I have been out of the country to America for my studies and I’m done with my studies yesterday.
Finally,I am here to settle down to start my own business and my other plans I can’t wait to execute.


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