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fate of love episode 52

Of love ❤️

By; succie

Chapter 52


“That was a very nice performance Alvin”. Sharon said smiling care-ssing his hair.

“Of course I had to try my best, like I said before the song was for you, so I had to practice so [email protected], so that you will be proud of me”. Alvin said with a smile.

Sharon giggles with a smile, and looks around for Millet.

“Alvin where is your Aunt Millet”.

“Unni, I have seen her mom”.

Sharon sighs and said.

“Just stay here with Roxana, I will be right back okay, let me look for your Aunt Millet, so we can go home together”.

“Okay mom” Alvin said smiling.

Sharon returns the smile and left.

“You really did a great job Alex”. Roxana, Alvin’s friend said giving him a high thumbs up.

“Thanks Rox”. Alvin said and winkles at her.

“Will you stop doing that”. She said shyly.

“And why not Rox”. Alvin said and winkles at her again, and Roxana quickly covers her face.

And Alvin chuckles with a smile, and then two of Alvin’s [email protected], or should I say his enemies in [email protected], approach him.

“Hi the star of the show”. One of them said in a mockery way.

“What do you two want”. Alvin said, not looking Happy to see them.

“Don’t feel so proud because you won the competition Alvin”. The other kid said.

“I don’t want to talk to you guys so leave”.

“And what if we don’t, what are you feeling like Alvin, you don’t even have a dad, your mom is the only one who you have, where is your dad anyway, and why is he not here with you, don’t tell me you fall from heaven, and your mom just picked you up”.

Alvin looks at them folding his fist.

“Or maybe he doesn’t have a dad because his mom is a bad woman and that why his dad left them.”

And with what he said about his mom, Alvin pushed him to the floor in anger.

And the two annoying kids gang up him, and Alvin began fighting with the two kid.

“Alvin stop fighting,, Alvin!!”. Roxana calls his name, but Alvin turned a deaf ear.

And he was even more powerful than the two kids, despite being two against one, Alvin was able to defend himself from them.

Roxana seeing the fight won’t stop, quickly went in search for Sharon.


“Where did you wander off too Millet”.

“I just had a word with Alvin’s principal”.

“About what Millet”.

“To extend the payment of Alvin’s school fees”

“And what did he say”.

“Well he agreed to it, I never knew they were nice people in this world”.

“Of course nice people live in this one, just like you”. Sharon said and cuddle her hands around her, and Millet smiles.

“And luckily for me, I have gotten a job”. Sharon said and Millet looks at her.

“Since when, why didn’t you tell me Sharon”.

“Am sorry Millet, it sl!pped out of my mind,,,they actually want me to start tomorrow”.

“Really, what company is that”.

“Is a wine industry Millet, and it runs under the name JAY, and I was given the position of a cellar technician”. Sharon said with a smile on her face.

“Am so happy for you Sharon, atlest you won’t have to be at the local market everyday, selling your accessories”.

“That right”.

And both laugh.

“Aunt Sharon!, Aunt Sharon!”. Roxana yells running towards her.

“What wrong Roxana”. Sharon asked.

“Is Alvin”.

“Alvin, what happen to Alvin”. Sharon asked with a worried face.

“He is fighting with some of our [email protected]”. Roxana announced.

“What!!!!!”. Sharon yells and quickly went to the place she left Alvin, and Millet and Roxana quickly followed behind.


“Don’t you ever say my mom is bad woman”. Alvin yells holding the two boys by their collars.

“Alvin!!”. Sharon calls and quickly separate him from the kids, and the kids quickly run away.

“Come back here you jerks”. Alvin yells, trying to run after them, but Sharon stops and turns him to face her.

“What was that for Alvin, why were you fighting your [email protected], didn’t I tell you never to be violence in school”. Sharon half yells.

“I couldn’t help it mom, those [email protected] of mine, called you a bad woman, they said you are a bad woman, and that why dad is not here with us, I know you aren’t a bad woman, but where is my dad mom, why is he not here with us, does he hate us, is that why he is not living with us”. Alvin asked.

Sharon looks at Millet and back to Alvin, and squat beside him, reaching up to his height.

She held his hand, and care-ssing his face at the same time.

“No Alvin, your dad doesn’t hate us”.

“Then where is he mom”.

Sharon looks at Millet again trying to fight back her tears,,how was she going to tell her son, that his dad doesn’t even know he exist.

“Mom, why aren’t you saying anything, I know I haven’t ask you about my dad before, but where is he mom, does he even love me”. Alvin asked.

Sharon looks at him.

“Of course he does Alvin, your dad love you very much, with all his heart, he is not here with us,, because he is busy right now, but always know that he loves you so much okay”.

Alvin looks at his mom, and nods his head, and Sharon pulls him into a hug, as she let the tears she was holding for long, flow down her eyes.

While Millet cleans the tears that flows down her eyes, and she wonder where the heck was Jesse, and when he will be coming back to Korea.


Millet enters the room, and when she saw the state Sharon was in, she let out a sigh and walks up to her.

“Don’t you think you have cried enough, if Alvin comes in and see you crying, he is definitely going to ask why you crying, maybe you have forgotten you have a son who is smart and always ask questions”. Millet said sitting beside her.

“I can’t help it millet, am just so worried”.

“About what Sharon”.

“About Alvin Millet, what am I going to tell him when next he asks about Jesse, come to think of it, Jesse doesn’t even know we both have a child, all I know is that he went to Paris, I don’t even know where in Paris he is staying, or what has become of him, what if he is married Millet, is being five years already”. Sharon said crying.

And Millet turns Sharon to face her.

“Why are you having less hope about your relationship with Jesse Sharon”.

“What hope should I have Millet, we already broke up, before he left for Paris, I have lost all hope that we can be together again Millet”.

“Listen Sharon, don’t give up just yet, there is always a reason for everything, and I know that the same FATE that brought you both together at first, will surely bring you both back together okay”. Millet said.

Sharon looks at her and nods her head.

Millet smiles and pulls her into a hug, patting Sharon like a baby.


Anna sighs as she enters Liam room, and sees Joanna’s magazines scattered all over the floor.

Liam was sleeping, his phone was in his chest, and a song video was playing on the phone.

Anna looks at the phone, and it was one of Joanna’s album videos.

Anna sighs and said.

“I can’t believe he is at it again”.

She looks at Liam for a while and tap him.

“Hey sleepy head wake up”. Anna said tapping him.

Liam wakes up stretching all over.

“When did you get here Anna”. He said rubbing his eyes with the back of his palm.

Anna scoffs and said.

“Not quite long Liam,,,but seriously is this what you spend your money and time in doing, buying Joanna’s magazines, listening and looking at her pictures and videos all day”.

“And what am I supposed to do Anna, I only get to see her through her magazines and her videos, she is now a celebrity now, and even if I want to go to Paris to see her, I won’t be allowed to see her,,,,, Anna”.

Anna sighs and looks at him.

“Do you think Joanna is thinking of me just the way am thinking of her”.

“And how should I know Liam”.

“But you are her Best friend right”. Liam pouted out.

“Yes she is, but am not in her heart,,and besides is been five years already, she is now a big time cerebrity, I don’t know if she is still the same Joanna I used to know”.

“I miss her Anna, I miss her like crazy,,she is already 20 now, will she accept to be my girlfriend now, come to think of i have been waiting patiently for her, do you think she is going to come back to Korea”. Liam asked with a sad face.

“I don’t know Liam, enough with the questions and you should give up on Joanna, and find someone else, am sure Joanna is never going to come back, if she wanted to, she would have come back a long time ago”.

“No Anna, Joanna is going to come back to Korea, and am going to wait for her no matter how long it takes, just as I have promise her during our high school days”. Liam said looking at the photo of Joanna in one of the magazine, on the bed.

Anna looks at him, and sighs shaking her head.



“What!!!!!”. Jesse yells over the phone talking to his manager in Korea over the phone.

“I trusted you in this Kim, you said you could convince them to sign the contract, so why didn’t they sign the contract with us”. Jesse yells.

And Kim has to take the phone away from her ear, before putting it back in her ear.

“Am so sorry boss Jay, I try my best,, but they said they want to see the owner of Jay’s wine industry with their own eyes”.

“Are they crazy!!!!!!, I can’t possibly go back to Korea!!!!!”. Jesse yells, and Kim flinched in fear.

*Why does he have such a bad temper*. Kim said and clears her throat.

“Well boss Jay, I think is time for you to come back to Korea, the contract we are talking worth billions of wons,,,,,why are you refusing to come back to Korea boss Jay, is there someone who are hiding from, or is there someone in Korea you don’t want to see”. Kim asked.

Jesse sighs and said with an angry voice.

“Do you love your job Kim”.

“I do boss Jay”.

“Then mind the words you say, else I won’t think twice of firing you, and you know I always keep to my word right”.

“Yes… do boss Jay”. Kim stammars looking scared to loose her job.

“Then watch what you say kim”. Jesse said with an angry voice.

“Okay boss Jay”. Kim said wondering what she has said wrong.

“So boss Jay when will you be coming back to Korea”. She asked, but Jesse hangs up.

Jesse sighs folding his fist.

“What stopping you from going back to Korea Jesse, it can’t possibly be because of Sharon right, because you hate her with everything in you,,,, maybe this is the time for you to show her, how successful you have become, and that you are no longer that Jesse from five years ago, whom she looked down on and deceive, you have been waiting for so long to get your Revenge on her, so this is the time Jesse, is time for pay back”. Jesse said and his eyes were filled with nothing but anger.


“So how was our photo shoot Joanna”. Janet asked

“It was okay mom, and I will be releasing another ablum soon”. Joanna replies smiling.

“That so impressive Joanna, you are definitely working so [email protected] for your career aren’t you Joanna”. Violet said.

“Yes I am dohhhhh”. Joanna said fit-stying with her hands.

And they all laughed.

But as soon as Jesse enters the mansion, the laugh subsided, it was as if is the devil himself that just entered the mansion.

Jesse looks at them, and scoffs.

“What with the silent, and why are you looking at me as if you just say a ghost”. Jesse asked, but they was no reply from them.

Jesse sighs and light up a cigarette, and look at them again.

“You all should get prepared we are going back to Korea”.

“What!!!!!!”. The three of them said at once looking surprised.

“Am sure you all aren’t deaf right”. Jesse replies rudely.

“Why are we going back to Korea Jesse, am not go…….” Joanna couldn’t even finish what she was saying, when Jesse interrupted her.

“I don’t need your opinion in this Joanna, we all are going back to Korea, wheather you like it or not”. He said with a cold face.


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