falling in love with the mermaid episode 5 & 6episode

{You’re meant to be mine… }

THEME: Gills and Tails


By, Shindara velvet D



“I… I…wanted to…..ask if you’ll be…..interested in going to the cinema …..with me tonight”Crystal said stammering

👥she won’t stop disgracing herself

👥I wonder when Crystal will learn

👥omg can’t wait for Aiden’s response

The student started videoing them as they wait for Aiden response

“And why should I waste my time going to the cinema with a spoilt brat like you”Aiden asked


A tear drop from Crystal’s eyes

“It’s because I love you”She cried

“And I loathe you”Aiden scoffed and walk away

“Try again next time”Prisca smirked as she walk away with them

“Sorry Crystal “Her friend console her

👥what was she expecting before

👥omg yes I’ll go with you

The student mocked her

“Get out y’all “She screamed

The student started leaving

“Stop crying please”Esmeralda patted her

“Good for you”Elvira smirked and immediately faked a sad face


Jewel smiled when she walk to her room,they’re just getting back from shopping and Melissa already arranged her room

Now everything is pure purple and pink and the maids are arranging her dresses in her closet

“I hope you like your room now”Melissa asked

“Yes ma’am”She replied

Well she’s talking now,not like she can’t talk but she’s scared but with Melissa’s help she’s catching up

“Mom”Melissa cautioned

“Okay mom”Jewel smiled and hug Melissa

“Thanks for everything mom”She mumbled

“You’re welcome,let’s go enjoy our day cos you’re starting school tomorrow”Melissa said

“What’s school”Jewel asked

“It’s a place you learn and meet new people”Melissa said

“Like those people in the boutique”Jewel asked

“Yes and you’ll have new friends too”Melissa said

“Is Crystal going to school too”Jewel asked

“Yes and you’ll be going to her school”Melissa answered

“I can’t wait then”Jewel smiled

“Thanks mom”Jewel added still hugging her


Ariel and Prisca could be seen at the cafeteria eating

“I can’t believe Crystal could still be stupid since all this years”Prisca scoffed as you munched on her fries

“Stop talking about her please,I wanna puke”Ariel rolled her eyes and Prisca laughed loudly

“Stop been dramatic girl,Aiden should just give her a chance”Prisca said

“In her wildest dream”Ariel replied sipping her strawberry juice

👥It’s Aiden future wife

👥Crystal is here

👥why’s Esmeralda looking like a witch

👥what are you saying,she’s a witch

“Are y’all crazy”Esmeralda yelled

“Ignore them Ralda,Crystal is not in good mood”Elvira cautioned her

“Gosh I hate this”Crystal screamed

“Hey stop screaming we aren’t the cause of your misfortune”Ariel mocked her

“Are you insane,how dare you interfere in my business”Crystal yelled rushing to her

“Of course I am…I am insane so I’ll advise you not to mess with me”Ariel replied

“I hate you”Crystal spat

“It’s mutual,do you think I love you”Ariel spat back

👥she’s Ariel’s enemy but she’s crushing on her brother

👥how’s that possible

👥Crystal is so shameless

“Shut up y’all”Crystal yelled angrily and they all went silent

“You can’t command us,,this is not your father’s school”Prisca intervene

“See who’s talking,The daughter of the school owner and the girlfriend of the most shameless guy”Crystal laughed loudly

“Yeah I’m proud to be,I heard you came to my shopping mall yesterday,it’s so sad I was relaxing at my hotel I would have give you a discount afterall you rely on papa and momma’s money”Prisca said

👥that’s huge

👥Prisca is a baddas

“You know why you can never be my brother’s girl?”Ariel asked

“Because you’re so stupid and worthless”Ariel said

“And once more,Aiden loves slim girls with round b**bs”Ariel added

“So try again next time”Prisca said and the two walk out of the cafeteria

“How can you two watch them insult me”Crystal yelled angrily

“I hate y’all “Crystal yelled angrily crying at the same time

She turned to walk away but the strawberry juice Ariel was drinking poured on the floor then she slipped on the floor her face staining the juice making her look funny

“Ariellllllllll”Crystal screamed loudly

The Whole student started laughing

{You’re meant to be mine… }

THEME: Gills and Tails


By, Shindara velvet D



She turned to walk away but the strawberry juice Ariel was drinking poured on the floor then she slipped on the floor her face staining the juice making her look funny

“Ariellllllllll”Crystal screamed loudly

The Whole student started laughing

“Oh my God”Esmeralda exclaimed and rushed to Crystal

Crystal was help up with Esmeralda and Elvira

“Let’s go clean you up”Elvira said

“I hate everyone and I’ll make sure dad sue y’all” Crystal yelled angrily and walk away

“Crystal wait”Esmeralda shouted running after her

“Serves you right,not like you’re the only prettiest girl”Elvira scoffed and walk to them


The whole class was talking about Crystal viral video

👥She’s so shameless

👥Did you see her face Eeeew

👥Ariel is a baddie

👥I pity Crystal she doesn’t deserve this

👥what are you saying she’s just a spoilt brat who needs to change her shitty attitude

“Can y’all face your business and stop talking about Crystal”Amos said and they all keep quiet

“Some of you are worst than Crystal so stop talking about her”He added and immediately a teacher entered

“Afternoon class”Miss Angela greeted

“Afternoon miss Angela”They chorused


Crystal got out of her car and walk angrily to the gatekeeper and slapped him

“Are you insane,how dare you keep me waiting”She shouted

“I’m sorry ma’am”The gatekeeper apologize

“Sorry for your self useless old man”She spat and walk inside angrily

Jewel stood up immediately Crystal entered

“Hey Crystal mom told me I’ll be starting school tomorrow,we should go together”Jewel smiled as she walk to her

“I guess you’re happy now”Crystal smirked

“Enjoy this while it last cos you’re going back to the slums where you belong”She spat angrily and walk upstairs

Jewel look at her till she heard her slam her door loudly

“Why’s she like this”Jewel asked her self

“She’s doing like Maposel”She added referring to her father’s elder sister


“Go Gurl”Ariel screamed as Prisca shake her b*tt

The two are busy doing TikTok videos

“Now I see why Ashulxe is going nowhere”Ariel teased

“He’s going crazy just for me”Prisca smiled

“Stop oppressing me”Ariel replied Faking a sad face

“Look at you,Amos is there if you need a boyfriend”Prisca said

“You know he’s not my type”Ariel rolled eyes

“A playboy and mommy’s boy duurh “Ariel added

“Stop being dramatic,He’s cute yunno and those small abs”Prisca

“Are you checking him out secretly”Ariel asked

“I can’t help it but Ashulxe is my heartbeat forever “Prisca said sincerely

“Let’s eat out”Ariel screamed and the two girls shouted loudly


“The girls are too loudly”Amos scoffed

“You should know better,I think they’re going out”Ashulxe replied

“Thank God I can concentrate on my game”Aiden said

“Oh my this girl a*s is killing me”Amos shouted

“I’m f*cking her tonight”He added

“I literally don’t know why your mom named you Amos”Aiden said

“She named me before my father,I heard that’s my Dad’s name”Amos said

“Oops”Aiden said

“But I’m gon f*ck her little A*s”He added

“So irritating”Ashulxe scoffed and Amos throw a pillow at him

“You’re so f*cking dead”Ashulxe yelled and rushed to him

Aiden ignore the two and continue his game


The family could be seen eating dinner,Crystal was busy glaring at Jewel

“Krrrm,so Jewel you’re starting school tomorrow”Benjamin said

“Yes daddy”Jewel replied smiling

Crystal look at her and scoffed

“That’s good I’m sure Crystal won’t mind sharing your car with your sister”Benjamin asked

“I don’t want to share my things with her”Crystal replied Ignoring her mother’s face

“It’s okay then she’ll go with one of your car and I’ll get her a ride tomorrow”Benjamin said

“Dad I just said I don’t want to share my things with her,The fact that I’m sharing you and mom with her is enough”Crystal yelled angrily

“Crystal”Melissa cautioned her

“I’m saying the truth,she’s not my sister and she’ll never be”Crystal said

Jewel eyes turned misty as she rushed away crying

“Jewel”Melissa called but she didn’t reply

“What’s your problem Crystal”Benjamin asked angrily

“She is my problem,she’s just a strange girl”Crystal replied

“I really don’t know what to say to you”Melissa said and stood up heading to Jewel’s room

“Dad just return her to where you picked her,I’m your precious daughter after all”She said

Benjamin glared at her angrily


Jewel walked out of her room dressed in her uniform,her long hair was straightened and her boots making a sound as she descend the stairs

“Mom I’m ready”Jewel said

“You’re looking so beautiful this morning Jewel”Melissa said

“Thanks mom”Jewel smiled

“Let’s go you don’t want to be late on your first day in school”Melissa said and Jewel carried her Gucci bag then walk out with Melissa


👥It’s the juice girl

👥Crystal is so cute

👥she’s just so spoilt

Crystal ignore them as they comment about her

A Red limousine parked at the school garage and Jewel came out of it her hair blowing on her face

👥Oh jeez,who’s that

👥is she a new student?

👥her hair is so long and silky

👥her legs

Melissa came out and arranged Jewel’s hair

“Let’s go”Melissa smiled and the two started walking to the principal’s office

The student pave way for them

👥Is she Crystal sister

👥isn’t she Crystal’s mom

👥her eyes are so pretty

👥Omg she’s twining with Ariel

👥that’s true

👥our school is so lucky to have an angel

Crystal was fuming angrily as she watched her mom and Jewel

“No…no I can’t let you take the spotlight from me”Crystal said

“No I can’t take this”She screamed loudly and the student turned to her