Falling for my biology teacher Episode 9 &.10

dangerous r0m@nç£
💟high school r0m@nç£💗
:NB. Tinashe was Kira’s friend but something happened that turned them into enemies.
That’s why Tinashe knows Kira in and out and same with Kira.they are like blood sisters.
I woke early in the Morning,my eyes are still so-re but that won’t st©p me finding who is behind attacks.
I placed my dirty plate in the zinc.
Hanged my backpack on the shoulder,i walked to the living.
Andrew was sitting on the couch he is a mess.
“Morning bro.” He didn’t reply.
So head out.i feel his pain and I’m in pain too all this time i was guilty those green fascinating eyes of his saw me as a bad person
Those eyes judged,they had lot to say and yesterday everyone was let out in the open.
I walked to the school building and the were few students.
I went to my clas-s only few were there and i know that all i want is Tinashe.
I placed my backpack on my chair and walked out to the balcony searching to see if Tinashe will walk in.
It was like ten minutes,i didn’t see her sign so i walked to the love of my life.
I knocked on the door.i heard a faint voice
“Come in.” I held the door knob and uncli-cked.i went in.
The were pile of papers on the table.i felt sorry for him.
“Good morning love.” He grinned and i was thinking what wrong with him.
“Morning l-love.” I said unsure.
He stood up and walked to where i was.and we stared at each other with smiles on our faces.
He t©uçhed my face his other hand on my w@!st.
“You’re beautiful Kira.” He pu-ll-ed me into a ti-ght five minutes hvg.
I heard him sniff.
“You look handsome as ever.” I said blu-shing.
“Come.” He dragged me to his chair he sad down and patted for me to sit on his l@ps.
Don’t give me that eye,if you were in my shoes what would’ve done.
I immediately sat on his [email protected] i dreaming no this is real.
My face now it is redcrimson.his arm around my w@!st and other pla-ying with my f!ngers.
Gosh can someone pinch me.
“Kira i love you.” He said and i looked de-ep into his eyes.
I saw his love he meant it.and my heart flutter my stomach fli-pped.
“Aaron Wilson i love you with all my heart.” I k!$$£d him.
And he k!$$£d me back and this time he let me control it.our ton-gues battled he pu-ll-ed me to himself.
I don’t know how but now i was sitting facing him.he held my tiny w@!st and pu-ll-ed me more to himself.
And we m0@n ed in intervals.gosh this feel so good.
I stiffened when something ha-rd pressed on my kitty.and i blu-shed more.
I couldn’t help but to giggle.he noticed it,he stared at me.he looked embarras-sed.he looked super cute and beautiful.
“What.” I stucked my ton-gue out.
“You just witnessed what you make me feel.” He placed k!sses all over my face and i was giggling like mad.
When he k!$$£d behind my ear to my n£¢k,i felt something de-ep so amazing.
Something escaped from my kitty and i m0@n ed ha-rd .i just got we-t.wow.
Gosh the was a p@n-tyliner which i will just change it.
I want more,what I’m just being sincere.the bell rang.clas-ses to begin.but they can wait.
I got business to handle.
“Are going to teach now.” I faked a smile.
“No two free period.” My heart leaped with joy.
“And you.” He asked.
“Uhmm well it’s maths you alre-ady know I’m ahead.” I smiled.
“Kira baby don’t bunk clas-ses.” He said.
“Are stylishly kicking me out.” I faked hurt.
I don’t want to do this but i can’t help it i just want to be in his arms.
“No no my sweetheart.” My stomach fli-pped when he called me that.
“Okay I’m not going anywhere just for today.” I grinned.
“Okay only today.” He said sternly and i nodded.
He knows how to switch emotions.very fast.
I pressed myl-ips on his and we continued m0@n ing.
This time he took control, i un-bu-ttoned his shi-t slowly.
And sli-pped my hands,he has packs i could feel them.he is mascular S-xy b©dy got me drowning.
His erection bulge pressed ha-rd on my kitty
And he pu-ll-ed me closer to himself.
As if he can’t get enough of me.
His hands sli-pped un-der my shi-t,i felt his hands on my bo-ob s pressing them
Oh my gosh,i think I’m dying slowly.he pressed again and i bit my l!pto avoid m0@n ing out loud.
He took myl-ips and in and i let out a m0@n i was holding.
I t©uçhed his che-st slowly and he [email protected] this is like magic.i placed k!sses on his che-st to his n£¢k and he m0@n ed my name.
I blu-shed ha-rd ,I’m doing this with my teacher.
Ourl-ips claimed each others.and we k!sses slowly in a nice rhythm we sync perfectly and m0@n ed ha-rd .
He broke the k!ssand we pierced each other breathtaking.
“I don’t want to get pregnant.” He said.
And i blu-shed looking away but to my nails.
“You have a great future don’t want to ruin that.” He k!$$£d my cheeks.
“But Aaron you once said the first time a girl can’t get pregnant.” I said.
He shook his head.
“No baby,that differs some at thier first they don’t pregnant which is rare.and many teenage pregnancies happen because of that.they are fooled by boys convincing them that they won’t get pregnant.” He explained calmly.
Ans that’s what makes me fall de-ep in love with him.
“And yours will be r@p£.” He said.
“No it won’t.” I said.
“You’re just seventeen and I’m twenty-six.” I alre-ady knew that.
“But in next two days i will be eighteen.” I smiled.
Suddenly i heard a knock j£rking me up.we fixed ourselves.
As for me i won’t make it,i immediately hid un-der the table.
“What are you doing.” He asked shocked.
“Just go answer the door.” I pushed him away.
I heard the door cli-cked open.and a sound of a heel
“What do you want Shina,as you can see I’m busy.” He said.
“I c@m£ to check you.” Miss Shina said.
“Did i tell you that i was sick.no .so go.” He said rudely.
“I just__.” She was cut off.
“Okay bye.” The door cli-cked and she was gone.
He hurried to pu-ll me out un-der the table.
“That was harsh.” I said.
“She called for it.” He helped me to fix my uniform.
We k!$$£d like three minutes before i walked out to my clas-s.
She walked in the clas-s.i know where she is coming from.i frowned.
I walked inside the clas-s and my eyes meet with Tinashe and she faced down.
I sm-irked i,i must find out who attacked us whk ruined our lives and my friendsh!p.
My face breaks into smiles the twins are here.i walked to my sit.
“Tessa,Lina.” I exclaimed and ran in to hvg them.
“Kira.” They both exclaimed and we hvgged.
It feels so good to have them back,i won’t be alone for the meantime.
Miss Kim walked in.and we all sat down.she was looking at me scornful.and i don’t know why.
“Learners i want to tell you something.” She announced.
We all kept silence.
“As a student you must focus on your studies and not men especially teachers.” She retort.
“Some students cross their boundaries and if we caught you redheaded and you will be expelled.” She sm-irked staring at me.
Everyone in clas-s stared at each other and start whispering.
👧 “what is she talking about.”
🧒” has she lost her s-en-ses.”
👦”What’s wrong with her.”
👩”really so who it is.”
🧓”she love to poke her nose in others business.”
“Shut up all of you.” Every went dead silent.
“There’s is no difference between a married woman who run after her colleague and that learner,at least she is not cheating.” Tinashe eyes met with mine.
I saw a smile crept on herl-ips and she hid it immediately.
Miss Tinashe was stunned.
“I don’t say she is right but first before you correct someone correct yourself right” Tinashe concluded.
I glanced at her and she stuck her ton-gue at me.
And found myself giggling.i miss her she is funny colorful and full of bu-tterflies.
“You all su-ck.” Miss Kim said.
“When your husband finds out,you will be broken and all alone don’t pl@ywith him.he married you because he loves you and has that hope that one day will change
So Miss Kim it’s up to you that the day you will make it come and change or you will don t and be left alone,you
Don’t know what you got until it’s lost ma’am i know it’s not in my place but i know how it feels.” Tears rolled down Tinashe’s eyes.
And my eyes watered.we stared at each other i wish i could hvg her now.
But i can’t and why is she behaving this way.did she find out the truth,could’ve been that Andrew talked to her.
Miss Kim was crying she picked her things
“Thank you Tinashe.” She mouthed and ran out.
When i found out everything.my heart pricked.i want my friend back.
I have ruined everything but she was not listening to me,so i had to go.
Sometimes when someone is not listening we just have to walk and that’s what i did.screaming at each other is not helping
Because she didn’t want to listen and i,i was not willing to give up so easily.
But i lost and i couldn’t do it anymore.
When Justin called me to the basketball court
I heard things that broke me down and.
Those fake two girls will pay for everything they have done to us.it’s just a matter of minutes everything will be set okay.
Now that miss Kim is gone,i was able to change her heart and they’re now by themselves.
They will feel it on me.
💙 Kira💙
“That was rude of Tinashe.” Tess said.
“Why do you say so.” I asked her.
“What does she know about her love life.” Lina said.
“But she was grateful.do you know what I stand with her,we all learn from each other it doesn’t mean us learner can’t say anything if we see something wrong.”
And i feel bad too that i love my teacher but i can’t go back now.now miss Shina is left to take out.the will be alone.
“Even after i took her out she is still a threat.” I heard Tess say.
“Who.” I asked.
“Did i say something.” she said.
And i stared her.is she kidding me.i shook my head.
The bell rang it’s lunch time.we pack our bags.
And i was stunned to see Justin and Tinashe together.
Those two don’t get along and before the whole saga between me and him began.
They walked out from the clas-s chatting and laughing together.
This is my chance to find out the truth about the attacker.
“Justin this is the right time to expo-se those them.” I sm-irked.
“Sure it is Tinashe and for the record you owe me one.” He punched my shoulder.
“Ouch that hurts j£rk.” I pinched his cheek.