Falling for my biology teacher Episode 13 & 14

dangerous r0m@nç£
💝High school r0m@nç£💝
Kira sat on the chair.fear written on her face.
What Tess talking about,What could be the secret about.
I looked at Lina.she also seemed scared.
“Do you know what Tess was talking about.” I asked her.
“No i don’t.” She shook her head.
I walked to Kira.
“I’m afraid Tina i don’t know what she will do.” Kira hvgged me ti-ght.
How she is now it’s also ma-king me feel scared.
“It’s okay Kira,Let’s wait and see how all this goes.just be strong.” I comforted her.
“I know Tess very well.whatever she has now it’s big.” Lina said b!tt!g her nail.
“Why is she doing this.” Kira asked.
“Tell me Lina i know very well that you know the truth.” She yelled.
“Where should i start.” Lina said and tears streamed down her cheeks.
“It’s okay Lina just tell us.” I said softly.
“Your mom ruined our parent’s marriage.” Lina broke down in to tears.
“How.” Kira n i exclaimed simultaneously.
“Your mom is married to my dad,Tess is angry and she wants to ruin your life kira she wants to separate you from everyone.” Lina cried.
“That women is hurting my dad and she married another man but how.” Kira immediately took her backpack and ran outside.

  1. Lina and i did the same,she nee-ds us.

After what Lina said i could stand it anymore.my own mom has been cheating on dad but why.
Dad is not feeling well,i just took my things and ran out from school.
Tinashe and Lina did the same.i can’t get angry at Lina.
I just can’t.i un-derstand Tess’s pain but she didn’t have to do that.
I ran inside the house as usual maids everywhere.
“I want everyone to leave.” I yelled.
The maids stood staring at me.and i got more angry.
“Are you deaf or i look like a joker,i said everyone should leave.” I yelled.
The maids left everything they were doing.and ran out.
Grandma walked out from the kitchen.
“What is it dear.” Granny asked.
“Granny how did dad and mom get married,how did they meet.” I asked at once.
“Okay Kira sit down.” Granny said.
We all sat down.
“I don’t know what’s wrong with my daughter,in fact your Anderson helped your mom.” Granny explained
But i was confused.
“I know that you’re confused,let me explain.
19 years a go.your dad was engaged to the famous actor Lillian Grey.and Marisa was pregnant.she is a princess and the boy that got her pregnant Reginald ran away.
Your grandma(dad’s mom) has wished for Anderson to get married to Marisa.she was a good girl Kira.i don’t know what went wrong.
Lizzie your grandma,didn’t trust tv actors because she believed they’re good at lying.because they can fake emotions easily.
I can’t lie Lillian is a great women she was 7 years younger, a sixteen year old girl and your dad 22, your dad was company sponsor movie and tv series.”
“Wow sixteen year old girl.” Kira looked at me and we giggled.
“Your dad listened to her mom and more so Lillian was un-derage,trying to save our reputation he married Marisa.
Everything was fine til they met with an accident and Marisa changed.” She took a de-ep breath.
“Marisa lost the baby and she bec@m£ cold.your dad thought it was because of the baby so they brou-ght you and she bec@m£ worse but i think and she got married to Reginald.” Granny said.
“What How,Your mom has divorced your dad long time ago.” She said.
“But how they stay in the same room.” I asked.
“Because your dad wanted you to get close to your mom and your mom other husband is having issues with her ex wife it’s possible for him to move here.” Granny said.
“What no way he can’t.” Lina yelled.
Oh my he is Lina’s dad.oh my what a mess.
My alarm rang.its 7 o’clock.
“It’s time.” I pe-cked grandma and run to my room.and the girls followed behind.as soon as I walked in my l@pt©p switched on.
Indicating that there’s a message.
“Tinashe I’m afraid I said.”
“It’s okay let’s do this” Tina said.
It’s a video.my hands where shaking.i pressed pla-y.
My eyes wi-de-ned at what I’m seeing.
Drugs ra-pist
”It’s not true.” I slumped on the floor
“Oh my I’m sure that’s not him.” Tina said.
“It’s him Tina.” I cried.
I picked my phone.
What I was afraid of happened.
The secret and pain i had gone throu-gh i wanted to forget.
It’s now out in the open.my past
I broke her heart Kira would not listen to me.they are all the same.