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July 24, 2021


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Fall in love with me Episode 9 to 12

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{I hate love😠, It’s too complicated 💔}

By Faith Godwin🌺🌺

Chapter 9⃣






Almost everyone in the city were all at the venue of Amora’s concert and were all waiting for her to come and perform her song. She was so nervous though it wasn’t her first time of performing on stage. Her makeup artist was almost done with her make up at the back of the stage as one of her songs played to the audience to keep them busy. Moana and Robert push through the crowd as they made their way to the middle of the hall where they couldn’t push further.

“We want Amora to come sing for us” Someone yelled in the crowd and everyone agreed with him or her and the hall became noisy as everyone were talking here and there

“Good Evening Everyone” Amora said as she came on stage and everyone started yelling her name

“I really appreciate everyone of you for honoring me by coming to listen to my voice again and I promise never to disappoint you” she said and everyone clapped with so much noise everywhere

“We love you Amora” someone yelled from the crowd and she smiled. She couldn’t believe she had made it to this level. This has always be her dream and she was ever grateful for that singing competition that made who she is today.

Just as everyone was talking,the music calm up and everywhere became as quite as a grave yard and then Amora started singing

🎤There is a moment that
🎤You think all hope is lost
🎤And all you have to do is
🎤To get tired of life….

(Chorus): But I tell you…don’t give up
🎤Cause’ quitters don’t win
🎤And winners don’t quit
🎤But I tell you…..don’t give up
🎤Cause’ quitters don’t win
🎤And winners don’t quit

🎤And just when you’re about to
🎤Quit but just then a
🎤Miracle happen that made
🎤Your dreams come…..through

(Chorus): But I tell you…don’t give up
🎤Cause’ quitters don’t win
🎤And winners don’t quit
🎤But I tell you…..don’t give up
🎤Cause’ quitters don’t win
🎤And winners don’t quit 2x

There was a thunderous applause as the building turned upside down with everyone screaming and cheering. Everyone was happy because of the song. The song just taught someone a lesson never to give up.

“I love you all,thanks for coming” she said and blow a kiss to them before walking out of the stage. Everyone cheered and started living the hall in three or in two with the song not living their mouth


“OMG girl you really did well out there” Rose said as she came to hug me

“Of course,I couldn’t believe it myself” I said with smiles

“But why do I have a feeling that the song you sang out there has something to do with you” she said

Yeah she’s right,I’ve been composing this song about myself for a long time now and I believe this song would give someone a reason to live again.

“What made you think so huh” I asked as the maids pack up my things to the van.

“Well I was just thinking you know” she said

“Better be thinking about it bitch”I said

“Fuck you” she said and we laugh

What a friend!


“I feel like crushing her right now,I can’t believe she got everyone in this city to herself” I yelled as I watch Amora’s concert and the multitude of people that came. If it’s my concert now, the people that will come won’t be half of the people that came to her concert. Gosh!

“Calm down Anna,it’s not over yet. You can still get the fame and fans from her you know” Georgia said

“How? Amora is fucking taking all my fans,my contract and all others from me.” I yelled

“Calm down girl cause she’s not only taking your fans and fame from you but also from us the G – squad” Gracie said walking in with a bottle of wine and a packet of cigarettes and a lighter

“I think we need a plan to bring Amora down so we could get our fame back” Georgia said as she light a cigarette and started smoking and also turn a glass of wine for herself

“And what plan could that be” I asked

“I think we should push her from a cliff or something so she could just die and let us have our fans back” Gracie said

“What!!! are you saying we should kill someone” I yelled

Well I could be tough and all but I don’t have the mind to kill anyone because I can’t just do it

“Well yes,can’t you see she’s making us lose our fans,that’s just the only way” Georgia said

“Well guys we’re not killing anybody okay,please just think of something else but if its killing,I’m so out of it” I said and walk upstairs to my room.

I just can’t have the heart of killing someone….


Chapter 🔟



I came down from my car as I walk to her gate and press the bell. It was opened by the security man immediately

“How may I help you sir” he asked

“I’m here to see Amora” I said

“What’s your name and who are you to her please” he asked. Gosh I hate introducing myself as if I’m in an interview. But I just have to do it so I can get Amora to love me so I can have her in my bed and it will be over.

“Well I’m Walter Wesley, I’m a friend to your boss” I said and he place a call across his boss who told him to allow him let me in. He opened the gate for me and I entered my car and drove in. I came down and saw Amora standing at her door step waiting for me.

“What do you want?” she asked immediately I walk closer to her.

“Common aren’t we friends anymore huh” I asked

“Well not anymore so get lost” she said

“Common baby you don’t have to be rude to your newly found friend don’t you think” I said smiling

“Amora who is at the door” I heard a lady’s voice

“It’s nobody rose I can handle it” Amora said but the lady already came out and I flash a smile to her

“Good day pretty ” I said

“Good day handsome come in what are you doing there” she asked with smiles all over her face

“Rose what’s all these,it’s my guest so I decide how to treat them” Amora yelled

“Since you refuse to entertain him,I’ll do that girlfriend so come in handsome” she said as she gesture me to come in.

I walked into the house and the house was really beautiful,well Amora has good taste.

“So what can I offer you” She asked smiling

“Nothing I’m fine” I said

“Are you sure mister” She said

“Alright just get me water” I replied

“That sounds okay now,I’ll be back in no time” she said and walk away and all these while, Amora was just busy with her phone

I cleared my throat so she can at least acknowledge my presence and she really did – she lifted her head.

“You know that’s not how to entertain your visitors” I said

“Are you sure you are my visitor cause I know i never invited anyone in. Rose did so what do you expect to do” she said all in one gasp.

“You….” I was about saying but her friend’s voice interrupted me

“So I’m back with your glass of water. So tell me hope you’re enjoying it here. OMG my bad,I couldn’t tell you my name and you didn’t ask. Well never mind I’m Rosella but friends call me rose and I know you as the famous Walter Wesley” she said

Gosh she talks too much for my liking but what can I do,I just have to endure because I have to make Amora fall for me but I don’t think she’ll ever fall for me at the look of things.

Gosh what should I do…..I think I have an idea and I pray it works…


I hissed at the jerk in front of Rose, I just want to kick him outta this house so he could get lost. Rose! I’m so angry at her for allowing a jerk into this house.

I hissed and went upstairs to my room to continue with my business.


“What!!! what you are telling me to do is not right at all. Come to think of it i was thinking you could help me change my friend but your plans is so not good. I don’t want her heart broken please count me out” I yelled after Walter told me about his plan on getting Amora to love him.

“Common its not gonna hurt your friend alright. Besides she doesn’t even love me for now but let’s carry out this plan and see if she isn’t gonna fall for me. I know you mean well for your friend and you wouldn’t Want to miss this opportunity huh” He said calmly

“Well i just met you so how do you expect me to trust you so easily huh” I said

“Look you just have to trust me so this plan could work” He said

“Okay it’s fine if that’s the only way and I hope the feelings you have for her are genuine coz I wouldn’t want another heartbreak for my friend” I said

“Oh….ye….yeah they’re genuine…..of course “He replied

“Alright im in” I said with a smile

Finally there’s a solution to making Amora love again. I pray this plan works out…


I walked into the industry *Stars Music Industry*. The most richest music industry which has brought up so many well known artists. Well I’m lucky to be among them.

I walk directly into the general manager’s office and i saw him operating his laptop. He’s the head of all the managers assign to direct us and also he is the one who gives contract to who he thinks fits in to be given.

“Hi Mr Smith” I greeted seductively

“How may I help you Gianna” he said

“Well Mr let’s get to do some business first” I said and walk towards him. I hold his dick from his trousers as I brought my mouth closer and place a soft bite on it.

“Gia…nna what do you really want I do for you” he said. Now he’s talking

“Well Mr Smith i want that contract of modeling in W.W cooperation taken away from Amora and given to me” I said and zip down his trousers so I can give him a blow job


Chapter 1⃣1⃣



Right now I’m at the mall but still in my car. I step down from the car as I put on my sunglasses. I look around the environs,well it’s been long I came here and it has really change a lot.

I walked in to the mall and remove my sunglasses then smiled as i sight a dress already but just want to search for it inside.

“Hi ma’am rosella,you’re welcome” A lady came to welcome

Well I’m not new in G&H fashion house because Amora and I always come here just that it’s been we come to the mall ourselves because they are people there to do it.

“Come show me what you’ve got now” I said

“This way ma’am” she said as she led the way to the female section as i saw different beautiful dresses and I pick for Amora and I cause I know my friend

“Please take me to the guys section” I said to the clerk.

“This way” she said and I followed her

Well I just wanna get a tie that I promised my driver and also to get some few clothes for him too you know.

I walk into the males section and I started picking out the ones that i think would fit him well. I was about going to the section where ties are been kept when I bumped into someone and my phone fell from my hand. I raise my head to have a clear view of who I bumped into and it was a guy.

I tried to bend down and pick my phone but he beat me to it.

“I’m so sorry for my clumsiness pretty lady,I was just clouded with thoughts. Well here is your phone” he said handing back my phone to me and I was shocked to see a very handsome guy stretching my phone to me.

OMG I’m dreaming right. I realized I was taking too long to collect my phone from him so i put on a smile and took it from him

“It’s nothing Mr I think we’re both clumsy here but it’s fine I’ll just go back to what i was doing” I said

“You’re here to shop for a guy right” he asked

“Yeah actually I’m shopping for my driver” I said

“Common let me help you and by the way my name is Damon” he said

“Em…Rosella,Rose for short” I said smiling

“Your name fits you so well cause you’re so beautiful” He said making me blush a little

“OMG thank you” I said

“So shall we” He said

“Sure” I said and followed him as he does the picking.


I was done in zipping down his trousers and I took it down then brought out his rode as I squat and was about starting the real deal but he stopped me

“What are you doing Anna” He asked

“Common Mr Smith don’t tell me you don’t know huh” I said smiling

“Look Gianna,I can’t do what you are asking of me alright because Amora really deserves that contract because she has been the one working so hard to improve on herself than others” He said

“What about me Mr Smith,don’t I work so hard to improve on my self,what haven’t i not done to improve” I said so annoyed right now

“Well go and work harder and not using your body to change people’s mind. Be natural” he said

“Really what the hell,I’m out of here” I yelled walking out

“You were never welcomed” I heard him say before walking out

Ahhhh! How dare that fool kick me out just like that. Gosh the contract of modeling in W.W cooperation would have made me go far all over the city but Amora just keep getting everything while I have none. Gosh I’m just gonna crush that slut.

Is it not her body she used in making Mr smith offer her that contract then why didn’t he agree to my own seduction. I’ve always know that Amora is a witch or maybe she does better than me so what should I do now!

I’ll have to dress more sexy next time. I think that’s what I’ll do cause i really want that dem contract to be mine..


“Hey man,always busy as a been” Francis said as he walked in to my office

“Hey dickhead how may I help you” I asked removing my eyes from my laptop and focusing on him

“Common Asshole i don’t think it is a crime to visit a friend you know” he said already relaxing in my chair

“Get your silly ass out of my chair this minute” I yelled

“Just shut up Jerk, now tell me how your date with our famous Amora is going” he said

“Man common I still have a week remember” I said

“Well let’s say I should be planning on becoming very rich” he said

“Fuck you,I’m gonna get laid with Amora and guess what I’m gonna add a little more fun by videoing everything and showing it to the world” I said and he brought out his phone

“Walter say what you just said again,I want to record it so you will remember and keep to your promise” he said

Wow Amora get ready for me….


Chapter 1⃣2⃣



“How was it girl” Georgia said immediately i stepped in to the house. They were smoking and drinking. I walked towards Gracie and collected the stick from her and started smoking it

“Hey was mine you know that” she said

“So babe tell us how did it go huh” Georgia asked

“Well girl you won’t believe when I say Mr Smith sent me out of his office” I said

“What! did you do according to what we planned” Gracie asked

“I did exactly what we planned but he overcomed everything. Just look at me girl,didn’t i dress so sexy huh,how he overcomed all of this is what I don’t know” I said and smoke from the cigarette in between my fingers

“Then i think that Amora is a witch, don’t you think mr Smith thinks only Amora can do it better in bed more than us,that’s why he could resist you so easily” Georgia said

“Let’s kill her already so she can stop getting everything that belongs to us” Gracie said

“No we shouldn’t soak our hands with her dirty blood,let’s do something different don’t you think” I said,gosh I can never engage myself in such act

“I think I know what we’re going to do,just trust me on this one” Gracie said

“Right behind you girl” I said and took Georgia’s glass of whiskey and drank it all

“And that was mine you bitch” Georgia said

“Where was your name written in the glass,let me see” I said pretending to be searching for her name in the glass

“Crazy Gianna” Gracie said and we all laughed

Well I love my friends so much and I won’t want to leave them. We’ve been friends since the competition that was hosted three years ago which made who we are today.

We became friends from there when we found out that our names starts with a letter G and we worked very hard to pass the finals and be called the G-squard and that is what we are today but Amora has been stealing our fame and fans all to herself and we can’t take it anymore. She’ll have to pay…


“Hey girlfriend guess what” Rose said as she walked in with so many shopping bags. Well we already settled our differences.

“What’s making my friend smile so hard right now”I said smiling

“Well well well I saw a cute handsome guy at the mall today and I almost fainted when I heard him talk” She said blushing so hard

“Calm down sweetie,he isn’t here okay” I said smiling at all red Rosella in front of me.

“That reminds me Amor he gave me his card and I’ll always call him but not now though just want to start testing these beautiful clothes” she said carrying all the shopping bags walking towards the stairs.

“I’ll join you when I’m done” I said

“Better be fast before I’ll take the better ones and leave rags for you” she said

“Better not else you’ll roll your ass one the floor” I said and she laughed not saying anything before she disappear into her room.

A knock came after about five minutes rosella left and i went to check who’s at the door. Lo and behold, I saw walter at my door step holding some flowers. Don’t tell me… I hissed and was about closing the door on his face but the idiot prevent it from closing.

“What do you want huh” I said turning to face him.

“Please Amora let me in first” he plead

I hissed and opened the door for him come in as I walk to sit down

“So what do you want” I asked again

“Chill that’s not how to welcome a friend” he said

“Hmmm really,so how if I may ask” I said

“You’ll if I want anything and I’m really tasty right now so I need a glass of water to quench my taste” he said

“You’re unbelievable you know but I’m not that bad so I’ll just get you glass of water to prevent you dying in my house” I said,got up and walk to the kitchen to get the water.

I came back few minutes later and handed the water to him then went back to sit down.

“Thank you damsel” he said and that when I realized it’s been long a guy call me that but I just have to compose myself.

“You don’t have to thank me OK. Just drink and get out” I said in my bossy tune

“Look Amor i don’t know what could happen to make you this way but I know wasn’t there so should I still be suffering from it? You’re hurting the people around you by your decision which you took out of frustration.

My dear Amora life is not all about quitting when you haven’t gotten what you want. There are other good guys out there and just because you were unlucky to meet the wrong ones doesn’t mean you should hurt the people around you” He said breaking me into two but I can’t let him see that

“And who the hell are you to interfere into my life huh” I yelled but not so loud

“I’m just saying OK. An Ex is not an enemy but someone that wasn’t meant for you. You just have to let go sometimes. I’m dying to be your friend if only you could let go” He said

“I don’t want to make friends,get out of here ” I yelled

“I’ll go if you could go on a seven days picnic with me to paris after then i promise to stay away from you for life” he said

What just that and he’ll stay away???



T. B. C

Now the real fall in love with me starts

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