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Fall in love with me Episode 6 to 8

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{I hate love😠, It’s too complicated 💔}

Chapter 6️⃣

By Faith Godwin




We got to the restaurant,it was a five stars restaurant met for rich or wealthy people. We got in and he pull out a chair for me to sit. Hmmm playing the nice guy when they’re all the same.

“What will you like to order” he asked when the waitress came to address us. I took the menu and stared at all the food they have here.

“Well I think I’ll go for fried chicken and mashed potatoes” I said and gave the waitress back the menu

“I’ll go for what she ordered for” he said and the waitress went and came back with our order and we started eating. We didn’t talk to each other and it was kinda awkward.

“So can you tell me a little about yourself” he asked and was kind of “does he really have manners”

“I don’t think my life is any of your business” I said rudely

“Really,common I just want to be a friend alright” he said

“I’m sorry that can’t be possible,I don’t make friends with men” I said

“Really, you know being a cold hearted lady doesn’t fit you one bit. Common you’re too beautiful for that my dear and whatever is making you being cold hearted, I pray you get over it soon because it’s really not a good thing because you might end up hurting the ones close to you because of what you’ve turn yourself” he said and I was touched by his word but just acted as though I wasn’t.

“Okay fine I’ll tell you a little about my self, happy now?” I asked

“That’s the spirit babe” he said making me smile. At least let me enjoy this evening


“Hey baby” I peck Robert as I entered Robert’s sitting room and met him on his couch watching TV but he wasn’t actually watching the TV,he seems lost in thought

“Robert what’s wrong” I asked

“Nothing I’m fine,just thinking about a lot of things” he said

“Let me guess,a lot of things about Amora right?” I said feeling so angry

“I’m sorry but I can’t help it Moana,I still love her and wants her back” he said. Gosh I hate that bitch name,it sucks and I feel like poking at the mention of it

“Oh please spare me that Robert, you and I know you don’t love her. You’re only regretting why you left her because she is now famous.” I yelled at him

“Your were the cause of our break up because you were a jealous friend who wants everything her friend has and you just have to betray her because of your jealousy” he yelled back

“At least you played along by fucking me so hard that day. I wasn’t the only one at fault and I thought we’ve got over this. Robert I love you so much can’t you see it” I asked

“I’m sorry I…I’m.” he stammered

“It’s okay let’s get this issue over with okay.” I said staring at his face

“I love you” I added but he didn’t reply and I smiled.


We were laughing at each others childhood experience after were done eating. OMG his childhood days were really funny that I couldn’t help but laugh. I can’t believe he made me laugh after three years. I don’t normally laugh like this and not with a guy and I think I’m enjoying this date. It’s just fab and I think his company is really amazing



“He proposed to me Gina but I turned him down” I said to my best friend

“What Laura how could you try something like that, don’t you know that guys are rare and you just have to grab any opportunity that comes your way?” Gina said

“I love Walter and I must have him back because he belongs to me” I boosted

“And you think Walter still loves you?” She asked

“Of course. Now let me ask you,what makes you think he isn’t in any relationship huh. He still loves me to get over me” I said

“I hope you are doing the right thing” she said

Of course I’m doing the right thing. I must have Walter all to myself either by hook or by crook…


Chapter 7⃣



I woke up the next morning feeling a lot strong. I went into the bathroom to do my morning routine before coming back to my room to get dressed. Well today is the day of my concert and I have to be with my manager so we could put one or two things together because I have to give my fans the best.

I walk out of my room all dressed up looking like a real model as I walk to the sitting room to have breakfast. I have to stop eating food that contains too much fat so as to maintain my shape as a model. Mum came down to have breakfast too as she came to join me in the dinning.

“Good morning mum” I greeted

“Morning my dear,how was your night” she asked as she spread jam into her bread

“Twas good” I said with a mouthful of pancake

“Amora dear, there’s something we need to discuss ” she said

“I already know what you want to talk about mum and I’m not interested” I said

“Please Amor can’t you at least let bygones be bygones” she asked

“Mum please I’m not ready for this please” I yelled

“My child I’m getting old and I can’t watch my only child destroy herself” Mum said

“Alright mum enjoy your breakfast I just lost my appetite ” I said and stood up

“Amora think about it please” she said with tears in her eyes and I stood staring at her as her tears melt my heart but I can’t let her tears get me. I walk out on her and went outside to my car as the driver ignite the engine back to life and zoom off.

^^NANA[Amora’s mum]^^

I can’t believe my tears couldn’t even change the mind of my child. I’ve lost my Amora to the cold hands of heartbreak. My child is now a cold hearted lady with no heart. I lost my appetite as I stood up and walk to my room. I walk to my bedside as I brought out old memories of my late husband. It was a picture of Him,Amora and I. It was taken on Amora’s tenth birthday.

I wish Davis was still alive,only him could have Change the heart of this new cold hearted Amora. I miss my family. I cried…


I walk into Walter’s mansion when the gate keeper open the gate for me because he recognize me as walter’s girlfriend and I smiled wow I miss this place. I can’t believe I’m back here. I walk to the door and press the door bell

“Who the fuck is that” I heard Walter said and I giggle,he would be so surprise to see me. He open up the door and I came face to face with the love of my life, my prince charming. He look so surprise to see me and of course that is what I expect anyways. His stare change to anger

“What the hell are you doing here bitch” he asked

“Well I came to check on you” I replied

“As my mum or what” he asked

“Em…Walter I’m really sorry for what happened in the past. Please don’t hold grudges against me and besides the fact that you are my ex doesn’t mean we would ignore each other don’t you think” I said

“You can come in but watch your back” he said and went inside,leaving the door open. I adjust my clothes very well and raise my breast upward for him to have so much view before going in and I met him on the couch watching TV.

I sat on the same couch with him as I drop my bag.

“So….” he begins

“What happened,why did you come back from Australia instead of you to stay there till God knows just like you said to me years ago” he asked not even looking at me

“I was missing you so much that’s why I came back for we to continue from where we stopped. I know you still love me that’s why you haven’t gotten anyone after me” I said holding his shoulder

“Really is that what you think???, well I think you’re mistaken just get out” he said and remove my hands

“Common Walter I know you still love me. Okay show me the girl that finally won your heart and then I’ll know you don’t love me anymore” I said and caress his chest as I shift my hands to his button and started removing them one after the other with my eyes staring at his. i know he can’t resist this. Walter is a sex freak so he won’t resist me but he’s not making any move to grab me🙄🙄🙄.


I was about entering my car when Amora call came in and I answered it

📱”Yeah bae what’s up” I said immediately I picked the call

📱”Rose are you home?” she asked

📱”I’m about leaving for the studio,what happened” I asked

📱”Em…nothing just sing well and don’t forget today’s concert” she told me

📱”Of course I can’t miss it for anything” I said into the phone

📱”Okay take care,bye” she said and hang up

I sigh and entered my car. Amora! I just pray she realize what she’s doing before it’s too late. I want my friend to be happy and not be a cold-hearted bitch. I’ll be the happiest person on earth if Amora could change her mindset towards men. Not all men are bitches,are Heartbreakers, are dick heads,not all men….


“Hey man” Pascal said as he walk into my office

“Yeah” I replied simply

“What’s up you don’t look OK” he said

“How can I be okay when my company is going down the drain,I’m tired pas, I don’t know what to do. I just have to arrange an appointment for the meeting of Amor S to come do some modeling here at least you know half of this country love her and her song” I said so bitter

“Calm down man,stop behaving like a woman and be strong OK” he said

“I which I can. I don’t even think I’ll be having enough money to pay her when she’s done. Pas everything is not just OK” I said almost in tears

“Common everything will be fine” he said

“I hope so” I said….


Chapter 8


What’s wrong, why isn’t he grabbing me?? Or maybe he has changed right? I was about moving away when he finally grab me and kissing the hell out of me. OMG I know Walter will never change.

*even me that wrote it didn’t read it…lol*

He came on top of me and kissed me as his hands went to my boobs caressing them with so much pressure. Gosh I’ve miss his touch. My hands was on his shirt as I unbutton it and he pull it off and throw it to God knows. His hands went to my zip as he zip down my dress and pull it off leaving me with only my pant and bra.

He unhook my bra and throw it away as he carried me in a bridal style kissing me all the way to his room I guess because the next thing I felt was my back being press below a soft bed.

His mouth went to my breast immediately as he suck on the left one while his hand was on the next caressing it. Gosh I’ve so much missed this. He went for the right breast as he suck on them like his life depend on it.

“OMG Walter….” I moan

He kissed me again roughly as his hands went to my pant and took it off leaving me naked in front of him now. I felt two of his fingers being pushed into my p***y as he finger fuck me.

“Shit Walter….I lo…ve…it….” I moan loudly . Gosh I miss him and the way he make me feel

He increase his pace as he kissed me roughly. OMG I felt my orgasm building up and before I knew it, I cum.

He remove his belt and pull off the trousers as his erected dick regain his freedom. His size is so big and I can’t wait to have them buried inside of me.

He spread my legs wider as he brought his head in between my legs and I felt his tongue on my p***y. OMG this is heaven. I’m never letting him slip out of my fingers. Gosh he’s just the best in bed and that’s why I love him. He suck me for sometime and I cum. He came and kissed making me taste myself.

Then he opened his drawer and brought out a condom. He torn it open and roll it on his d**k. Then I felt him at my entrance. He tease my V with his dick before pushing it inside of me. OMG I’ve missed his big dick.

“Yeah….Walter” I moan

He started thrusting slowly and gently until he started increasing his pace.

“OMG Walter……”

“you’re the best…….”

“Oh my Walter harder……..”

“I lovvvvvvvvve you……………..”

I moan as his thrust became faster,deeper and harder. I felt my V is gonna tear up because of how big he is but who am I kidding I love his d**k that way.

I felt my orgasm building up as I cum but I don’t think this sex freak is tired and I’m not tired too.

He finally cum after I’ve release thrice and he fell beside me

“That was fantastic” I said looking at him but he just kept quite looking at the ceiling. What the heck!

“Walter what’s wrong” I asked as I used my hand to caress his bare chest

“Look let me make it clear to you laura, what we just did was a mistake,get that” he said

“What the hell are you talking about Walter,why are doing as if I was the only one who enjoyed it huh. What we had was the sweetest love making ever so don’t spoil things here baby” I yelled

“When you’re done ranting,that is the door that lead to the exit of this room and then you’ll see the door that will take your bitchy self out of my house. After all you wanted the damn sex and I gave it to you. So stop deceiving yourself by thinking that I still have something for you.” He said then walk nakedly to the bathroom.

Oh My God what is wrong with this guy. I mustn’t let him slip from my fingers again after committing such mistake years ago. What should I do to make him love me back and what does he mean by he doesn’t love me anymore when he couldn’t resist me. But that sex was really the best I’ve had in eight years now. I must have Walter all to myself again….


I walk into the bathroom feeling so angry with myself for falling into her sexual moves. But it wasn’t my fault though,she wanted it so I had to give it to her.

Today is Amor S concert and I won’t want to miss it so I can talk to her,It’s just 10 days remaining out of the 14 days I made a bet with Francis. I hope I could make something out of this 10 days….


I walk into the room with a towel tied around my chest as I went to meet Robert on the bed. He was operating on his phone

“Good morning baby” I said and kissed him on his cheek

“How was your night” he asked still focus on his phone

“Twas superb with your d**k inside of me all night” I said and caress his chest. I do love this guy beside me right now. Well I didn’t know how it happened but I think I’m in love with him. I only wanted to put Amora in pains by doing what I did three years ago. Well I didn’t know she was gonna come visit him that day so it wasn’t intentional that she caught us.

I was happy when Amora left him. I only thought of dating him for just three months before leaving his ass but I just continued at the end of the three months because I haven’t seen a guy yet. That was how it went till now that I’ve fallen in love with him. I didn’t hear from Amora at the time I did that to her. After three years I was shocked to hear that she was now a singer. I didn’t know how she did it in just three years. I always feel jealous and angry when I see Robert regretting why he left her.

“Haha really,You look really sexy right now that I feel like taking you” he said holding my waist

“Hahaha I’m all yours baby” I said and he crash his lips on mine. I just hope he loves me the same way I love him too. I really don’t want to loss him for anything….



T. B. C

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