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Eye of fire episode 1 – 3

( She’s a confessor oops, she’s all in one, she’s wanted)⛔
By Aishat kemisola ( Three star)
Don’t copy or repost ❎❎
Ashley were are you coming from sweating like this, and who do this to you Mr Johnson asked his daughter.
Father is it a crime to help asley asked her father. No my daughter what happen Mr Johnson asked. I told Anna yesterday that if there mother goes to work today she will have an accident.
Ashley how could you say a thing like that her father yelled. Daddy it wasn’t my fault I saw it in my dream, if they have listen to me this won’t have happen Ashley said. Let stop here.
Meet Ashley Johnson, the only child of Popular Mr Johnson. If you don’t Know her well you won’t know she’s from a wealthy home. She’s a perfect definition of beauty, she’s 20 years.
She’s a confessor, not only a confessor she’s all in one. Everyone is afraid of her, why won’t they be afraid of her when her anger Alone can kill.
Meet stoner mark a very gentle and cute guy from another kingdom, what happen when they need asley in there kingdom. Oops I forget to add he is the king of his kingdom.
Will they find her, or will Ashley go with them find out in this captivating story. Hope your popcorn is ready.
Episode 1
ASHLEY p.o.v👸
Hey come back here. Anna and her brother said running after me. Anna it wasn’t my fault now am not the one that kill your mother.
I only said what I saw I said. Just shut up Anna brother said when they catch up with me.
Beat her up Anna said. You guys dare not I replied. Before i knew it they started beating me. Which makes me angry.
My anger isn’t good I said, let see what you got darling one of her brother said hitting me with the stick. Ha I shouted and they shift back.
Writer p.o.v✍️✍️
Ha Ashley shouted and they move back in fright. Don’t near her Anna said. Leave me let me go I can’t be afraid of a woman one of her brother Bryan said.
Bryan no n don’t go near her Anna said again and move closer to her.
He was about hitting her before Ashley get hold of his head. Confess me master Bryan said.
Oh know can you see what you have done to yourself Anna shouted and ran away with the rest.
Ashely came back to her s£nses oh shit did you see what you makes me do she said.
Did you see what you makes me do i said. You’re lucky you’re not died I said I don’t like getting angry Command me he said.
Just keep quiet and get out I said. You mean I should go I can stand here forever he said.
You can go I will get back to you i Said going to the house. Sorry for not introducing myself earlier.
Am Ashley Johnson,am 20 years am a perfect definition of beauty but it doesn’t freak me.
Am a very gentle girl but this people won’t stop looking for my trouble.
Ashley were are you coming from sweating like this dad asked. As if you don’t Know your daughter mother replied. Dad is it a crime to help I asked.
No my daughter who did you help father asked. You know Anna right I asked.
Yes that your friend father asked. She’s no more my friend father.
Why did you say so my dad asked, I told her they shouldn’t Allow there mother to go to work today cause if she do she will have an accident.
Ashley why will you say a thing like that father yelled.
Dad it wasn’t my fault I saw it in my dream if they have listen to me this won’t have happen I said. You shouldn’t have tell them father said.
If I don’t tell them I won’t be comfortable I said. Are they the one that beat you like this father asked.
Yes I replied, let go to the hospital father said. Father this is nothing, it will be gone once I take my bath I said.
Hope you didn’t do anything to them mother asked.
I confess Bryan I said going to my room. Can you hear her mother shouted. They deserve it I heard father defending me that’s why I like my Dad.
Next morning
The alarm wake me and I jerked up from the bed. Oh am late for school but where’s daddy I need to tell him something before he goes to work I said getting down from the bed.
Dad is about driving out. Dad please don’t go yet I have something to tell you I said. You can tell me later am in a hurry some people are waiting for me in the office he said.
Dad please you need to hear me out first is very important I said. Ashley can’t that thing wait father yelled.
Dad it can’t wait just hear me out i won’t take your time I said.
Johnson don’t tell me you will come down from that car because of Ashley mother said.
Episode 2
Dad please don’t mind mum just come down to hear me out it very important I said. Okay here I am what did you want to tell me dad asked.
Dad some people will bring a very big contract to you but don’t accept it I said and dad look at me as if I have gone out.
Ashley you said I shouldn’t accept the contract but why dad asked.
I told you not to answer her can you see the rubbish she’s uttering now mother said. Flora relax let me hear her out father said.
So am listening father said. Father does people are here to bring you down, the contract aren’t real they’re here to dump you I said.
But how did you know some people are about to give me contract, cause as we are talking now they are waiting for me at the office father said.
Maybe it just a coincidence mother said with an eyeroll. Flora it not a coincidence I trust my daughter father said and stand up.
Thanks my love, aren’t you going to school today he asked. Am going I said walking to my room to take my bath.
Your breakfast is ready mummy call, am coming let me apply this l!p gloss I said. What sort of dressing is this Ashley,
you are from a wealthy home try to dress like one mummy yelled.
Mummy am more comfortable in this dress I said.
In this baggy trouser mummy asked eyeing my dress. Yes mother I love it like that.
Ashley this is the third time you will be changing school. Make sure you behave yourself this time mummy said.
Am not always at fault, if I see anything bad there I will say it just warn them to behave their self there also I said.
Ashley come back here won’t you go with the car mummy said.
Mum I don’t need it I prefer to go with my bicycle I said. If you say so take care of yourself mother said.
One will think she doesn’t love me with the way she behaves towards me but she’s the Best.
In the school.
Wow the school is more beautiful than my old school, am sure mum will have spent a lot of to money enroll me here.
Money is not their problem, and moreover am their only child.
Hey Miss are you blind face where you are going to a girl of my age said.
You better go and take care of your sick mom before she died because I said.
What how did you know my mum is sick the girl asked crying. I use my common s£nse I said.
Will you take me to the principal office I asked. You don’t even have manner of approaching she said.
And you didn’t have either I replied. Anyway I will take you there she said.
Morning cl@ss a teacher greeted. We have a new student in our midst her name is Ashley Johnson. Please come outside she said.
Introduce yourself the teacher said. Hi cl@ss am Ashley Johnson and am your new cl@ssmates I said.
Wow she’s beautiful, but that baggy cloth makes her ugly some girls said.
So Ashley you don’t dressed like this to my cl@ss dressed like a girl that you’re the teacher said.
And how’s my dressing your problem, am not an highschool student again, so o can dressed anyhow I like.
You better go and sort what’s bothering you about getting pregnant for the principal I said Angrily.
What she yelled putting her palm on her mouth. Teacher Rita is it true the cl@ss shout.
Oh no this is bad how did you know she muttered. She knew am not lying.
tell them am lying so I can open another thing am hiding o said going back to my sit.
That’s bad the girl I met earlier said. Actually she’s my sit mate,
it wasn’t my fault she’s the one that can’t mind her business I said with an eyeroll. The teacher get out of the cl@ss feeling ashamed.
Episode 3
Common girl the thing you said to that teacher is too bad.
My sit mate Jane said. But she insulted me first I defended myself.
She didn’t insult you, she’s trying to tell you what she doesn’t like, you need to apologise to her she felt bad she said.
If not for the fact that I like you already I will have fry your brain I said.
Oops you mean you can fry brain she asked fearfully and I burst into laughter.
Relax babe I don’t harm people with my powers I said and she calmed down.
You said you have power can you heal my mother she asked. Why not am thinking to tell you about it, isaid.
So when will I go with you I said. Oh thank you I will be happy if you can go with me today she said.
Few minutes to the lunch break she said, After 3 teacher has taught us. Oh that’s nice cause am famished I said.
I must say you are very brilliant she said.
Thank you and you’re not bad either I said.
And here comes the girl that think she has talent or should I say power a girl said mockingly.
Ignore her she’s our cl@ss bully jane said. Even in college i asked surprised.
Yes she’s the s£nator daughter. Oh i said. Has cat caught your tongue she said and I ignore her.
Everybody should get out the school queen what’s to eat. One of her friends or should I say dog said.
I did as if I didn’t hear her I went to sit, hey are you deaf she asked angrily and I ignore. Ashley let leave here Jane said.
How dare you disrespect me she said and gave me a slap.
But I didn’t felt the pain one of her dog felt it instead. Hush she shouted in pain what happen to you she asked her. It as if someone slap me she said.
Stand up this moment she said and raise her hand to slap me again.
If you dare raise that hand to slap me again I promise you it will go and affect your mother in the house and she will go dumb instantly I said and stand up.
Girls let go and eat the school bully said to her friends.
Writer p o.v
The school bullies Leader Anna sit with her friends ready to eat. Ashley let go the principal is waiting for you jane said.
A minute please Ashley said. One of the bully friend Jenny carry her food and pour it on their leader Anna head.
What Anna shouted. What has come over you Anna asked angrily.
Fight will soon start o Ashley said laughing. So you Did it you are such a bad girl jane said laughing.
Lol look they are fighting jane said.
Yeah I want to separate them, they’re bulling innocent student,
they won’t enjoy their food Ashley said. Let go you don’t want to keep the principal waiting Jane said.
Good evening sir I greet, how are you doing he asked.
Am fine sir I replied, I heard you insult one of your teachers today. Why did you insult her the principal asked.
Sir I didn’t insult her I only tell her something nobody knows about her I said.
Will you keep quiet.
You shouldn’t insult your teachers for any reason if I didn’t know your father I would have s£nd you away from my school cause I don’t tolerate disrespectful act here he said.
Sir you don’t need to shout too much, you knew you have hypertension I said.
But how did you know the principal asked. Don’t worry about how I know let worry about how we will treat you I said.
You mean you can treat me he asked. Yes sir I replied.
All I need from you is to close your eyes and breathe in I said. Really the principal said and close his eyes. I put my hand on his head and perform some magic on him,
Even though I haven’t been taught how to used my powers I can still use it. You can open your eyes I said. So are free now I said.
You mean am free he asked. Yes if you’re not sure you can go and do test I said. So sir am I free to go I asked.
Sure but promise me you won’t disrespect any of your teachers again he asked. I promise I replied and went out. How’s it Jane asked.
It fine don’t tell me you are waiting for me since I asked. Yes now am waiting so you can go with me to my house she said.
But it late already I replied. Please she begged almost tearing up. Fine I will go with you let me call my father first I said.


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