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Eye of blood episode 25 – 27

( She’s a confessor oops she’s all in one, she’s wanted)⛔
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By Aishat kemisola (Three star)
Episode 25
WRITER P.O.V✍️✍️✍️
What did you use to call her, or how did you get through to her Mrs Johnson asked Jane. Hmm Actually,
I mean she gave me something to communicate with her Jane lied. Something why didn’t she gave us her parents also Mrs Johnson asked.
Honey you worry too much I believe our daughter is fine I can feel it Mr Johnson said. I hope she’s Mrs Johnson said.
The thing she gave me is for young people like us Jane said. Alright my daughter I heard you Mrs Johnson replied.
How dare you Ashley yelled, if you don’t stay away from stoner you will see what I will do to you Ruth said.
Look here I will pretend as if you don’t do anything for me, when next you try me I will fry your brain Ashley said. You can’t do anything to me jane said feeling scared.
Lead the way Ashley said, Jane scoff and went out.
Good day your highness Ashley greet. What happen to stoner, I prefer if you call me by my name stoner king stoner said.
I can only call you that when we are alone Ashley said while Ruth was giving her a killer look.
Ruth what are you waiting for you can leave king stoner said.
Your majesty I can stand here till you finish eating Ruth said giving king stoner a seductive smile. No you can go I will be fine with her,
I will call you when we are done king stoner said and Ruth walk out angrily. What up with her king stoner asked hiself. I don’t like her Ashley said.
Your majesty the elders are waiting for you one of the guards said. Alright let them in king stoner replied.
Greetings your majesty the elders greet, we have something to discuss with you they said.
You can go ahead am listening king stoner said picking his teeth with picking stick.
Your majesty we can’t say it they said. But why king stoner asked.
There’s a stranger here the elders said referring to Ashley as a stranger.
Ashley wanted to stand up, but king stoner don’t allow her too.
She’s not a stranger she’s here to save us you can say anything you want to say king stoner said. Alright your majesty, Luca s£nt a message across to us,
he said he’s coming for us in the next few days the elders said.
Let him come we are ready for them it time we take our land back from them king stoner said.
And your highness when are you getting married you’re not getting any better the chiefs said.
You people shouldn’t worry I have someone in my mind.
I will propose to her after the war king stoner said. That’s nice your highness they elders said and went out.
You have someone you wants to marry in mind and you didn’t let me know Ashley asked king stoner,
don’t worry it someone that you know am sure you will like her king stoner said.
Hmm hope isn’t Ruth Ashley asked. Don’t worry you will soon Know her king stoner said.
Ruth took Ashley to the school the next day. Good afternoon your highness the teacher greet, why are you referring to her has your highness,
is she the king or a queen she can never be my queen Ruth said. It an order from the king the teacher said.
Am Samuel I will be the one to tutor you on how to use your power well the teacher said.
Am Ashley nice meeting you Ashley said and Ruth scoff.
How could stoner said they should refer to her has her highness, hope isn’t what am thinking.
If is what am thinking I won’t take it likely with them. If I can’t get him no one will Ruth said.
Ashley you have a visitor Ruth said with an eyeroll a visitor who’s the person,bi don’t know any body here Ashley said.
Are you asking me that Ruth asked her. Alright let her in Ashley said.
Don’t think you can order me around am doing this because of stoner Ruth said and went out.
Shortly after she came in with someone. I don’t think I know you Ashley said.
You knew me the person said and Ashley recognize the voice as Rita own. Ruth Please excuse us Ashley said.
As if I want to be here before Ruth said and went out. Rita what are you doing here,
and why did you wear a mask Ashley asked. Thank goodness you recognize me Rita said. You haven’t answered my question Ashley said. Am here to help Ruth said.

You mean you wanna help me Ashley asked. Yes I want to help Rita said. But i never asked of your help Ashley said. You don’t ask for my help but you need it Rita said.
Fine thanks for your concern. But how did you intend to help me and why are you on mask Ashley asked her.
I put on this mask because o don’t want any of Lucas spies to see me Rita said.
You mean that idiot has spies here Ashley asked. Sure he has they’re many Rita replied.
I knew the secret of his power Rita said. What but how Ashley asked. Am once is mistress Rita said.
You mean you wants to bring him down because he doesn’t marry you Ashley asked.
No not at all that animal killed my parents in my pres£nce and forcefully make me his mistress so he must pain for all the evil deeds he has done rita said.
I will go back to his kingdom and pretend like am back I will tell him how sorry I am which is not true,
and I will be notifying you guys on any step he wanna takes Rita said. Hope he wont suspect you Ashley asked.
He can never suspect me cause he loves me a lot Rita said. Alright that’s a deal then Ashley asked.
You need to inform the king about this Ashley said. Sure I will Rita said and went out with Ashley.
Your majesty Rita is back what should we do to her one of Lucas guards asked.
You people should bring her to me Lucas said. Why did you go against me Rita Lucas yelled.
Am sorry your majesty am just trying to play my cards well cause I don’t want her to kill or harm me like she killed the rest, that’s why I tried all my possible best to become her Friend Rita said.
You mean you are now her friend Lucas asked smiling. Yes your majesty Rita replied.
That’s why i love you king Lucas said and drawn Rita to hiself.
That’s all for today Samuel said. Thank you I really enjoy today lecture Ashley replied him.
You are welcome dear. But I need to Asked you a question Ashley said.
What’s it your highness Samuel asked. Is it the king that asked you to refer to me as your highness Ashley asked.
No but he said I should give you the respect I can give him Samuel said and Ashley muttered an ohh.
Are you are you not done or you are trying to seduce your teacher also ruth asked.
Hey watch your tongue this moment and don’t get me angry.
You’re lucky cause I came here to help you save your kingdom and not to destroy it,
if not I know what to do to you, Ashley said. You can’t do anything to me Ruth said.
Your majesty you called for me Ruth asked. No am not calling you but since you are here call me Ashley king stoner said and Ruth went out angrily.
Hey fool the king wants to see you Ruth said.
Hey you called for me Ashley asked king stoner. Now you are behaving like the Ashley I knew.
I wanna go on horse racing and I want you to go with me king stoner said. Oh your majesty she must be tired from today lecture, I can go with you while she rest Ruth said.
Ruth am not talking to you, let Ashley talk herself king stoner said and Ashley smile.
Don’t mind her am not tired let me go and change my clothe Ashley said. No you’re looking beautiful with this,
I love this cloth on you king stoner said and Ashley blush. Ruth you don’t need to go with us, you can stay behind king stoner said.
Your majesty a stranger is here looking for you king Lucas one of the guards said. Who’s she and where’s she from king Lucas asked.
I don’t know your highness she said she wants to see you the guard said.
Alright search her body well before you let her in king Lucas said.
Mr Johnson families.
When are we carrying out the Operation one of them asked. this night, we are going for James first, he is a traitor.
One of the spy we plot in Johnson house Said get daughter have travel this is the right time to bring him and his wife down the oldest among them said.
hope there won’t be problem cause am still young to die or go to jail the youngest among them asked.
There won’t be a problem just relax don’t be a coward others replied her.
So how are you preparing for the battle before you Ashley asked king stoner, am trying. We have recruit more army.
Am sure you are catching up first in the school king stoner asked. Yeah am learning fast.
There are some power I just discovered I never knew I have such gift all thanks to Samuel Ashley said smiling.
You look cute while smiling king stoner said. Are you flirting with me right now Ashley asked.
No am just telling you the truth. Have anyone told you how beautiful you are king stoner asked.
Yeah many big head Ashley replied king stoner.
Hush you just broke my heart king stoner said holding his chest. But how did I break your heart Ashley asked him.
You should have said no one have tell you how beautiful you are I want to be the first and only person that tell you that king stoner said. Your wish Ashley said and scoff.
( She’s a confessor oops she’s all in one, she’s wanted)⛔
Don’t copy or repost ❎❎❎❎
By Aishat kemisola (Three star)
Episode 27.
Greetings your majesty Ruth greet king Lucas and Rita was surprised to see her, as she one of our spy Rita thought. Young lady how may I help you king Lucas asked.
Am here to help you Ruth said. Help us as how, did we call for your help Rita asked her. Where are you from king Lucas asked.
From the white kingdom Ruth said. How can you say you wants to help us the last time I check the white people are a very peaceful people am sure they haven’t done anything wrong to you king Lucas said. You’re right your majesty.
The healer our king brought home is too pompous and I want her down Ruth said.
And did you think you’ll can easily bring her down Rita asked with a smirk.
Yeah I can’t bring her down myself cause she’s more power than I am that’s why I came here to help Ruth said.
Young lady I hope you are saying the truth cause I will destroy you and your household if I discovered you lie to me king Lucas said. No am not lying to you your highness.
Am her personal maid, so I can help you anytime you need my help Ruth said.
Have this mirror I will use it to communicate with you anytime I need your help king Lucas said.
Your highness we can’t trust that lady Rita said. Rita I trust her it’s obvious she hate Ashley because of stoner king Lucas said. But how did you know that Rita asked.
I read her mind king Lucas said. Oh I see Rita muttered.
Rita disappear into Ashley room, and Ashley was surprised to see her. Why don’t you make use of the mirror Ashley asked.
I don’t want anyone to get suspicious of me Rita said. I have a message for you,
you see that your personal maid Ruth stay away from her she’s a bad news Rita said and Ashley smile. I can see you are with me.
I knew when she came there, but I will pretend as if I don’t know Ashley said.
Let me get going before they find out am missing Rita said.
Alright make sure you inform me when they’re coming to attach us Ashley said.
Alright I’ll see you later Rita said and disappear back to their kingdom.
I have been knocking on your door since where have you been king Lucas asked smiling. Am sorry I was sleeping Rita said yarning.
Oh I see make sure you see me in my room king Lucas said and left. Old fool Rita said and scoff.
Where have you been Ruth Ashley asked. it’s none of your business Ruth said.
It my business cause you are my personal maid. You shouldn’t leave my side without my permission Ashley said.
You don’t own me Ruth said.
I knew but am still your boss here you are working for me Ashley said. Your dont have any right to order me around you met me here Ruth said. I Knew,
I just wanna tell you that anything you’re doing do it with the fear of God if human is not seeing you our creator is surely looking at you Ashley said. Whatever Ruth said and went out.
Stoner Ashley called, yes pretty king stoner replied. When did you start calling me sweet names Ashley asked.
Since you agree to follow me here king stoner replied.
I want you to be very careful of Ruth Ashley said. What has she done again king stoner asked.
She hasn’t done anything I just want you to be careful of her, she’s of no good Ashley said.
Mr Johnson mansion.
How are you doing brother Mr Johnson elder brother said.
Am doing great, but what are you guys doing here by this time of the night without informing me mr Johnson asked.
We are here to kill you brother he said smiling. is this some sort of joke Mr Johnson asked.
And who’s joking with you the youngest among them said and brought out a gun.
Gideon what are you doing with a gun Mr Johnson asked his junior brother. I want to use it to kill you and your family Gideon replied.
You guys don’t have to do this we can settle down this amicably Mr Johnson said fearfully.
Oh are you afraid I can see your heroine isn’t around the oldest among them said.
How I wish she’s here he said. Michael get me the other people in this mansion the oldest among them Cole said.
Michael went inside and brought the other people in the house out.
I can see you guys have adopt another child cole said.
They didn’t adopt her she’s Ashley friend one of Mr Johnson maid Veronica said.
Veronica thanks for a job well done Cole said.
And Mr Johnson was surprised to hear that Veronica was working for them. We don’t have much time brother Gideon said and shot at mr Johnson.


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