Excursion (into the Badlands) Episode 5 & 6

Excursion (into the badlands).
chapter 5
Everything keep going smoothly in school, the competition between me and Joy is still h0t 🔥 and i must commend that girl,she is very good,and i also show her that i have the br@in like that of Einstein. My popularity in school is growing everyday even some people are saying that i am more brilliant than her. Although that’s not what i wanted. I don’t want popularity because whatever happens to you, whether you want people to know or not, whether good or bad it is only a matter of time before people will get to know about it because your popularity will speak for you.
Like i said earlier, everything in school is going smoothly until one day when our chemistry teacher mr. Audu announced that we will be going for an excursion.
But before that let me introduce my clas-smates to you.
You know in every high school,we all believe that we have one or two people in common like ,
A girl that every boy have a crush on, or
A boy that every girl have a crush on, or
A pastor… The gentle boy in clas-s……. The clas-s bully always at the back of the clas-s……… A talkative…….. A p@rty freak or commonly known as the sl@yqueen and so on, believe i also have those in my clas-s.
Lola: the clas-s talkative, i can’t count how many times she was punished, her name is always number one in the list of noise maker.
Lekan: can sleep for 9 centuries, no matter where he is ,whether in the clas-s or the cafeteria even in the restroom. Whenever they wake him up because he can’t wake up by himself, he is always looking for something because when he is asleep you can take things from him without him knowing.
Daniel, Shola,Qudus: They are the clas-s bully and also the eldest in our clas-s.the other are 15-17 years old while they are 20 years old. They just look for trouble anyday anyhow just to gain your attention.
Christian : we called him pastor chris, whenever we no teacher in our clas-s,you will see him re-ading Bible infact he re-ad Bible more than he re-ad his book.
But he is also brilliant.
I remember a day mr. Phill!pour biology teacher asked him to explain the process of reproduction.
Mr. Phill!p: alright clas-s i nee-d someone to explain the process of reproduction?
(only joy and i raised our hands)
Mr Philli-p: no not you two you’ve been answering all my questions, i want someone else. Yes Christian stand up and explain to us and don’t you tell me you don’t know it cause i know you do.
chris : uhmm… Hmmm…. It involves se….sS-x S-xual int£rç0rs£between a male and a female whereby the sp-erm from the ppppee…. Ppenn(stammering ).
Mr. Phill!p: chris what happen and why are you sweating??
(we all laughed)
Chris: hmm I’m not
Mr. Phill!p: ok then continue
Chris : process whereby the ppeenis re-leases sp-erm into the vvava… Giiinn…
Mr. Phill!p: ok ok ok i think i un-derstand now, just sit haha you’re just too holy, you better man up. So any one else?
(he call 5 more people to explain but none of them could get it……Lola even explain that……. It is the process whereby the man something enter the female inside which resulted to pregnancy………. Immediately she said that we all bust into laughter)
So you mean no one else could explain the process and I’m very sure some of you must have heard of it or must have had S-x, now to explain you couldn’t……… Michael pls help us out.
Me: It typically involves S-xual int£rç0rs£between a man and a woman. During S-xual int£rç0rs£,whereby sp-erm is being re-leased from the pe-nisto the v@g!n@ , the interaction between the male and female reproductive systems results in fertilization of the woman’s ovum by the man’s sp-erm .
Mr. Phill!p: that’s great that’s just it.
So thats enough about my clas-s 4 now but before that lemme say this …….. me I’m the clas-s gentle boy, the only time i talk is when I’m called to answer question. Joy is every boys crush except me and i must admit she is really beautiful but because of her attitude no one has the courage to tell her.
So one day at the cafeteria sitting alone so i decided to know what her problem really is so i went to her.
chapter 6.
Joy: what do you want?
Me: i want us to talk .
Joy : leave me alone, we have nothing to talk about.
Me: just want to know why you are this cold towards people,
Maybe i can help.
Joy: why do you care, you got everything now don’t you, and you always tried to humiliate me any chance you get by ma-king stupid elaboration of what i just said in clas-s.
Me: actually that wasn’t my intention in the first place, you caused it……. Ever since I c@m£ to this school you been cold towards me.you are the first person i saw when i c@m£ to this school and also the first person to insult me,
i thought i was the only one you are doing this to only for me to see that i wasn’t the only one…….. .
thats the reason I’m doing all this.
Joy: that is cra-p ……..you may have everything, the popularity, the girls crushing on you…..so If you come to me thinking I’m among them then you are wrong ….. nons-en-se.
Then she left, this girl must be really crazy she thought i c@m£ to woo her of all people, even if she is the only girl left in this world, I’d rather remain single…..i just don’t want enemy……. How can someone be that cold.
We were in the clas-sroom when mr audu c@m£ into our clas-s and writes something on the board.
Plants and their botanical names.
Castor Bean………. ( Ricinus communis).
White Snakeroot………. ( Ageratina altissima)
Deadly Nightshade………. ( Atropa belladonna)
Water Hemlock……… ( Cicuta maculata).
Tobacco ………….( Nicotiana taba¢v-m).
And some other names of leaves .
Mr. Audu :so who among you recognize any of the name written on the Board.
(three people raised their hand this time, you know the usual two people and chris to make it 3).
Mr. Audu: ok chris let’s start from you.
Chris: Leafcutter ants sir…… They Carry Antibiotics On che-sts.
Mr audu: that’s good chris….. Joy what about you?
Joy also name one cannabis leaf made for healing…. Nw my turn……. I said I recognize four from the name written on the board to be poisonous leaf .
Mr audu : wow that’s good…….. Now i want you all to make research about everything written on the board and make sure you can recognize them if you see them.
Because on the 2nd of next month which is Saturday, we are going 4 an Excursion .
Note that this excursion is among your test, make research of what i told you to cause it carries 50% mark .
it more like your practical exam,so be prepared.
We’ll inform your parents about it but make sure you remind them, the bus will re-ady before 8am but make sure you are here before 8am because we leave by 8:30 and when coming dont wear ex-posing clothes, dress moderate or else you will be s£nt back home.
Lola: wont there be snake or any dangerous animal over there.
Mr Audu : no…. The place is safe cause this is not the first time we’ll be going there…we go there every year … we went there last year with the previous set and nothing happen….. It now your turn. So no cause for alarm.
Then he left……. wow we’re going for an excursion… It gonna be great.